Sync iTunes with Android – How to Transfer iTunes Music to Android

by: Ken EastJanuary 15, 2012
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It is sometimes very frustrating if you have devices that are incompatible and you can’t sync your files because they have different formats. If you have a Mac computer and an Android tablet/phone, for instance, you will most likely have your music organized on iTunes. Android is not really iTunes-friendly, and iTunes is not exactly Android-friendly.  Thus, you may have a hard time synchronizing your music between the two devices. Fortunately, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to sync iTunes with your Android device.


Don’t get too excited on how to sync your Android device with iTunes just yet. Before anything else, you have to download two apps that you are going to use later. You are required to download and install:

  • iSyncr (available for Windows or for Mac users).  Get the Windows version here, and the Mac version here.
  • PlayerPro Music Player, which you can get from here.
  • USB drivers for your Android phone (so that you can connect your phone as a USB Mass Storage device to your computer)


Making iSyncr work optimally requires two general steps. The first one is to set up and configure iSyncr properly on your Android phone, and the second one is to properly set up and configure PlayerPro Music Player on your phone.

Set Up iSyncr on Your Android Device

  1. Download and install iSyncr to your Android phone. Download the version for the operating system running on your computer (i.e., the Windows version for Windows machines, and the Mac version for Mac machines).
  2. Run the iSyncr app on your phone.
  3. You will be asked where to install iSyncr. If your phone has more than one storage area, you can choose to install to both storage areas.
  4. When the installation finishes, you will see a reminder about the proper way to disconnect your device from your computer after syncing. After this, you will have the option to view a tutorial about using iSyncr. You can skip the tutorial if you like.
  5. Go to the app’s home screen. Tap on the Settings icon.
  6. In the app’s Settings screen, enable “Play Count Logging” and “Auto Clean Playlists.”
  7. You can also set the Playcount Sensitivity and Skip Threshold according to your personal preference.
  8. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  9. When asked for a connection type, choose to mount your phone as a disk drive or as a USB Mass Storage device. This will enable your computer to use your phone as a removable drive.
  10. Open the removable drive in My Computer.
  11. Launch the iSyncr executable file located in the removable drive.
  12. Click on the Options button. In the Options screen, enable “Sync iTunes Album Art” and “Remember Selected Playlists.”
  13. On the list of playlists, check those playlists that you want to sync, then click the Sync button.

Set Up PlayerPro Music Player on Your Android Device

Now that you already have your iTunes music synced with your Android device, the next thing that you need is a music player that works in harmony with iSyncr. The best choice so far is PlayerPro Music Player because of its ability to synchronize play counts, lyrics, ratings, album art, and ID3 tags. Of course, you have to first install this app and again take note of configuration settings to set it up properly. Here are the instructions for setting it up:

  1. Download and install PlayerPro Music Player from the Android Market.
  2. Run the app.
  3. In the app’s main screen, tap the Menu button, then tap the Settings button.
  4. Go to Music Library > Scrobbling, and select “Simple” from the list to make sure that play and skip counts are synced to both iSyncr and iTunes.
  5. Go to Music Library > Rating System, and select “iSyncr” from the list.
  6. Go to Look and Feel and enable “Prefer ID3 artwork”.

If you have grown accustomed to the way your iPod works, setting up your Android phone in the manner described in this guide will help you keep that familiar experience. Everything from iTunes playlists, artists, albums, album art, lyrics, ratings and ID3 tags is synced between iTunes and your Android device–not to mention that any changes in your playlists are also automatically updated.

Have you tried setting up your Android device to sync with iTunes?

  • Scott Mitchell Dunn Jr.

    I’m currently using DoubleTwist, but almost every time I pause in the middle of an audio file it restarts the file. This wouldn’t normally be a problem if I was listening to music instead of my 35 minutes audio files from Rob, Arnie and Dawn.

    • Derek Scott

      I previously used doubletwist as well, but I switched over and it was well worth it, one of the main advantages not noted was that you can easily sync podcasts that you haven’t listened to. The prob with doubletwist for me was the lack of podcast syncing.

  • Tyler

    Awesome, going to try this!

  • Makeartstudio

    I just followed these directions & so far so good! Now I just need to figure out how to convert the protected songs from itunes. I’m sure that’s on this site somewhere. Thanks!

  • Austin Henderson

    I had a similar problem and found this tool to work well for me:

    I found it would allow me to sync podcasts, checked media and would also allow me to purchase things using the Amazon MP3 store and have them import into my iTunes when I sync it. Its a simple windows app but it gets the job done – and it is fast too.

  • Khalnayak Vish

    you can also refer to this thread for Sync your iTunes music on Android

  • Michelle

    Alot of my iTunes music did not sync due to a “Windows Returned Access Denied”. I understand the DRM – Not copying, but I don’t understand the other one. Does anyone know how to mitigate this issue?

  • Tauns1wife

    Why do you prefer the PlayerPro Music player over the Rocket Music Player recommended by iSyncr, for playing iTunes on Android device?

  • Tom

    down loaded iSyncr for mac; downloaded suggested media player; installed; connected my phone to my mac via usb port and nothing. Didn’t work. Now I get to figure out how to get a refund. At least with iPhone and macs i can call a real person for support.

    • JRT Studio

      email iSyncr@jrtstudio for assistance.

  • JRT Studio

    Thank you to Ken East and the Android Authority team for this publication.

    Please contact us at for help using iSyncr including Windows return access denied and all other requests and issues. We provide 7 day a week email support and general try to provide answers within 24 hours.

  • kathryn

    my computer does not recognize my device when i connect with usb cable.

  • BobTang

    What if iTunes movies work on an Android-based Tablet?

  • Gaile

    my phone a samsung galaxy S3 wont download iSyncr or PlayerPro music?

  • D

    this was great to download my itunes to new Galaxy SIII… took a while but it didn’t download most of my music. Has anyone figured out how to get around this?


    We have followed your instructions several times in an attempt to get our iMac (only 18 months old) and our Samsung Note 2 (brand new) to connect. The purpose is to import the iTunes library to our android phone. The “ISyncr” program does not open on the iMac. We are seeing posts at various sites stating that this is a compatibility issue with the latest OSX Mountain Lion. We just paid for iSyncr and frankly we need help because it is not working. Anything you can do to help us would be appreciated.

  • Sonia1125

    Here is the guide that shows the way of syncing iTunes video to Android devices
    It worked for me.

  • NickWolfe

    This is useless. The instructions bear no relationship to what I see on my phone’s screen.

  • Coolwine

    Player pro does not support Apple Lossless

  • Leon Williamson

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