How to recover your Android phone

by 1 year ago

The term “loved ones” refers to different things to different people. To some, it includes family and close friends. To others, it includes lovers, boyfriends, and girlfriends. And, to many others, it can even include favorite gadgets, such as their Android phones. Regardless of the term’s scope, no one ever wants to lose a loved one. But, accidents happen. We lose some, we win some. The loss of a beloved Android phone — either through negligence or through theft — can not only be a sad moment but also a dangerous moment, especially if you keep a lot of sensitive,…

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security: Protection against threats and theft

by 1 year ago

Mobile security is one of the essential things you have to keep in mind when getting a new Android phone or tablet, or even when you have older gadgets with you. Adding layers and layers of security won’t hurt; it may instead greatly benefit you. Among the number of antivirus and mobile security apps you can find in the Google Play Store, one will definitely impress you with its extensive usability. That app is Antivirus & Mobile Security by TrustGo Mobile Incorporated. Antivirus & Mobile Security protects your Android device from any harmful malware and viruses and lets you be…

AT&T cares about stolen devices, starting new blocking system July 10

by 2 years ago

Phones are a part of our every day life and us. We treat them as a close relationship, and yet they are stolen more than any other device we own. Just about every cellular carrier has the ability to track a phone’s location using local towers, yet they are not always as handy to the average smartphone user. However, AT&T has just released information on its new system for blocking usage of stolen devices. Even though this is not “tracking”, it does mean that any device reported stolen to customer service will be blocked, rendering phone features useless on the…

Comodo Anti-theft Free: Using SMS commands to protect or find your lost phone

by 2 years ago

Since your Android is your personal phone, you undoubtedly have optimized your experience by storing your personal information and credentials on your smartphone. If something bad happens to your phone, that means your personal data are also at risk.  What can you do when your phone gets lost or stolen? It’s necessary to take action when your phone gets stolen or lost. Thankfully, there’s an app specifically for that scenario. Anti-theft Free, developed by COMODO, provides the necessary actions for certain accidents like when your phone is misplaced, lost, or stolen. Anti-theft Free provides ways to help you find your…

misHaps: Simple and effective app for displaying your contact info on the lockscreen

by 2 years ago

There are antivirus apps that allege to keep your phone safe from malware and viruses. There are apps that remotely delete your contact information and lock your device. Our Android devices also have built-in security features like the lockscreen, PIN codes, pattern unlock, face unlock, and many more. Such apps are crucial to keeping phone-stored personal data and information safe.  But, suppose you misplace your phone or you get into an accident and you need the phone’s finder or the good samaritan to know your personal details? I found one app from the Google Play Store that instantly displays your…