10 best Android keyboards

by: Joe HindyMay 2, 2016

best android keyboards
For many people, the default keyboard that comes on their devices is passable. It is usually either the stock Android keyboard or one created by an OEM like Samsung or LG. However, those are not your only options. There are a variety of third party keyboard apps for Android that have all sorts of features. If you want to get your text on for real, then let’s check out the best Android keyboards right now.

AI Type Keyboard Pro best Android keyboardsAI Type Keyboard Plus

[Price: Free / $3.99]
AI Type Keyboard Pro has been around for a long time and it’s a solid keyboard option. It comes with a lot of the standard features, including prediction, auto-complete, emoji, and keyboard customization. It also comes with over a thousand themes to add to your customization. The free version is a trial that lasts for 18 days and then you have to fork out the $3.99 or lose a few features so you can try it before you buy it. It is also one of the few keyboards that comes with a number row.

Get it now on Google Play!

chrooma keyboard best android keyboardsChrooma Keyboard

[Price: $1.49]
Chrooma Keyboard is a newcomer in the keyboard space but it seems to hit all of the desirable points that you’d want in a keyboard. It comes with swipe typing, keyboard resizing, night mode, and you can change the color of the keyboard to suit your theme or tastes. It also comes with a number row, emoji, and support for 60 languages. It looks and acts a lot like the stock Android keyboard which nice and it has virtually no bloat to bog it down. It’s cheap and a good option if you want something customizable and simple.

Get it now on Google Play!

chrooma keyboard best android keyboards

fleksy best Android keyboardsFleksy Keyboard

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Fleksy has become one of the must-try Android keyboards out there. It has some of the best prediction of any keyboard app on the list and utilizes a fairly unique method of swipe and gesture typing to help you type faster. It comes with 40 themes, three customizable sizes, and you can customize the actual keyboard to suit your needs and even create your own theme. It even has GIF support which is nice. It’s free to download with the in-app purchases coming in the form of theme packs. It’s frequently in the conversation whenever someone asks what the best Android keyboards are.

Get it now on Google Play!

Go Keyboard best Android keyboardsGO Keyboard

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
GO Keyboard carries the same stigma as other GO products where some people love it and others think that it’s way too bloated. In any case, GO Keyboard is a solid Android keyboard and has been for a very long time. It comes with a ton of features, including themes, emoticons, emoji, support for various layouts including QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, and more. It also has gesture typing and fonts that you can choose from. It’s not the most minimal option, but if you don’t mind the bloat, it’s a good keyboard.

Get it now on Google Play!

google keyboard best Android keyboardsGoogle Keyboard

[Price: Free]
Of course, we give the obligatory nod to the stock Android keyboard. It is the baseline from which all keyboards are judged. It’s a minimal style keyboard and it doesn’t have a lot of options, but makes up for that by being speedy and reliable. It has gesture typing and a few customization options when it comes to your predictions, corrections, and user dictionary. There are a few theme options available as well as gesture (swipe) typing and one-handed mode. You can also sync your dictionary between devices for quick setup if you’re buying a new device. It’s entirely free with no in-app purchases.

Get it now on Google Play!

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best keyboard for Android appsMultiling O Keyboard

[Price: Free]
Multiling O Keyboard is the one stop shop if you need multiple languages. In fact, this keyboard app supports over 200 languages at the time of this writing which is more than pretty much every other Android keyboard. On top of superior language support, you’ll get gesture typing, the ability to set up a PC-style keyboard layout, keyboard resizing and repositioning, themes, emoji, various layouts, and the all-important number row. It’s an underrated app, especially if you speak multiple languages and it’s entirely free to use.

Get it now on Google Play!

10 best keyboard for Android appsMinuum Keyboard

[Price: Free / $3.99]
Of all the Android keyboards on this list, Minuum Keyboard probably wins the award for thinking outside of the box. It comes with a standard looking keyboard that is lightly configurable but the main feature is the mini-mode that makes the keyboard about as tall as your thumb nail. It boasts the ability to let you type sloppy and automatically know what you’re saying. There is a learning curve and a period of time where you’ll need to get used to it, but it’s definitely unique and useful once you get it down. You can get a 30 day free demo before being asked to pay the $3.99 price.

Get it now on Google Play!

Smart Keyboard PRO best Android keyboardsSmart Keyboard PRO

[Price: Free / $2.29]
Smart Keyboard Pro has been around for a very long time and one of the few older Android keyboards that still gets regular updates today. It’s a simple keyboard that delivers the basic experience along with a few modern featuers. You’ll get emoji, auto-correct, predictions, and more. The keyboard also has skins, a T9 mode, a compact mode, and support for hardware keyboards. It’s not quite as dazzling as some, but it’s not bad if you need something simple that just works. You can try a free demo before you purchase the keyboard.

Get it now on Google Play!

swiftkey keyboard best android keyboardsSwiftKey Keyboard

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
SwiftKey is definitely among the best Android keyboards ever. It has ridiculously good prediction and auto-correction along with gesture typing, cloud syncing so all of your devices can stay up to date, themes, keyboard customization, a number row, and more. It also has above average language support with over 100 languages supported. The keyboard and all of its features are free but you’ll have to pay for most of the themes. The keyboard was recently purchased by Microsoft which turned many people away from SwiftKey but for now, it works as it always has.

Get it now on Google Play!

swype best Android keyboardsSwype

[Price: Free / $0.99 with in-app purchases]
Swype was the first really good third party Android keyboard available and it was so good that OEMs put it on their devices as the stock keyboard. It’s not quite a popular as it once was but the developers have been doing some good things with this app. It comes with some of the best gesture typing available and it also has themes, predictions, auto-correction, syncing between devices, and some gesture controls that let you do things like select-all, copy, paste, and search. You can try it free for 30 days before paying the $0.99 price and you can purchase additional themes after that.

Get it now on Google Play!

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  • chanman

    I really like Keymonk, although there’s not much development going on around it (or any at all). It’s a solid keyboard that let’s you “Swype” two-handed.

  • jason

    are there any keyboards that have a single handed function or use with the note 2 and other 5.5 in+ devices

  • giganaut

    where is TouchPal?

    • ash

      Damn this article is one year old and posted again? AA should be ashamed of themselves

      • Not A Guest

        They at least could have deleted the comments to make it less obvious. LOL

      • John Doe

        Yea, and this isn’t the first time these lazy fuckers have been doing this… Pretty sad, actually – even AndroidCentral doesn’t do this.

      • cosmic

        The list has been updated, in case you didn’t notice.
        And there’s nothing to be ashamed of, unless you use iOS 8 :)

        suggestion for AA, next time you update list please add word [UPDATE] on article’s title.

  • RarestName

    No TouchPal, which has better accuracy than SwiftKey?

    • Nathan Buffington

      touchpal is in there…

      • RarestName

        It wasn’t there when I posted my comment. The author must have added it in afterwards.

  • Still enjoy SwiftKey…. If developer added “auto complete features” this keyboard is the CHOSEN ONE o/

  • mggOptimusG

    Kii is better… And missing. This not a serious exercise.

    • Dr. G

      I agree

    • zzz

      except kii is the biggest heap of compiled garbage.

  • Kev

    where’s keymonk? 2-handed swiping is awesome!

  • Josh York

    I like trace-type keyboards for portrait typing, but my favorite typing experience for landscape is Thumb Keyboard. The split layout makes me much more efficient, that and the auto-correct is usually spot on for me.

  • aliho

    Kii Keyboard beats everyone of these

    • Guest123

      Been using Kii myself. Tried most of these and liked it the best however, there are a couple I missed.

      and the free version is totally useable with no time limit.

      • Mike0001

        I can’t see kii on the play store.

    • Stefan

      I use Kii too, I like the fact it has prediction for Romanian words without diacritics, this is extremely useful when sending an SMS, as letters that are not in the english alphabet add enough data to the SMS to make it change into an MMS (which never really took off here in Romania and cost half an euro each).
      Also, they have dual-language support, and gesture input and it’s free, so that makes me happy :).

    • Jay

      Kii is the only keyboard I’ve found that let’s you add shortcuts. eg. ‘abc’ types out my email address. Not sure if any of the others do this…

  • Moses

    Google keyboard

    • Martín69

      I find all of these very annoying with autocorrect. In my opinion TipType is the best keyboard. It has the world record in What-You-Write-Is-What-You-Get keyboards, pretty amazing, look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4PkB2YDa2E

      • Aiwin Paul

        world record is 18 seconds

      • tricksie

        I agree that autocorrect is annoying, which is why I disable it, which you can do on every Android keyboard I’ve tried.

    • L

      Secret fact: Google keyboard actually lets you use swipe gestures with two thumbs

  • Naterz

    Play Store ratings are worthless because different apps have different numbers of ratings. It isn’t directly comparable, but I do appreciate that you guys tried to keep the rankings impersonal.
    I think SwiftKey and Swype and heads and shoulders above all these other keyboards. They are more developed, but it’s nice to see other mature options available.

  • sam

    manh..touch pal x input is far much better than these

  • Azeem

    I like Thumb Keyboard. It is very accurate and fun to type on.

  • Android Developer

    wish there was a keyboard similar to note 2 keyboard with 4.1 version of android .
    it has nice interface, multiple auto-suggestions , and it has the digits buttons above the other keys.
    i’m using it on my SGS3 and don’t get why samsung didn’t put it on this device by default.

    • Kevin

      Actually the latest version of Swiftkey does in fact allow the number row and has always had multiple suggestions. As a matter of fact, their prediction and swipe engines are based on Swiftkey, so give that a shot.

      • Android Developer

        this is only one feature that i like about it.
        you have to try it for a couple of days to see how much the keyboard helps with auto suggesting.
        it suggests of emails, contact names, phone numbers, … it can learn from other apps (gmail,facebook,twitter) , it learns from previous types, it shows suggestions when you click on a word you’ve previously written…
        all keys also have long clicking features on them. for swiftkey, in hebrew, it shows weird long click characters that i don’t think have anything to do with hebrew.
        i even prefer samsung’s theme of the keyboard.
        unlike swiftkey, it shows more than 3 suggestions for what you type.

        besides, swiftkey is a trial based, no?

        don’t get me wrong. i think the choices of keyboards are great, and swiftkey is a decent keyboard, but i still prefer the stock one i’ve installed. sadly, i think samsung has updated it to be worse than what i have, so i don’t think i will be able to install it on newer android versions of SGS3.

  • Eoghan

    Stylus Beta Keyboard is very good too I think, it’s just like the like of the Note 3 Stylus writing pad, but for all phones! It’s very accurate and useful.

  • Data

    Interesting list. I’ve honestly never changed the keyboard on my phone lol

    • BJRCollins

      Definitely give SwiftKey a try, and the beta is free fyi

      • ash

        Even the full version is free not only beta

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Don’t listen to @BJRCollins Swype is way more accurate.
      For instance typing “too” it is easier with Swype.
      With Switkey you would have to type “to” then choose from the samples(every time), incidentally this also occurs with Google Keyboard. Even then, I still had easier time with Google Keyboard than with Swiftkey.

  • trm96

    No Thumb Keyboard?

  • AndroidBoss

    I have Go Keyboard and I hate that it’s so hard to type on.

  • Nathan Buffington

    Google Keyboard FTW

  • Benjamin

    Touchpal simply da best among all!

  • kiran

    can you compile one with keyboards that have t9 modes?

  • tpx

    The FREE TouchPal X have more function than most paid keyboard. How many paid keyboard apps have “conbined key feature”, manual resize + position, custom theme etc??

  • Abhishek Kumar

    touchpal is the best!

  • Fleksy should definitely be in there. Awesome keyboard for people who hate how much screen real estate most keyboards take up.

    • Nujad Bolivar

      Not to mention invisible mode! Ultimate party trick

  • Husca Sergiu Gabriel

    I want a keyboard that work with enter key!When i hit enter, to send the message!

    • Android Developer

      It depends completely on the app, and not the keyboard.
      The app tells the keyboard what to show, and it’s also responsible for taking action for what to do when the ENTER key is clicked.

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    I hate how Google Keyboard isn’t available here in Germany. Or is it only my device?

  • Southall87

    I use google keyboard on my nexus4 and have never had a reason to change it, however on my sony tablet z the stock keyboard caused lag when editing large files and as i do occasional programing on my tablet i needed a keyboard wich is more like my windows one. so i opted for hackers keyboard and it is great! The sepearte numbers row, arrow keys and how much easier it makes copy pasting is a real winner. shift+arrow to highlight then ctrl+c ctrl+v means you only copy the bits you ment to and its a lot quicker then the standard way of doing things.

  • Tamadrummer94

    They’re all so ugly…except for the Google keyboard and maybe Go. I can’t imagine the other ones popping up every time I want to type.

    • HarvesterX

      Fleksy is gorgeous. I know it’s a year later but what the hell lol. Especially the white and black themes with the multicolored key popups.. You’ll need to unlock these themes first though by earning badges for each one, but they’re easy enough and fast enough to unlock.

      • Jonathan Kramer

        Tried Fleksy for about a week after being a Swiftkey user.. Like the UI and auto correct, but really missed the word prediction of Swift Key so I went back.

  • Huh, no love in the comments for AI Type Keyboard? Swiftkey is the greatest on the phone, but AI Type edges it out on tablets. It also has a split and undocked thumb keyboard mode, but it offsets the rows (which makes is easier to type) and has left and right arrow keys on the bottom row (which is incredibly handy). It pretty much has every other feature SwiftKey has.

  • TheCrusader

    For some reason i cannot download the Google Keyboard. In my smart phones Play Store it says that the app isn’t available in my country (Austria) and the Play Store within my chrome browser says that my Galaxy S2 isn’t compatible with the app… why ?

  • Albin

    Only for owners of old storage-challenged GB phones: I didn’t like the stock LG keyboard only because it lacks long-press numbers on the front. Got those, a speak to text mic, and more with the tiny, fast Gingerbread Keyboard. Really a job done the way LG shoulda done it.

  • A_Noyd

    Thumbs Keyboard should be on this list, tons of keyboard options, and themes, split, no split, re-size the regular keys, and/or the number keys. have the number keys on top, or separate, sound click type, and volume, or none, vibrate, or not, and way more options I can’t think of all of them ATM. It REALLY needs to be on this list.

  • Google Keyboard works the best one for me. It is simple and effective.

  • JulienDhouti

    Google keyboard seems like the best one. It looks and feels simple and easy to use. It’s also free. I highly recommend this keyboard.

  • missashi

    Multilingual Kayboard new beta is the only keyboard I use now, I love it.

    • moew

      I won’t use it because you spelled keyboard, “Kayboard”.

      • Poopy Cat


  • guy with guts

    Hey joe why didnt you tag this article in app list category. I dont want to miss anything.

    • JosephHindy

      Hmm should be there. This is an update of a much older article so it may be down there back on it’s original post date (which I think was like back in December or something). It should be toward the top now :)

  • Kevin

    What about writing applications for this of us that us phones and tablets to keep notes.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    I’ve been using swift key as well Google’s own text input option … very pleased both options… Swiftkey edges it out with its customization options though…. slightly

  • James

    Ive used just about every keyboard out there minus a few but I would really recommend useing thumb keyboard on a smaller screen but afyer I got the note 2 the standard keyboard works just fine but. When using one handed operation I use thumb.

  • For UI I love Google Keyboard

  • Dierkdk

    Vote for MessagEase. Best replacement for &FITALY

  • monkey god

    What major advantages and features am I missing by sticking with the standard Google keyboard?

  • MGB

    For those who say that they cannot download Google keyboard… Read the required standards though.


  • I love Swiftkey keyboard:)

  • Sharath

    Swiftkey is my favorite,then Kii keyboard.

  • adamhs

    I keep going back to Swiftkey. Not as many customization as some of the others but it’s word predictions and auto-corrections are almost always on the mark. I tried Fleksy, I wanted to like it but its interface is aggravating. Its “swipe up or left to bring up x, y, and z” almost never work the first time. Usually takes 2-3 swipes or more to get it to respond and bring up the right menu or settings.

  • A2theC

    What, no physical?

    • tricksie

      I love the physical keyboard on my Xperia Mini Pro :D. I only wish that Sony made newer keyboard models. Mine is from 2011.

  • Nathan Buffington

    Flesky looks really cool! I might give it a go

  • Lisak

    The comparison between fleksy and SwiftKey misses an uncanny feature of SwiftKey which is to predict words based on proximity of the keys struck to those intended. It is almost always able to translate my gibberish into the word I meant to type.

  • Ahmet C.

    I quite like TouchPal. Easy to use, resizeable, not intrusive, good prediction. Once you get used to it you can write pretty fast. Also it can handle predictions in 2 languages at the same time pretty well.

  • mitch

    SwiftKey does not have its own dedicated edit menu with arrows that can select text, cut, copy, paste, etc. This makes it worthless to me because the stock Android edit functionality is buggy and hard to use. I need a keyboard with a nice dedicated edit menu and that’s not SwiftKey!

  • UdiY

    Hey Joe, AItype keyboard has gone trough ‘face lifting’ version which is much cool than the one presented.
    presents a new experience in typing. It’ll still predicts as good as
    SwiftKey, but with all the customization others have all together. it
    can swipe, correct by context, predict words based on proximity of the
    keys, edit menu with arrows, cut, copy, paste, undo (!) and even
    resizing of the keyboard.
    Give it a try , and wait for more to come !

  • AndroidMiss

    After trying a lot of keyboards as I find stock Samsung keyboard lacking (Chinese keyboard is horrible!), I find Swiftkey to have the best accuracy for trace typing but it sadly does not offer Chinese after years of promising to add it “soon”. Swype offers a less accurate experience and frankly a less sleek design but offers more languages. It’s the closest competition I can find against Swiftkey

  • Christopher Loughrey

    Samung Keyboard which is the only keyboard that supports handwriting is definitely one of the best!

  • Monika

    http://www.swipewheel.com – check out this keyboard, I think it’s better than all above.



  • Arthur Dent

    I think a nice way to compare android keyboard is to play some sort of typing game like AutoCorrect Challange with different keyboards.

    By the score you’ll get there you could tell which keyboard suits you better, since that game grants you score for autocorrects and typing speed,

    that can be just the test you need.

    I checked it out and found that Hacker’s Keyboard is the one for me.

    If you want to that’s the app I used to test it:


  • Lilith_Black

    I need Mandarin and English input (The Chinese input by samsung is simply not good enough): After trying out quite a few, I find Swiftkey to be my favourite as it predicts the most accurately and learns my shortforms fastest. On the flip side it lacks chinese input. I am currently switching btwn swype and swiftkey.
    I gave fleksy a try recently…it seems to be worth a try but it seems to lag on my phone a little and the gestures needs time to be learned…. (Loved the look of the keyboard tho)

  • thegodfather4u

    I am an older man that finally joined the android phone arena a few years ago, as I am retired and repair and re-build computers I guess it was time………..So after quite a few keyboards, some free ones mentioned above I bought AI Type Keyboard Plus ……which to me is the very best of best, its well worth the money and works flawlessly……………thanks

  • Nice information shared on best Keyboard for Android. Google keyboard is one of my first choice and as per the other ugly mobile apps concern I like to suggest one link here:

    http://www.openxcell.com/5-ugly-apps-1-million-downloads that’s really uesful.

  • Aiwin Paul

    Fleksy Fleksy And Fleksy..
    none beats Fleksy

    > have a Guinness world record!
    > its the fastest
    > saves much much space than any other( except minium)
    > its the best

  • Wilson D

    Nothing beats stock note 3 keyboard

    • Android Developer

      Maybe. I liked the note 2 keyboard. If it’s similar, I wish I had it.
      The only bad thing about it is that it’s not available on non-stock roms (and on other devices, of course).

  • TDN

    Google Keyboard, LMP flavor.

  • Foosa Noble

    Google L keyboard… Is pretty darn good .. To you can get the pulled google play version at the amazon app store.

  • Joe

    You forgot the Android L keyboard, removed from the play store weeks after being released. It’s the one I use.

  • [S]unjΔy of Equestria

    The Google Keyboard is the best out there.

  • Noah Smith

    Fleksy doesn’t have gesture typing. At least not by default, because I’m using it right now and I see no setting for enabling it. Am I missing something?

  • Balraj

    For me it’s always swype
    Then SwiftKey keyboard
    Just these two…

  • Jimmy Sam

    Hope can see a list of best Chinese input keyboard…

  • Ricardo A. Fragoso

    I’ve been trying many keyboard apps since I’ve got a decent smarthphone… Never liked Google Keyboard (too limited IMO), tried TouchPal and i felt it was kinda “slow”, prediction was just “ok”, and themes were just ok as well. Then I tried Sype and it felt comfortable for a time for me, then, devs released an “update” and screwed all their work.

    Now, I’m giving SwiftKey a try… and I honestly can say that I’m pretty satisfied with its performance, themes, features, prediction is really good… and I didn’t doubt to buy some themes in order to support devs… For me, at this time, its the better option you can get… and its FREE!

    PS: I remember I’d tried IA Type Keyboard, and bought paid version…. I felt like the world’s biggest dumbass after 10 minutes. DAMN!

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    I use SwiftKey purely for the resize option. I also find that the autocorrect on SwiftKey is good for those coming from iOS. Love Google keyboard though.

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    i feel Google keyboard much sensitive and friendly

  • mrjayviper

    to swipers, what’s the best keyboard? is swype still the king?

    I am currently using Google keyboard as downloaded from the playstore. But I have bought swiftkey/swype in the past. thanks :)

  • Phanikrishna Anumalla

    Only Fleksy for me, I was a die hard google keyboard fan..following which the only thing I liked was Swype.. Then came Fleksy into my life. for the first 3 days I hated it..now I just cannot type without Fleksy. Fleksy FTW!!!
    (I just don’t know why but I always hated swiftkey, the swype’n’type with swiftkey was never satisfying for me)

  • Jesse Afolabi


  • Susan


  • downloaded AI Type Keyboard Plus and like it

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  • sayitghoul

    Oh awesome, I was using Swiftkey but Touchpal is much better! Thanks :)

  • Ryan

    I keep going back to Samsung’s keyboard (since getting the S5). Works well enough for me. Only thing I don’t like is when autocorrect corrects something I didn’t want, you can’t tap backspace to restore the word. You have to tap the word. Otherwise I like it.

  • Paul

    Thumb keyboard still my favorite.

  • John Batty

    Swiftkey has the option for a number row (or pad to the side) which, for business users is a massive time saver. Dates, times, quantities, codes refs…etc. are a pain with switching layout or long press.

    • William Kister

      Chrooma does as well.

  • heyriad

    Multiling keyboard is my choice. It also good to read and write emoji.


  • Mohnish

    I love hackers keyboard. Thanks for the list. http://www.sportsmaza.net/

  • Mike

    I installed MultiLing Keyboard and takes a bit of figuring out and odd installations, but it works fast and doesn’t slow down the phone. Just hope to have better prediction.

    • StraightEdgeNexus

      Multiling keyboard is a good one, especially for low end phones. But it has way too many options and customizations that may fry your brain.

  • Adamski

    You guys should check out Ginger Keyboard. It’s a great keyboard with all the standard typing features and also has some really effective writing tools like a proofreader, paraphrasing and more : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gingersoftware.android.keyboard&hl=en

  • Elislav Atanasov

    For the people who edit documents all the time and need a compact keyboard with numbers above the letters – you can do this with Swiftkey in the settings. For me that is the best option. Hacker’s keyboard is compact, but the letters are so small, that I type wrong all the time. I am almost sure ai.type does support this option also, but you have to pay 4 euro for it. It may be useful for a lot of people to know that adding the numbers is just a matter of setting(I personally didn’t know and found it out by chance after using a lot of different keyboards) and the team could consider adding this tip in the next review for people like me :)

  • zyreno

    check the new Voice Typing Keyboard for truly hands-free voice guided typing and editing: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hulala.android.VoiceTypingKeyboardFree0

  • zyreno

    The new free “Voice Typing Keyboard” app lets you do truly hands-free voice guided typing and editing in any text field on an Android device. On your phone or tablet, you can input text with either normal speech or letter spelling. Insert punctuation, typography, symbol and emoticon with voice. Move cursors freely in a text field with voice. Erase/insert/revise freely in a text field with voice. you can also format text with desired capitalization with voice.


  • Jamie Hyde

    Kii Keyboard no longer exists, so It should be removed from the list; See here: https://plus.google.com/100632073621913172365/posts/9Vu3PyvdXhv

  • Victor Kyalo

    a good suggestion for you guys to try it out. its called nin type, works like keymonk but has a better ui,

  • Typing revolution

    MessagEase? come on AA.

  • apples4apples

    Have you seen that Adaptxt and Swiftkey have college themes for March Madness?

  • mizar

    What about EaseMessage Keyboard ? I find it the most usable of all these, I never use prediction but you can set it if you want. It’s hard to miss the right character, with tapping or swypes you can use an entire alphabet and all the punctuations. It has a lot of customizations. Only emoticons are not so well integrated, but almost every chatting software use a special button for that.

  • mishael53

    Kii was the BEST BEST BEST customizable keyboard and Google play store has deleted it. SO AWFUL.

  • Jess Westergaard

    Next time you write about keyboards for Android, you should make an article about REAL keyboards. I was DISAPPOINTED about this article because the article headline indicated that it was about real kyboards. NOT about keyboard-apps for apps. I did not even bother to read it – the picures were enough!

  • Wong Gary

    Here is a keyboard which has PC features: Copy, paste, undo, redo, cursor move, alt text input

    RealTouch Keyboard

  • Hi everyone, I’m building keyboard for Android and I would like to know your opinion on it. I is still in the BETA stage of development process, but till the end of the summer there will be 1.0 version of it with many great features and personalization options. Check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=keyboard.ecloga.com.eclogakeyboard

  • LostInSight

    All I want from an android keyboard that I dont have is arrow keys.

    • Necdet Ali Özdür

      SwiftKey has them.

  • Ric

    You missed 8pen (unfortunatelly abandoned from developing), and Messagease, probably the most confortable and faster touch keybord of the market.

    • They may still be working on it but they pulled it because issues with newer OSes while they rebuild it.

      We are currently back to the drawing board, and
      hope to have a fresh update available soon on the
      Play Store. Until then, stay tuned for updates by
      following us on Twitter.

      While said Twitter hasn’t been updated since late 2014, they are still updating the copyright year on their site (not to mention still paying for the server) which if they abandoned it, they wouldn’t be doing that.

  • Puppala SrinivasaRao

    why don’t you talk about KIKA key board its looks nice and user friendly. Just try it. it is free of cost many key board themes and text formates.
    Thank you

  • cash every 24 hours

    Key Ping is a nice keyboard on Google Play. The keyboard give you the ability to save your contact info and add it with one click.

  • davide

    Tried the first three… all lousy.

  • Elsie

    A brand new sign language keyboard app created by Deaf people for everyone who loves American Sign Language! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aslized.keyboard.signily

  • Dinesh Sehra

    Personally I like the “Swype” for the slide functionality for special characters and the selection option from the Swype key on the down-left corned of the keyboard. But the themes of SwiftKey are just awesome. I would love themes of SwiftKey and functionality of Swype. Jus watched the “Kii” KB, looks good enough. Probably what I am looking for. Will download it now.

  • Bent

    Since my favourite keyboard was bought by my least favourite computer company (motto “be as evil as you can get away with, plus 10%), I’ve switched to AnySoftKeyboard, which like hackers keyboard is available from f-droid, and which I’m finding useable as an all around keyboard.

  • Daggett Beaver

    I paid for Swiftkey and Swype, but I always come back to the stock Samsung keyboard on my Note 4. It just works best for me.

    • Kyle Ong

      Sammy keyboard is a fav for me as well. I think it’s the only keyboard with numeric right on top of screen…do not need to shift caps to key numbers

    • Jake

      Yeah, I like the stock Samsung keyboard on my N910C too.

  • Phanein

    Chrooma is my favorite. I recently bought it and I think it does a better job then any keyboard I’ve used.

  • Ej Gmore


  • hiya

    I use several languages and often switch between those so i have quite high demands when it comes to keyboards, i tried all the aforementioned keyboards, and didnt like any of them. they either dont have navigation buttons or dont fully support the languages im using. currently i use touchpal now and its almost perfect, has swipe/prediction for every language i use, navigation/editing, clipboard, sync etc.

  • William Kister

    I try new keyboards all the time. In the end I just come back to the stock Google Keyboard. It has the best predictive text and swype like features. Just wish it had a number row on top option.

  • Ye who says “Google Keyboard is best keyboard,” “I tried [X Keyboard] but came back to Google Keyboard because X Keyboard sucks for me” are as pretentious as BMW and/or Tesla owners. I get it, it’s from Google, it’s as stock as keyboards go, but it’s simply TERRIBLE for any language other than English!

    • Avi

      English too. It’s so annoying.

  • Antonio Santimano

    All I need now is an Android. Decided on migrating from Windows to Android or Apple…

  • Stefan Lehnert

    SwiftKey has some disadvantages which are not mentioned in the article: The layout of the numbers is absolutely non-standard and you need weeks to get used to it. Also this might be a great keyboard for english-speaking users, but – for example – in German its a pain as they did not place Umlauts as first choice by long-press.
    This is discussed for years in their forums but they simply ignore their users. So this is a great keyboard for english writing. For all other countries, which are using a lot of special signs its annoying.

  • Lis Riba

    I use Graffiti – Palm really put some thought into it, back in the day…

  • Vito

    Moderator, you are so shallow by deleting my post about how awesome BlackBerry Priv keyboard is.

  • Erica Ringer

    I find the stock keyboard to be horrible. I misspell almost everything. Any suggestions?

    • urbanegorilla

      Activate Spell Check?

    • Steve Brain

      Learn to type? Read a dictionary? Use voice input?

      • Erica Ringer

        Thanks for the kind words. I know how to spell. I as a human am not misspelling, the phone is not taking what I write and changing words.

    • Richard Darrington

      TouchPal is hands down the best in my opinion. And it’s free!

  • Yazyd Matrix

    Hub keybord is awesome too

  • Greer

    *insert game show buzzer sound, indicating wrong answer here*

    Nothing on Google Play compares to Kii Keyboard. Hands down. End of discussion. Period. Amen. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
    **you get the gist**
    In fact, not a single one of these keyboards comes even remotely ‘close’ to being in a similar category…..
    Unfortunately, GooglePlay removed Kii keyboard (and subsequently refused to reimburse the hundreds of THOUSANDS of people who paid for it…. which btw, to me, is tantamount to fraud).
    Ever since GP’s screwing of Kii, I’ve emailed just about every keyboard developer on Google Play encouraging…. sometimes begging them to add the customization options that Kii offers. I’ve been doing this for at least a year, now…. and still, NOTHING.
    And even though Kii keyboard is still available for download elsewhere, I’ve recently switched devices and for whatever reason, Kii is incompatible with the piece of sh*t device that I’m currently using. (you know, the crappy devices which one has no alternative but to utilize, whilst their ‘GOOD device’ is being repaired.

    So, if by chance, anyone of you reading this is in fact, a developer, I ask (beg) that you please take note of the huge, and still growing community of die hard Kii keyboard fans on Google+ along with the fact that many of us would pay out the *nose* for a keyboard that had similar customization abilities…. hell, I’d pay $15 for a keyboard with HALF the options that Kii offers.

    In the interim, I will be not-so-patiently awaiting the return of my ‘good device’, while suffering deeply while using ANY of the aforementioned keyboards.

    So…..get to it people….

  • YashZion

    not thing looks as promising as Microsoft one handed keyboard. I wish MS do it for android soon

  • tiger

    Word Flow is probably the best 3rd party keyboard. Too bad Microsoft gave it to iOS first.

  • crosph?

    Been hopping between Fleksy and Minuum – Minuum’s autocorrect is too zealous for me but its full keyboard has easier access to symbols than Fleksy.
    That said, I miss 8pen. I wanted to try it just weeks after they completely vanished :(

  • Chris Verhulst

    i am using swiftkey and i find it the best ever.

  • Ridhuan Othman

    ZenUI keyboard is the best for me although I’m using Galaxy Note 5 now. I love how it combines symbols and letters together making typing a lot faster. Word suggestion is the best which can be turned on without autocorrect. CM keyboard was okay but word suggestions and autocorrect is not good enough.

    • 李費力

      Me too, can type/write Chinese with good word predictions. Support Japanese (9/26 key), Spanish(US/ES) and many others. Option to add words to user dictionary on the fly. Free & Low Ads.

  • Shubham Chaudhary

    Where’s TouchPal?

    • Neil Sugarbush

      That’s what she said…

  • Kabliga

    You can put the Priv keyboard on any phone now. It is by far the best touch keyboard prediction and gestures.

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

    How do you guys deal with SwiftKey performance issues? That’s what keeps letting me down with the keyboard. Sometimes takes up to 2-3 seconds to close

  • I love the prediction quality of swype but hate dragon so much that it makes swype unusable for me

  • Deon Van der Westhuizen

    As soon as I see the word Microsoft (Microshit), I ignore that app.

  • Maybe someone here can help. I need a keyboard that does all of the following things so I can write a full Social Media post or text message without changing the keyboard three times. Every one I’ve tried is missing something.
    – Swype
    – Microphone & emoji buttons on page one, no matter what site I’m using
    – Fast delete of long blocks of text when holding down delete button
    – GIFs
    – Press & hold to bring up digits & other characters
    – Hopefully that’s not too much to ask for :)

  • pablosors

    WRIO is a new “honeycomb” keyboard which offers many smart gestures and bigger keys. It should be in there as well!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.icoaching.wrio

  • Nitish Nayak

    MOX Keypad from Process9 is an innovative keypad for the mobile and web users who like to talk in different languages. The keypad supports 21 languages. To make typing more interesting and a fun activity, the keypad offers different layouts such as Inscript, Shiftless etc.

  • Roman Cernjak

    Kii Keyboard, no discussion.

  • Simos Katsiaris

    but what about tablets guys?
    i can’t find any comftable keyboards for 10″

  • Lvnatic

    Swiftkey is a lagfest. Its very choppy and slow, and the layout is horrible. Google keyboard is probably the best from this list. The stock Samsung keyboard on my s7 edge is the best keyboard I’ve ever used.

  • Gabriel

    I use Redraw Keyboard, works best for me. It just launched, and it packs beautiful themes, gif search, multiple keyboard layouts, keyboard customization, google translate option and many many language packs. Plus, has modern fun stickers added.

  • Nitish Nayak

    MOX Keypad is the best alternative of Android keyboards for those who want to chat in Indian languages. This is a one touch app that can toggle the language from English to the one you want to pick just in one touch. I have been using this on my phone for chat, emails as well as social media posts. This works equally well on tablets and smartphones.