Exclusive: new Samsung Galaxy S7 details, images and video

by: Edgar CervantesFebruary 17, 2016


Mobile World Congress 2016 is right around the corner and we are packing our bags to head to Barcelona. There will be plenty of goods to show you from the show, but there is no doubt there will be a huge focus on the next big thing from Samsung.

Yes, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 again. We have seen it leaked, being sold online, in different colors and even being unboxed by a llama (not joking). But today we have gotten in touch with an anonymous insider who managed to get us some goodies.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-16See also: Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup: release date, price, specs, features30

Our gadget ninja has given us some spec details, as well as a couple nice images and a video. Let’s start with the specs, shall we?


According to our source, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. Other specs include an IP68 (or IP67) rating, a 12 MP camera, a 2800 mAh battery, and microSD support.

One thing he also assures is that there will be no USB Type-C in the new handset, something we know plenty of you will be disappointed by.

Another important point to mention is that even though the camera will only have 12 MP, they will be larger pixels (similar to the Nexus 6P/5X cameras). And though this doesn’t tell us much about picture quality on its own, we must keep in mind Samsung has always been a leader in smartphone camera technology (at least for a while after a new flagship is released).


galaxy s7 crop

galaxy s7 crop 2

Nothing too surprising here, right? The phone falls in line with previous leaks, featuring a similar build and design to the Galaxy S6. There is the metal frame and glass back/front. The iconic home button is present too, and the image clearly displays the microSD card and SIM tray combo.

One of the images does give us a nice treat, though. This is the first time we get raw footage of the Samsung Galaxy S7 software. The interface looks simple and clean, but all we are really looking at is the homescreen. I am sure there is plenty of bloat once you pull that notification area down. Aside from that, we can see Samsung is rocking a more round and flat design for its icons, which I personally don’t dislike.

lg-g5-moduleSee also: Exclusive: new LG G5 leak reveals Magic Slot module in action88


Here we get to see a bit more of both the software and hardware, even if only for 15 seconds. As you can tell, Flipboard integration is still on board, as well as that large widget that comes by default.

What do you think?

Is this your next phone? The Galaxy series is the most popular in both the Android ecosystem and the world, so we are sure plenty of you will be rocking this phone.

Just keep in mind all this information and content is still unconfirmed. Nothing is for sure until an announcement comes around, but you won’t have to wait much longer to get the official details. MWC takes off next week and we will be there to get you all the goodies!

  • mighty_rel

    I don’t understand the need for these rounded square Icons :(

  • mighty_rel

    I don’t understand the need for these rounded square Icons

    • Sebastian Bednarek

      It’s pretty simple, just look at iOS icons. ;)

    • Mircea Marius

      They look eye-candy, and I like them.

    • moew


  • vmxr

    there is something about this phone design that makes me think it looks Fat every time i watch the video xD even without looking at the side of the phone just one look at the front side and you get that feeling :s

    • AS118

      If you look at it from just the front, they do look pretty big.

    • Mircea Marius

      It’s the bad color choice. Black design + dark blue background and bad lit environment, gives you the impression is flat.

      • John Mortimer

        It’s also the normal Samsung demo phone, before they add the gloss, the att s6 that was leaked that year looked just as bad, the same thing as above

  • kelios

    2800 battery ? wasnt there a 3k ?

    • Mircea Marius

      The higher capacity was for S7 Edge.

      • James Kirslis

        supposedly the S7 Edge was said to be 3600 and S7 would be 3000

        • John Mortimer

          The s7 edge was listed with the 3600 of the software page, so that real, please note that the demo/testing models can have less battery

    • Dennis James

      I was really hoping for at least a 3000 mAh battery. I really don’t understand how do the major manufacturers linger for years around 2500 mAh. LG was able to put a 3000 mAh in the G2 some 3 years ago, and then they couldn’t get past this in G3 and G4. Why can the Chinese like Xiaomi put 4000+ mAh batteries into their 5″ phones ? It’s really stupid…if there is a single problem with today’s smartphones, that is battery life. Why one a day of battery life ? Why not 2 or 3 ? So stupid and lazy. And it’s all Apple’s fault with their razor-thin philosophy. Of course, Samsung is copying Apple so they have to compromise on battery size too.

      • Jerry Rich

        You have to be really, really stupid to still believe that Samsung would waste any time copying an obsolete device like an Apple smartphone.

        • Dennis James

          You have to be really stupid to ignore the obvious. I didn’t use an iPhone since 8 years ago, I only use Android, but I have enough dignity to admit that Samsung is copying Apple’s every move (non-obvious are the fingerprint sensor, force touch, Samsung Pay), same as many other manufacturers.

          • Natty Bee

            Also non-removable battery, lack of sdcard in the S6 variants and Note 5

        • BrandonP

          You’d have to be really, really stupid to suggest the iPhone is obsolete. Or that Samsung is NOT copying apple. I’ll always suggest Android over iOS but come on don’t be stupid…

        • Aar Jay

          Actually don’t they both go back and forth copy each other’s ideals and technology.

        • yardie

          You have to be really stupid to think they haven’t copied Apple. Look at the home button for example.

          This is why I can never take Samsung seriously, and I also will never buy an apple device

      • Tahjay Palmer

        Actually not copying, its just natural for phones to evolve…….but this sentence is probably pointless because you sound like a apple fan or just a nobody

      • Chong Wen Hao

        I think the reason why LG stayed at 3000mAh is so that the battery can be removable. Removable battery takes up more space.

    • Prime

      its 2016 phone should start with 3k and 64gb. sd card sure, dual sim too.

      • TriadWarfare

        They offer dual sim variants in our country, namely the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5. However, they do have some drawbacks, such as the highest tier model not being considered to be available at all for local sale (e.g. no 128GB for S6 or 64GB on Note 5).

        I agree that the 64GB should be the base standard, however, I fear with the inclusion of the SD card, I think only the base model will only be available with no option to pick a higher memory in our country. (PH)

  • Toss3

    Those bezels are too farking large! They are much smaller on the Note 5. Why did they have to go backwards?

  • moew

    Just another fingerprint magnet, and that sim tray doesn’t look ip68, probably goes under a cover ala xperia style.

    • Jay Kim

      its got a plastic film at the back

  • Anthony

    Ok, so its a revamped S6… Smaller camera bump, Micro SD, curved back.. People will buy it.

  • Qbancelli

    And this will better than the N6p how?

    Only Samsung fanboys will care about this phone.

    • Toss3

      Better screen, better SoC (s810 is an overheating pos), more and faster ram, faster nand, microsd support, better camera, GearVR support, health-sensors built-in, much faster browser (chrome is so freaking slow it’s a joke), etc.

      • Rajarshi Ghosh

        And updates will be slow as hell. Whereas, the Nexus 6P guarantees you updates for at least 4-5 years considering the fact the Galaxy Nexus is rocking a Marshmellow now.

        • Toss3

          That is not an official update and Galaxy-devices get CM too. I really don’t care if I’m running the latest version as long as the version I am using runs fast and smooth and without issues. You cannot fix the hardware with software, so enjoy the crappy audio-quality and overheating SoC. Oh and the display isn’t really that great either (there’s probably a kernel that allows calibration, but it’s always better if it comes out great from the get-go).

          • Ismail Akram

            Don’t be over smart. When you didn’t. Own N6p how you can say it heats ? It’s cooler than S6. And faster than note 5 in UI

          • n900mixalot

            Because the Nexus doesn’t do shit. That phone does nothing. No unique features, nothing. Like an iPhone. I’d rather have TouchWiz features and some jank than be stuck with a boring phone that doesn’t do anything but the basics. Some people like that I guess but not me. I like to actually be able to USE my phone.

          • Ismail Akram

            What Samsung does which nexus don’t ? Or you bragging just for dual window support or that s pen where more than 50% people don’t even care. What special feature does or will S7 will have that won’t be in nexus. Every phone getting boring as hell. Any thing you can do on Samsung UI can be done with nexus. Only thing lacking is themeing. Samsung lacks great themeing then know this that is even better on HTC

          • ScoobySnack

            microSD card, waterproofing, ANT+ support to begin with. We’ve yet to see if this will have wireless charging, IR port perhaps? Sammy does lots of things that Nexus doesn’t.

            That said… I won’t buy a Sammy due to TouchWiz, bloat, and universal carrier hardware incompatibility. I’d put up with the jank if I could bring this device to Project Fi.

          • Guest123

            Nah he doesn’t care about those, you can spew a tones of things that it does over the Nexus phone, to him it’s still doing the same thing. Nexus device does feel lighter on the interface but not necessarily better in everything. Don’t understand why people are having problems and getting all pissy with people buying other brands lol. So damm insecure.

          • Jillxz

            An SD card is not relevant for most. I have one and no apps will go on it except for a scant few. Most won’t except those for games . Games . photos , music,and a very few other apps. Nope don’t want an sd card. Give me 64 to 128 gb onboard storage option

          • ScoobySnack

            Jillxz: do you have a SD card enabled device running Marshmallow that you tried to put an app on it? It sounds like you’ve used a previous version that did not implement external memory like Marshmallow does, i.e. external memory becomes part of installed memory.

          • Marrion Bell

            S6 comes with 128GB already

          • DonGateley

            Nova Launcher is far superior to TouchWiz and runs on any phone or tablet. Learn once, use always.

          • charles tannehill

            To be honest I have a note 4 and run exclusively aosp. Think of touchwiz like a tank and aosp a hmmwv. Sure the tank has more features and can do more, but it lags. What aosp does, it does it well. I experience no lag and what it can do just works. Not to mention customizability.

          • abn


          • Sen. Rockie

            A device (even midrange) with stock Android firmware will always feel smoother than any other device with factory-customized Android OS.

          • Ismail Akram

            Well that’s not entirely true. My Moto x stutters often even with stock like OS

          • Dennis Furlan

            Well, apparently, Google is/will be working more closely with Samsung to deliver a more streamlined software experience. It’s in both companies’ interests to do so. Samsung has admitted its expertise in software is lacking, but it’s still, by far, the largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world, which Google benefits from by being its OS provider.

          • MaxPower27

            That’s what they’ve said every year. To be fair, Touchwiz has indeed gotten much, much better (compare the S5 to the S6 – it’s night and day), but it’s still not quite on par with well-optimized stock Android.

          • MaxPower27

            Incorrect. My G4 runs much better than my Nexus 5X did despite using the same SOC.

          • Erren Yeager

            Well to be fair it doesn’t actually overheat the overzealous throttling keeps it in check which is the real bummer about 810.

          • Ronald

            Big spec but apps will be shutdown aggressively and multitasking will still be an issue. Galaxy phones always have good specs but bogged down by crappy inefficient software and horribly slow updates.

        • Harry Balzania

          LOL…..welp, that’s that. The 6p is definitely garbage and a seriously disgusting looking phone. That black band….wtf were they thinking? And snapdragon 810??? I told everyone and I’ll say it again: say whatever you want but you’ll never wash off the stink of the 810. Enjoy your 6p crap phone!

        • abn

          And you dont care if the bugs havent been worked out b4 they put it in your phone. I know patience is everything.

          • SeanPR11

            Samsung ADDS the biggest bug…..touchwiz.

          • abn

            Twiz overlay of android so much better. Take care of your phone and you wont have any bugs..

        • MaxPower27

          It’s not an “update” if you have to root the phone and flash a ROM. The GNex had official support until 4.3 and that’s it.

      • Dennis Furlan

        Chrome might be slow(er), but it syncs with the chrome browsers on my other devices. It’s the main reason why I use it on my S6 edge instead of the stock Samsung browser.

    • Dinsy Jones

      The S6 is better than the N6P. Unless you’re fine with SD810, eMMC, and all you care about are quick updates.

    • jlsmall

      Wireless charging, it’s a shame the 6p doesn’t have it

    • Major Sceptic

      Sorry mate I have a6p and its overrated imo.

    • Wrong. I have the 6P but I’m strongly considering selling it for the S7 Edge.

    • The Doctor

      It’ll be better than the Nexus 6P because of the SD 820, 4GB of RAM, microSD card support, better low-light images, a battery that will last longer despite the large battery on the 6P, wireless charging, Samsung Pay, and water-resistance.

      Nexus fanboys are just as irritatingly annoying as Apple fanboys.

      • abn

        Np owners dont have much to look forward to. At least Samsung willing to try new things to make there phones you would want to use.
        No disrespect to anybody here but Really Samsungs the only company advancing here Sales and Quality

    • Ikhsan Hasbi

      “Only Samsung fanboys will care about this phone” said Nexus fanboy. Seriously nexus fanboys are getting more annoying than apple fanboys. I get it nexus is good but stop acting like it’s holy grail of mobile technology for fuck sake. It also has some fatal flaws like not having ois and shit.

    • abn

      Ok i will name it The Nexus P. Is crap Stop it

  • Derek923

    Does it mean that the S7 and S7 edge will come with optional dual sim?

  • Žiga Štupar

    me like it and i will buy it just not this color

    • Ismail Akram

      You like Samsung and you seems to update phone often and also cuz its Samsung you care nothing but a Samsung flagship phonr isn’t it ?

      • Žiga Štupar

        For your info for 3 years i own LG G2 and S7 will be my first Samsung

        • Ismail Akram

          Cool my bad then. If you change phones not too often you gonna love it.

  • That smudge magnet back… After the Z5’s frosted glass back that gets no smudges I don’t know if I can handle a glossy back phone again.i

    • Jay Kim

      its got a plastic film at the back look closely

  • Marlowe

    Looks like a nexus 6. I was expecting more. Too Bad it looks like s5 or s6 combined.

  • highlander

    The Previous information was 3600mah battery and now 2800mah?????????

    • Žiga Štupar

      no 3600mAh was for S7 Edge, but 2800mAh is for S7

    • Dennis Furlan

      The rumour was 3600mah for the S7 edge, and 3000mAh for the S7. So, if the latter is only 2800mAH, which is only, what, 250mAH more than the S6, then I think some people might be disappointed, with reason.

      Having said that, the current version of TouchWiz for S6 already comes with app optimization (for some carriers), which does significantly improve battery life, and the new Android 6 Marshmallow’s doze feature is supposed to improve battery life even further.

      I believe background apps sucking battery life has been a major Achilles heel for Android phones; one which might be rectified with current software upgrades.

      Frankly, I think Apple has been aware of this flaw in Android phones for years and has capitalized on it despite smaller specs and battery sizes. That competitive advantage might come to an end.

  • Kevin T

    That’s excellent news about the SD card. That was my one lingering concern.

  • Gustavo

    Damn, I was hopping for all major manufactures go with USB Type-C this year. The faster the transition happens less headaches will happen since everyone would be supporting it.

    • Guest

      USB type C would render it unusable with the VR that was just launched. Wouldn’t make sense in this case

    • Prizm

      I’ll bet next year they’ll say “We ‘listened’ to you and we’ve now added USB-C!”.
      I agree, they should’ve just switched now.

  • Sen. Rockie

    The specs are awesome, but I must wait for the LG G5’s specs too. I’m not overly fond by the 12MP camera.

    • abn

      You get an LG device you will regret it

  • TheDude

    Fuck why no usb C

    • n900mixalot

      What’s the point? It’s all hype, there is absolutely no useful reason to add it.

      • TheDude

        There’re plenty of points:
        1) It’s reversible (duh)
        2) It supports very fast (usb 3.1 as opposed to 2.0 on micro usb) transfer rates, great for the folk who like fliming video at 4k.
        3) It’s way more durable than micro usb, the micro usb connector on my phone broke down, its unusable for file transfer anymore and barely charges my phone at 500mA, even though both the charger and phone can do 1A.
        4) It’s a new standard and a company like samsung who claim to be at the forefront of technology should adopt it.
        5) It supports higher power delivery than previous standards, faster charging.

        There’s plenty of other advantages.

        If it had no advantages over micro usb, nobody would have invested so much money into developing it.

    • Major Sceptic

      I have USB type c on my device, I don’t see the attraction, in all honesty I found the old USB nicer to use.

      • Guest123

        Doesn’t the data transfer faster, charge faster and less of a fuss to slot the cable in?

        • Major Sceptic

          Yes it probably does charge a tad faster, data transfer I don’t know mate, possibly, however the actual plug goes into the socket so tight….. It’s physically bigger, I have my doubts it will last very long. As opposed to my old galaxy note 2 which I handed down to my young brother, and it still goes today.
          My note 4 USB still works perfectly, both my old galaxy cables I put a red dot on the cable end , and no worrying about putting the cable in the wrong way , and I didn’t have to worry about over stressing the socket.
          Charging times are not bad, but not much faster than my n4.
          The other thing is I can buy the old USB cables and chargers anywhere, milk bars, servos, hardly anyone has USB type c.

          • Guest123

            Well, goto start somewhere. USB-C is the way to go now. Might as well embraced it lol

        • jnadke

          No, USB-C doesn’t require USB 3.0 (faster data transfer). Currently USB-C devices only have USB 2.0.

          The Nexus 6p does not incorporate USB 3.0.

          As for power, MicroUSB and USB-C both support Quick Charge (well the device needs to support QC for that…. USB-C just supports a crappier / patent-free version of QuickCharge).

          The only thing you gain is less fuss right now.

      • TheDude

        I don’t see how a non reversible connector is nicer to use than a reversible one.

        Not even talking about how much faster USB 3.1 is than USB 2.0 (because micro USB supports up to 2.0 only).

        How can finding an old outdated standard better than a new one is beyond my understanding.

        • John Mortimer

          But they not 3.1 on the phones, I.e. That the problem

          Also my s6 edge plus transfer files faster to my pic anyways and back again over my nexus 6p, so USB typee c does nothing for me, aprt from I only got 1 lead and it like buying Apple leads if you need a new one

          • TheDude

            That’s because huawei fucked up and didn’t implement USB 3, also because he 6p uses old and slow emmc storage while samsung use ufs2.

            Micro USB doesn’t support more than USB 2 even you wanted to, unlike type C that can implement USB 3.1. (Remember when samsung tried to use micro USB 3 on the note? That’s was awful, now they can do it elegantly with USB C, but they decided to fuck themselves over)

            Lead? You mean cable?

        • Major Sceptic

          The old USB might be old tech, but it did the job for me, type c a little faster ? maybe, doesn’t seem a lot of difference and the newer style plug seems to take a lot more force to get in than the old style plug even when they where new, for the difference id happily have the old 2.0 again.

    • DonGateley

      Compatibility with the current Gear VR. Not enough advantages to USB C to toss compatibility away and release a new VR box.

  • samir casshyap

    Nothing new . Younger brother of Galaxy note 5

  • Aleksandar Jaredic

    S3 made of glass.

    • Happy

      Oh, somebody noticed – it was high time…

  • JSearman

    Androidauthority are wrong it has a 3000mAh battery.
    I will send in the proof later with a video of the S7

  • IAF101

    Battery WTF??? Half the excitement about the S7 was the massive battery upgrade….

    • Žiga Štupar

      2800mAh is still an upgrade from 2550mAh from S6 secondly this are still rumors untill 21 February we will not know for sure.

  • Lucas Stone

    @kelios It was not confirmed through the FCC that the s7 would hav a 3000mah battery, most rumors are saying that it will, but it is confirmed that the s7 edge will have a 3600mah battery through the FCC. I’m guessing this so called leak is a fake and just trying to stir things up. If that’s the s7 I’m not very impressed myself.

  • charlie Jason

    Needs more smudge on the phone.

    • I agree lol but look around the camera module looks like a plastic film on the back, so hopefully the actually phone won’t be such a fingerprintt magnet

  • charlie Jason

    The icons are bad iPhone clones.
    I thought Samsung is cleaning up is UI with help from Google

    • MattPortland

      Just change the icons. You know you can do that, right?

      • charlie Jason

        I do, but I shouldn’t have to.
        It takes up more space and occupies more resource on the phone too.

        • abn

          But u can

        • MattPortland

          Yes you should have to. Do you really expect Samsung (or any manufacturer) to customize icons just to your liking? Samsung and other manufacturers use a certain set of icons and that’s just the way it is. Be grateful for the fact that you can change them at all. It’s ludicrous to think Samsung should cater to your wants.

        • MattPortland

          “Dear Samsung, make icons that I like.


          • charlie Jason

            At least don’t make them iPhone clones

          • MattPortland

            Yeah make them triangular and even more divisive.

  • surethom

    Absolutely Hate shiny backs on a phone, they look disgusting after a few seconds of handling them & no USB-C Really, stupid Samsung if true. I like the slightly bigger battery but maybe not big enough to upgrade from S6. Shame.

    • Laurent

      You should check out Toast covers. Real wood skins about 0.8mm thick so you get some grip & protection w/o adding any bulk…toastmade.com.

  • MY

    Seriously??? I mean if this is what the G`laxy S7 will look like, nothing impressive outside the hood at all. It’s a turn off for me. I’ll wait for Note6

  • Thomas Hartneid

    What a lamer device! Sealed battery again so phone can be clandestinely traced by NSA and others even in “off”-mode and nothing you could do about it (except crushing that piece of junk)! And that combined with an overall experience of downgrading! Downgraded battery capacity, downgraded camera-resolution and – what about the display? Downgraded size and resolution, too? I’ll make you a bet, there will be no UHD-resolution either. Nice, that the new philosophy at SM seems to be about “modesty”. Bot count me out as a customer for so long!

    • Žiga Štupar

      Dude everything is upgraded not downgraded

      • Thomas Hartneid

        What in particular are you talking about? Can’t be the battery I assume. Can’t be the camera either. Marshmallow seems to be all there is. Who cares about that?

        • Žiga Štupar

          -Battery S6 has 2550mAh while S7 2800mAh so battery is upgraded.
          -Better CPU and more RAM….upgrade
          -MicroSD returning so upgrade
          -Water resistance upgrade again
          -Camera has better sensors so also upgrade.

          • Thomas Hartneid

            But the S7 was meant to be a new flagship device. The Note5 already had 3000mAh. Micro-SD isn’t new either and ever has been a “conditio-sine-qua-non” for me. Water resistant has also been standard in earlier model. And I certainly haven’t been stupid enough to fall for the S6-sham

          • Žiga Štupar

            I hate too break it too you S7 will be flagship.Note5 is bigger so bigger battery.MicroSD and water resistance are not new but S6 did not have it so S7 is an upgrade

          • Thomas Hartneid

            An upgrade to a crap-device (S6), maybe. But who cares? It’s by far no upgrade in absolute terms. Even my Note_4 already had 3220mAh-removable (so the Note_5 already has been a downgrade to that) and came with 3GB RAM and Micro-SD, together with 2560*1440 Amoled in 2014! So where is the “upgrade”? Another lame “Snapdragon”?You’ve got to be kidding.

          • Žiga Štupar

            Well i give up i cannot talk with you becouse you do not want too see the truth so why would i still bother with you?

          • Daniel

            IMO- not upgrading 2560*1440 is OK with me. It’s overkill beyond this. But I totally agree with you about the rest. Adding back features it once had is hardly an upgrade, and STILL doesn’t match features of old. RAM is about the only reasonable upgrade that is actually an upgrade.. Water resistance? No. I can understand a little water resistance, but I don’t plan on swimming with my phone.. I have an idea to counter this “upgrade”.. , get insurance!

            Let’s review. A comparison to Galaxy S5 from 2014:
            S7 Battery- same as S5
            S7 Micro SD slot- same as S5
            S7 Fingerprint scanner (?) – S5 has it.
            S7 Still no removable battery – S5 has one
            S7 12MP Camera? Jury is still out, so don’t go there. S5 has a 16MP cam

            Other than 2 more GB of RAM and a software upgrade, I don’t see the “upgrade” people are excited about. I was a fan of Galaxy until recently. I’m not impressed anymore. Bringing back features you had 2 years ago doesn’t qualify as an “upgrade.” That’s simply a correction to a design flaw.Other than necessary upgrades with sofeware and RAM, the S7 hardly compares to the S5 of two years ago when matching features. I’m done with the S series. Not sure where I’m going from here.

            Nice comments Thomas. You are spot on.

          • Nadia Al-Belushi

            I agree. The Galaxy S7 is beginning to look increasingly disappointing. Good thing I bought the Huawei Mate 8.

          • Jaden Keuten

            The S7’s SoC will be much more battery efficient than the S801 in the S5. The Fingerprint scanner on the S7 will be an improved version of the S6’s- touch to scan, not swipe to scan. The S7 will also have QC3.0 and wireless charging built in, along with larger sensor which will accommodate OIS and larger pixels. Samsung knows what they’re doing. The S7 will run laps around the S5.

          • Thomas Hartneid

            I concur 100%!! Just 2 days ago the battery of an older Note I still own gave up on me. I already had bought a replacement for $12 and now, after the change it works as new. I still use it as a spare-device sometimes or I could give it away or to kids in my family, it’s still a powerful device with good screen and it would have been a shame to throw it away just because of that damn dead battery. Even more so as it still has got an IR-transmitter and comes in handy as a smart, highly customizable TV-/MediaCenter-remote.

            And what’s the relevance of that story in relation to the new “flagship”-device? Mhmm, let’s see. No IR transmitter any more, the battery (at least in a considerable number of them) is going to die rather sooner than later which will render those “bricks” pretty much useless and – as of 2016! they didn’t even bother to fit that “flagship” with an USB3 connector! So, what a surprise, many of us rational users, other than the fan-boys, are hardly impressed.

          • Dennis Furlan

            Come on. Using an old device as a makeshift remote control is why the S7 is a bad phone? That doesn’t make sense. Samsung will replace a sealed battery for $45, if you need it. Nobody has USB-C cables yet, so what’s the big deal? The S7 is a great phone by any sane measure.

          • Thomas Hartneid

            What are yuo talking about? I never said something like “makeshift” remote, it’s far more versatile than the original product and has 5 times the screen resolution/capacity than dedicated home theater control units like Logitech. And for the sealed battery replacement you need to send the device to some kind of repair center which will take 2 weeks for shipment alone. 2 weeks without your smartphone? You’ve got to be kidding. And as far as USB3 is concerned – do you live in some “retro-area”? All my PCs and Notebooks meanwhile do have USB3 and data transfer is lightning-fast as compared to USB2. So what do you think where I got my cables from when allegedly “nobody” has got them. You must be living in Samoa (at least a nice place).

          • Dennis Furlan

            I use the IR blaster on my S6 edge, and there’s no way it’s as good a a real remote. Battery replacement does not take two weeks. In fact, you can get same day service at a certified repair shop. Nobody yet knows what USB-C is. These are all lame reasons to dis the S7.

          • Thomas Hartneid

            Buddy, you’ve got something confused here. I was talking about USB_3.0/3.1 controller hardware (standard-/speed-wise) and not about USB-C cable-connectors. USB3-speed can be utilized over conventional USB-micro-B connectors as well – unless you decide to implement “cheapnik”-USB2-standard parts into a “premium”-device, which is exactly the “crime” those Samsung-“niggards” are guilty of.

          • Bidiminished

            LPDDR4 and UFS 2.0 are big upgrades

          • Refman

            A 4K screen would negate the increase in power of battery. It’s pointless, I’ve used the Sony Vaio and seen pictures in 4K not really that needed on a screen size of mobile.

          • You can’t compare the Note 5 to the S7, compare it to the S7 Edge which has a 3600mAh battery. Everything about the S7 Edge is higher spec/better than the Note 5.

          • Thomas Hartneid

            Agreed! But _will_ it have 3600mAh? Latest eumors say it won’t. And what about screen size/resolution of the S7 Edge? Will it be stuck again at the 2560*1440 standard from 2 years ago?

          • What rumors says it wont? Every rumor has said 3600mAh for the Edge. And how is it a downside to be ‘stuck at 1440p”? If anything, it’s still overkill.

          • HeinerP

            I concur, they are trying to “spin-doctor” standstill into progress here. And even if it could fly through the air and sew on buttons it’s safe to assume that the battery will still be sealed. I don’t know about you, but never in my lifetime have I encountered a Li-ion-battery that didn’t degrade enormously over time!

          • James_75

            I’d buy it if it had an S-Pen. the Note 6 will prob be > S7E+ though if the pattern holds.

          • abn

            SLOWWWW IT DOWN for the haters to understand

    • abn

      How you wish those things would cause problems for Sam. But real talk Sam gonna school you on how less is better

      • Thomas Hartneid

        You are sorely mistaken if you assume I’d have any hard feelings toward SM. I just wish they would come to senses and build cutting-edge flagship-devices with exchangeable batteries again so I could buy them. Should they persist in copying Apple’s patronizing approach of forcing user-data over the “cloud” (no external storage) and enabling espionage on its customers 24/7 (sealed battery-always-on-models), then I won’t buy them. Not in a 1000 years. It’s as simple as that!

        • abn

          Look me up in a 1000 years I will point you into the direction of Samsung. You we eould probably had went through about 50 phones before you realize Sammys the way to go. Real talk TH dont hate

        • James_75

          You mean Apple and Google’s patronizing approach then don’t you?

        • Tequilla56

          Hahahahaha… oh my. Sorry. I shouldnt laugh. Seriously Thomas let me help you out and recommend perhaps first thing is try removing the tin foil hat. It really does nothing to stop the secret Nazi’s on the moon from reading your thoughts you know.

          As for your lack of upgrade option. Its simple. A new generation of device (be it a phone or anything) is an upgrade.
          Or do you believe a 2.4ghz 6th generation i7 cpu is no upgrade on a 2.4ghz 1st gen i7 cpu just because its still called i7 or has the same number.

          Of course its better. Its still an upgrade.

          Fyi – this is anonymous for 1 reason. I have SEEN and HELD the new devices from Samsung. I know EXACTLY what is in them and why. (Hence my personal amusement at most of the comments here).

          On Feb 21. People can make up their own minds. In the meantime this report is well, lets just say one of the better ones (though still not all there). I have no issue with nexus or apple or any other company. They all make good devices in their own rights. But from experience, I know this is going to be my next phone for all the right reasons. Most of all because it is a BIG upgrade in materials and specs from S6.

  • MK-Atukunda

    This is very disappointing. Why does Samsung always lag behind in implementing the new and improved upgrades to their products? Why isn’t there USB C? Since S4 I have waited and waited for something worth upgrading for. I think I will be considering other options and makers…Samsung keeps letting me down

    • Tequilla56

      Just a thought. Because USB-C is not yet the main accepted standard on devices world wide. Why change something for sakes sake.

      USB-C is exciting. And no doubt it will come. As the saying goes Patience is a Virture.

      (Feb 21 will probably give more direct answers as to why).

      • MK-Atukunda

        True but USB2.0’s problems I have always experienced has to do with the lack of being reversible. If you are sleepy and in the dark you are most likely going to messs up your device’s charging port. Imagine never having to worry about which way you plug the USB into your phone? That is the only thing I have always wished didn’t exist. Otherwise I agree with you 100%

        • Dennis Furlan

          The S7 has wireless charging, which means you not only don’t have to worry about reversibility, you don’t have to worry about fumbling for wires in the dark — period. Just place the phone on the charger. That’s it.

  • Jaden

    Why in the hell would they downgrade the camera. Wheres our 4k cameras?

    • Žiga Štupar

      becouse megapixels are not everything

    • Slaughter

      Actually 12mp camera is enough for 4k video recording.

  • joevsyou

    I don’t think anyone should be disappointed in not having usb c. I don’t think they are ready for prime time. third part cords are ruining people phones. they don’t suppurt quick charge yet. yes they charge faster then a normal usb but not has fast as a fast charging from the stats I have seen. also a main thing is you can literally find a regular usb cable anywhere where ever you need it work/friends houses someone in a area always has one but good luck finding a USB c. I have yet to see one in most stores

  • budabellyx

    I think someone needs to wash their hands. That phone looks disgusting.

  • charles tannehill

    To be honest this is just another disappointment to me. All they did was add SD support, a slightly better camera, processor and maybe made it water proof. No ir, removable battery (which is definitely possible even with a glass back), improvement in software, increase in ram, improved screen or layout. The home button should have been made capacitive so people could decide whether they wanted touchwiz or disable and be completely aosp. The fingerprint should have been on the power button, and the list goes on. I’ll stick with my note 4. The last fully equipped and functional phone Samsung released before the whole “copy the iphone” craze started.

  • William Morones

    I hope this person gets fired!

  • Starcube

    It looks like the Note 2 except not plastic, very round. Samsung’s gone full circle.

  • Saswat

    Will there be any kind of force touch technology like apple’s iphone 6s?

    • Žiga Štupar

      Rumors say yes, but wait for official release

  • Gabriels Game Series

    The specs are interesting but the back camera glass seems to be conning right out of the HTC ONE (M8). The battery is only 2800mAh which is desatrous. I have the LG G4 and the 3000mAh and it works just fine if I only use the necessary features.

  • Thanhxvo

    I’m pumped for the return of micro sd and water resistant

  • Daniel

    Let me get this straight.. Simply matching most features with what they had 2 years ago is an upgrade? I call this a correction to a design flaw. And still no removable battery? Oh- of course.. you have water resistance now and more RAM. GEE, THANKS Samsung! I’m done with the S series..smh

    • Dennis Furlan

      The S7 combines the most desirable features of the S6 and S5, which was not built with premium materials, had a poor fingerprint scanner, did not have wireless charging nor Samsung Pay, and the list goes on. The S7 is hardly the same phone as the S5.

      • Daniel

        Combining past features isn’t my idea of an upgrade. The features were there.. for some stupid reason they took them away ..then at some point(s) they’ve decided to add them back. Your whole argument really rests on wireless charging (IF that even happens), better material, and a better f-print scanner. Samsung Pay already existed on the S6 series. Your list can’t go on, because frankly, that’s all there is.

        As I’ve previously mentioned, let’s review:

        S7 Battery- same as S5

        S7 Micro SD slot- same as S5

        S7 Fingerprint scanner (?) – S5 has it.

        S7 Still no removable battery – S5 has one

        S7 12MP Camera? Jury is still out, so don’t go there. S5 has a 16MP camera.

        S7 Samsung Pay- S6 has it.

        Other than RAM, Marshmellow, and waterproofing, exactly what is the upgrade? I’d LOVE to hear the rest of your “list” that you claim “goes on”.

        • Bidiminished

          Saying that the S7 just matches the specs and features of the S5/6 belittles the time and money that Samsung throws into its R&D department.

          The speed, reliability and efficiency of pretty much every component improves with each version. The S6 was a truly cutting-edge device with is processor, UFS 2.0 memory, LPDDR4 RAM and display. Yes, it took away features from the S5, but it was a much bigger leap forward than the S5 or S4 was to it’s predecessor. The S7 won’t be such a leap, but it’s still a solid upgrade nevertheless. The hardware updates that Apple and HTC have been doing for the last few years are nothing compared to the S6’s upgrades, and pretty much every OEM is still catching up to Samsung

          To say that the S7’s camera is worse because of the lower pixel count, it’s fingerprint scanner will be no better then the S5’s, that it’s display is only equal to the Note 4 because they have the same resolution is ridiculous.

          • Daniel

            I’m aware of the bigger processor, but you’re splitting hairs here. I’m not one to be impressed with clock speeds and unless your DLing huge files on your smartphone, it won’t be very noticeable to the avg user. The only real benefit the avg user will see is more battery life- oh, wait.. that’s right.. the S6 decided to make a smaller battery, so the S7 battery is just now equaling the 2 year old S5 battery.There goes that major difference. And you can keep that 1 GB of RAM. Again, the avg user hardly notices these things. Let me tell you what the avg user DOES notice. They notice longer periods of time between charging. They notice being able to swap out defunct batteries with new batteries. They notice having an SD slot to store data. They notice when USB Type-C is becoming the standard and Samsung passed on this feature on the S7.. I could go on.

            These leaps and bounds may look good on paper, but to the avg user, they’re left scratching their heads. I’ll be bringing my money elsewhere..

            Also, I never said the camera was worse due to pixel count. I said the jury is still out- which until someone actually starts taking pictures, the jury is still out. And I don’t know where your display rant came from, but who cares about display? I never mentioned anything about the display.. The screens are so small, most of it is overkill.

            You can have your “solid upgrade” on paper. I want something I will notice.

          • Bidiminished

            I definitely agree that battery life is something even the biggest technophobe will notice – something Samsung didn’t get right with the S6. They shot themselves in the foot by making a more efficient display, only to use an overkill resolution and make the phone too thin.

            Despite the QHD resolution, the S7 should last longer than the S5, as the more efficient S6 has around the same battery life.

            A lot of the things you mentioned like the SD card slot, charging port your and removable battery are apparently power user things. Most people don’t know what USB Type C is, let alone the port type on their current smartphone.

            The hardware improvements would be more noticeable if the software optimisation was better. IMO better and nicer looking software is one of the biggest areas for improvement.

          • Daniel

            I understand what you’re saying, I’m just not happy with said “improvements.” Seems more like takeaways/re-adding, etc. Under the hood it may have improvements to power users and phone tech types, but to avg users such as myself, I’m disappointed. Expected more from Samsung.

        • Dennis Furlan

          The fact is that the S7 will have a set of features that no S-series phone has had before. My whole argument doesn’t rest on wireless charging. The S7 will have loads of features that the S5 didn’t have, including a decent fingerprint scanner.

          In fact, your argument rests on one feature, replaceable battery, which usually means a sacrifice in build quality.

  • Awais Farooq

    If there comes a nexus with a stylus, I might go mad.

    I prefer pure android over touchwiz crap, but I lovvve the stylus and multiwindow.

    If a nexus comes with stylus, I can live without other features, i just love pure android.

    Beautiful and Fast

  • Adeel

    what a fail

  • Macho Fersobe

    2800 battery?!?!? I really thought they would be steping it up this time with the 3000 battery. I guess it was a swing and a miss and their 3rd strike unfortunately. I was really thinking about getting the phone cause of the big battery. Really hope this is some false specs. #letsHope.

    • Tequilla56

      Try #waitforfeb21togetthetruthyouwontbedissapointed.


    • saas lesa

      Yes, that is enough for two years, then you have to buy S9… :)

  • abn

    Sammy made,a sealed battery and still kicks ass. Battery thats it. THATS all u got! I have s6 edge plus my phones in my hand 50% percent of the day no lag twiz exellent and as I see the only mistake they made was the sd slot. They corrected it and continue to move forward. Last time I checked ranked 5 on the benchmak scores and moving up. So let me guess your an I phone owner. Allllll phones can be traced with or without battery if court ordered

    • Slaughter

      50% a day with a S6 Edge? Come on man, you don’t put it out of your pocket?

      • abn

        Bk and forth I love it. Now you know my lifesyle. I have this thing thats called a job 2 I am a grandfather whose raising a grandchild. Unlike most people i dont stand there all day fkn sit with my phone in my hand all day. WHen I need it i know it wont let me down. 2 I Dont go screwing around downloading useless stuff from the play store. Its called virus roulette. I have a laptop and a desktop for that. So again I dont use my phone more than 50% of the day. Anything else u need to know. U can critize me and use curse words for your points but dont cuss at me. Respectively

        • Slaughter

          No offense dude. Still rocking a 6 edge too and so far I love it, But bragging around about the battery life of this phone, no really it’s not that good. From 7am to 12am, I can’t touch the phone, but it drains like crazy ( lose 25% during this period ).

          • abn

            No offense taken

  • Nadia Al-Belushi

    Honestly, I’m not even slightly impressed by the recent Galaxy S7 rumors. I think I did a smart thing going for the Huawei Mate 8. It’s a lot cheaper than any premium device Samsung has to offer, it’s got the best battery life out there, it comes with a free case/cover, and it has a great screen-to-body ratio that makes the smartphone feel compact/small in spite of the beautiful 6-inch display. Simply put, it’s a phablet with a big screen that is small enough to pass off as a 5.2-inch smartphone. It has its disadvantages, such as the Apple-like user interface, which I don’t really like, but it’s overall a really good phone that’s at least 50% cheaper than the upcoming Galaxy S7.

    Samsung have been incredibly disappointing as of late. They’re trying too hard to copy Apple, which isn’t what Android users want. Samsung removed LED flash from its premium Android tablets just because Apple’s iPad Air 2 didn’t have LED flash. The S7 is going to have a 12 megapixel camera only because of the iPhone 6s.

    This is so annoying. Samsung has a lot of potential. Why is it trying so hard to be like Apple?

    And why is Samsung’s 2016 premium phablet going to have a 5.5-inch display instead of the usual 5.7-inch display? Is it because Apple’s phablets are 5.5 inches?

    Please stop copying Apple, Samsung. More megapixels are better, not worse. A bigger battery is better, not worse. A bigger screen is also better, especially now that you possess the technology to make the bezels narrower and the screen-to-body ratio better.

    I just don’t understand why Samsung is waiting for Apple to come up with something new.

    Let me guess, the Galaxy S8 will come with a dual-camera because that’s what Apple’s going to do with the upcoming iPhone 7. :-/

    • Nadia Al-Belushi

      Before anyone misunderstands me, I don’t hate Samsung.

      I love Samsung’s tweaks to Android OS, especially the multi-window feature. I also like Samsung’s AMOLED screens. Samsung devices look pretty. They’re incredibly gorgeous.

      I just hope Samsung goes back to making real premium devices that are worth the price tag.

      I’m hoping that Samsung surprises us with the Note 6 this summer.

      • saas lesa

        Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t know to invent, just like Apple. They watching others and make own versions of phones. I think that Edge screen is unique thing Samsung “invented”.
        LG is my next phone, g5 or v10, will decide after Sunday…

    • Tequilla56

      Oh mercy… lol

      1. This is NOT Samsungs 2016 Premium Phablet. (Historically that comes in Sept / Oct period).
      2. More MegaPixels are better. — Um ok so here we clearly have someone who knows NOTHING at all about cameras.
      Suggestion for you. Take a photo with a 12mp camera and a 16mp camera and put them both on a 4k screen. Reality that screen will only show them in 2mp resolution anyway. Or better stick em on facebook or snapchat and they will look the same.

      Perhaps if you decide to go down and get a full life size printout (6ft tall) and stick it to your wall, you will a slightly less crappy result from 16mp than 12mp. Megapixels mean squat in real camera world. Sensors, lense apetures and lux rates are what makes a camera good or bad.

      3. 50% cheaper huh. Pretty amazing claim considering no one (not even Samsung) know what the rrp will be yet. (And no one will know for certain till feb 21.)

  • theiowakid

    8:33AM with 43% battery left….that seems about right.

  • Waiting to see what the G5 has to offer.

  • Ethan Anders (Your Favorite Ga

    I think that the galaxy s6 looks better than the s7. I like the more premimium feel of the s6 than the s7

  • abn

    I font know about u but I have the edge 6 + my phone batteries fine your s6 it is what it is

  • DonGateley

    All of the improvements and the non-improvements (no USB C) are for the Gear VR. SD card, 3600 mAh (edge) battery, much faster processor that can be throttled back for lower power VR rendering and immunity to overheating or balls to the wall for improved games and response to motion and controllers. And no new version of the Gear VR made necessary by USB C.

  • Tushar

    a finger print magnet…..

  • Prime

    no 3d touch? i tot they were gonna do that. and rose gold

  • Tushar

    great leaks for flaships ……..samsung can’t maintain secrecy..poor

    • Prizm

      Not every leak is a leak. If I were running a company, I’d allow some leaks to generate buzz and get people talking about an upcoming product…and the fact that people think it’s a “leak” makes people think they’re in on some secret, so it draws even more attention.

  • Prizm

    2800mAh battery, wtf Samsung. They really pull this shit after the number one complaint about phones is friggin battery life. I really hope this spec is wrong, but I doubt it.

    • Žiga Štupar

      just for you S6 has 2550mAh S7 is rumored too have 2800mAh so number one complaint is addresed plus more efficent CPU plus better software optimatization so S7 will have better battery life.

  • Prizm

    Can anyone tell me why I would want a Galaxy Note over a regular Galaxy? Serious question.

    • Daggett Beaver

      S Pen. For those of us who use it constantly, it’s wonderful. If you don’t want to use it, then there’s no advantage.

  • SamsungSad7

    nope. i’m not going to upgrade.

  • Aar Jay

    Dual speakers placed on the front of the phone instead of the single speaker on the bottom would have been a nice upgrade.

  • Could it be anymore boring?

  • Pradeep Dava D

    Well to say samsung had a great run , but i feel their creativity has stopped. Not to forget they promised a phone that has a fully foldable screen .. What happen to all those?