Recently, a very viral “easter egg” of sorts was making its rounds. It seems that if you asked Google Now what a Giraffe was, or more specifically “what is a Giraffe?”, you’d get a very interesting response.


Can you believe it has been four years since the little green Android shuffled out of Google HQ, smiled sweetly and then launched its assault on the smartphone market?


There is nothing wrong with making and releasing forks of Android, such as what Amazon does, but it’s not a part of the OHA. Acer is and thus far, it has used the inner workings of Android, namely the Android runtime, framework and tools. Aliyun is then, by logic, an incompatible fork of Android, without express permission of Google and is breaking the rules of OHA membership.

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This week, a report hit the web claiming that Google has strong-armed Acer into cancelling the launch of the CloudMobile A800, a smartphone running Aliyun, the Android-based operating system developed by Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. Google has now clarified the problem.

Today Acer issued a press release announcing that it has officially joined the Open Handset Alliance.  The OHA is the organization founded by Google and others that supports the Linux based Android... smartphone operating system.

Acer also said in the announcement that it expects to launch Android based devices in the fourth quarter of this year.  The full press release is available after...

According to Peter Chou, Chief Executive of HTC, China is soon to experience Android; big news for Google’s operating system. Allegedly, China Mobile will offer a customised version of the HTC Magic,... called the OPhone. Stepping all over Lenovo, HTC’s OPhone is aptly named due to its association with the Open Handset Alliance.

This device will give Android access to nearly 500 million subscri...

According to Hayo LĂĽcke at BasicThinking.de, O2 Germany plans to offer 6 to 8 Android OS based smartphones to its customers by the end of the year.  LĂĽcke attributes the information to an unnamed... O2 XDA product manager  he claims to have spoken with at O2’s Innovation Days 2009 event in Munich.  LĂĽcke says that the product manager was not willing to say when O2 would start offering An...

Well well, it seems that two OHA members have announced that they will be working together on new phones.  Garmin and ASUS will be co-developing and marketing the nuvifone series that Garmin announced... this time last year at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

Garmin says that ASUS was its ODM partner from the start, so it makes some sense for the two of them to work together.  As a r...