OTA update to international Galaxy S3 brings improved stability and some minor features

by: AdrianJuly 6, 2012

Although we haven’t heard many complaints about the Galaxy S3’s software, or any kind of bugs or glitches, Sammy seems to be pulling all stops to ensure that the users of the super phone are happy with its performance and stability.

Less than a month after rolling out the first couple of OTA updates and just a week after issuing a software upgrade specifically for Sprint’s version of the S3, Samsung is pushing out a new update with the usually ambiguous changelog. The fresh software package, reported to weigh in at around 72 MB, is said to “improve stability”, just like the first updates from June.

However, this particular software package does come with a couple of minor, but noticeable functional changes. There’s a new toggle in the notification drawer allowing you to adjust the brightness easier, as well as better options for audio, more toggles in the power menu, and a fix for AccuWeather.

These are just a few of the improvements and changes reported by S3 users on an ongoing thread on Phandroid’s forum, but we expect the list to grow as more users will get the update.

So far, the OTA update has been only rolled out to the international version of the S3 (a.k.a. the one powered by the quad-core Exynos proc), but adopters of the dual-core S4-powered model in the US and Canada should themselves get the upgrade soon enough.

If you haven’t been prompted to install the new software package just yet, you might want to go ahead to your settings menu and manually check for updates. The firmware’s build number should be I9300XXLFB, according to reports, but that will, of course, vary from one specific version of the S3 to another.

I’m sure that some of you hoped that the next OTA upgrade pushed to the Galaxy S3 would change that 0 after Android 4 to a magic 1. But it’s still nice to see Samsung so interested in making its customers happy, although that doesn’t yet entail rolling out Jelly Bean.

Do you guys agree? Are you happy to see frequent software updates rolled out to the Galaxy S3? Or would you like it better if Samsung stopped with the ICS development and get on with the JB tweaking?

Update: Here’s a video review of the most important changes that came with the update:


  • Prabhjot Bhatia

    I installed the upgrade a few hours ago. Now I can’t call anyone or receive a call.
    process com.android.phone stops unexpectedly. Screen Hangs up. :(
    Don’t know what to do. Please help.

    • droid

      Hahahah noob, you gotta learn few tricks with android

      • Dd


        • Prabhjot Bhatia

          Really don’t understand how your comment adds value. I have tried doing a factory reset and a full reinitialization, and then posted this.
          And FYI, the phone boasts to be “made for humans”. Surely an official OTA update shouldn’t require much “tricks with android”. Even a factory reset should not have been required in the first place.

          • Hey does factory reset deletes all ur updates ? As I want the original ics this new update , I didn’t liked it at all.. or any way to undo this update ?? Please help.

          • Prabhjot Bhatia

            Factory reset didn’t delete the update.
            I’m not aware of any method to roll back except, manually downloading and installing the original firmware. But I’m not sure if that could violate warranty by increasing the counter.

            Mr. “Droid” here seems to know quite a few “tricks”. He’d be in a better position to answer.

          • Thank u

    • Prantik

      Mine had similar issues. Seems to be an issue with google account sync… delinked the contacts with google account and stopped syncing. Now it’s working fine. I hope it also works for you.

      • mike

        i have the same problem, cant make or recive calls. how did you delink the contacts and stopped syncing?

    • dtria

      i found what was keeping me from accepting calls! go to phone->call settings->set reject messages and as it turned out you have to have 5 or less reject messages so i deleted a few! don’t know..it worked for me…

  • Caked

    Confirmed I9300XXLFB.

    Brightness controls in pull down menu.
    Power button option now gives 3 icons for sound, vibrate or silent.

    What other features add that I havent seen?

  • Update confirmed 2 day ago!…great ! support.!

  • Shockwave

    Just got the OTA update, and now the firmware build is I9300XXLFB. Changes I have noticed is
    1. Most remarkable changement is brightness adjustment shortcut that placed to quick settings men.
    2. allshare cast is on the phone no.
    nothing else I can see as of now.

  • Shockwave

    Here are the indepth changes I have just noticed.

    Camera voice recognition – icon changed
    Camera voice recognition – feedback
    Camera – wand – 11 new modes
    Swype – now works in google search box
    Swype – now works in address bar for searching
    Swype – improved accuracy
    Text messages – attachment icon on the left
    Text messages – message box width reduced
    Text messages – delete specific messages in a conversation
    New widgets – splanner month, splanner task, splanner mini today, digital clock, all share cast
    Lock screen – camera launches quicker
    Audio application checkbox
    Email – update time
    Email – message body
    Redraw issue – fixed
    Adjusted the screen tone
    Long press power for silent/vibrate
    Clock – desk clock
    S planner – week view changed
    Camera Firmware has updated from GDFE01 to GDFF02
    Hope this helps all Android fans

    • bhuvana

      Hi……I ve a question…….when u touch the flower it used 2 actually vibrate……..how do I function that 2 be…..?

  • Steveman09

    im glad samsung is doing updates, ive had the phone 3 days and have found lots of issues, for one Pandora DOES NOT work of 3G, today the phone locked up and even removing battery took 5 min for it to finally come back to life, also the network signal on sprint isnt the best, my wifes iphone 4s proves to be superior with speed and reliability so far and she is also on sprint.

    • shaun

      this is for international versions only not sprint variants.

  • Nav

    I got the notification for the update and started downloading the update, I canceled it @ 2% to download it at a later time. Now when I try to check for the update it’s showing no update found. What should be done to get the update please help

    • mac79

      I’m the same I said I would download later now it’s says no update available

      • mac79

        Anyone help ?

        • Geoff

          This happened to me to too. I clicked option to defer update for 12 hours but it didn’t come back. Connection to Kies on PC found update tho and all now installed OK. (I have unlocked international version.)

          • Willo

            The same has happened to me.
            I’ve tried Kies and it just sticks at 0% when uploading to the phone. Any ideas?

          • aman

            Hey guys just try to update again where u ll get full network with internet available. I faced the same problem and i finally installed :)

  • Proteus

    I haven’t gotten a single update since i got the phone in mid june.
    Should’t i have these updates if i live in Europe.

    • Dylan

      Connect ur device 2 ur pc and use kies and they will notify u with an update thats what i did and it worked great!!

  • ajayverma99

    Yesterday got OTA in Delhi INIDA

  • dhananjay

    Guys there is one thing i want to tell you that after the update when i plug in headphones there is now no notification about it.. the headphone icon in notification panel has been removed and the music, video, radio etc shortcuts do not appear now… i have 2 galaxy s3 and both phones have the same issue.. i dont think there is a bug on my phone during installation as it has happened two phones of mine….
    Please any1 do confirm what i said so that i can do something to get them back

  • nypen

    jelly bean for the S2

  • ff1

    Id like to see Jrlly Bean tweaks or about mounth:-)

  • Varun

    After installing new update I am unable to receive or make any calls. :-) please stop unnecessary updates and suggest possible remedy.
    Top phone of the world unable to work as basic phone…

  • attychris

    update not yet available in the philippines…..anyone from this part installed it yet?

    • kape

      got mine already bro

  • Got it just today.. :)

  • I have updated my s3 with new update of 74mb , I didn’t like the new update , can I undo this 74mb update ?? Or how can I go back to original firmware.

    • BobBillbob

      You could use this guide forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1671969 to manually put the previous firmware on it.

      It’s quite simple, worth a go, I’ve been using it to update without waiting ages to receive it :D Also shouldn’t affect warranty, leaves the binary counter thing at 0 which tells Samsung if you’ve rooted/flashed custom roms… but you don’t need root to do this :) only takes about 15 mins too

  • MJub

    Of course Im happy for knowing that Samsung is taking care of their consumers. This giving the pic of fast serving as soon as possible.

  • Dylan

    When will this update be available for singapore galaxy s3 and the rest of asia VIA KIES does anybody knows please reply asap:-)??♡

  • paulo

    Galaxy s3 blinks all the time when I place the apps to turn off once I close the app. And with no background apps running it shuts the device into a blinking mode . When I click shutting down apps and no running apps on the back ground. It should only remain the apps that makes calls and sms plus the main screen on. At the moment. Every thing goes bananas when I do that. Fix that please

  • paulo

    Other thing is the widget of the music player. Does not change music Tracks on mine. But if I press the apps icon. It works. Fix that please.

  • Jordy

    It seems the Gmail app notification LED issue is fixed as well.

  • sand

    what if i want to remove the remove the brightness from the pull down menu?

    • dtria

      too late


    From what ive heard the main reason for the updates was to avoid CRapple from pulling another bullshit lawsuit against Samsung & getting the S3 banned for Sales like they did with the Galaxy Nexus & Tab. I think they just threw in a few extra changes with it at the same time. Dont expect more frequent updates like theyre treating this phone different than their other newer phones like the Galaxy Note. – KID ANDROID

  • Jamie

    Can anyone tell me why I havent recieved this update ? I’m in the UK on vodafone. My build number is I900BUALF1. When I try to manually update it just says connecting to server for a couple of seconds and then says no update available ?

    • z33shan

      Use kies I am with Vodafone UK my phone didn’t find any either but when I connected it to the laptop, it prompted straight away
      Howie it helps

  • Kenny Chong

    After update keyboard “i” got bug.

  • aki

    Need your help, in s3 during call, using hand free, not able to mute. Even if we mute with button, still voice going via handfree. Any clue…..

  • tt

    my phone will no longer vibrate since it upgrade help

  • s3 user

    This phone is unstable piece of crappie