Review: FAVI SmartStick brings Android to your TV, supports Netflix, HBO, YouTube and more

SmartStick - in box
by 1 year ago

I took delivery of my new SmartStick, from American company FAVI Entertainment, just a few days ago and to be honest I was expecting to see yet another run-of-the-mill Android mini computer that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV… I couldn’t have been more wrong! On the outside the FAVI SmartStick looks a lot like other Android mini computers, an over-sized flash drive but with a HDMI connector at the end. The build quality is excellent and the device doesn’t creak or groan when handled (often a sure sign of cheap plastic and bad manufacturing). The real surprise, however, comes when you switch it on… but I am getting…

EZTV Android based media player and Smart TV device – full review

enjoy tv promo
by 1 year ago

In depth review of an Android media box called the “EZTV”, it is described as a media player with Wi-Fi. On the actual box it is called “Enjoy TV” with the slogan, “Make your TV smart and get connected.” What is different about this particular Android TV device is that you can add a hard drive and that makes all the difference!

Galaxy S3 HDMI ‘issues’ appear, new MHL adapter needed

by 2 years ago

The Galaxy S3 is one of the two most interesting Android handsets of the year – the other being the HTC One X – and it’s surely going to be the best sold of the two. But the handset does have one problem, especially if you plan to frequently hook it up to your HDTV. The Galaxy S3 has a different microUSB port than other Android devices, as the port’s pins have been rearranged. That means the Galaxy S3 will not work with standard MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) adapters, which let users connect smartphones that come with microUSB ports to…

ODROID releases a worldwide developer edition of its Android-powered handheld gaming system

by 4 years ago

ODROID, releases the worldwide developer edition of its Android handheld gaming system, The ODROID piqued our interest when it began accepting pre-orders back in late September. The first production run sold out quickly and these handhelds are reportedly making their way into the hands of those brave early adopters. As a refresher, the ODROID is an Android-powered handheld gaming device that features a 833Mhz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 3.5 inch (320×480) capacitive touchscreen, 720P output via a mini-HDMI port, WiFi, Bluetooth and gaming controls. Love the specs and wish you had gotten in on the first round? Don’t fret as the…