Samsung tries to explain the purpose of the Galaxy View

by: Matthew BensonNovember 25, 2015


The Samsung Galaxy View is a mystery to many: it’s a 18.4-inch tablet with mid-range specs, and a high price tag. Recently, one of the writers at Engadget mused what many are possibly thinking in a piece titled, “I just don’t understand why Samsung’s Galaxy View exists“.

Author Nathan Ingraham, in his editorial, makes a rather poised point when he says, “I’m sure there’s someone out there who would find the Galaxy View useful, but I can’t imagine how [or] why.”

Clearly Samsung is aware of these misconceptions, for today it took to its official public relations site, Samsung Newsroom, to post “A Galaxy View Usage Guide from Its Product Planners and UX Designers.”

The core of the post can be summarized via its conclusion:

“[The Galaxy View] excels at showing off content and its apps are custom made to fit a variety of lifestyles. A cook might use it for recipes or keeping up with shows in the kitchen; children can play games in the living room; the sports fan can take the tablet from room to room and outside to the grill, keeping tabs on the action without sacrificing the large screen experience.” said DaYoung Park, Manager of Product Strategy Team, Mobile & IT Communications Business.

In slightly broader language, Samsung also comments that,

“The Galaxy View was envisioned by its designers as a fun and useful tool for everyone in the home, everywhere they live.”

And further, in trying to explain how it’s useful outside one’s house,

“It can be a great educational tool for schools and other institutes. It’s a welcome companion on camping trips or tailgating, with a battery that can support eight hours of video playback. Or use it to play music videos at parties, with speakers capable of providing some serious sound.”


Why the fuss?

Perhaps the most fundamental question is, “why did Samsung feel compelled to make a lengthy blog post explaining what the Galaxy View is and how to use it?” The answer is, arguably, because very few can find an immediate use for such a large Android tablet. The argument goes back to the size factor: while the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 was large, there was an extensive amount of productivity and artistic elements that were present in the device. Additionally, it was relatively portable and could be taken anywhere.

samsung galaxy notepro 122 first aa-98-13

The Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 was already a large Samsung tablet.

With the Galaxy View, it’s so large that Samsung actually deemed it necessary to permanently attach a handle to its rear. The default home screen is a media hub, suggesting that the device is aimed at media. Indeed the company reiterates this:

“As mobile device technologies develop, the line between watching video content comfortably at home or conveniently on the move has faded away. With screen resolutions that match or beat high quality televisions, as well as apps that can play a huge selection of video content, users can easily enjoy watching video through mobile devices, but TVs still have comparative advantages. We wanted to create a device with a large, captivating screen, and with all the versatility and connectivity of a mobile device. If TVs are fixed, and tablet PCs are portable, then the Galaxy View lies in between: a movable,” said Hogon Kim, Manager of Product Strategy Team, Mobile & IT Communications Business.”

The problem, of course, is that many people have both “fixed” TVs and “portable” tablet PCs, to use Hogon Kim’s language. Assuming one has both bases covered, what would compel them to use the Galaxy View? If they’re at home in a living room, they can use a TV. If they’re in bed relaxing they can use a tablet, or even a large phablet. The tablet can also be taken outside the house quite easily. So in what situation would someone who has a TV and a tablet need a giant tablet that wants to be a TV?

Why would someone who has a big screen TV and a 10-inch tablet need an 18-inch tablet that wants to be a TV? They wouldn't.

ASUS had a good idea


The Asus PadFone series arguably should have served as an inspiration for Samsung’s View.

Truth be told, Samsung’s goals might have been better met in creating a product not unlike the ASUS PadFone. While expensive, ASUS’ series consisted of a standard phone that could dock into a “frame” which would then enlarge the product and turn the picture into a tablet experience. But everything was driven and powered by the phone.

The Galaxy View is a stand-alone product. While Samsung does mention that it’s possible to use a smartphone as a controller for a gaming session, the two devices are basically two different devices. This would have all been different if the Galaxy View had been just a monitor for the company’s Galaxy phones. At the very least, it would have solved the spec problems as, for example, the View has a surprisingly low 2GB of RAM when even mid-range phones these days have at least 3GB.

If the Gear VR can run off the phones, why couldn’t this also have applied to the large screen tablet? At the very least, it would have been a great way to stay connected and be able to use one’s phone in a much more varied context, one they normally wouldn’t.

Apple Again?

apple ipad pro

Was the Galaxy View just a pro-active approach to the (then) pending Apple iPad Pro announcement?

There is also a belief held by some that the Galaxy View was simply Samsung’s way of trying to “out Apple” Apple. As it became clearer that Fall 2015 would finally see the launch of the iPad Pro, after years of rumors, perhaps Samsung just needed to have something new and big out. The problem though, is that Apple has poised its product as a creativity platform, and even made the Apple Pencil specifically for it.

Samsung meanwhile, had a perfectly fine competing product as is (the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2) and very well could have just refreshed it as the Galaxy NotePRO 2015 or even the Galaxy View with S-Pen. At the very least, the fact that the Galaxy View does not support any S-Pen input means any chance of the device being used by artists is wholly negated. So again, it goes back to being a media consumption device and seemingly nothing more. Then again this is apparently what Samsung wanted, for it writes that, “Considering the Galaxy View is first of all a media content device, partnerships with content providers from around the world were a key to its success.”

Does a price cut say it all?

Galaxy View Amazon

While the Galaxy View has only been on the market for a few scant weeks, the fact that it received a $100 price cut after just one would seemingly imply something’s up. Granted HTC had a 40% off holiday sale on the Nexus 9 shortly after it released last year, but said offer was extremely limited and supply was exhausted within minutes of it going live. Amazon, meanwhile, dropped $100 off the price tag several days ago, and even Samsung itself has lowered the price as part of its “holiday sale” promotion.

Is this actually something Samsung will support 18 months down the line? Even 8 months?

When you have a brand new product and then immediately reduce the price by $100 in such a short period of time, it definitely gives consumers the impression something is seriously wrong. When you add in news like that which Samsung UK posted today, one becomes even more skeptical of the product and its future: is this something Samsung will actually support 18 months down the line? What about even 8 months later? For all intents-and-purposes, the Galaxy View could very well be a one-off type thing where the company tries to wash its hands clean and forget it even exists.

Give it a chance

This is not to say the Galaxy View is a bad product. In fact, there are a number of ways it could be used. By running Android, it’s able to provide a level of usability and interaction that goes beyond even Smart TVs. Likewise, because it’s running Android you could use it to check e-mail, to browse the web, to draft documents (etc) with a Bluetooth keyboard or other accessory.


Some people may not feel the need to have a tablet, but they might indeed be interested in the prospect of a giant one that also functions as a stand-in television. It would potentially be great for kids, or their parents: one could watch their desired program on a formal TV, and the other look at content on the Galaxy View. The fact that it does have a handle means you can move it from room-to-room without any real hassle, and unlike a television or monitor it’s not shackled by an AC power cord.

You can move it from room-to-room without any real hassle, and unlike a television or monitor it's not shackled by an AC power cord.

Having personally seen the Galaxy View for myself just yesterday, I will be the first to admit that it’s so large the first reaction will inevitably be a dropping of one’s mouth in astonishment. But with that also comes a lot of potential, and multi-faceted usage potential. As Samsung itself made reference to, the View would be quite well placed in a classroom environment, and in many ways would work far more intuitively than say, a PC might.

Wrap Up


The complete…view of the Galaxy View.

When Samsung teased the Galaxy View earlier this Fall, few really knew what to expect from such a product. For better – or worse – now that it’s formally on the market, many of those potential consumers’ understandings are no more clear than they were before. The fact that Samsung itself needed to make an actual post to explain how to use its own product basically tells the entire story.

The real problem, unfortunately, is that very few casual consumers will actually know such a detailed insight exists period, and thus either love the device instantly or else write it off without so much as a second thought.

With that said, we’d like to know your thoughts. Is the Galaxy View a good idea, or has Samsung finally succeed in making a product so superfluous that not even its core customers know what it’s for?

  • JDMillest

    its the samething with the note series.

    • Jon

      WTF does that mean? Are you saying the Note is as niche as the Galaxy View? That is just flat out ignorance towards the Note line. The Note is actually the best Phablet line on the market. The Note is why I don’t bother investing in a tablet. The Note actually allows productivity on a smart phone. As someone who works in IT, I can bet my bottom dollar that if I need to terminal into remote workstations from an inconvenient location (which happens frequently), the Note is the BEST phone to do it with, simply due to how the stylus can properly emulate a mouse.

      If you like your large format phones, you can thank the Note line.

      • JDMillest

        not a niche…i meant to say is that everyone say the same thing when samsung announce the note series, and now every oem is following samsung footsteps.

        i like the note series, i hard to use other phablet size phone without a stylus.

        • V-Phuc

          I personally think that the Samsung Note series started out as a niche product, but later on was adopted by many other users including those who use very little of S-pen. Nothing wrong with it because for a long while, these are the only phablets offering an excellent screen estate with lot of power under the hood. Not to mention all the other amenities such as IR blaster, microSD card support, multi-window, excellent camera, etc. IMHO, that’s an excellent example of a niche product well thought out, well designed, that Samsung managed to built. I just can’t say the same for this View based on its poor specs, the no-gap-fill it intends to do, and the more than likely possibility that it will never gets any further support based on Samsung history to abandon many of its previous excellent products.

      • Diego

        If you can get past the software and support problems, the note phablets are the best phones money can buy.

      • Diego

        As much as I hate samsung, I have to say they know how to make damn good hardware.

  • AK

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  • V-Phuc

    It IS a horrible product for a few reasons. First, given the fact that almost if not everyone has a large TV, Chromecast (or something derivative), a tablet, and a phone, this tablet fits in nowhere. It doesn’t fill in any gap at all. Second, based on Samsung track record about NOT supporting their products in particular tablets (see their actions about Tab 8.4 in UK), this tablet will VERY LIKELY stay stuck in Lollipop or Marsmellow until it’s broken. My thinking is,” STAY AWAY from this junk. Save your hard-earned money for something else much better.” Shame on Sammy to sneak a “fast one” by the naive consumers

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Meh this gay again

      • V-Phuc

        Jacoby doesn’t sound any …”gayer” than that. Which boy has such a name. Jacoby…Really? Now that you started this trend, you apparently have a beef against gay people? Not gay myself, but just saying…

        • Degus Jacoby Pradana

          V for Vagina! Lol! Whatever u said

          • V-Phuc

            Yup, whatever Jaco…by boy. LOL.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Please don’t be so smug as to think your credibility is so strong that you can tell people what to buy and what not to buy. As for the Galaxy View, it certainly does fill a noticeable niche by fitting in nicely between tablets & televisions. I can take my 10″ tablet outside while I’m grilling but I may also want others to be able to see it from where they are sitting. My 10″ tablet WILL NOT accommodate them because tablets are personal mobile devices. This Galaxy View is big enough to be seen without having to be sitting right in front of it. How many other portable devices offer that convenience? None! The TV is the only other device that can be viewed across a room by more than 1 person. I wouldn’t want to haul my 50″ TV outside and I’d imagine others would do it either. If I want my kids to watch a video/movie while at the picnic table, the Galaxy View gets the job done. If I went the regular tablet route I’d need a separate tablet for each kid.

      How about cooking in the kitchen? I love getting recipes online and I’ve used my 10″ tablet for that. The only problem is, I have to keep walking back to the device and sticking my face into it to see the details on the screen which is a complete pain in the butt! With the Galaxy View, I’d be able to see the recipe details even if I walk over to the cabinets, oven, sink, counter, cutting board, etc.

      The Galaxy View is big and so I can understand why it has a handle. It’s basically a portable streaming TV big enough for group viewing which regular tablets simply can’t claim to be.

      @V-Phuc Given that you think Samsung won’t support this devices because you think they don’t support any of their devices, then you may as well say “don’t buy any Samsung product”. But then it comes back to my original statement: Don’t be so smug, you really don’t have any credibility or offer any value as reflected by your comment. Shame on you.

      • V-Phuc

        First, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Ed. A wonderful tablet with a very powerful S-pen. Many owners would agree with me. Thought that Sammy will either continue rolling out updates for this tablet or release an improved version. Guess what? That is stuck on 5 and Sammy released the POS of Tab2 which has worse specs than its original version S. You think that I’m shooting air? There, my evidence that Sammy “abandoned” its producs as soon as they are released.
        Second, that Galaxy View is just another POS. You’ve been the only one vocal defender ever since the media release, always using your excuse of cooking in the kitchen and needing to see the recipe across the room. Guess what? You’re probably the ONLY one who needs to see across the room for cooking. Nothing wrong of having my 10.1 inch tablet close enough to the stove or on the counter for me to see the recipe or cook. Get an eye exam, would you?
        All I’m saying is you need to know what you’re buying. Not because it has Sammy logo and it’s automatically a good, niche product. They released plenty of excellent products, just NOT this POS. But hey, spend your own dough if you wish.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Really? I guess that means my original Galaxy Vibrant was a pos as soon as it was released because it didn’t get updated to Marshmallow. Or any Honeybee tablet was dead on arrival back in the day because it didn’t receive KitKat. You’re reasoning is just plain stupid. I mean, do you own a Galaxy View and can actually attest to the fact that the tablet doesn’t work? Can you give an honest review based on your experience that the tablet did not perform as expected? It’s a media consumption device big enough to be viewed by others just like a television that isn’t of the mammoth-sized variety. The answer is, NO you can not. Why you insist on giving a review of a product you don’t own is crazy.

          Why you would berate me for what I would intend on using this product for is just plain rude and dumb. I have a guest room that I could use this for when I have guests. I don’t believe I’m the only one that would use it like that. It’s portable enuf to put in there when I have guests and move it elsewhere after they leave. They could stream directly from their own smaller devices or use the built-in media apps. The bottom line is, there is a definite niche that this product fits into. One one end of the spectrum you have a television which requires you to sit in the same place when you want to view it. On the other end is a personal computing device such as a smartphone, phablet, or tablet all of which require you to hold or place in your lap and are meant only for the viewing pleasure of one person. That huge area in between personal device and living room television is where the Galaxy View resides. It’s a portable television, great for movies, video games with 1-4 players, and even video chats.

          I can not attest to how well it will perform at any of this but I can say that I would use this device as it would serve an unfilled need. As far as specs go, it doesn’t need to have the highest resolution because it’s not going to be in anyone’s face while it’s being viewed. It only needs a front facing camera and the ability to successfully stream media content and IS NOT meant to be a productivity device so no need to compare it to the IPad Pro or Surface tablets. It’s more TV than tablet but the device is pure Android which makes it more functional than most smart TV’s. Try checking Snapchat on your TV. Can’t be done. What’s App on your TV? Nope. Direct access to Google Photos or Google Play Music? No.

          Will this device get Marshmallow? Who cares! It’s not like this is my go-to mobile computing device. It’s my mobile smarter TV.

          • V-Phuc

            So have your Vibrant or Honeybee-runnning tablet received Kitkat? I don’t think so. My Note 3 is stuck at 5, and I don’t believe it will ever get 5.1 or 6. Mind you, it was released barely 2 years ago. With the example of Note 10.1 2014 ed (which I also owned), this just illustrates what I meant by Samsung “abandons” many of of its excellent product. If you still don’t understand it, I can’t help you. Want more? My Galaxy Tab NEVER got any update, stuck at its original ICS. Crystal clear enough for you?

            Matthew raised an excellent point in that regard. considering how fast tech evolves, this POS may very likely be left in the dust very soon.

            I don’t review. I gave my opinion. If you confuse between review and opinion, I can’t help you there either. If you have a beef against the review, you should have stated your opinion against M. Benson, the author of this review. Stupid confusion.
            My opinion is not based at all on how this device functions. It is based on the gap where it is supposed to fill. All your opinions (kitchen, living room, picnic) are absolutely senseless. To each of these situations, I can name a device that gives a better screen resolution, better portability, and I’ve already given you a few. Also, think about it: If this POS is so hot, why would Sammy cut the price almost as soon as it was released. And all their statements? OMG, if you can’t read between the lines of their statements as “pathetic excuses, and if you are dumb enough to buy our POS, then too bad for you sucker!”. I can’t help you.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            you’re so full of vitriol it’s pathetic. You really need to accept the fact that people are still going to buy this product as well as other Samsung products. There’s a reason Samsung is the number one Android OEM: people buy their products! What is peculiar here is that this fact seems to get under your skin to the point where you come off as loony, dumb, and absolutely senseless making any opinion you give just another POS opinion.

            Please share with me a device with a screen this size that has better resolution and better portability. YOu haven’t given any! And that’s because NONE EXISIT so quit fooling yourself!

            No one cares what your experience with Samsung devices has been. No one cares that you don’t like Samsung. I don’t care that my Vibrant or Honeybee tablet never got the next Android iteration and neither do millions of other people. Does this make us stupid? Hell no. It just means our expectation for old hardware is realistic. We don’t want our Nexus 7 2012 editions running Lollipop. But it got Lillipop anyway and destroyed the device. Does putting Lillipop on that tablet mean that Asus is better than Samsung? Hell no! The world is going to keep on spinning regardless of what hissy fit you wanna throw when Samsung releases a product. Read my comment several times and you’ll begin to understand what I’m saying: NO ONE GIVES A SH** about your anti Samsung opinion. And NO, I am not a Samsung fanboy but I’ll quickly point out when someone is being a ridiculous prick with their unwanted and unwarranted opinions.

          • V-Phuc

            Man, you’re cracking me up. “use it at picnic”??? Really? When I go to picnic, I’d want to hang out with my buddies, chat (probably a foreign concept to you), play ball, enjoy outdoors. You, on the other hand, go to picnic to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite TV show? Even pretend to share it with friends! Damn pathetic! To every of your silly argument for this device, I gave you at least one reasonable in return. I even spoke of my own personal history as a Samsung device owner to show that my opinion was based on real-world experience. Still, all you had to counter was to call me a hater and asked me to accept this POS. Man, I’m rolling on the floor right now.
            Look, can’t help you if you persist to spend your dough on this device. Can’t help you if you persist to be a sucker. You probably called many Apple fans as iSheep for blindly buying whatever crap Apple puts out there and claims as innovation. Have you looked yourself in the mirror?
            Unwanted and unwarranted opinions? Who twisted your arm to read my opinions? Don’t. Simple as that. But I guess that’s kind of hard not to defend your Sammy god when someone dares to speak out against it, huh? That’s a bona fide hallmark of fanboyism.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            It’s real apparent that you hate people, especially those that aren’t interested in your dim-witted opinions. So let me just say, YES, taking such a device on a picnic when you have kids is a definite plus. I suppose you’ve never been invited to an actual picnic probably because of that glowing personality of yours but make no mistake, there is down time after an hour or so of frisbee, botchee ball, croquet, etc. The kids do like to be entertained while they are sitting at the kids table eating. And not all kids are into the physical activity. But you wouldn’t know any of that because you’ve obviously never been to a social gathering like that. Afterall, who would want you around?

            And you keep missing my point that no one cares about your opinions or your personal history with Samsung. So just get over it. Millions of Samsung units sold year over year have proven that no one cares what you think or have experienced. If you don’t have real world experience with the Galaxy View, kindly STFU. Obviously your life hasn’t gone that well for you and for that I feel sorry for you. But make no mistake,I will still tell you that no one really cares enough that it would affect their buying decisions.

            You can make as many inferences and assumptions about me as you like but please do your research before you put your foot in your mouth like you’ve already done. I’ve never referred to Iphone owners as Isheep or Sheeple. I have commented on shortcomings of Iphones & IPads versus a few of their Android counterparts from the standpoint of owning said Android products versus what I know about Apple products or what has been told to my by relatives who own them. However, those type of comments are few and far between. My most recent is a comment about the IPad Pro as a professional productivity device and I stated clearly facts to back up my positions rather than just pure opinions based on OTHER products rather than based on what’s known about the actual product itself. That’s the difference between you and me. Your sole purpose is to malign Samsung in the hopes that you can negatively impact their sales. No one gives a crap about that. All people want to know is if the device works as advertised. If you noticed from the original article, it does question the specs of the device and Samsung’s currently unknown commitment to it, but it doesn’t do a free-for-all condemnation of the OEM based on personal animosity. You should follow their lead. You may come across as more adult and more qualified.

          • V-Phuc

            Man, you’re just hell-bent to get this device, huh? Cyber Monday deals are somewhere. You’d better line up before everyone (?!!!) grabs your View. LOL.
            FYI, my Macbook Pro 17 inch (take this, year 2003) has better screen resolution than your beloved View!!! A 12 year-old laptop beats hand-down a year-2015 device! Damn, so much for your (backward) techn!
            Enough already. Your blind fanboyism doesn’t let any reasonable explanation go in your thick skull. Well, can’t help you. Go spend your dough.
            Wasting enough my time educating a blind fanboy/girl. Happy Cyber Monday shopping now.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Have I ever once stated I am buying this device? have I ever said that people should go out and buy this device? No! The discussion has been focused on what possible uses this device has. The discussion with you has been how this device can serve a purpose and isn’t dead on arrival. Your angle has been to just bash anyone who states this device serves a purpose and then you go further to try to bash the OEM. Now you’re going into a Macbook Pro discussion which nobody cares about. Who cares about how your Macbook Pro from 2003 compares to anything. Can it cook a bag of popcorn in under 2 minutes like my microwave oven? Heck no and no one really cares. But I’m sure your Macbook Pro from 2003 has more computing power than your brain. But no one really cares about that either but yet you keep showing the world this very truth each time you make a comment. As usual, you haven’t added any value to the conversation. You have only educated everyone how truly immature and part of the Chucky Cheese crowd you still are.

          • retrospooty

            Yup, that is pretty much V-Phuc for you… “If V-Phuc cant see a use for it, then no-one should”. LOL. – I dont want it either but I could see some people wanting it for media consumption. Watching video on a 9-10 in tablet sucks. Its not for me, but FFS some people may like it.

          • V-Phuc

            Man, you two are unbelievably stupid. What I first wrote was an opinion about this device. You don’t like my opinion. Don’t read it. If you confuse an opinion with a review. Man, can’t help educate you there. You like this device. Go spend your dough. I believe I wrote this line at least twice. It’s a free country, USA, the last time I checked. Unless you two live in a communist country.
            What do you offer as constructive opinion? You, snake., spouted out all kind of nonsense. To each of your arguments, I provided a reasonable counter, and that includes my personal experience as a Samsung device owner, and even an Apple device owner. All you said is, “noboby cares, nobody cares, bla bla bla.” Well, apparently, you cared since you kept on insulting me. LOL. Aren’t you a bit hypocrite then?
            And you, retro, you jumped right in to also insult without adding anything constructive to the subject in question. Easy to be brave as a cyber-warrior nowadays, isn’t it? Your pure hypocrisy shows up when the first line you said, “I apologize for calling you an idiot or doofus”, then your 2nd line is, “you’re obsessed, narrow-minded, and now can’t see the use for it, so everyone has to follow.” You want to spend your money on it? Be my guess. You probably just saved the life of the guy at Samsung HQ designing this View! LOL. And if you don’t, then don’t. Have any constructive to say about the View. Say it, instead of insulting people left and right, O Great Cyber-Warrior! oAgain, as an argument for how backward tech this View is, I reiterated that my 17-inch MacBook pro (year 2003) has better resolution than this thing. A beat down by a 2003 to a 2015 device! LOL. Plus, I can do some productive work on y laptop when I want it. You think I can do the same on this View? Think really hard again! You two, go shopping now.

          • retrospooty

            I don’t personally want this product nor would I ever buy anything like it for myself, but just because you or I don’t want it doesn’t make it “a horrible product” as you say. I was just calling you out on your clear (and consistent) trolling. And WOW… “Extremely narrow minded and obsessed” – called it!. You should try to understand that not every product is made specifically for YOUR needs, but for other people’s needs. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But stop being such a troll about it. Follow your own “brave as a cyber-warrior” clip above. Snake is right. you’re so full of vitriol it’s pathetic. Get over yourself and your own tiny opinion.

          • V-Phuc

            You don’t own it. You don’t have first-hand experience with it. You provide no informative opinion about it. You don’t even stick to the topic in hand. All you have done is throwing insults from your very first comment up to now. And you’re hypocrite enough to call me “troll”?!!! LOL. Whatever, re-troll-poly.

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        Dont listen Vphuc, he was a troller and samsung hater. U can find him in any article about samsung, especially in this site. V for Vagina lol

        • SnakeSplitskin

          judging by his reply to my comment, it looks like you’re right.

          • V-Phuc

            Oh great! Welcome to the blind Sammy fanboy/girl club!

          • retrospooty

            It is entirely possible that people can think you are an idiot and not be big Samsung fans both at the same time. I fall into that dual category myself. :P

          • V-Phuc

            why? For thinking this POS is not a POS?! Welcome to the fanboy club! Me, at least, I’m not afraid to speak up my mind and hide behind “not be big Samsung fans” excuse. Pathetic!

          • retrospooty

            No, based on several previous conversations with you, I have deduced that you are somewhat of a doofus :p

          • V-Phuc

            What good opinion did you bring to this conversation, beside calling me name? Uhmm, nothing. And why insulting me instead of focusing on the device in discussion? BTW, have you checked where was your “beloved” UCI ranked among medical schools in US? 61. That’s the school you love to cite to support your preference for Glass. LOL. Not even cracking the top 50, far less than top 15! If Glass was so good, don’t you wonder why didn’t the other top 15 med schools adopt it as well? Is that enough to show how your opinion are “smart”, not “doofus”?!!! Now you’re supporting another supposedly great “niche” device?!!! Tell you what, Samsung Note series, at least 2 to 4, have been an excellent niche device example. Stick to that, and Happy cyber Monday shopping.

          • retrospooty

            I know it’s hard for you to follow conversations, but dood above said “Dont listen Vphuc, he was a troller and samsung hater” – CLEARLY he has run into you before. I agreed and added “It is entirely possible that people can think you are an idiot and not be big Samsung fans both at the same time”. Enough said.

            I will say one other thing. “Doofus” and “idiot” are the wrong words. I take that back and apologize. “Extremely narrow minded” and “obsessed” are better descriptions of you. Look at you still going on about Google Glass which is still an unreleased product… If you dont like something dont buy it. Get over it.

          • V-Phuc

            Why jump in the conversation and side up with this Jacoby? What constructive thing did he say? Beside right out calling me name, “gay, vagina, idiot, etc.” As for the Glass, I remember you were adamant about its usefulness and it will break through. I’m still waiting for the breakthrough…LOL. You’re upset because of my stance on it or on this View. The truth hurts. Don’t read my opinion, or “Get over it”, to reiterate your own line.

          • retrospooty

            As I said before, Glass was an unreleased public beta. 5-10 years from now you will see the HUD tech they helped to advance all over the place. It doesnt happen overnight, but its already starting, just wait for it… It will be in motorcycle helmets, Automobile in dash HUD’s, training of all sorts (medical, automotive, cooking, you name it). It’s as if you live with blinders on. You can only see what is right in front of your face and cannot seem to grasp that there is an entire world going on just outside of your narrow view. A world that doesn’t have your exact same needs and wants. Now, to be clear I dont agree with Jacoby’s “gay” or “V” insults. Those are irrelevant and non-descriptive. I personally think you are a narrow minded asshat… And I think that directly based on your narrow minded asinine posts.

          • V-Phuc

            Whatever, you pompous prick. I gave hard facts (ranking of UCI) vs your dream assumption (it wil breakthrough!). LOL. From your first comment until now, you provided absolutely nothing to the topic in discussion, the View just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to. All you have done was to jump on the bandwagon with some other fanboys to insult me. So no opinion, no first hand experience, etc. and just free insult, and you call me “troll”?!!! Perhaps you need a mirror. Whatever you prefer, like or love, I don’t care. You don’t like my opinion. Don’t read it. You don’t like my personal experience about some devices. Nobody twists your arms to like it either Spend your dough the way you like, yes? Or don’t spend it, it doesn’t matter to me at all. However if you come on a discussion board just like this one, provide at least some kind of informative, intelligent opinion, instead of just throwing free insult, which just shows how big an asshole you are. It’s obvious that you can’t wrap your head around the concept of having a civilized, intelligent, informative discussion. You know what they call the Glasswearers, yes? You fit right in there with your high-horse pompous, smartass attitude. Go and play with your fanboyI/fangirl pals now.

          • retrospooty

            Damn, you are a special level of putz. Good luck with that.

  • Wjdzm

    I don’t get why people bitch about this large-screen device.
    The Galaxy View has a far better defined niche than iPad Pro

    • SnakeSplitskin

      I agree! The Ipad Pro is supposed to be a professional device with a stylus. I would imagine the stylus and the larger screen are for artists. But the question is, what kind of professional artist is going to do their work on an oversized IPad? It doesn’t matter how powerful it is, a visual design artist isn’t going to switch to an IPad app to create their work. Can you install Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, how about Maya? Can the IPad Pro handle a high resolution 300dpi image meant to be printed on large media? Nope, professional artists who create design and artwork professionally only use professional software that is already standard across most industries. This includes using hardware such as Cintiq to get the job done. Having eliminated professional design artists as potential buyers, who is left? Casual artists who don’t print and only create online media? The IPad Pro as a product really doesn’t make much sense, especially at that high price. The Surface Pro 4 runs existing professional design software, has an accurate stylus, and is priced accordingly. You can’t really compare the toy that is IOS to serious software that is Windows 10.

      • Diego

        You forgot its a laptop replacement for normal users.
        The iPad pro cannot reach its potential with iOS 9.

  • moew

    No front facing speakers? Even fapple gets it wrong.

  • Jugo

    View seems like a good product. I think the midrange specs are making the giant tablet feel “hollow”

  • Maz Hussain

    this is actually the perfect product for me. The Nabi Bigtab 24 would have been better but it’s limited battery lets it down

  • 1213 1213

    I feel the article was a tad too harsh on the niche product.

    Anyone who saw the specs and the screen size should be able to tell it’s mainly supposed to be a moveable TV, or a large tablet. For most people tablets are used solely for media consumption, and I’d imagine most people leave it lying around at home as a family device anyway.

    Suggesting it should have a pen, or was somehow a response to Apple, despite its specs is ludicrous. It’s a different niche from mobile/desktop that pro devices go for.

    Granted, I personally wouldn’t buy it, but I see it has value as a large tablet/moveable tv. I also don’t think the sales would be good either though.

  • Karly Johnston

    It is 120 ppi, that is so 2004.

  • A tech god

    There are definitely uses for this. Its a bad first gen product with a retarded non removable stand. Make it water resistant, front facing speakers, remote and a larger battery. The price is way too high for its specs. I think the high price was for carriers so they could sell them with profit.

  • James Childress

    It has worse PPI than my 17.3 inch laptop. When smaller tablets they sell have 1440p displays, it should have at least had that much resolution. 4k would be ideal if the specs were improved.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Your laptop and any other tablet is meant to be viewed from your lap or held in front of you. The built-in stand/handle is a strong indication that this device is not meant to be that close to your face. Therefore, not that strong of a need for ultra dense pixel count. Think of it as a Monet painting.

      • James Childress

        Anyone with 20/20 vision can see the difference between 1080p and higher screen resolutions on a screen of this size especially at the typical eye distance people sit behind a laptop at. I am just saying that Samsung has offered better in the past when it comes to their tablets and there is no reason to go big and then leave their higher resolution screens off the table.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Yes, and that’s the point. You’re not going to be sitting at the typical eye distance in front of the View as you would a typical laptop. But it’s true, you’re not going to be getting the ultra hi-def image. I don’t think that’s what this device is going for. Think about it: If the screen at this size were ultra-high def, how expensive do you think it would be? A lot more expensive than the retail price right now. I don’t think they were going for an ultra premium experience. You can tell just by looking at the design aesthetic. It’s nice looking, but not beautiful like the Note Pro 12.2 tablet was. The design language is nothing like the current Galaxy phones. So what you have here is a device focused more on the utility of delivering multimedia to an audience of several tv viewers rather than a device focused on delivering a tablet or laptop experience to one person up close and personal.

        • Dan

          Actually your right it’s not for everyone. Being a General Contractor, when I saw this product I saw a use for it right away. It’s great for viewing pdf file of blue prints. Showing clients presentations. Typing up documents, with a blue tooth keyboard. For me its a awesome product. And I’m sure samsung had no idea. Imagine that.

  • Nerdologist Jon

    I really like the idea, and I would probably buy one, but the specs…mid range. I would like to see this tackle something like the ipad, or the windows tablets. It has an interesting point of view. But yes. I know people who wold use it for all those purposes and more. It would be awesome to have full access to productivity, internet, and media. As a sound guy I would love the ability to run audio and visual all from one device which would allow me to move around. For instance apps for a digital soundboard, and the use of apps like splashtop to run computers (at the same time would be nice with a split screen function) I have a friend who did this for his wife. She has had a touch screen in her kitchen with all her recipes and access to the internet to grab other recipes (he did this about 10 years ago) Great for road trips or for the kids. I would totally do other work on their, watch movies play games. It is a great idea, but needs to be polished up a lot more.

  • Sulley Alsaeed

    Why is everyone so angry at this product? We aren’t supposed to buy everything all manufacturers put out there. Its just another bigger screen. If 10 Inches is good enough for you then that’s great. but there are a lot of people that want more. that don’t want JUST a tablet. It can be for kids, old people who cant see well, a family shared product. Not everyone can have a TV or computer in his room, and not everyone can afford a TV and tablet for each of their kids.
    Not every product has to be premium, not everyone can afford multiple devices that are fragile.
    Chill please and go buy whatever makes you happy.

    • V-Phuc

      Not angry. And you’re right about NOT buying everything a manufacturer puts out there, including this garbage. However, it comes down to where you want to spend your hard-earned dough. To me, this doesn’t fill any gap between phone, tablet, TV and laptop. Just saying…

      • Hater spotter

        You are a hater!

        • V-Phuc

          Why? And you are…what? An idiot?

  • abazigal

    Is it weird that people like Danny Winget is doing a better job of advertising Samsung’s products and communicating its use cases than the whole of Samsung’s advertising team?

  • Kenneth Lau

    if glaxy view line has s-pen support, I’ll take it at a heartbeat, and will want the biggest version samsung willing to produce. A 27inch inch GALAXYVIEW NOTE PRO 27 will steal wacom market!

  • ForestFamily

    I’m so disappointed…When I heard that there was an 18″ tablet by Samsung, I thought that it would, of course, include their amazing S Pen – why else would they create such a large tablet? As an artist, I’ve come to love the S Pen – it’s what’s kept me loyal to Samsung, despite having had 2 iPhones previously and an iPad. So I was heartbroken to find out that, not only does the Galaxy View not come with an S Pen, but it doesn’t even accept any input from a stylus. How could Samsung completely miss the boat on this? Apple’s iPad Pro is a huge hit because the art community has been waiting for a competitor for the expensive and tethered Wacom tablets. Samsung could have dominated a huge share of what is an enormous market; instead, they’ve chosen to ignore their Note user base (which includes many artists). Hopefully they’ll learn from this and make a new iteration of the Galaxy View in its current size with S Pen capability.