Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receiving Marshmallow 6.0.1 update in South Korea

by: Matthew BensonJanuary 30, 2016


The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are very different products for Samsung, from their build quality to their features – or lack thereof – and even the manner in which a major Android OS update has been handled. Unlike in past years, the South Korean OEM ushered in the release of Android Marshmallow 6.0 by offering customers in select markets the ability to participate in a beta testing program.

According to a new report however, as of today both variants are officially updating to Android 6.0.1 for customers in Samsung’s home market of South Korea. As of the time of writing, this story is still development and thus details are limited. Models on SK Telecom are detailed. It is currently unknown as to if either KT or LG U+ hves also begun rolling out the firmware. The build date for both the S6 and the S6 Edge is Fri, 22 Jan 2016 however the time stamps are different.

With South Korea users now formally receiving Marshmallow, it is probably just a matter of days or weeks before the international roll-out begins for unlocked models. In particular the UK was also involved in the beta test program and thus it can be expected that said territory will be among the first to receive the update. Those interested in screen captures obtained from the early preview offering will note the significant visual differences below:

Sour Grapes

Some users may be upset that Marshmallow has not hit the Galaxy S6 Edge+ or the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung’s pair of flagships released in the second half of last year. Neither of these models were eligible for the Android 6.0 Beta Test program either, which further irritated customers, some of whom felt they were being given the short end of the stick. It is expected that the firmware update for these devices will happen within the next few weeks, however apart from leaks claiming to be internal release targets from Samsung, there is nothing truly concrete at the moment.

Another common complaint raised about the update issue is the speed at which Samsung has approached it. With Android 5.0 Lollipop at the end of 2014, Samsung impressed many when it began rolling out the updates for some Galaxy S5 models before the year even ended. Poland in particular, received Lollipop just weeks after Google released it. This cycle however, it seems that a considerable amount of time has been required in rolling out the new firmware. It is an issue made all the more noticeable and almost paradoxical, given the more streamlined version of TouchWiz that shipped with the 2015 flagships.

note 5 leaked marshmallow (4)

Marshmallow has mysteriously been melted with a lucky T-Mobile user’s mobile, the Galaxy Note 5.

Given the existence of public beta testing, it is possible that Samsung felt a stable build was not yet ready to be released to the general public. This might be due to some of Android 6.0’s more significant overhauls, such as the inclusion of granular permissions for Apps, or even the way in which Google’s mobile OS handles native fingerprint sensors. It might also have had to do with priority being placed more prominently on Android Security Patch updates which need to be issued for dozens upon dozens of devices in Samsung’s hardware catalog.

Even so, Samsung’s handling of Marshmallow has definitely been an unusual one to say the least. Frequent reports of random Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 4 users suddenly finding themselves eligible for the update have been cropping up around the internet for weeks now, despite no public beta test having been made available. At one point even a Galaxy S5 user was provided the update.

Wrap Up

With Marshmallow now officially out for the Korean Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, it is only a matter of time before the world at large will be eligible for access, too. This could not come at a more pressing time given the fact that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are expected to be announced in just 22 days, with a possible release in less than a month and a half.

We want to hear your thoughts! How would you evaluate Samsung’s handling of the Marshmallow update? Has it been relatively timely, or has the company gone back to its old ways? For that matter, are any of you in possession of a Korean variant and have already received the update? Let us know how it is!


  • Tom

    I’m still waiting for the day when any android phone manufacturer gives us updates at the speed of Google. What I’m saying is; these themes they make are nice; but I’d be more than happy with stock android and add a theme later if needed.

    • SonOfKrpton

      Why not rather get a Nexus or a Moto?

      • Tom

        Fair point, because I liked how the external of the S6 looked. I do like the Nexus 5X too; but it wasnt out at that time. :)

        Moto: because of the updates (or lack of)

        • SonOfKrpton

          Fair enough.

          Well, I got a Moto X Pure, and it has been on Marshmallow for the past two weeks, the day I bought this phone. It has been on Marshmallow since the last month or so.

          • Ghhh

            Lol. You have a first year moto device. Talk to us next year when they drop the ball on you.

          • SonOfKrpton

            Well, I don’t own a carrier version of the phone. Where I live, carrier versions don’t exist. My friend who has an X2 already got his update. Another with G3 got his. Another with G2 will probably get hers by next week or so, I reckon.

          • Tom

            I’d say: lucky you. Even though we don’t have carrier devices here either. I’m not against motorola, I’m not pro either haha. I like a lot of brands, I like the diversity. I just wish all manufacturers would be able to do the google thing. Aka release updates like instantly or within a month of release

  • Winston Purnomo

    “I don’t care about OS updates”
    Said no one ever.
    Quite literally so.

    • RG

      99% of purchasers don’t care. We do because we’re in the minority.

      • NerdTech

        I agree. My sister and brother both have an S6 and they don’t know or care what a Marshmallow or 6.0 is lol.

      • Exactly. Never heard my mom say “Ah I wish my Note 4 had 6.0.1”. I update her phone for her

    • SonOfKrpton

      “I don’t care about OS updates.”

      Says the average Samsung user, till they start getting the update.

    • Np

      We are the 1% of the phone owners who are waiting for this update and so commenting here. Sadly, Samsung wouldn’t hurry up for us 1%

  • Alex El Pillo Cisneros

    What about in the United States??? They need to hurry!!!

    • You might as well give up there. Unknown islands get faster updates than the US

      • GR

        Mars will get it before we do. :-)

  • Shivam Chatak

    Waiting for Galaxy S6 G920I india

    • saksham

      dude the model number for indian s6 edge is SM G925I

      • Shivam Chatak

        I own a normal S6. Model number SM G920I

    • Jonathan Cerrillo

      Do you get the update yet? I’m still waiting for it, I have SM-G925I

      • Diana

        Any news? I still didn’t get the update, and I’m getting pissed off!!!! Everyday, I connect to the wifi, and force to phone to check for an update, every single day at morning, and late in night since march started!!!!!… I want the marshmallow now!!!!!

  • Eren

    What about North Korea? :D

    • Dr.Bishop

      you stole my words sir.

    • Nigel Loke Yue Yang

      You sir, deserve my like.

    • Jason

      I don’t get it

    • Greg Zeng

      They got the upgrade first. It was loaded with spy warehouse.
      I know this to be true cos I live in the Australian Capital Territory. Very logical.

    • Stephenie

      S6, S6 edge, note 5 and more is now on sale only in the below mentioned website

  • christopher nutt

    KT and lg have popped up on sammobile so their being rolled out as well

  • Michael Dexter Monroe

    I received mine last night here in Augusta GA on my HTC ONE M8, and it looks and performs really smooth. It was a little hicuppy at first, but I did the power button/volume up reset, and walla, so far so perfect. Oh, and mine updated to Sense 7 and 6.0

  • Ishan Rishminda

    I’m in europe.. still waiting for marshmallow for my S6 edge plus… Oh Samsung.. i can’t wait anymore… What the hell are they doin’.. Note 5 and S6 edge plus would have 6.0 first.. really irritating..

  • Jr

    Finally, but I would rather wait 3 months to get a good update rather than getting one early but full of bugs

  • KVragec

    Is this OTA or it must be updated over the pc??

  • What’s wrong with the website, especially with the gallery in this article?

  • Umut Muhammed Yoğunlu

    Waiting s6 edge g925f device

  • spann37

    This is precisely the reason why I stuck with Nexus devices for so long. Samsung has ALWAYS sucked when it came to updating their phones. It’s absolutely ridiculous that a new generation of phones are set to be unveiled, before an update that’s been available for three months makes it to my Galaxy S6 Edge+. Never again. Nexus phones from here on out.

  • Nigel Loke Yue Yang

    S6 owner in Singapore here, and my sister who has the S6 E+, but I swear how can that fucking bullshit be that the S6 is getting Marshmallow but not the S6 E+

  • Rey

    If they don’t improve note 5’s software near to s7’s, I’ll switch to IOS.

    • Žiga Štupar

      Well with 6.0 it would not reach near S7, but after S7 release note 5 might reach close to S7 with 6.1 and new Touchwiz

  • G1andonly

    Who are we kidding, Sammy won’t release 6.0 until after the s7 is launched just like they always do. I had to let go of my note 4 on tmo because of updates. December is when 5.1.1 came as I had just left to the v10. It’s the same thing over and over again.

    • Žiga Štupar

      just one problem with your statement: Samsung is releasing 6.0.1 in South Korea at the moment rest of the world will follow in a week

  • christopher nutt

    Unlocked UK getting it now

    • Jur

      Did you received it?

  • christopher nutt

    Ignore that was beta update lol

  • Matthew Brown

    When will my iphone get this update?

  • Greg Zeng

    Benchmark our phones before the update!
    Power use & charging, wireless & wired. Speed. Multi task speed. Graphics speed. Compatibility with existing applications. Updated app improvement & changes. Etc.

  • christopher nutt

    There’s news on the interweb that the Korean updates been pulled because of bugs ?anyone heard anything?

  • Scott Hewitt

    Was there ever a Beta released for 920/925 I variants? I’d be keen to get the modem.bin file from that ROM and flash it in over the top of the 920S 6.0.1 ROM…

  • Akshat Kumar

    I got my S6 Edge (SM-G925I) from Singapore, now living in India. But no updates yet. Anyone know why?