AirDroid: Remotely manage your Android from a Web browser

by 10 months ago

Most people these days use Android phones and/or tablets often out of necessity rather than as a luxury or as fashion accessories. Android devices do lift a heavy burden off your shoulder, especially for those who are on the go and/or who multitask a lot. Your Android lets you do multiple tasks on just a very small electronic device — communicate with contacts, organize your contact lists, manage apps, manipulate files, and more. Yet, managing your Android device can also easily get in the way of productivity or efficiency if, for example, you are working at your desktop computer and…

SnapPea: Using your phone even without your touching it

by 1 year ago

Anyone can tell you that smartphones are great. But, smartphones have their limits; some of the most common ones include distance and syncing data with your computer. You’ll need to be very dedicated with the USB cable or cloud services to keep your phone updated with the media on your computer. Even when you have your phone plugged into your computer, having to lean over, pick up the phone, and reply to a friend’s text message can disrupt your concentration. Developers at Wandou Labs understand your pain; that’s why they’ve created an app that will eliminate the need to tear…

Motorola Corvair Android-based TV remote control is back, now called the FiOS Companion

Motorola Corvair
by 1 year ago

Usually, when some sort of “technologically pioneering device”, bizarre hybrid, or road opener drops off the radar for almost a year, it’s a good indicator that the project has been abandoned. That’s exactly what we all thought happened with Motorola’s Corvair 6-inch tablet/universal TV remote control, first leaked way back in November 2011. The Corvair went undercover for nine whole months, but, just when everyone forgot about it, the gizmo made an illustrious appearance under a different name. Now called FiOS Companion, the quirky 6-incher is pictured in a leaked survey, picked up by the guys at Engadget, and detailing…

Best remote access apps for Android

Servers and communication Internet World
by 2 years ago

Although smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing conventional computers, the complete switch has yet to be made. This is because there are still many tasks that can only be performed on a desktop computer. For this purpose, we sometimes require remotely accessing computers to perform certain tasks. For example, one may require collaborating with a friend via remote desktop or might have to log in to a remote server at office to perform maintenance. Let’s take a look at some of the best remote access applications for Android, which can help you remotely work on a desktop computer. TeamViewer For…

Prox Pro: Controlling your Android phone without even touching it

by 2 years ago

Wouldn’t it be nice to control your phone by not touching it? The idea might sound farfetched, but there are already some mobile phone manufacturers jumping on that idea. Take for example the Sony Sola’s hover touch feature or Pantech’s gesture-based recognition handset that incorporates eyeSight technology. In the past few years, smartphones have been evolving and they continue to evolve with every day. Many features are being implemented and, most especially, more sophisticated sensors are also being integrated into phones. From accelerometers to proximity sensors, these features are making our lives a whole lot easier. But, don’t you know…