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There have been more and more remote control apps coming out for the Android platform as of late, and it should come as no surprise as the hardware inside most or all devices these days almost begs for this type of feature to exist. And that is not a bad thing, considering that a built-in remote control feature means one less device to worry about when trying to operate the electronics inside your house.

And now, with the announcement of its latest flagship smartphone, Samsung has taken the idea of a built-in remote control on a smartphone just a little bit further. The Samsung Galaxy S4, which was just announced as the newest Android-powered Galaxy-branded smartphone from Samsung at an event held in New York’s Radio City Music Hall, comes with a built-in IR blaster. This in turn will allow its users to transform it into a full-fledged smart TV remote control.

This type of feature was first demonstrated with the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets. Then called Samsung Video Discovery, it can be used to control a user’s media center, look up on-demand content, check the latest TV programs, and even purchase media directly from any compatible devices. Now that the Galaxy S4 is here, the feature’s name has been changed to WatchOn. But it still works in pretty much the same way.

With most of the Galaxy S4’s new software features being touted as merely gimmicks by some people, this is one of the things that will surely be useful.

David Gonzales
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  • And no wireless charging? Tsc tsc…

    • no rply

      its with wirles charging

      • I saw this today.

        But something was said about it during the presentation?

        • no rply

          i read it and its market depend …….. some country getting WC some not

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Will it also receive IR? That would open the door to allowing compatibility with older PDAs and yet another way to transfer data between Android devices.

    • Besbes Souhaieb

      are you serious man?
      i’d go with sarcasm, it’ll be better for my personal wellbeing.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        Sure, why not, I’m sure there are still some people using older devices (e.g. Blackberries) that wouldn’t mind having a way to transfer contact info to their new Android via IR. Especially if you have a huge contact DB. Or even cooler, getting info back via IR from your AV equipment that support 2 way communication.

  • How is this any different from the one in HTC One ?

  • Samsheep will claim its a new innovation even though HTC One already got it and Sony been including IR for years already!

    • 702Mike

      Galaxy tab had it before HTC one was dreamed up. Sony had it in their first tablet as well but I do believe Sammy and Sony were around the same time frame.

      • Kayran Gandhi

        Bitch, please.

    • Swatz

      Oh Handspring PDA had this before smartphones were out.