Samsung Galaxy S7 llama unboxing

If you had millions of dollars to spend on marketing for your next big smartphone, what would you spend it on? Emotional advertisements that pull on the heart strings of a wide user base? What about a commercial that shows off some of the device’s new and innovative features? Those might be good ideas, but they’ve both been done before. You know what hasn’t been done? Llamas.

In an effort to build up hype for the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, that will both be announced on Sunday, February 21st at MWC, Samsung has launched its new “Seven Days of Unboxing” promotion. From now until the 21st, Samsung will release a new unboxing video every day. Two videos have already been released, and they don’t really tell us anything about the device at all.

The first unboxing video is brought to us by a small child named Tyson. The second, and arguably the more entertaining one, features our good old friend, the llama. I’ve attached the video below for your viewing pleasure.

We have five more days to go until Samsung announces the S7 and S7 Edge, and that also means five more unboxings. If you’d like to keep tabs on all of the videos, you can head to the official Seven Days of Unboxings website for more information. And if you’re interested in getting more details on the two upcoming flagships, be sure to check out our Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup.


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February 16, 2016
Jimmy Westenberg
Lover of all things Android, Star Wars, dogs, coffee, and music.
  • RiTCHiE

    All this hype bout a phone that looks the same as last year? Samsung and Apple sitting in a tree… K I S S I N G

    • Adrian Zoltan

      really they are in bed from several years back, they make money together on us, there is no competition is just a show, all iphones have many samsung parts in them, display chips etc, its a win-win deal for them, the sad consumers are just gullible sheep. we get the “latest” technology (usually 5-6 years old or more), at very, unjustifiably high prices, that rapidly lose “value” because they agreed that incremental is the way to go, so they can milk the cow for many years, sadly google is on it also

  • Deandre Johnson

    Well, OK then.

  • charlie Jason

    Hopefully the phone looks like nothing that the llama drew. :D

  • Daggett Beaver

    I love absurd commercials like this.

  • Ryuto Arisato

    Can anyone who love these kind of arts understand this piece?

  • The-Sailor-Man

    How could you say Samsung didn’t show anything about the new Galaxy S7?
    Just look at the picture that the Llama painted , – everything is there. Are you blind? Or you have no sense of art?
    Can’t you see yourself there and all other tech media on this add. LOL Just like you, the llama is showing the ‘leeks’.:)
    The add is one of the greatest, though. Period.

    • mobilemann

      you’re so un-knowledable with such a massive brand boner, your post makes me want to vomit. Walking advertisement.

  • Eklavya Verma

    Ummm………. am I supposed to be amazed, or something? I’m clearly missing the point here

  • abn

    Gazillion of dollars and we get this. If it doesnt have an sd card slot im going to strap mine to the back of the lama and point it into the direction of Sammy.

  • Adrian Zoltan

    this reminds me of the “musical’ lunch they did a few years back, it really was so bad it was good, let’s just hope the lama will do a great job…

  • Roberto Virga

    If I had millions to spend on marketing, I would try harder to prevent some random guy in the UAE to leak pictures of the S7 online. But hey, that’s just me.

  • seVenBen

    Wth is llama doing unboxing
    I am tell you what i saw and the point…. llama painted base on 4 colours, Titanium Silver, BLUE, BLACK and GOLD. I am sure, llama and the trainer shows us the phone colours.

  • Kody

    Ahh yes, I see. It’s quite obvious what he saw. The raw emotion he used to convey the image to us, yes. Quite a mind indeed.

    • seVenBen

      Look only colours on llama painted… u will see .. good luck

  • Kody

    They’ll probably ask a blind man next.

  • Nallaikumaran

    Android Authority, JIMMY WESTENBERG – Just proof to show how Samsung haters are (Android Authority). Samsung ad is not bad. The only idiot, in my opinion, is you. Haters keep on hating. Well, that’s your problem. Your only problem is your mind, Let’s clean your dirty mind. The iFanboys always campaign against Samsung, Enjoy bashing Samsung and gave negative article. They’re always jealous of Samsung. Because Samsung is only the brand, that can fuck apple. They’re ruthless Samsung haters (fascist). How fascist are you? How honest are you? Are you a reporter? Oh shit…Shameful. Have you no shame? Not at all. Honest South Korean People and Japanese too. How about the Americans?. Ugly dirty mind and jealous people are?. People need to compliment others more often. I just said, I am from Sri Lankan.

  • nullified

    that’s one weird and uninteresting ad

  • Nkz

    Damn it Alto!

  • bob

    they got llama because it charges less money than a celebrity

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    Is this an indicator that they will be releasing a special edition of the S7 / S7 Edge for Peru?