Update (5/18): You can now explore the Italian Renaissance with your own assassin in Assassin’s Creed Identity on Android! Ubisoft has made the game available for $4.99 in the Play Store, so head to the link below to start playing.

Original post (2/25): Video game developer Ubisoft has just announced its plans to bring Assassin’s Creed Identity to Android devices later this spring. The game launched on the iOS App Store earlier this morning for $4.99, and we’re assuming the Android version will follow the same pricing structure.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this particular title,  Assassin’s Creed Identity is an action RPG that lets you customize your very own Assassin with different outfits and weapons, and you can even choose a class for your character: Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster or Thief. The aim of the game is to explore the Italian Renaissance with your assassin and complete dozens of missions to unravel the epic mystery of The Crows. You’ll be able to level up your character as you play through and collect hundreds of items along the way.

Like other Assassin’s Creed games, you can explore basically anywhere you want. You can run, jump, climb and leap from buildings, and you’ll control your character by either a tap-to-move method, virtual joy stick or with a gamepad.

As of right now Ubisoft has only given us the vague “sometime in spring 2016” regarding the launch date, so we’re not entirely sure when we should be expecting it to come to Android. We’ll be sure to let you know once the game launches, so stay tuned for more information!


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March 12, 2017
Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Arti Mancka

    can’t wait! super awesome!!!

    • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

      The wait is over

  • Hel Thanatos

    Wow… At this point they should just start remastering AC instead of releasing new ones…

  • John Doe

    Probably a crappy port ..

    • HoverDam

      Exactly. Just check ios AC Identity on youtube. The graphics is mediocre, gameplay is boring, nothing to write home about.

    • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

      Still playable

  • Jonathon Rios

    It’s about bloody time. I had to make a Brazilian Apple ID to play the prerelease version on iOS and it’s pretty cool to have an entire world in your pocket with controls that are pretty close to the console games. Can’t wait for it to come to the U.S. for reals.

  • Steven

    Gear VR version would be amazing!

  • Tj Hariharan

    Anyone played this on iOS? How good is it? How open? One of the biggest issues I have with RPG or RPGish games on mobile is they are yet to come CLOSE to even thinking about the kind of openness or gameplay hours PC/Console versions provide.

  • Steve Gorden

    Not sure why this is a big deal… There are plenty of better games already available on GooglePlay- DeadBotz for example has better graphics, its faster *and* has online multiplayer & LAN play. Dat ol’ ‘wait till its on ios’ stuff was over a long time ago. Go work out your superior processors on a game made by people who care about Android :-)

    Come to think of it, why haven’t I read about DeadBotz on Android Authority before??? You guys are normally up wid da latest thang… Peace and Glory to Android :-)

    • John Fletcher

      How does a shooter compare to AC?

      • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

        Unkilled is the best out there and its free, multiplaier coming today

        • John Fletcher

          What does that have to do with what I said? lolol He’s talkign about a shooter when this is about Assassin’s Creed….. get it ? And I have Unkilled.

          • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

            well its also a multiplayer game (witch the discussion is also about), and also has a lot of rpg elements, and maps and stuff not to mention awesome graphics…. its not Assasins Creed, but yet again neither is Assassin Creed (it does not look good, not even like the IOS version witch sadly is more superior and actually playable), I will dumb down my comment so you can ….get it:

            “Don’t waste your time trying to play Assassin’s Creed Identity, if you enjoy new (not year old iphone games ported to android) multiplayer games that actually have great graphics, story, modes, and are awesome and not to mention enjoyable and free to play you should definitely try Unkilled by Madfinger.”

            ps: the Gameloft 2008 Assassins Creed HD is way better than this IOS port

  • Geraldo Perdigão

    AC fans will play anything that UBISOFT launch. We like the saga, simple as that.

    • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

      True, also the Rayman series are great

  • Adam

    Looks amazing!!! Ofcourse ios have better graphics but still nice to see it on android

  • Freak_ Aniket_

    I’m a big fan of Assassins creed series and played every game on my laptop. Identity is going to be a big hit and deserve $4.99. San Andreas is the best game in play store until now but after the release of AS Identity, Ubisoft is going to rock.

    • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

      There is also more playebel contect avaibke with in app purchase, a dlc if you may at 2.5 $

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    WTF!! SOOOOOOOOOOLD!!! Thank you Reward money!!!

    Works great on my Note 5, Nexus 6P, and Tab S. Waiting to download on my G3, Nexus 6 and Tab 4.

  • Frederik Christensen


  • Frederik Christensen

    Do anyone know if you can use a gamepad? I know you can’t in Assains Creed Pirate, so was curious if anyone have tried in this?

    • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

      You can

  • John Fletcher

    Well i cant’ play it…. apparently a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ isn’t good enough…. *cough*. I couldn’t even find the game w/o using my laptop to search google Play store. It said all my devices are incompatible. It said it needs Android 4.1 at least…. My tablet has 5.0.2…… seriously Ubisoft?