Android Nougat is slowly but surely making its way to more Android devices on the market. We recently reported Google’s newest mobile software is in almost 5% of all active Android devices. The update keeps pushing out to devices across the spectrum and today is time for some older Samsung phones to get the sweet treat. Well, at least for those with Big Red.

Verizon has announced their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are getting the Nougat updates starting today. Big Red is following AT&T and Sprint, but at least Verizon is no longer waiting weeks (or months) before pushing out these upgrades. You know… it’s Verizon!

Expect a sizable download with everything you’d expect from Nougat, as well as the latest version of Touchwiz. This includes improved multi-tasking, mini-conversations from the notification area, better battery management, performance settings, a nicer keyboard and more.

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April 14, 2017

This is a WiFi- exclusive update, so make sure you are connected to a network before initiating anything. As always, keep in mind these updates tend to roll out periodically, so chances are not all users will get the notification at the same time. You can always test your luck and check for updates in the settings, though.

Have any of you received the update already? How is it treating you? Hit the comments to give us your 2 cents!

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
  • Robin Gabrieal

    when will this comes for indian phones…..I’m using galaxy s6 SM-G920I

    • babaibhat

      Never 😔

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      • JosĂ© A. Medina

        Wait what? Is that true?

  • Stickdoge1414

    What about the regular Verizon Galaxy s6?

  • Giovonni Fareed

    got it! Verizon Note 5

  • Prits

    Can’t believe t-mobile will be last this time!
    It better update my S6 Edge + before I get my S8

    • MindFog2287

      Who’d have thought we would be behind VERIZON with updates? Sheesh. Come on, T-Mo, WTH?

  • Good. Better late than never.

  • Joel Bell

    got it on my Note 5. Looks great will take some getting used to. like it so far.

    • Michele Rundquist-Franz

      Really? I’m glad for you. Since the update my dialer doesn’t work, can’t sync my main gmail account, contact names don’t show up in Messages. Tried reboots, cache partition wipe and several other suggested troubleshooting suggestions to no avail. I think I’ll end up doing a system reset.

  • Heath Alexander

    And unlocked S7 owners are still waiting…

  • Ponokyo

    I can’t use FoxFi with it so I’m not looking forward to updating my phone. Does anyone know of any apps like FoxFi that will work with it?

    • Courtland

      It only works in Bluetooth and USB mode- Looks like 7.0 killed wifi tethering

  • Daniel

    got it tonight, so far so good

  • Ckc Chen

    Malaysian S6 & edge get Nougat update today too.

  • Bruyork

    Hurry up for the s6 edge Verizon!!!

    • Vance Mcdonald

      Hurry the s6 also

  • Dark4rce-1

    Got mine about 20 hrs ago. Downloaded before I went to bed (work midnights) and let it install while I slept. Woke up and didn’t remember I had installed it. Was trying to figure out what happened to my phone. Don’t do that by the way. Took me about 5 mins to read the notifications on my phone. Kept rubbing my eyes, wondering if it was me. :)

  • Michele Rundquist-Franz

    Upgraded my Note 5 (Verizon) Monday night. Since then I’ve been consumed with trying to fix it. Despite numerous troubleshooting attempts my dialer still does not work, can sync all Google accounts and apps except my main email which has the vast majority of my contacts, contacts do not show up in Messages. Display was also quite difficult to read, but I’ve been able to rectify that. It looks like I’m going to have to do a factory reset despite trying to avoid that.

  • Brandon Weiss

    I’ve updated my note 5 5x and I’m still stuck on 6.0.1. Any ideas why? I use Verizon