Software update on the way for Sony Xperia P, U, Go and Sola

Sony Xperia U
by 1 year ago

Sony announced today that it is rolling out updates to a number of its Xperia line of phones: the Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia Go and Xperia Sola. Sorry, you’re not getting Jelly Bean yet—that won’t be until 2013—but at least if you’re running Gingerbread on your Xperia P you’ll finally be getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sony Xperia Go coming to Canada in November

Sony Xperia Go
by 1 year ago

It seems that the water-resistant Sony Xperia Go is making its way over to Canada this November. The mid-range smartphone is headed to Roger’s Fido and will be available in a black and white versions. Sony will also carry an unlocked limited edition yellow model.

UK’s Clove to sell unlocked white Sony Xperia Go for £210

by 1 year ago

We’re sure everyone has that moment when they wish that their smartphone was built like a tank and came with a waterproof body; you know, something along the lines of the Sony Xperia Go. What we’ve seen so far concerning Sony’s rugged smartphone is that not only can it take some serious beating, but it also plays nice with water. If you haven’t been enamored with the black Xperia Go, the white variant is now available in the UK. The white Xperia Go will be offered SIM-free by mobile retailer Clove starting August 7 for ÂŁ210 (tax included). For that amount…

Smartphone snuff: extreme things you probably shouldn’t do to your Xperia Go [Video]

by 2 years ago

Some smartphones are made more durable than others, but it doesn’t mean you should let your imagination run too wild on devising ways to torture your phone — unless you have the money and time to spend. Cue the following videos, which will show just how tough the compact Android phone that goes (see what I did there?) by the name of Sony Xperia Go can be. Before we get to the videos, here’s a brief reminder of what the Xperia Go comes with underneath the rugged surface. The phone boasts a 3.5-inch HVGA display, dual-core 1GHz NovaThor processor, 512MB RAM,…

Sony Xperia Go goes to the FCC, still no release date or pricing announced

by 2 years ago

Unveiled a few weeks ago next to the more technically impressive acro S, the mid-range (or low-end?) Sony Xperia Go has just gotten FCC’s approval, and is therefore on its way to a US release. We still don’t know when exactly is the American launch supposed to happen or how will the 3.5-incher be priced, but if you’re interested in an affordable phone with some nice extra features, you should watch out for the Xperia Go. As some of you might remember from that presentation video from a while ago, the Xperia Go (a.k.a. Advance, as it’s supposed to be…

Sony Xperia acro S and Xperia Go specs revealed in two snazzy videos

sony xperia go advance
by 2 years ago

Less than 48 hours after officially unveiling the Xperia acro S and the Xperia go (also known as the Advance), Sony has made the two phones’ specs official. The water and dust-resistant duo stars in two new official video clips, where you’ll be able to take another quick peek at the phone’s sleek designs, but also check out their most important features. The Xperia acro S is clearly the star here, as it is pretty much a (slightly) upgraded Xperia S with some resistance to the elements added. The exact same dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor powering the original…

Sony introduces the water- and dust-resistant Xperia Go (aka Advance) and Xperia acro S

by 2 years ago

If Sony’s current smartphone lineup has failed to excite you, perhaps you’ll find something to like in the company’s next two offerings. Meet the Sony Xperia Go and Xperia Xperia acro S, the newest members of the Xperia family, that have just been announced by Sony  and will be launched in the third quarter of the year. The Sony Xperia Go is a 3.5-inch phone of 320 x 480 resolution equiped with the standard Mobile BRAVIA engine to give its display a boost of sharpness. The dual-core 1GHz processor should be enough to provide a lag-free experience on the phone’s…