While developing for Android usually requires the use of specially made software and the knowledge of programming languages, some websites make creating apps fun, fast and easy. These apps are pretty customizable and offer some unique functionalities while ranging from free to around $100 a month. These are my top 5 picks.

Appy Pie


Price: FREE

This is a great site if you do not want to spend any money. Apps Pie offers a wide range of themes and offers quite a bit of customization within those themes. These apps are intended for businesses looking to give customers information about their business. That is the only option as far as what the app can do. Also on the site is the ability to make games with just a few clicks. There are 12 pre made games that you can choose to edit. The first step is to choose a name and enter a description as well as logo and splash screen art. The next page lets you customize every image in the game from preset ones or custom images. Using the ”Advance Feature” button allows for in-app purchases and custom sounds as well.

Since Appy Pie is free, there are some conditions that are applied. For example, you will not be able to remove the Appy Pie branding or ads in your app, which are present whether you like it or not, you can make money off the ads however. There are paid subscriptions to get rid of the ads and and add more customization options, however. Most importantly though, there is no way to distribute your app through your personal developer account, you must go through Appy Pie to get your app to the relevant app store. Being free, there is no reason to not give Appy Pie a try here.

Apps Geyser


Price: FREE

This is another free site that offers the ability to turn any website into an app, this could be a big plus if you need quick access to a certain site and want to add a little custom flare to it. For example, there is no Google Play Developer Console app, you could easily make one with Apps Geyser. Just like Appy Pie, Apps Geyser also offers a game maker. These games are a lot simpler and do not offer as much functionality or customizability. You can pick between 31 games ranging from a Flappy Bird clone to spin the bottle to arcade shooting. As far as altering the game, the only customization the images in the app itself, the icon and name and description of the app. Apps Geyser is geared towards a different target audience than Appy Pie, with more simple time waster games but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the best games are the simple addictive ones.

Just like Appy Pie there are conditions to be met. Apps Geyser works slightly different however, if your app has less than 100 installs no ads will be shown. Once 100 installs is hit, ads start showing up and you have the ability to add the ad network of your choice. The ad space in your app is split 50/50 with your ad network and Apps Geyser’s ads. This means that you make 100% of the ad revenue 50% of the time, the other 50% you make nothing. As with Appy Pie, you have to use Apps Geyser directly to get your app on the Google Play Store or app store of your choice. Apps Geyser can be tried here.

App Institute


Price: Starts at $8/month

This is the first paid app creator on the list at a starting price of $8/month. So what do you get for your hard earned $96 a year? A visual drag and drop interface with a wide range of customizable images and actions. The apps behave like Appy Pie but offer a lot more functionality and customization. Although if you want other platform support than just Android, you will need to step up to the premium monthly membership at $30/month. Being paid, there are no mandatory ads and your app can be distributed through your own developer account as a paid or free app. The user interface is also the best on this list so far and the customizability is endless, this is a good solution for bigger startups or businesses. All of the options are here.


Price: Starts at $30/month

This is another paid solution that starts at $30/month for the standard package. This site offer native Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps as well as HTML5 based and hybrid solutions that will work on any platform. What makes special is all of the APIs and management features offered. The backend of the apps are pretty advanced and offer fantastic features for big businesses and startups alike. There are also a lot of apps that can be integrated into the app like GitHub.

Just like App Institute, no ads are required and you own the rights to the app you create and as such, you can publish through your personal developer account as a paid or free app. has many great features, but it comes at a cost and unless you need such an app, it may not be wirth the price to you. Pricing can be found here.



Price: FREE

While not technically an app creator in the sense of the others on this list, Stencyl is very simple to use and offers unlimited customizability for games at no cost. Stencyl behaves like GameMaker: Studio that we reviewed earlier. There are many tutorials and starter apps that make developing games pretty easy. This does require a greater learning curve than the others, but it also isn’t in the realm of full blown Android development and coding. This is a great intermediate step before getting into something like Android Studio and can even be used to make advanced games. I highly recommend trying this option out for yourself. Since this is software that you actually download to your computer, it is free of any strings. You have the ability to upload the app under your personal account, with or without ads and they can be paid or free. Stencyl can be found here and be sure to read our GameMaker: Studio tutorial here to get the basics of the actionable and draggable development style.

Wrap Up

Creating apps doesn’t have to be hard, there are many websites that make it very easy and intuitive. Depending on what you are looking for you can dive in and create an amazing game for free or build a robust app for your business for a monthly fee. Regardless of your situation, there is an option that makes developing apps possible.

Alex Mullis
Alex Mullis has many years of Android development under his belt with a few apps in the Play Store and is currently majoring in computer science with knowledge of C++, Java, HTML and most importantly, Android.
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