Top 5 Best Android Camera Apps for Snapping Photos

June 6, 2011

The deluge of accessible and affordable digital capture devices (especially digital cameras and smartphones) has empowered millions of people all over the world to self-produce digital content. Armed with handheld digicams or cam-enabled smartphones, scores of people worldwide swarm the social networking sites hourly with petabytes (or maybe exabytes, or zettabytes, or even yottabytes) of digital images reflecting life around the planet.

These days, you no longer need to hire a professional photographer to capture significant moments in your life because digital cameras (both the point-and-shoot type and the professional SLRs) have become easy to acquire. Many decent cameras are within any pauper’s budget. And, almost all phones these days come armed with at least a VGA-resolution camera.

If you are an Android user and you are into professional photography at the same time, your eyes and hands will itch for a professional SLR camera. But, if you’re just an ordinary Android user who just wants to use your Android camera to save images of your life’s moments (with family, friends, and loved ones) as it unfolds, here are the top 5 most-rated and most-installed Android camera apps.

All these apps are free, are available from the Android Market, instantly turn your Android phone into a handheld digicam, and have varying capabilities for photo effects and post-shoot processing. Pick one or two–or, what the heck, install all of them and try each one. Make sure you have big room on your SD card for your photos. Go, save images of those precious moments of your life.

FxCamera (by ymst)

All you need are your Android phone and FxCamera to make-believe you’re a professional photographer with top-of-the-line camera filters. FxCamera is a very simple camera app that can produce stunning shots. Although the effects are limited, FxCamera’s simplicity brings point-and-shoot camera functionality to your Android phone. Aside from taking normal, vivid shots with your camera, you can also automatically apply lens filters for Polandroid (awesome portmanteau, huh?), ToyCam, Fisheye, Warhol, and SymmetriCam effects. Bring digital FX to your Android device’s camera with FxCamera.

Camera360 Free (by PinGuo Inc.)

If FxCamera provides basic digicam functionality, Camera360 Free takes digicam-on-Android to the next level. You’re probably familiar already with the standard digital camera modes, which depend on make and model, really. But, Camera360 Free lumps six of them into your Android device: Normal Mode, Effect Mode, Color-shift Mode, Tilt-shift Mode, Scenery Mode, and–my favorite–Funny Mode. Each camera mode provides several fascinating effects, such as the Retro Effect, Back to 1839, LOMO, and the Art of Black and White. Experience how Camera360 Free turns your Android camera 360 degrees around.

Camera Fun Free (by SpiceLoop)

True point-and-shoot is exemplified by Camera Fun Free. With this app, you don’t need to review your exposure after taking the shot because it lets you preview the photo effect right on the camera viewfinder even before you snap the photo. With the usual point-and-shoot, you actually point, shoot, and review. With Camera Fun Free, you just point and shoot. This free version comes only with six filters or effects: Sepia, Sketch, Canvas, Mirror, Color X-Ray, and Mirror. The pro (paid) version gives you 23 more effects. Point, shoot, and have fun–for free–with Camera Fun Free.

Little Photo (by Moment)

The Camera Fun Free app gives you the convenience of previewing your photo subject along with the photo effect. In the case of Little Photo, you need to shoot the subject first before you can apply the effects. The great thing about Little Photo, though, is that you can layer several effects on top of one another on the same photo. You’ll be amazed at the various combinations of effects that you can produce for your photo using this app. Don’t be misled by the app name. It’s called Little Photo with big photo effects. Your creativity’s the limit.

Retro Camera (by Urbian)

Put Retro Camera on your Android device if you want your photos to look like they’re from days of yore. Old-school, retro photograph effects–these are the specialty of Retro Camera. With 5 cameras (Bärbl, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, Pinhole Camera, and FudgeCan) and 5 sets of film effects (e.g., vintage vignettes, black and white, film scratch, cross processing), Retro Camera takes photos that can easily fool an untrained eye; the effects are so accurate and realistic that you’d think they were shot using an analog camera. Get this free app now if you’re up for instant gratification for your nostalgic cravings.


  • anakin78z

    For a different type of camera effect, check out Camera Streak on the Android Market.

  • deltaflux

    I swear by Vignette personally. I found it gave better results than some of the others in your round up.

  • musta

    Vignette still remains the best for me…

  • Bloo

    You should check Magic Hour.

  • Tyler Willford

    Thanks for post, I will be sure to check out FxCamera, looks awesome. Retro Camera is awesome as well, been using a lot snappin’ shots of my kids :)

  • al

    there is another nice camera app called vignette with different retro cameras inside ;) have fun!

  • Jason

    Vignette blows these away..

  • Kip Noxzema

    Vignette only takes .3 mp and blows.

  • Keithencinas35

    The paid vignette is by far the best camera app. Just awesome

  • Jims Daniel

    You can add effects to your photos at without installed software

  • Siddartha @ GadgetCage

    Thanks for awesome list of best android camera apps. I’ve been using Galaxy S and I loved Retro Camera App and Camera 360 which suits my Galaxy S processor.

  • Thai Tran

    I’m the developer of an app called Lightbox that allows you to apply effects such as Lomo, Retro, or HDR to your photos and then share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can get it from:

    • Bdickson555

      Lightnox was GREAT!! Until you removed your built in camera. Now its just a photo viewer. I was really disappointed that the camera was taken out. It was my Go To Camera app. Now Im in a photographers void….cant find a decent, fast camera app as good as the one that WAS in Lightbox. Please bring it back. I have since uninstalled Lightbox.

  • Jeet Dholakia

    i got cameroid efx and its a good app at a price i like :)

  • Hillary Sunny

    some cool and electronic gadgets

    check it out:


    Use to love Camera 360 and all the options, but it doesn’t play well at all with the HTC Evo 3d phone.

  • Digital Camera Photography

    I am pretty much impressed by the retro camera app. Your readers might also like to try some other interesting camera apps for android :

  • Westkid4

    camera 360 is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Flint Nguyen

    This post is specifically for the LG G2X (LG-P999) owners. Since the update, our stock camera has been fubared/nerfed out of it’s existence. My post is to let you owners know, do not be alarmed, there are great aftermarket apps that work great! But since there are over 26k plus camera apps, which one should you choose?? Well I went through literally a few hundred and came up with 2 great apps that you should try for yourselves. The one huge problem with our updated stock camera app was the flash of the camera. It gave us pictures with bad lighting. Then first download:

    “Camera ICS”, it is free! and what comes with it? It gives you the brightest pictures with the phones built in flash and can shoot up to 8 mega-pixel, which is the LG G2X’s top mega-pixel. Plus it doesn’t hang or force close when taking on-the-go photos. It’s stabilization works great, rarely a blurry picture. The friendly user interface is simple and effective and downloading pictures to social media websites are a breeze. I use this app for quick snapshots of my friends and family with great results. But keep in mind it has no filters. I’m simply letting you know its one of the best camera apps out there that works like a true handheld camera. It has one small ad banner on top but it doesn’t hurt the functions of the camera at all and you can get rid of it with a .99cent upgrade. That’s pretty darn cheap!

    “HDR Camera”, I use this camera app for day shots, whether it is at a bbq party, beach party, bday party, or eating food and yelping it or shooting amazing architecture and panorama pictures, this camera does one thing and one thing only, enhances photos to make them look rich and lively! But it has one small downfall, it has no option to use flash and when you shoot it, it has a mandatory 3-shot before it lets you save the pics. Obviously this camera is used for professional picture taking. This won’t be an ideal camera app to take on-the-go picture with flash or no flash. But this one has filters, not many, but it has it. It’s free and for $3.99 more, it can be upgraded to adfree and with flash. So basically your paying for the flash. Typical!

    “Picplz”, Does not have it’s own stand alone camera, it uses the stock, but its filters are pretty good. So you can take it with the Camera ICS or HDR and use this app to filter those pics.

    “PhotoFun”, I add this one in because it’s basically a photoshop app. It works great and is so much fun!

    I tried Vignette free version with this phone and it has a very unfriendly interface. Lots of people like it but I think they are not LG G2X owners. I deleted this one right away. Gave me a headache. So there you have it people. I hope these apps work put well on your LG G2X, and if you find other ones, please feel free to share them with me. Over 26k of camera apps, how is one person going test everyone?? Catch you all on the rebound!


  • hot shot

    According to this 5 app, i always like Little Photo.I always use this for a good picture. you can see my creativity at my website

  • Giovascriba

    And Tinipiny Camera?

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