Update: As you might have predicted, Sprint is also now rolling out Nougat to the Galaxy Note 5’s partner in crime, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. This was brought to our attention by Pocket Now earlier today, who states that the update comes in at a 1.4 GB file size with March’s security patches, just like the Note 5 update. Nice.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the only ‘modern’ non-exploding member of the Note phone family currently on offer, is slowly getting the promised update to Android 7.0 Nougat in the US. Sprint is the first carrier in the country to roll out the Nougat update for its version of the Note 5, after it had previously been released to the same phone in other parts of the world.

If you own the Note 5 and use Sprint, Droid-Life reports that the update to Nougat will be very large at 1.4 GB. Needless to say, using a Wi-Fi connection to download and install the update is highly recommended. The software version number for the update is N920PVPU3DQC5. In addition to the Nougat update, the download also contains the March 2017 Android security patches. Also, it should contain the latest version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UX skin. As always, Sprint Note 5 owners can go to the Settings section of their phone and check to see if the update is available, but keep in mind that it can take several days for the file to reach everyone.

This is likely just the start of the Nougat rollout for the Note 5 in the US. We expect the other major carriers to begin updating the phone on their networks in the very near future. We also hope that Samsung will quickly update the Note 5 for anyone who has the unlocked version of the phone.

If you own the Note 5 and have downloaded Nougat on Sprint, what are your impressions of the update? Let us know in the comments!

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