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Samsung has, depending on one’s inclinations, (1) done it again, (2) done it right this time, or (3) done nothing substantive whatsoever. Given the out-cry over last year’s controversial decision to mitigate microSD, one might assume the overall reception to this year’s follow up, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, are a panacea for the possible problem. In fact, not only are the devices making use of expandable storage, but they are even water resistant as well!

The question of the moment, however, is not in regards to the devices being a success. No, Samsung has already made it clear to the world it expects to sell mass numbers of the sleek smartphones. But which one turns out to be the bigger breadwinner is another question entirely.

The S6 miscalculation

For all intents and purposes, last year’s Galaxy S6 was apparently perceived by Samsung as being the more popular device when weighed against the S6 Edge, at least in the pre-release stage. Reports were quite clear that the demand was so high for the Galaxy S6 Edge that Samsung had to open a third production facility just to be able to supply enough of them. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6, proving far less desirable, was largely seen as having a negative effect on Samsung’s Q2 2015 earnings, coupled with the shortage of Edge units.

Samsung's latest flagships all sport the formidable Mali-T760 GPU

Samsung’s latest flagships all sport the formidable Mali-T760 GPU

Technically speaking this “lack” of foresight made perfect sense at the time. The Galaxy S6 Edge was roughly $100 more expensive more expensive than the Galaxy S6 (standard), but it was also, in conception, the follow-up to the questionably received Galaxy Note Edge. While the Korean OEM had always maintained that the Note Edge would be a limited production product, reports that indicated it sold not even 700,000 units certainly didn’t paint a picture of plentiful purchases.

This, coupled with the increasing competition from China, and the Galaxy S5 -which was arguably a comparative flop given the failure to meet sales expectations according to some reports – seemingly made it all the more obvious that the standard Galaxy S6 with its lower price and traditional presentation would be the safer smartphone to push.

And yet, clearly customers took to the unique look of the Galaxy S6 Edge and clearly didn’t mind the pricing difference.

The S7 Question

Now as the world looks to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the same question is oddly just as valid as before, if not more so. Whereas the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were, essentially, the same product just with a modified screen (and the latter with a slightly larger battery), this year’s proper pair are not.


The Galaxy S7 is a more standard-sized smartphone with a display of 5.1 inches – the same as last year’s offering – but the Galaxy S7 Edge on the other hand, is clearly in the phablet realm with its 5.5-inch display. While specific pricing is not yet available, it can be assumed the curved variant will once again command a higher price to acquire.

This means customers have a big choice to consider: do they “settle” for the same sized smartphone they may have splurged on last year, or do they go for the larger of the two. While 5.5 inches is not too big per se, the phone is still nonetheless a larger product. To make matters more complicated, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, at 5.7 inches, is also available for purchase, and will quite likely see a price decrease or in-store promotion going for it. This would make the device not only larger but also potentially much cheaper.

Wrap-up and Survey

Suffice to say, the coming weeks will be quite interesting for those who like talking numbers. Samsung obviously, having real vested interests in this whole subject matter, will no doubt also be watching the sales numbers like a hawk. Perhaps the LG G5, which was announced on the same day as Samsung’s selection, will affect purchases to an extent. Or not.

We would like to ask you, however, the reader which model you think will sell better among the two. Please feel free to take the short survey below, and then share your comments and concerns in in the discussion section!

  • Kalen G

    The fact that there is a more premium model that looks far more compelling than the regular counterpart will drive sales of that model.
    Though the S7 will be good, you will be viewed as cheaping out by not going for the top-of-the-line model.
    You cannot have a premium handset that is outshone by an internal rival. The S7 Edge is going to be the breadwinner.

  • mcdonsco

    Nope…it’s still a niche design that won’t be latched onto more than the tried and true flagship they’ve released every year for the last what, 7 years?

    Standard s7 will outsell the edge easily.

    • retrospooty

      If they were both the same basic size and spec like the S6 and S6E last year I might agree, but the larger screen and larger battery have alot of people wanting it. The S7 Edge will sell better this time.

      • mcdonsco

        When / if phablets become the norm for most users (still quite low compared to non-phablets), then sure, probably. I just don’t see it happening quite yet.

        Plus, maybe it’s just me, but with the edge version i found myself constantly touching the screen when/where I didn’t intend to due to handling it with the edge. I know it’s not *supposed* to register those, but it did for me (on two different edge devices I owned).

        Made using it a pain…looked cool though.

  • Jason DonkeyKong Budzi

    The problem with the s7 is that it doesn’t have as many new features when compared to the Edge. It doesn’t seem as much worth it as the other phone.

    • cdm283813

      I agree if comparing last years S6 and S6 Edge. But I can see the S7 Edge worth $50 to $80 more than the S7.

  • Fabian Taveras

    The S7 edge is a clear win. But sadly I believe the S7 will sell better with the general public vs geeks

    • Saurabh Sahu

      geeks never buy samsung, so your first point is correct and second is wrong.

      • Jason Rabideau

        I am self described “geek” (Sr. Sys Admin/Engineer for a large cable/broadband company) and currently own the S6 Edge and have the S7 standard on pre-order. 5.5 inches is too large for me and I ended up hating the “edge” on the S6. Although I am not a huge fan of Samsung, their phones tend to be more secure than others’ and specs are always top notch.

        • onstrike112

          BlackBerry’s tend to be more secure, and the Priv, running Android, has a physical keyboard, which is more productive. Try again.

          • Jason Rabideau

            Like I said in my previous comment, a 5.5 inch phone (The Priv is 5.4) is too large. I have no need for a physical keyboard. I also refuse to buy a phone from a company who is “dipping their toes” in Android for the first time. BB may have great security, but the jury is out on their Android implementation, if they will provide timely OS updates, and whether or not the company will be solvent in 2 years time. I suggest you “try again”.

            Also, judging by your comments on other forums, you appear to just be an egotistical troll with no real tech background. I’m done feeding you.

          • onstrike112

            Whatever. You’re just a suckup for the Samsung, LG, etc of the industry, and therefore a waste of time and energy anyways. Good luck with your slab of disappointment lol

        • Juschan

          i would consider samsung nearly at the bottom of beeing secure.. actually the priv should be very good or take an iPhone but i do think 5.5″ is to big and the edge not really worth the xtra price

      • skywalkr2

        Geeks buy samsung all the time… I guess you have never been to XDA.

        • Saurabh Sahu

          Geeks buy nexus and oneplus not samsung. Samsung never release kernel source or document so its not developer friendly device.Exynos makes it difficult for developers because of this. Btw on xda from 3 years.

          • skywalkr2

            Open your mind. S7 USA doesn’t use Exynos.

          • Saurabh Sahu

            Why should I care about USA. USA is not entire world, you should open your mind.

          • itfa

            As an owner of a Nexus One, a Galaxy Nexus, a Nexus 4, and a Oneplus One (yes, I still have them all), I will be buying an S7 edge.

          • GoldRW

            Geeks pay attention to hardware and Samsung has better hardware, period.

          • Captain Obvious

            I have been on XDA for 10 years, and Howard Forums before that, been modding phones since Windows Mobile 2003, including pocket pc’s before smart phones…. I buy Samsung, have one of these on pre order, and everyone I know in IT uses Samsung as well. I am currently running a custom ROM on a Galaxy S5, Samsung has huge support on XDA…. So unfortunately your point is wrong.

        • onstrike112

          Ha! Explain the BlackBerry Priv I have then!

      • Teaparty1970SkItObama

        geeks buy samsung. fan boi’s buy iphone. Get it right.

        • Juschan

          hm must be way more fanboys around me than i thought ..

    • Juschan

      well its not only public against geeks… most people seem to find 5.5″ to big … actually i only have one person in my social environment having a screen at 5.5″ and its a 6s plus.. all the others are stuck on 4.7″

      • Andreas Larsson

        In all fairness the iPhone 5.5″ is about the size of an android 6″

        • Juschan

          okay i admit that ??

  • AbbyZFresh

    Where i am, i’ve seen a lot more S6 edge and edge+ users than the standard S6. It’s possible the S7 edge might sell more if Samsung actually keeps up with demand.

    • Daggett Beaver

      I see the Edge+ everywhere. People seem to love it. While I see Samsung phones everywhere, I rarely see anyone using the S6 or S6 Edge.

      I’d get the S7 Edge over the S7, but my wife is overdue for an upgrade and I bet she picks the regular S7.

      • Cakefish

        It’s the opposite here in UK, I see S6 and S6 edge more often than S6 edge+.

  • Max Fireman

    3600mah battery is reason alone to buy the edge.

    • mcdonsco

      Battery used to be a huge deal to me as a normal workday for me I can easily hit 4-5 hours sot, sometimes more if it’s a super crazy day, but with wireless charging, QC charging and having Android auto, its no longer an issue. I’m always topped off now.

    • skywalkr2

      I charge every night… 3000mah is perfectly fine for me.

      • pseudo

        I do well with 1870mah ;)

        • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

          I am satisfied with 1650mah battery. 4h+ SoT. It’s all about optimization.

    • Kunal Narang

      Exactly my words

    • Anshul

      About 600mah reasons exactly.

    • lilmoe2006

      I’m willing to bet that the standard S7 will have better battery life ;) Any takers?

      The GS7 will outsell the Edge variant.

      • Captain Obvious

        I will take that bet – the difference in screen size is 8%, difference in battery is 20%, leaving you with a net 12% increase in battery with the Edge.

        • lilmoe2006

          5.5″ is actually 18% larger than 5.1″. It’s about the difference in total screen AREA not the diagonal size. Lots of other factors are in play I can mention, but that will take away the fun factor. Hey, what’s a bet without a secret or two.

          Still willing to take the bet? ;)

          • Yukesh R

            I am willing to take the bet
            Because S6 Edge has sold more units than the normal one without any screen and Battery advantage besides 5.5″ is the optimum size for a phone

          • Andreas Larsson

            Consider the difference in battery between the note 5 and the s6 where there is a larger screen difference and smaller battery difference I say the s7 edge is guaranteed to outlast the s7

  • Ryuto Arisato

    Edge + 3600 mah and we have a winner.

  • Žiga Štupar

    Well im not sure myself witch one too buy, but im leaning towards S7 becouse edge will cost more plus im kinda worried about how will Edge feel in hand i will try edge in store and then i will decide

    • Jeffrey Newball

      I’ve owned the s6 edge and it did take some getting used to hold. With that being said I pre ordered the s7 edge today. The edge features are improved and I like the fact that it has a bigger battery. I am converting from a 6p but I am leaving it because I want that camera.I pre ordered from best buy and they have a good deal going. If you have time, check it out, they have them on display and you can see if you are comfortable with the feel.

  • Brad Fortin

    I’m going to say no, for the same reason the S6 Edge didn’t outsell the S6 last year: Price.

    • Andreas Larsson

      It did thou, the s6 edge outsold the standard s6

      • Brad Fortin

        Did it? I don’t remember Samsung releasing any sales figures.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Absolutely. I’m a Samsung fan (primarily because of their displays), and I wasn’t interested in the S6 or S6 Edge. I’d love to have an S7 Edge, though.

  • adamkopo

    AA readers will like the edge, general public will go with the S7

    • daftrok

      But that didn’t happen. The Edge outsold the S6 last year, so the general public prefer it.

  • daftrok

    Seriously, the S7 and Edge should have just merged and became the new S7 and S7 Plus. That S7 is beautiful but considering the $100 price difference and a minimal size difference, why wouldn’t you get the Edge?

    • cdm283813

      I disagree on a few points.
      1. S7 Plus is not original. S7 Edge is unique and fits the phone.
      2. Last years Edge was not worth the $100 price. This year you go from 5.1″ to 5.5″, you get a decent sized battery and the Edge features are more useful this time around.
      3. People still want a regular display so you just can’t get rid of it just yet.

      And with the included SD card spending another $100 to jump up to 64GB is not needed (and not a option). This years Edge makes more sense than last years Edge.

  • cdm283813

    I’m getting the S7 Edge but I don’t think it will outsale the smaller model. We are the hardcore users. Many people don’t even care and are clueless when they walk into the carrier store. If the price was the same yes; the edge would out sale it. But I’m going to say 55/45 in favor of the S7.

  • Cakefish

    I work in the UK as a Samsung promoter in retail store. We were actually told to really push the edge variant as apparently preorders are starting to fall behind the regular S7.

  • Cakefish

    Here in the UK I know that the mix between S7 edge and S7 is currently favouring the regular S7.

    • James

      Really? I was in carphone warehouse yesterday, and saw 3 people order the edge while waiting to have a play with the live demo the S7 didn’t even have anyone looking at it.

      • Cakefish

        Welll I was asked to promote the S7 edge in store more heavily as the preorder numbers were starting to fall below the flat S7. That was a few days ago, I don’t know what the current ratio of edge:flat is. It can be quite variable through the week. I just know that today in my particular store we had 2 edge preorders and one flat preorder. So who knows what will end up happening! Some people love the edges, some really don’t like the edges. It’ll be interesting to see where we end up in a few weeks time :)


    If I had to choose, it would be the edge. Bigger screen, battery life and the edge feature

  • skywalkr2

    S7 Edge will sell better, but for me… I don’t need its novelty and will get the s7.

  • jtw

    Personally I pre-ordered the Edge, but it’s hard to say if that’s what most people will want. I’ve heard quite a few people say they didn’t like the Edge variant of the S6, so obviously it’s not for everyone. I do wonder, though, if some of those people would be willing to get the S7 Edge for the sake of a bigger screen and battery.

  • bobo_exterminator

    S7 is just a reason for you to buy S7 Edge.

  • sachouba

    The S7 Edge might have sold more if it had been the same size as the standard S7, and at the same price too.

    I personally prefer the standard S7, because the curved edges bother me when I’m reading text or watching a movie : everything is deformed.

  • Cyberstriker

    Ask yourself what type of camera is better 12-megapixel or 16MP with Britecell technology cause most technological people likes to crop they’re photographs if they made a mistake.

    • Andreas Larsson

      12 mp easy better

      • Cyberstriker

        Your an idiot.

        • Andreas Larsson

          No you are, and you clearly have no clue about cameras

          • Cyberstriker

            Clearly you have no clue about technology idiot.

          • Andreas Larsson

            Haha no no you clearly are wrong, you think that 16 mp is better because it’s simply more pixels than 12 mp, but given the increased sensor size AND pixel size AND tests shows that not only does the new camera produce better images, but also more detailed ^^ ?

          • Cyberstriker

            It’s still 12-megapixel sensor 4:3 aspect ratio which doesn’t show much details in the photographs. 16MP sensors have 16:9 aspect ratio for HDTV showing that gives the consumers much more details and also you’ll be able to crop your images if you make a mistake, you can’t do that with just 12-megapixel cameras even if a person had a quad HD screen. 16:9 will always be better for a lot of consumers and tech geeks everywhere.

          • Andreas Larsson

            “It’s still 12-megapixel sensor 4:3 aspect ratio which doesn’t show much details in the photographs.”

            No! It’s a 12 mp on a LARGER sensor that gives you MORE details in the pictures, and no tech geek would ever think about cropping with smartphone camera because it’s useless.

          • Cyberstriker

            What world are living in if you think tech geeks don’t crop their photographs that’s truly an illogical theory.

          • Andreas Larsson

            No its illogical to think geeks would wanna crop smartphone photos, but why don’t you tell me why they would wanna do that and then I’ll tell you the reason we wouldn’t, and if we would have to we do prefer more details when doing so

          • Cyberstriker

            If a person makes a mistake like taking a pictures of trees and animals but you can’t get to close to them, 16MP goes a long way for one image with high dynamic range and in perfect lighting conditions.

          • Andreas Larsson

            “cropping” is just digital zoom, and a better picture with more details is always better to crop.
            Photo geeks know this.

          • Cyberstriker

            Let’s agree to disagree on this one.

  • 1213 1213

    So what’s the pricing difference?

    S7 edge is just overall better, so it depends on price

    • Cicero

      100 $/€ or 70£.

  • Ryan Burke

    Ive had an S5 for 2 years and love it compared to phones of the past. I have the regular S7 on preorder. The S5 is large enough that I fear cracking the screen against my leg when its in my pocket. (this happened to a coworker with an S5) So I dont really need a taller phone. Ive only seen one friend with the S6 edge. She had a pretty standard shell case on it and it looked ridiculous. I also dont have any need for an over edge side view. Price is not a deciding factor in this decision. I dont see any extra productivity or convenience coming from it. For myself at least. I will also say Im very happy they brought back water resistance without a flappy charge port cover.

  • jasonlowr

    How many polls are they going to be android authority?

  • Mail carrier

    Idc which one sells the most. They didn’t make a standard plus size phone so Samsung isn’t an option for me. Possibly the Note 6 if it doesn’t disappoint somehow, but that’s way more phone than I need or want. Don’t get me wrong, I was fired up about the specs, they are exceptional phones this year. I don’t want a small phone, and Edge models are too fragile, no holster case.

  • The Doctor

    The S7 edge will sell better because it’s bigger, it has a bigger battery, and it has the “coolness” factor to it.

    • Juschan

      coolness from last year .. 5.5″ way to big if you dont have a purse and most girls will not really care bout specs

      • Andreas Larsson

        Haha if anything it’s close to being to small ^^

        • Juschan

          may i ask what do you use as your daily phone ?

          • Andreas Larsson

            The note 3 :)

  • primussuxxx

    This page sucks. Some good info on it, but it kept automatically scrolling to the bottom of the screen for the damned video advertisement. Slimey man. I know you gotta pay the bills, but at what cost do you drive readers away?

  • KeyserSoze

    The only reason the S7 Edge got more votes than S7 is because of its larger screen and battery, not because of its gimmicky useless curved screen. It’s an unfair comparison. Curved screens are meant to hook dumb gullible people, serious users don’t fall for frivolous impractical “features” like that.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Well S7 Edge looks more beautiful and unique. Why so much focus on if it’s gimmicky or not?
      S7 looks better than S6 too , though. With that back. And better feel in hand.

    • Aris Routis

      Actually the S7 edge has lots of more implementation regardless the edge.

      But I guess you have not been reading, have you?

      • KeyserSoze

        >> Actually the S7 edge has lots of more implementation regardless the edge. <<

        Lots more? Like what, the slide-in bar? Even the Note3 had that, else just add it by installing a launcher app. Even if you couldn't have the side bar, who cares, they're not that useful anyway.

        • Aris Routis

          Just go and check feature by feature between the two edge models (S6 Edge vs S7 Edge) and find out for yourself. Whether you feel they’re important is not the issue here. What I said is that Samsung has implemented more features in this model and that they did. If you do not like these features, that ‘s up to you.

          • KeyserSoze

            >> Just go and check feature by feature between the two edge models (S6 Edge vs S7 Edge) and find out for yourself <<

            That's what I thought, you couldn't list any of the "lots more" features you claim the S7 Edge has. Besides, you also said these extra features are "regardless [of] the edge", which means that the curved screen is an unnecessary GIMMICK just like I said in my original post!

          • Aris Routis

            Do not put words in my mouth. Just because I do not want to do the work for you that does not mean that I agree with you.
            It is obvious you’re calling gimmicky something you have no idea how it works, you did not like the S6 implementation but clearly do not know how the S7 implementation works in the first place. Typical.

          • KeyserSoze

            Dodge my question all you want, anyone can see you can’t list the “special” Edge features that you claim to know. Don’t by a pussy, just admit your bluff, takes more guts to man up and face your lies.

          • Aris Routis

            I am not dodging any questions but I am not going to enable you either.

          • Andreas Larsson

            The curved screen is not a gimmic, it’s a design choice wich most people seem to like

        • Andreas Larsson

          Note 3 does not have that, that is a lie

    • Cicero

      Have you using Windows on laptop/desktop like it primarily install? Or you do some tweaks on it’s UI for being more responsive and familiar to what you do? This way I’m thinking about S7 and S7 Edge. Edge offer me a way for UI personalisation, close to my needs and way of work, than regular S7. And if you think at the rest of advantages is a win situation. I preordered S7 Edge, coming from S4.

    • Andreas Larsson

      The s6 and s6 edge were more similar but the s6 edge well outsold the s6 anyway so your point is moot

    • Yukesh R

      That’s my opinion too.If i get it, it will be for the battery

  • James Ickes

    I see both the S6 and S6 edge probably more of the s6. I have the S6. Couldn’t quite pull the trigger on the S6 edge. I do have the s7 edge on pre-order tho. the advancement in edge features and way bigger battery sold me. I am still hesitant about the screen size tho. although it doesn’t appear much bigger

  • itfa

    Has Samsung even announced an unlocked S7 edge for the US market, or am I going to be waiting for a while?

  • The-Sailor-Man

    No matter of the result of this poll S7 Edge will not outsell S7 . At the best Edge will be 55% to 65% for S7 , but I doubt it.
    Best looking smartphone on the planet though.
    Battery life will be almost equal .

    • Andreas Larsson

      0.4″ difference in size and a 600mAh bigger battery, the s7 edge will undoubtedly outlast the regular s7 in terms of battery. And my guess is that it will probably sell s7 edge twice as well as the ordinary s7. Based on last years sell

  • Whos_Askin /G

    Had the S6 at launch but then I had buyer’s remorse and gave it to my daughter. Got the S6 Edge and couldn’t be happier, well that is until my S7 Edge arrives

    • Yukesh R

      Why do you buy so many phones within a year???

      • Whos_Askin /G

        It’s one of my hobbies… I enjoy having new tech.

  • HobbesGrrrr

    I think the 7 edge is the best deal because it is much faster and has a bigger battery than the 6 edge plus and compared to the 7, it is about the same size and has a larger screen, plus extra apps and use of the “edge” of the screen. My only concern is that it may be more fragile.

  • 3223

    I’d get the s7. It’s more compact, which is a breed of dying phone sizes..

    Also, though the edge idea is cool, it tends to rob me of privacy as the next person can glance what you’re up to just by looking at the edge.

    Case in point, I could see my friend browsing on grindr when he was sitting beside me coz of the edge screen. This was when we were both in a discussion with our boss.

  • Say What??

    I’ll buy an Edge when the screen size jumps to 6 inches or higher.

  • Never been a Samsung fan. I’ve had Motorola, LG, Nexus, Xiaomi, Asus, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, Nokia Lumia, and even iPhone.

    But the 3600mah battery (I need 5-6 hours screen on time every day), 5.5″ screen (I have big hands and I like big phones), top notch camera (I hang out a lot), microSD support (Spotify Premium is not available in my country and I hate the buggy Apple Music app), and the IP68 water resistant (I ride motorcycle to work and it’s rainy season in Indonesia) are the reasons I’m buying the S7 edge. The free Gear VR is just the icing on the cake.

  • May Czos

    S7 edge is too big and awfully rounded (like old Samsungs), it won’t outsell the regular version.

  • Kody

    Edge is likely going to do better. Real question is by how much.

  • FirasR

    I personally am not too keen on the Edge variant (passed on the S6), however with the S7 Edge tweaks I’m tempted to pick one up. The only reason I’m considering the S7 Edge and not the regular S7 is the bigger screen size and battery. If they were both available in 5.5″ I would’ve gone for the regular S7. Who knows, maybe the Edge will grow on me…

  • Petrisoorr

    i want itttt …. mine :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Luke Meiritz-Reid

    Reflected in the poll so far 79% Favour S7 Edge doesn’t at all surprise it’s curved AMOLED screen has become a talking point in social circles.

    The Curved AMOLED has become a Trademark of Samsung going forward.

    The Curved AMOLED Distinctively Samsung

  • Luke Meiritz-Reid

    This Article was written 26th February 2016.
    It’s somewhat Old …