Unfortunately for Samsung, they didn’t really have anything over the holiday season to compete against the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, they were dealing with one wicked migraine of a problem with the Galaxy Note 7. Now that’s all in the past, they’re looking ahead to the future with its upcoming phablet of a phone in the Galaxy S8 Plus.

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March 30, 2017

Right away, the most notable difference between the two is in how Sammy is able to cram a whole lot of screen to the body of the S8 Plus. Comparing it to the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s pretty incredible Samsung was able to maximize the real estate on its phone because the two appear to be similar in size, but yet, the S8 Plus features a significantly larger 6.2-inch display – easily dwarfing the 5.5-incher in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Speaking of their displays, there’s yet again a draw with the S8 Plus because of its staggering resolution of 2960 by 1440 pixels. With so many pixels crammed together, it makes it sharper looking and more detailed than the 1080p resolution used by the iPhone 7 Plus.

Aesthetically, there’s no denying the premium feel of the two phones. The S8 Plus, much like its predecessor has a shiny affection for glass, which shimmers nicely when light bounces off its surfaces, but that glass still feels a bit more fragile. In contrast, the metal body of the iPhone 7 Plus gives it a more substantial feel in the hand. Honestly, it’ll come down to personal preference. But at least the two offer a degree of water resistance.

Placing the two on top of one another, we can make out how the S8 Plus features a slimmer chassis – so we’re not straining to hold it in our hand. However, the iPhone 7 Plus is a little shorter than the S8 Plus – while also sporting a slightly thinner chassis. Regardless, though, it’s still impressive how the S8 Plus is able to achieve nearly the same overall dimensions as its rival – while yet carrying along a larger screen!

We spent a short time checking out the two phones in action, so we still have a lot to go before we get a good feel for the two of them. The iPhone 7 Plus proved to be a champ when it comes to snapping photos with its dual camera configuration, but don’t count out the S8 Plus just yet – mainly because the Galaxy S line has been pretty reliable with its performance in this area.

The one area where we feel the S8 Plus eclipses the iPhone 7 Plus is in its brand new desktop environment courtesy of Samsung Dex. This essentially allows you to dock the S8 Plus and experience a desktop environment, where everything is powered by the phone itself. It’s not a new concept in mobile, as Windows 10 has its own version, but this is still something that the S8 Plus has an edge over its competitor.

Beyond that, we’ll save our reservations between the two phones until we get a better feel for the S8 Plus. So far, however, it’s no doubt going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Andrew Pascente

    The iPhone 7 Plus looks like an ancient artifact compared to the Galaxy S8 Plus.

    • sachouba

      Indeed, and ancient artifacts are very expensive too, so it’s coherent.

  • Viktor

    Not much of a comparison lol

  • mrochester

    The Samsung has the hardware chops, the iPhone has the software chops.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Yes, but at some point, you have to wonder if Apple is falling too far behind on hardware/design.

      Apparently Apple is going to launch an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus this fall that will have the same basic design that the iPhone 6 had three years earlier in 2014. Seriously, who’s going to buy those outdated designs, besides the most faithful iSheep?

      • mrochester

        I don’t think people buy iPhone’s based on the appearance. That might be the way it works in Android land but I’ve never found that to be the case with iPhones. The continued success despite the staid design seems to suggest that is the case.

        • Dennis Furlan

          Well, for the longest time, the iPhone was better designed than Android phones. I suggest you go take a look over at MacRumors and see what all those Apple fans are saying about the S8. HInt: Many are jealous.

          • mrochester

            And yet those people will still not buy an Android phone because iPhone users buy based on functionality, not looks.

            I agree, the S8 looks gorgeous, but it doesn’t run iOS, so it can’t be an option for me.

          • Dennis Furlan

            Apple fans don’t buy based on looks? Where in the world have you been for the past 20 years?

          • mrochester

            So how do you explain the iPhone continuing to be the best selling phone in the world despite Android phones looking prettier?

          • Dennis Furlan

            How the phone looks has had something to do with it. Apple has always invested heavily in its industrial designs, and it led the smartphone space in this regard until recently. And my point is that, if it doesn’t start waking up soon, those sales won’t be as strong.

          • mrochester

            And I’m saying you are wrong because people don’t buy iPhones based on appearance, they buy them based on functionality and the user experience. A pretty Android phone is still an Android phone.

          • Colin

            I would say without a doubt functionality is the last reason people but iPhones. The logo, familiarity with IOS and ecosystem ties is why iPhones sell.

          • mrochester

            You’d be wrong then Colin.

          • Colin

            No I am correct, it is one of the reasons I moved from IOS to Android and never went back. IOS lacks the functionality to do what I want and do it fast. It is limited.

  • Daniel Peters (Transf1gured)

    the s8 looks AMAZING.

  • John Doe

    The real comparison will come when the iPhone 8 is released ..
    Hopefully there will not be any Samsung fires before that time!! lol

    • Denis Vintiđ Erceg

      You should read it more, not only is 6 and 6s catching fire but even 7…at least no one died from using samsung…unlike iphone

      • John Doe

        Not sure where this is coming from as I did not state anything about iPhones catching fire, tho I know that they have and are as it was just reported a few weeks ago…
        I was commenting that I hope Samsung have fixed the issue going forward so apple users have nothing to comment about …
        Anyways ..

    • Andrew Daniel

      Why is that the real comparison? Won’t the iPhone 8 be the newer phone in that instance?

      • John Doe

        Because they will be the newest of the bunch and Apple is trying to throw the kitchen table at it for their 10 anniversary, so expect them to be in big competition with each other … The best of Android (with Samsung’s UI) against the best of Apple.
        And mainly because they never launch at the same time.
        And Yes, Apple will be the newer, but by now they have probably locked in all of the new features that will be in the new iPhone 8

        • Andrew Daniel

          The iPhone 7 is the newest of the bunch right now. Your argument makes no sense – you cant compare the S8 with a six month older iPhone, but you can compare it with a sixth month newer iPhone….

          • Dennis Furlan

            It’s basicallly an admission that the S8 is way better than the iPhone 7.

          • Andrew Daniel


          • John Doe

            Duh ..

            Where do you guys get the idea that I wanted to compare the 7 with the S8??

          • Dennis Furlan

            You don’t want the comparison. That’s what we’re saying.

          • Andrew Daniel

            John Doe… Seriously? I think you’ve dropped the ball here.

          • John Doe

            You need to re-read your comment dude..
            You state: ‘The iPhone 7 is the newest of the bunch right now. Your argument makes no sense – you can’t compare the S8 with a six month older iPhone’
            Nowhere in my comment was I wanting to compare it with an iPhone 7!
            Not sure where you got that idea from ..
            My thinking is that you should have been replying to a previous comment made by someone else..

    • Tech Mate

      Real comparison would of Note 8 and iPhone 8.

    • Colin

      The only phones catching fire are iPhones, seems like it’s at least one a week. so

  • Zabih Cino

    Why are people so obsessed with wrong comparisons? IPhone 7 is 6 months old. Huawei p10 Xiaomi Mix Sony and LG G6 are the ones it should be compared to. I was going to get s8 but now with the inclusion of brixby as an extra layer of software on top of touchwiz including Google assistant this device will lag big time

    • steadymobb

      They already did a G6/s8 one yesterday…

      I’m sure once they actually get one they will be able to compare it to more devices.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Because it’s Apple’s latest flagship, and the only choice consumers will have from that company until this fall.

    • Devin Li

      lol…the logic of this post…how does G-Aass make a phone “lag”?