The Galaxy Note 5.3″ – “Largest Screen with Smartphone Portability” [Video]

by: LucianSeptember 2, 2011

Yesterday at IFA Samsung sent a message to all their competitors that they take the Android ecosystem very seriously, and they want to be not only the biggest player in it, but also the best one. One of their stars was a new type of smartphone/mini-tablet of 5.3″ that brings us an HD resolution of 1280×800 on a SuperAMOLED display. Samsung believes the Note is a new type of device, with the largest possible display and resolution, while still fitting in your pocket.

The phone is also Samsung’s fastest phone yet, sporting a dual core 1.4 Ghz Exynos chip. It comes with a 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera, has 1 GB of RAM, a 2500 mAh battery, it will be 9.65mm thin and weigh only 178g, which is pretty light for its size. The Galaxy Note comes with a pen that stays inside the phone when you’re not using it, and can be drawn out when you want to take notes or draw on the large touchscreen. When it arrives, it will be available for both HSPA+ and LTE networks, and will have Android 2.3.

The phone tries to establish middle ground between a smartphone and a tablet. I imagine the Galaxy Note will be popular with professionals who are coming from PDA’s and haven’t gotten used to using their fingers on touchscreen phones, and would rather use a pen. The phone does have some applications that look like they were made with business people in mind. But in the same time, it can be used for some fun drawing or editing of pictures in your spare time.

Personally, I wouldn’t get such a big phone, and I’d rather stick with one that is 4.3″ like the current ones, or 4.5″-4.7″ if they are made Honeycomb-style with the buttons integrated in the screen, which means they should be around the same size as current 4.3″ phones. But different people have different needs, and I can imagine a lot of people needing such a large device, that would be the best of both worlds between a smartphone and tablet – small enough to carry with you, but also big enough to enjoy the web better on an HD resolution, and occasionally read some books on it, while also giving you the fun of using a pen on it for annotations.

  • What are the exterior measurements? If the Bionic isn’t 4.5 this will be my next phone I think

  • AndroidPrime


  • Tpater9


  • Aroland09

    l”il probably get it!!!! I lov such phones tablet!!!

  • Rebecca Luna

    Perfect all in one….I’ve looked for a waiting list to sign up for this device…..Any ideas if there is one?

  • Just what I want. I notice a difference between the 4.3 and 4.5, imagine this…

  • Anonymous

    I’d SERIOUSLY consider getting this as a phone/mini-tablet!
    my current phone is a Dell Streak (5″ screen, 800×480) so this is a tiny bit larger but a 25% higher resolution – Dell need to learn a thing or too since the Streak 7″ is the same resolution as the Streak 5″ :-P
    if only it came with a little kick-stand, it would be perfect as a media device

  • Angelo

    When will they have a 6″ smartphone/tablet. I need 6″ so I dont have to cary 2 devices. Bridge they gap please.

  • Boyl7132

    I want one, but I agree that it needs a kickstand!


    I agree with angelo a 6″ will solve many problems. But in addition, it will nave to be available via verizon.WHEN CAN WE EXPECT PLEASE!!!!

  • Scott Yard

    My view is fading with the pass of the time. Will be a great introduction and so far I think one of the best Smart-Phones the Market can have!!! Best wishes and bigger screens needed.

  • rambunctiousexplorer

    I don’t hold my mobile phone. I use bluetooth. The phone stays in my briefcase. However, I use my mobile 100% for telephony (no landline and I don’t text much).

    So, what I want is a bluetooth speaker system for my home, and/or even a connector for a clip-on mic and speakers as I had 10 years ago with my Motorola Clam. And, I want super sound on my calls (few people can understand me on my iPhones and that’s a PITA).

    AND, I want all the apps including GPS and camera.


  • booky

    i want a 20 mp camera please haha