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Report: Samsung sold just over 630,000 units of the Galaxy Note Edge worldwide

Korean site DT is claiming that Samsung's pricey product, the Galaxy Note Edge, sold around 630,000 units worldwide. If true, would this be good or bad?

Published onFebruary 4, 2015

samsung galaxy note edge review aa (23 of 26)
The Note Edge wasn't mainstream either.. but it had implications on the future.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is something of a futuristic phone, what with its curved side and all. It’s also a “limited edition” product, according to its maker, something that was only meant to hit select markets and cost an arm-and-a-leg higher than the Galaxy Note 4 hardware from which it’s based on. While we already know the Galaxy Note 4 was off to a smashing start, selling 4.5 million units in the first month, precise figures of the Edge have been as elusive as the true design of the upcoming Galaxy S6. One Korean source claims to have the results however.

Korean site DT has asserted that Samsung sold just over 630,000 units of the Galaxy Note Edge worldwide. It’s difficult to decide what to make of this figure. On the one hand, given that the Edge has a significantly higher price tag than the Note 4, and featured a concept that many people sought to detract from, it might be viewed as a sign of success. The Note 4 also had a significant head start, releasing over a month prior to the Edge. One could certainly look back and ponder if other concept devices like the G Flex ever managed to attract such numbers. Likewise, we don’t even know if the Nexus 6 (or 5 for that matter) can stack up to this sales situation given that Google doesn’t release any concrete data.

Galaxy Note Edge Lollipop Beta
The pending upgrade to Lollipop will definitely be some additional good news for the Edge.

At the same time however, the figure comes across as a bit lower than one might have expected. At the very least, the fact that Japan didn’t get the Note 4 at all and thus only has the Note Edge might have suggested that sales here would have been brisk. I for one had pondered how Samsung could quote a production run of only 1 million units in 2014 when it seemingly had the potential to sell almost all of that here in Tokyo alone. Assuming the sales figure is true, it not only speaks of the contained fervor of the Note Edge, but of the apathy among Japanese consumers for Samsung products in general.

While the world waits for the unveiling of the so-called “Galaxy S Edge”, one must wonder just how well it will perform. Via

Perhaps the real question that needs asking here is just what this kind of sales result would indicate for the rumored/suggested/all-but-official “Galaxy S Edge” variant of the Galaxy S6, a product that is said to feature not one, but two sloped sides. While the Note series is, in-and-of-itself, a larger line of devices that will inherently not cater to the needs of the masses, the “S” series is aimed to do just that. Could a Galaxy S Edge perform exponentially higher than the Note Edge? Or could this just be a gimmick that people will be more than happy to overlook a second time around?

Any thoughts on the figure? Is it higher than you thought? Lower than expected?