Wintermute to take on Siri and Google Now

by 1 year ago

Nuance has unveiled its new project which it hopes will become a challenger to Siri and Google Now. The project, which is codenamed Wintermute – after the AI in William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer, is a cross-platform, cloud-based virtual assistant.

Lexee lets developers incorporate SIRI-like speech control to any app

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by 1 year ago

A company called Angel has recently launched a platform called Lexee, which lets app developers incorporate speech control into just about any application. Currently focusing on the enterprise market, Lexee “goes beyond the usual voice assistant” and actually lets businesses “talk” to their customers through an interactive voice interface.

Nuance’s Nina will provide an off-the-shelf Siri-like speech interface to apps on any platform

Nuance Nina Speech Recognition
by 1 year ago

Nuance is offering a simpler way for enterprises, businesses, and application developers to feature speech recognition in their apps.¬†Nuance is the same company behind the Dragon Naturally Speaking line of speech-recognition apps for PCs, and the¬†Dragon Go¬†and Dragon Dictation¬†app for smartphones. With Nina, Nuance offers an SDK and a set of APIs that enable companies to build on the technology. Through the Nina platform, app developers can now integrate voice-control into their apps meant for business, such as customer service or banking apps, which also includes biometrics and security. Nina is a cloud-based service that runs off of Nuance’s servers….

Introducing Robin, a new speech recognition app aimed at drivers

by 2 years ago

A lot has been said about Apple’s Siri, including some interesting remarks by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. There are those who love it and those who, how can we put it, those who aren’t so keen. But everyone agrees that voice control and “talking” to our mobile devices is the future. For Android users, there are a number of different apps¬†available¬†and the new kid on the block is Robin. Designed for drivers, the main¬†functionality¬†of Robin revolves around¬†navigation, traffic, parking and gas (petrol) prices. But its makers, Magnifis, have also added in some knowledge about Twitter, reminders, and even the occasional…

Speech recognition: life before Siri, and what’s to come

by 2 years ago

Though the world is captivated by Siri and her charming ways, old-skoolers know better that she‚Äôs not the first virtual assistant to be offering such service. Siri may have brought some personality to the table, alongside her ability to respond to natural language and understand context, albeit in a limited way, but the technology itself is nothing new. In fact, man’s dream to command devices using nothing but voice dates back to the 1950s. Here‚Äôs a brief look of how speech recognition technology has come along since the old days and what the future has in store in this fascinating…