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The Samsung Galaxy S8's one flaw...

by Joshua Vergara 23 hours ago110 comments

8 ways the Galaxy S8 is objectively better than the iPhone 7

by Kris Carlon 2 days ago157 comments

Galaxy on Fire 3: why it dares to have an ending

by Scott Adam Gordon 1 day ago8 comments

Have phones become too expensive?

by Robert Triggs 3 days ago118 comments
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Amazon Echo with built-in screen rumored for next month

"A person familiar with plans" has told CNET Amazon is planning to launch yet another Echo product; one that will come with a built-in screen.
by Edgar Cervantes14 hours ago1

The latest Mercedes-Benz cars can connect to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

All 2016 and 2017 Mercedes-Benz cars in the US can now access both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, via their Home and Echo speakers.
by John Callaham7 days ago2

Amazon opens up Echo’s voice recognition tech to everyone

Amazon is opening up access to the microphone, voice recognition and software behind the Echo, hoping to encourage the spread of its Alexa voice assistant.
by Kris Carlon2 weeks ago3

Powerful automation tricks and hacks for Android using Tasker, IFTTT, QPython and more

Unleash the power of your phone by combining Tasker, IFTTT and Python. Automatically download webpages, read out Tweets, voice control your device and more!
by Adam Sinicki2 weeks ago5

Rumors about the next Google Home speaker claim it will add a mesh Wi-Fi router

A new report claims that Google is working on the next version of its Home connected speaker, which might include an embedded mesh Wi-Fi router.
by John Callaham3 weeks ago5

Amazon Echo vs Dot vs Tap: Which is right for you?

Wondering what are the main differences between Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap? Join us as we take a closer look.
by Andrew Grush4 weeks ago2

This Zelda-inspired home automation video is legendary

The Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel has uploaded a video showing off a home automation system which is controlled by an ocarina.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 20, 2017

Best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Accessories: 6 you shouldn’t miss

We take a look at the best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot accessories, including the best smart bulb, smart plug, smart thermostat and more.
by Scott Adam GordonMarch 17, 20172

Latest version of AutoVoice adds Google Home and Amazon Echo support

The new 3.0 version of the popular AutoVoice app adds adds support for Google Home and the Amazon Echo connected speakers.
by John CallahamMarch 8, 20171

Pimp your Echo Dot with the help of the battery-powered Vaux speaker

The Vaux is an accessory for the Echo Dot that transforms the device into a portable, battery-powered speaker.
by Mitja RutnikMarch 8, 20175
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