Samsung gets a win: US Appeals Court overturns $120 million ruling in Apple’s favor

by: John DyeFebruary 26, 2016

samsung outside apple store barcelona MWC 2016

Today, a unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel of the Federal Circuit ruled that Samsung, in fact, had not infringed on patented Apple technology in at least three contested points. This overturned a previous $120 million jury verdict in Apple’s favor. Although this ongoing legal battle has been proceeding for years, this marks one of the first major victories for the Korean smartphone maker.

The judges said that in spite of what the previous jury had decided, Samsung did not in fact infringe on Apple’s “quick links” patent as had been accused. Moreover, the court ruled that two of Apple’s patents – slide-to-unlock and auto-correct – were invalid, implying that these fundamental interface features should have never been patented to begin with. Adding insult to injury, the court also noted that Apple was actually potentially guilty of infringing on an unspecified patent of Samsung’s.

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This ruling overturns a verdict from May 2014 in which a federal court in California ordered Samsung to pay $119.6 million for infringing on patented Apple tech. The biggest issue of the three centered on the “quick links” capability, which is a device’s ability to recognize on-screen information such as a phone number or email address, and converting these into links to the appropriate app like placing a phone call to the number or creating a new, addressed email draft. This alleged infringement constituted $99 million of the damages leveled in this case.

Apple is still miles ahead of Samsung in this continuing legal battle. Just this past December, Samsung wound up paying Apple $548.2 million regarding a separate patent case, which Samsung is escalating to the Supreme Court. By comparison, this may look like a small victory. Both companies have declined to comment on the ruling.

What are your thoughts regarding this Samsung win? A turning of the tides or a mere consolation prize? Let us know how culpable you think Samsung really is in this case in the comments below!

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  • How

    Drop this garbage and move on they are costing tax payers millions with this trash lawsuits

    • Skimshaddy

      I thought this should come straight out of their pocket. Anyway you’re right, I do wished they would drop this shits.

  • jerry

    Mmm yeah, I’m just going to have to ask you,Samsung, if you would use this US 120 million to employ more people to hasten your Android updates, that’d be great…

    • Apple_Anti-USA_Terror_Lovers

      Apple could use the 500+ million dollar win against Samsung to provide updates that don’t brick their phones or cripple features and functionality with all their bugs. There are more beta updates than actual updates. Frankly, even their actual updates are still in beta.


        “Apple could use the 500 million dollar win against Apple”


        • Apple_Anti-USA_Terror_Lovers

          Fixed it before your reply…refresh and look again.

          • ASYOUTHIA

            “I see!”, says the blind man pissing into the wind, “it’s all coming back to me now!”

          • Apple_Anti-USA_Terror_Lovers

            Dude, WT eff is your problem? I made a mistake and I fixed it. Do you really want to make a stink about this?

          • ASYOUTHIA

            Calm your tits bro

          • Apple_Anti-USA_Terror_Lovers

            I’m not your bro. Calm the attitude.

          • ASYOUTHIA

            Where are you seeing this “attitude”?

    • Ki Shin

      You must not have heard of carriers.

  • Hans Pedersen

    When all of those lawsuits has been overturned, I’m guessing there will be an actual record-breaking counter-lawsuit for abusing knowingly imaginary patents to taint a competitors reputation.

  • s2weden2000


  • sb4331

    Both companies have copied many features from each other, they need to stop fighting. Along as there is competition, prices won’t skyrocket. Samsung does need to do a better job supporting their older devices.


      Apple never copied from Samsung. People argue they copied large screen phones, while samsung didn’t invent large displays. So many examples.

      • sb4331


      • jasonlowr

        Never? Multi window on a tablet is something that has never done before until samsung tablets. And look at what the useless ipads have now. Samsung created a whole new category of phones called the “phablet” while everyone teases how big and “impractical ” it was. “4 inches screen was the perfect screen size” said the apple who doesn’t copy. Lol

      • Gary Hicks

        iPhones are basically built by Samsung parts. Next?

      • Ki Shin

        As I’ve wrote in another post:

        iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Pencil? Phablets and S pen. iPad Pro? Try Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2″. Multi-window? Check. Picture-in-Picture video? Check starting the S3. iOS 9 News app? My Magazine. iOS Notes app? S Note. Settings search? Voice training? Chronological notifications? Power saving mode? Live wallpapers/widgets? Those are all from iOS 9 and list goes on. And what gets me is when Apple released 4k recording, there were people that actually believed Apple invented that on a smartphone.

        Let’s not forget the other companies. Apple’s Live Photos = Lumia’s Living Images/HTC’s Zoe Capture. Unibody aluminum design with white bands = HTC. Gestures = BB10 and Android. Control Center = Settings Panel.

  • Diego

    samsung, just give them the money.
    Get it over with already.

    • jasonlowr

      Im sure you’re happy to just pay even 1% of the amount mentioned above to everyone who asked from you? “Just pay” as if 1 million dollar is nothing to you.

  • Modman

    A-P-P-L-E another pathetic patent lawsuit emerges. perfect acronym. Samsung, Microsoft LG Sony other reach licensing deals outside of court. An arrogant patent trolling company like apple is not just the uses problem but the entire world. If everyone who loved technology and innovation would just stop buying from apple this would stop happening. I Dont own one apple product and I’m quite proud of it.


    Apple is too focused on FBI sniffing around the possibility of an iOS backdoor that they forgot to pay off the judges

    • Guest



        Meanwhile FBI never asks Google for a backdoor to an Android user’s data, because android is a backdoor.

        • Gary Hicks

          Really? When was the last time that hundreds of celebrity’s Android phones were hacked? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

          • Serge Cebrian

            ^ this

        • Serge Cebrian

          iOS has a backdoor its called Icloud!

  • Lord Vader

    Very Happy for Samsung ?

    • coldspring22 .

      Apple was rolling over everything in it’s path, and all of sudden BOOM! Down quarter Q1 2016 ( from 74.5 mil iphone sale -> 71.5 mil) – despite Apple brass trying to stuff channel to hide the decline. And another down quarter coming Q2 2016. And now court defeat too! Apple is being washed out with the outgoing tide.

  • phatmanXXL

    Doesn’t change the fact Samsung copied and copies Apple. We all saw the 100+ page document which leaked years ago, which p, along with other proof, helped Apple prove Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad, resulting in a 1b$+ patent win for Apple. But if course the biggest win for Apple was that everyone now knew Samsung did in fact copy Apple.


      I see. And I agree. I use samsung devices but the reason for this is because I can’t afford an iPhone and an iPad. But looking at the design of the phones over the years, I can confirm what you said is correct. There are so many aspects that look very similar to iPad and iPhone.

      • jasonlowr

        Lol speak for yourself. Also, good trolling. Lol

      • Say What??

        LOL WHAT?

    • xoj_21

      Apple does it too, this why there is a iPhone plus

      • phatmanXXL

        So Samsung invented large screens?

        • Serge Cebrian

          apple didnt invented the black Rectangle shaped device with rounded edges either so whats your point

        • Serge Cebrian

          apple has copied everything they could! they even had a motto around it..

          they copied the mouse … but forgot to copy the extra button… (but they will sure sue you if you try to use a one button mouse)

        • Ki Shin

          First of all, you know Apple went against the idea and mocked larger smartphones and styluses, right? But now they come out with Phablets and the Apple Pencil. And the “Plus” phones? Samsung made Plus phones ever since the Galaxy S Plus.

          And now, let’s get to the others shall we. iPad Pro? Try Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2″. Multi-window? Check. Picture-in-Picture video? Check starting the S3. iOS 9 News app? My Magazine. iOS Notes app? S Note. Settings search? Voice training? Chronological notifications? Power saving mode? Live wallpapers/widgets? Those are all from iOS 9 and list goes on. And what gets me is when Apple released 4k recording, there were people that actually believed Apple invented that on a smartphone.

          Let’s not forget the other companies. Apple’s Live Photos = Lumia’s Living Images/HTC’s Zoe Capture. Unibody aluminum design with white bands = HTC. Gestures = BB10 and Android. Control Center = Settings Panel.

          I mean seriously, the list can go on and on.

          Point is, it’s pretty moronic of you to assume only others copy Apple, not vice versa.

          • 1213 1213

            Can’t wait for people to claim Apple invented amoled after they use it in the iPhone 7 and advertise it like crazy lol.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          So may be Apple invented the iPad? – big screen iPhone .

    • 1213 1213

      Its great how you Apple fans just lurk around android sites lol.

      But the document is the one that all major companies of all indursties have. You don’t seriously think any competent company doesn’t look at their competition right?

      It was brought up by the silly company known as Apple, who in the same speech told the jury that they should vote for Apple because they’re American. Yes, they tried to appeal to nationalistic sentiment in the courts. That’s what they had to resort to.

    • Nallaikumaran

      Please read the article. Apple has been stealing other companies ideas for years Steve Jobs was the best at using other people’s ideas. Apple doesn’t do things first. They wait for the great copy.

      iCopy History

      Design- Samsung F700 was shown 2006 ( Korean design registration application in December 2006), and then released in 2007. After Apple stole the design and showed the world the iPhone January 9th, 2007 at MacWorld.

      First iPhone idea copycat

      LG KE850- It was first announced on December 12, 2006. And It is the first mobile phone with a capacitive touchscreen.

      The iPhone 6 is a basic cloning of Samsung design (Samsung Ativ S – 2012).
      iPhone 6 copycat from Samsung Ativ S (2012 -Windows)

      Latest iCopy..

      Apple 6 plus copycat from Samsung note (Apple copied Samsung with the bigger screen variant)

      Apple Pencil copycat from Samsung

      Apple Live Photos copycat from Samsung Animated Photos (GALAXY Note 3 and S4) –

      Apple 3D Touch copycat from Sony Xperia sola floating Touch technology, and 3D Touch some features copycat from Samsung Air View (GALAXY Note 2, S4 and S5).

      Apple’s Force Touch is Already Patented by BlackBerry

      Apple Fingerprint Scanner copycat Motorola

      Apple’s Next iPhone 7 Should Have Wireless Charging, OLED display, Mobile VR, Dual camera – (News). As always apple is late to the copycat party. but isheep apple puppet fanboys think its innovative. they never say apples copies anything.

      • SSJ4Goku

        Copied your comment in case someone wants to tell me how Apple invented the future mobiles while the others shamelessly stole from the poor Apple *thumbs up*

    • Nallaikumaran

      Problem is that Apple has not really “years of research and development”, more like they copied everything; from their ‘Apple’ name, their ‘Apple fruit’ logo, the name ‘iPhone’, the name ‘iOS’, etc. The difference is Samsung did not sue anybody for a rectangle with round corners!

      Steve Jobs said: “Picasso had a saying — ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ — and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

      Confirmed, Apple is a shameless copy company

      The name ‘Apple’ = The Beatles
      The ‘Apple’ itself = applerecords
      The name ‘iPhone’ = Linksys’ iPhone®
      The Name ‘iOS’ = Cisco’s Internet OS (ios)
      Apple Watch = TVG 4G08
      MacBook Air = HP’s 1998 Sojourn Omnibook
      Macsafe = Asian Crockery
      Apple Logo = Genesis 1:6, 3:6
      iMaps = Google Maps (Opps)
      iPhone 6 curves = Sony Ericsson W890i
      iPad = Samsung´s Photoframe, HP Slate 500, Motion Computing m1300
      iPad Mini = Dell Streak
      ***iPad Pro Stylus = WinMobile***
      iPod = Creative Technology + Walkman
      iCloud = Dropbox + Onedrive
      Siri (Clippy) = Xiaoi Bot + Nuance
      App Store = Ubuntu Software Center
      Apple Pay = Google Wallet

      Panorama + Folders = Android
      Bendable iPhone 6 (Haha) = LG Flex
      Notification Bar = Maemo
      Slide to Unlock = Neonode N1m
      Mouse GUI = Xerox
      Reject calls with SMS = Symbian
      Fingerprint sensor (Cracked) = PCs (Safe)
      Smartphone + fingerprint scanner = Motorola Atrix 2011
      Multitasking = webOS
      Copy/paste = WinMobile
      Ping = Facebook, Twitter
      Pinch to zoom = Samsung
      iMessage = BlackBerry Messenger
      iOS Minimalistic = Windows Phone.
      Smartphone Optical Stabilization = Nokia
      Multitouch Smartphone = Bought another company
      NFC = Everybody Else too
      Thunderbolt = Intel
      Newton = Psion Series 3, HP 95LX

      • Pseudoelf

        Ipod=Archos jukebox and Creative HDD MP3 players plus Apple style. Note: Apple lost a patent fight over Creative’s interface patent on that one.

    • Say What??

      If Samsung copied the iPhone then it would look just like an iPhone with an OS that looks just like iOS. Anything with rounded corners and a home button is not a copy of an iPhone. This is an example of how messed up the patent system really is. I know you’d like to believe that it is Apple that started this and everyone copied from them but this is not the case.

  • Gary Hicks

    Look at all the iTrolls that follow Android pages lol. Envious much? It’s OK though, you keep telling yourselves that Apple copies nobody. We’ll all be sitting here playing with features on Android that you all will get in the next few years.

  • ThatOne

    So? When will Apple lunch it’s latest iSue?

  • The-Sailor-Man

    ‘ Just this past December, Samsung wound up paying Apple $548.2 million’
    Samsung did paid it, but because that was the way to go further. You should know that it was based on already invalidated ‘patents’ , so Samsung will take the money back. Right? (of course you wouldn’t mention this detail :)
    Apple lost everywhere this BS case , but in US
    Now one by one US court is dropping everything too, so not look foolish. More to come.
    But Apple was caught and is sued for many thefts. Last was the Force Touch BS.(of course you wouldn’t mention this detail :)

  • Nallaikumaran

    Steve Jobs said: “Picasso had a saying — ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ — and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”

  • Bolqr

    I don’t like Apple at all but when Apple refusing US government to unlock a phone the ruling changing drastic for the company on other fronts. The Truth Is Out There ;)

  • A.K. S

    Considering that apple hasn’t actually invented anything, only patented work by others or hold ridiculous patents for things that should never have been granted, I don’t see how they’ve ever won a court case to begin with. I don’t think this is a consolation prize, I think this is common sense at work.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Way back when all of this began the case came before a court in California. Now, California is THE place you want to sue a corporation in this country because they have the most rabid, left wing juries and judges; the most anti-business laws around and all of which conspire to yield nice, big fat settlements for lawyers and their clients.

    One of the jurists it turned out lied to get on the jury and had a vendetta against Samsung and basically hijacked the jury that handed out the verdict against Samsung in favor of Apple

    BUT the “California Dreamin'” judge who was handling the case didn’t consider that much of a problem.

    If you ever want to see how much one juror can ultimately influence a jury – yes, it is a fictional story but the premise does apply – watch the classic, exceptional movie “Twelve Angry Men” with Henry Fonda, Lee J.Cobb and a who’s who cast of the greats of their time period.

    Moral of the story – Apple is regarded as one of the most litigious companies that has EVER existed and would much rather sue than innovate.

  • balcobomber25

    But according to the iSheep and the Apple Pro Media, Apple invented everything that exists in the world of phones…