Marshmallow 6.0.1 beta hitting Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge

by: Derek ScottJanuary 11, 2016

Samsung's latest flagships all sport the formidable Mali-T760 GPU

Samsung has released an uncharacteristically brisk Android 6.0.1 update for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. At least in beta. Still, in spite of not being a full-blown release, this looks like a pretty massive update that brings practically all of 6.0.1’s functionality to these two devices, in addition to a couple of ‘icing on the cake’ perks for the Edge. If you’re a beta user, you can check it out by going to Settings > About device > Software update.

So what do we have different here? Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow’s most superficial change is the expanded catalogue of emoji, and this beta release brings the full basket of them to Galaxy S6 models. In terms of functionality, we’re seeing some tweaks and streamlining on the notification panel. The Private Mode has received some quick setting options that make it a little bit quicker to navigate. You can also now elect to use an “install overnight” feature that will automatically perform any necessary updates during the dead of night (2 to 5am) so that your usage isn’t interrupted.


Edgewise, the settings for Edge panels are now far more accessible. In Android 6.0.0, enabling and disabling different panels required the user to enter each specific panel’s submenu and toggling them on and off. Now there’s a checkbox beside each one in the main menu, enabling you to quickly choose which panels are currently active. The “Tasks” Edge panel is a welcome and highly customizable addition as well. It seems to work a bit like a (very) stripped down version of Tasker, allowing you to set profiles based on situations/locations and quickly perform tasks via a set of assignable shortcuts.

Again, this is still in beta, and there’s no word yet on when the fully polished version of Android 6.0.1 will roll out to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Are you an owner of either of these devices? What are your thoughts regarding this new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Keith Taylor

    Did the providers approve of this?

  • Russell Durose

    got it this morning. it is 6.0.1. it is fast and smooth.

    • How did you get into the Beta program?

    • Justin Millett

      How did u join the beta? I have a galaxy s6 edge from T-Mobile in the US

  • saksham

    i will get the edge tomorrow !!! so excited

  • I kinda want to trade my Note 5 for the 6 Edge + but I’d die without my stylus.

    • jendrush

      Yeah, stylus could be really useful tool. It’s hard to change from small phone to Note, but it’s harder to change phone to another if you have Note…

      • Maine

        This update is surely taking it’s time. It seems to be we are close to last relieving it.

      • Definitely the reason I passed on the S6 Edge + coming from the Note 4, a big phone without a stylus or Phablet software is nothing but a big screen phone (my thoughts when I had the G3)

        • jendrush

          I think that software is most important thing, stylus could only improove accuracy. I think also that many stylus features could be achieved by some kind of screen that is sensitive to different levels of touch force.

    • Zach Chen

      At this point you might as well wait for the Galaxy S7 haha.

    • Mike Brown aka Charlie 1-3

      I am the same. I don’t use it non stop but still it’d be missed

    • Jeff Baldinger

      You don’t want the edge , trust me !! I traded mine for the Note 5 and you will regret it.

      • What were your issues with it?

        • Jeff Baldinger

          It was hard to hold and always accidentally turned it on because of the edge. It also has no purpose for me , but it might suit you , but it sounds like you have the phone you need.

          Thank you
          Bryan Resch

          • Yea I have no real use for the edge screen I just think it looks good.

          • Rob

            I have the edge and it doesn’t come on unless I want it to. However, I do think the edge features are useless. I would suggest getting the edge only if you want the slightly thinner feel of it. Most of the time though, people simply put a case on it. The edge could have useful features, but i find it hard to activate them and even still, they’re not useful.

  • Russell Durose

    I got it as I have the SM-G620F model and downloaded the Galaxy Care app in the Galaxy apps store. after installing I saw the beta invite at the top of the app. I registered and within 12 hours got notification of update

    • nabil.ios81

      i cant found galaxy care apk

  • Brian Abbott

    Rogers must sell different phones than the other Providers. I installed the Galaxy Care App. Still no Marshmallow. When I had my LG G3 – lots of batteries and battery cases on EBay for the G3 but minimal for my model of G3. And does anyone know – will Tablets like the LG G4 Pad ever get a software update. .

  • Hamza Tronbati

    just want recieve final version :D

    • Vinny

      S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 and other Samsung phones are now available for a huge discount only below

  • Russell Durose

    try to find the apk on Google. com

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    So is the galaxy care app strictly for Euro country’s? Or is there a u.s. version? I tried to find the apk to download on my galaxy s6 edge through tmobile and it said my device was unsupported.

    • It’s too late bro, the Beta is closed for new users. I missed it too. Also, as far as I know, is only available for the UK firmware.

    • My Galaxy Prime

      The beta is just for the UK and south Korea

  • kyle ss

    I have already got 6.0.1 and there’s not much difference but I like the new Samsung logo on start screen

    • Jaime

      If you have an edge, the panels are a great addition. Also now I can remove the horrible white background behind the icons.

      • Luka Bulatović

        Wait, so those new ugly squarish white backgrounds in app drawer can be removed?

        • Jaime

          With 6.0.1 there’s the option in the screen settings.

  • MikeyB

    This is the main problem with samsung devices. It takes so long to get the new Android version. Once you get it, it is almost already half way through its one year cycle and Android N will probably come out around October.

  • Clifford Villeda (DJ VeeYeda)

    i am not sure if my issues is software or hardware related. But since the last update, my quick charge does not work. And it takes HOURS to charge my S6. So I am hoping the new update will fix this issues. If not, I hope Samsung or ATT can replace this unit.

    • Jaime

      There is now an option to enable or disable quick charge. Go to the battery settings and at the very bottom there is the option (mine was off by default)

      • Clifford Villeda (DJ VeeYeda)

        I heard of this on blogs. But my phone doesn’t have this option. Possibly only on S6 Edge version. Thank you though.

        • Jaime

          Sorry to hear that, I hope you can fix it soon. Good luck!

    • KRS

      Try a new USB cable. My note was charging really slow. I noticed the end that goes in phone was a little loose so got a new cable fits tight now and charging is back to fast.

      • Clifford Villeda (DJ VeeYeda)

        KRS, I tried that too. Even chatted with Samsung tech. Tried Safe Mode (didn’t even know you could do). Next thing is a factory reset which I really don’t want to do but I can’t wait up to 5 hours to charge my S6.

        • KRS

          Hmmm hope you center get it figured out.

    • Jeff Baldinger

      My Note 5 has a larger battery than the s6 and it charges to a full charge in 2 hours max. I can’t run this battery down in a long day , even watching youtube videos throughout the day. Good luck , hope you get it figured out.

    • Oliver Kelly

      if you have the beta software you have to enable fast charging.

      settings > battery > Fast Cable Charging.

    • Rob

      Could be faulty, but it may also be the wire. I find that I can’t just use any wire with the quick charger adapter. Plug it in and see if it says “charging” and then “fast charger connected.” If you don’t see the second thing, then it’s likely the adapter or wire. If not, it’s definitely your phone. You might also consider a factory reset.

      • Clifford Villeda (DJ VeeYeda)

        Rob. I tried that too. Did not work.

        Yesterday I tried factory reset. Samsung rep had recommended as a final option thinking it could be an app that was affecting it. At first, it didn’t work still after it was done booting up. For a moment it started to say Fast Charging” but with the pre-installed apps started automatically uodated, there was no way of me knowing what app could be the problem. Then it stopped working again :-(
        So I am going to just take it back. I give up trying.

  • robert tromp

    I got root with it

  • Great… now when the Hell will I see it on my GS6? Samsung is a huge corporation with massive resources, so why does it take so long to release OS updates?

  • karan

    Where to I get Android Marshmallow update in india in galaxy s6 ?

    • Rob

      In India…duh!

  • Still running 5.1.1 on my Note 5. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m also still on the November security update. My friends Nexus 6 just recently received Januarys security update. So much for being secure.

    • Rob

      That’s more of a vendor and carrier thing than anything else.

  • Mike Likernyy

    This sucks! Samsung had been delaying an update for months for their flagship devices, unacceptable for such a multibillion dollar company

    • Rob

      You’ll notice they spend efforts on the next one they’ll be selling first…as a driving force for profit. The only reason for them to do this for otherwise already purchased phones is to help push their product lines further (new phones), through loyalty. Yet, loyalty seems to mean way more to customers than to companies.

  • Dozie

    With how long it takes Samsung to release updates for flagships, it almost seems like the instant a new phone is launched, all resources are moved to go to the next phone.

  • Dave the dragon

    I’m in Canada and I don’t have it yet fml!

  • Rob

    LOL, I’ve had my edge for about a year now and NEVER use the edge functions. They’re worthless. Just put the update out, because all I care about now is the update to Marshmallow.

  • Jermaine Moss

    Anyone no about a firmware update on the galaxy s7?I just got it today.