Android ICS update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is now available via Kies

by: AdrianJuly 3, 2012

When we heard a couple of weeks back that Samsung was planning to update pretty much its entire portfolio of Android tablets to Ice Cream Sandwich in July and August, we were willing to bet big money that the actual updates will not start until the end of July, at the earliest.

However, Sammy has pleasantly surprised us all a couple of hours back, when it officially kick-started the promised Android 4.0 rollout with a tasty Ice Cream Sandwich software package for the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Adopters of the 7-incher shouldn’t however wait for automatic prompt messages to encourage them to install the ICS update, because the upgrading process will not happen over-the-air. Instead, you’ll have to download Samsung’s Kies PC software, connect your tablet to a Windows-running desktop or laptop and look for the Android 4.0 install package.

If this whole thing seems like too much trouble for you, or you’re just not fans of Samsung’s Kies program, the guys over at SamMobile have been kind enough to make the firmware update available for download at this link.

As you’ll notice by visiting the SamMobile page, the update is unfortunately not yet available for all Galaxy Tab 7.7 models. In theory, only users from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and the UK owning a GT-P6800 tablet will be able to flash the new software package at this time.

However, as several people over on XDA-Developers’ forum are stating, the update actually works on Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablets purchased from other countries as well, so you might want to give it a try even if you live in other parts of Europe. Then again, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6810 is itself on Samsung’s official updating list and will probably get its own scoop of ICS in only a few days, so why risk it after all?

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is still one of the best 7-inchers around, even with more than half a year gone after its release. The Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution screen is the tablet’s highlight and the primary reason why we’re actually very excited to see how will Android 4.0 look on it. That being said, if you’ve installed ICS on your Tab 7.7, please drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the update. A couple of pics would be appreciated as well, so don’t hesitate to leave links in the comments, too.

  • after dwload…next step?

    • Yes, what should we do next?

      • extract file and follow the press pda tab place extracted file and press start and there it goes.. I updated mine and I am living in the Philippines.. it works perfectly fine.. now the tab is faster than ever and the battery life is better too..

  • ihue

    Kies says I have latest firmware. where is ICS?


      Are you in the europe regions? Because this firmware for europe regions

      • ihue

        aww, I am in USA.

      • chipmunk

        IT works for me w/o issue. I stay in Malaysia.

    • chipmunk

      Try to use ODIN (with manually downloaded ICS firmware) in case KIES failed to detect any ICS upgrade. I used ODIN 3 to complete the task of upgrading ICS for my P6800.

  • Jeffrey

    We should be happy to had a ics on our tablet. Thank you Samsung for doing your best for ics on tablet loving it

  • xeridium

    any news for 10.1?

  • qwerty

    What about tab 7.0 plus

  • Drem

    Finally! Can’t wait for update!

  • adfgadgf

    dont try if u have p6810, its stuffed up.

  • Allen

    I’ve downloaded the zip file in my 7.7 and in my laptop but I can’t seem to get it to run automatically. 7.7 won’t even open the zip file. My laptop unzipped the file but that’s all. I know I am missing a few steps somewhere. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  • PaulF

    Just updated my 7 Plus to ICS…………Wow!!!
    Transitions are smoother and everything seems to be quicker plus all the graphics and text look a lot sharper.
    Already loved my tablet, but now it looks awesome…….roll n Jelly Bean (ha, ha)

    • Katie

      How did you update your 7 plus to ICS? I’d love to upgrade my 7 plus too! :-)

      • PaulF

        Hi Katie I did it via Samsungs Kies. I had to update that first then it offered an update for my Tab which turned out to be ICS and it’s still awesome :)

        • Katie

          I can’t seem to do it. I guess my Tab 7 Plus isn’t ready for ICS yet. I am based in Australia but bought my Tab in Malaysia. Maybe that has something to do with it?

      • Gilang Khairul Pratama

        how you upgrade that? please help mee :(


    Hi i am from Pakistan and purchased my tab 7.7 P6800 from dubai on honey comb and now manually updated ti ICS and this working great. The speed has increased and didnt find any lag great ICS update for my darling P 6800

    • pras

      Hi i amalso having galaxy 7.7 brought from dubal. But did not get ics. How did u dothat

    • Jollyjonesy

      which version did you use on the uae model?

  • Aung

    I flashed it (ICS for Austria) to my GT 7.7, Hongkong CSC(original firmware ZSLA2) by using Odin 1.85 successfully. Of course, I backed up settig, contacts, sms and restored them after flashing. some setting could not be restroeed but Tablet is working nicely.

  • Aung
  • Kan9al

    Where is SOURCE CODE for this 4.0.4 kernel?

    It can be used for the n7000 and make Stock ROMs (for S Note App) better.

  • TNP

    I have a Singapore Samsung Tab 7.7 which I just upgraded to the Austrian ICS yesterday, using the guide provided by the various webbies including this one. It works. However it causes my Sygic GPS Aura navigation app to stop working. I had to uninstall and delete all the Aura files including the maps and base files and then reinstalling them anew. As my tab was bought a few weeks ago, there is minimal data or apps stored, hence I am not sure if anything is missing after the upgrade. All essential such as contacts, schedules and alarms settings remain intact. This is day two since the upgrade and I am enjoying better.

    • greeny187

      I’m also from Spore and just got my P3100. Can I flash the file listed here? Is this for the 3G version?

  • Neww user

    When ics or jelly bean will updates in malaysia.i very disappoint on samsung
    Or android need to take too long to updates there software.when when will updates in malaysia?

    • chipmunk

      You may try to make an upgrade although ICS is not available for P6800 users in Malaysia. I’ve upgraded to ICS about 2 weeks ago. It works well with new features. Apps loading speed improved too.

      • somesoul

        Chipmunk, where can I find the upgrade from? I like to upgrade mine.

  • Shawn

    updated yesterday and it’s much better than honey comb. very smooth and no more lagging. excellent.

  • spatch

    Still waiting for ICS on GT-P6810…

  • Gio

    I own a 7.7. I live in the Philippines. The update to ICS is not yet available as of today, July 20.

  • hakeem

    Im in malaysia…installed it..n buttery smooth….only fb got a problem…

    • afiez

      Hi hakeem, im olso in malaysia, can you teach me how to install ics on my tab 7.7?

      • asyraaf

        im also..

      • Just go to the setting and choose software update……
        Download and device will operate automatically

    • ggreeny

      Is this for the P3100?

    • jujue

      can u teach us how to do it??

  • MMR

    I have updated my 7.7 to ICS successfully by following this procedure. Its more responsive now and a bit faster. I only noticed that after the update, the wallpaper is not panning anymore and the home screen is continuously scrolling. I don’t know if there is a setting that I could tweak to get it back. But so far, I can’t seem to find it.

  • Stanul

    Have updated in Australia- no problem so far.
    The unit is faster and graphics are mush smoother…
    Hay Adrian- are you still in Romania or overseas?

    • Mitchimal

      Which model do you have and which countries firmware did you use? Think mine was from Egypt (via Mobicity)

  • hotdog

    i cant connect to my wifi connection. sometimes it can connect, after few minutes it will drop.. somebody can help me with this prob.. thanks

  • gtsantos2

    Got the 7.7 last week and I’m very happy with. Tried to update it to ICS using Kies but it seems it’s not available here in the UK yet. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Joshua

    The file has been removed from the link.. so sad..!

  • Majical

    Is there an ICS for my 6800 (I am in Iraq) and does it support arabic?

  • lolcat

    Just updated my GTab 7.7 GT-P6800 to Android 4.04(ICS) via Kies in Malaysia. Awesome update. Very smooth and fast now. No problems so far. =)

    • jujue

      hie there…how u update it???im from malaysia and when i connect to kies it says im up to date.. :(

    • Yvonne

      hi there, i am upgrading but it takes 3hrs long yet finish, be cool of waiting to get latest upgrade.

  • gtsantos2

    Not available in the UK still. I keep trying Kies but nothing yet. 7th Aug.

  • wananacute

    hye all..did

    P6200XXLQ1 support MALAYSIA carrier?

  • Nassar

    the link not working

  • dem

    is the ICS update for tab + is available in philippines?

  • boasel2000

    hi allen could you send me the link for the ics 4 update for GT- 7.7 please
    my email :[email protected]

  • Nishan

    Installed ICS on 7.7 as per instructions. No probs. ICS is amazing…..its made sure 7.7 remains the best tablet for a long time to come :-)

  • manish

    how to get update for the “jelly bean” the latest android version for my galaxy s1

  • normski

    Just updated my Hong Kong 7.7 to ICS using Kies. I was going to hold off but the firmware upgrade message kept flashing up so I thought I’d take a chance. Everything seems to be be going very well…much more responsive…beautiful little machine :-)

  • John

    Will this void the warranty? Connected to Kies and it says my tab 7.7 has the most up to date firmware, which is the current version of 3.2 HoneyComb. Btw, am based in Singapur. Hope to get solid advice as I wouldn’t want to screw my warranty. It still has more than 9 months warranty. Think should not put that at stake. cheers

  • tareen_it need help let us no . for computers ..

  • What a frikkin joke… its SEPTEMBER 8th 2012 and STILL NO UPDATE for galaxy 7.7 for Australia. Honeybomb is slow & tedious & how hard is it really for them to put out what apparently is already out in other countries?????
    Stuff you Samsung, with this much respect for your customers I’m buying Apple next time instead – really pissed off…

  • Riza

    How to update my 7.7 to have ICS? Please help..i bought here in Phils…thanks

  • saif

    how can i update my galaxy tab 7.7 i want help plz

  • amrb

    I have upgraded my galaxy tab 7.7 to ICS and the results are amazing. The clarity of the display is awesome.

  • dinesh

    please can some body tell me why cant i download the file?when i try to download it it says 404 error, pleaseee

    • jazzem

      the web site 404 mean website is block i ur country

  • Anders O

    im danish guy live in Thailand, and android ice cream sandwich just kick ass on my SG Tab 7.7… the touch screen is so much better and internet, with google chrome is verrrrry fast..

  • Plz i need help i cant find ics for my galaxy tap plz help plzzzzzzzzzz i need help i am from egypt plz i need help

  • hammie

    Can someone tell me if there is an ICS update available in Australia for Galaxy Tab 7.7?

  • Peter

    Perth au, the ICS update looks spectacular on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 & performance smooth & fast. The quality/clarity of the colours/images jumps out at you. Wow big improvement all around.

  • HI THERE! How can I update my Samsung tab 7.7 (P6800) to ICS? I’m from the Philippines. Thanks