Early benchmarks show Samsung Galaxy S3 leading the pack in battery life. One X left in the dust

by: Bams SadewoMay 15, 2012

Still doubting that the battery inside the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have enough juice to comfortably run the flagship phone’s 4.8-inch SUPER AMOLED HD screen and quad-core processor? We have some good news for you, then. According to battery benchmark tests, Samsung Galaxy S3’s 2,100mAh battery won’t disappoint at all.

First, we’d like to turn your attention to one rather non-scientific evidence from blogger Eldar Murtazin, who recently posted a screenshot of his Samsung Galaxy S3’s battery usage. The phone’s battery was shown to still be 42% full, even after Murtazin supposedly used the phone for over 20 hours. According to him, he listened to music for five hours on the phone, amongst other multimedia usages, and used it on a 3G network for an hour, before making the switch to a WiFi connection.

Galaxy S3 battery test murtazin

The next set of proofs comes from the folks at GSM Arena, who have just concluded their own battery benchmark tests for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

On the 3G talk time test, which measures how long the phone can be used to talk on a single charge, Samsung Galaxy S3 lasted 10 hours and 20 minutes. This was good enough to beat Galaxy S2’s 8 hours and 35 minutes, as well as competitors like the HTC One X, which clocked close 9 hours and 57 minutes. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and its monster-size battery lasted 20 hours and 24 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s SUPER AMOLED HD screen is proven to be quite detrimental for web browsing, but it still performed admirably. The phone lasted 5 hours and 17 minutes in the web browsing test, a good one hour more than HTC One X’s performance. Again, the Droid Razr Maxx was king with 7 hours and 23 minutes.

Who doesn’t love to catch up on their favorite TV series while on the road or to avoid awkward conversations during lunch break? You’ll be pleased to know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 managed to last 10 full hours of video playback. Though it can’t beat Droid Razr Maxx’s time of 14 hours and 17 minutes, it almost doubles HTC One X’s 5 hours and 45 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may not be the absolute dream phone for everyone, but it’s apparent from the benchmark tests that its battery performance is something that Samsung has gotten right.

  • The phone is in airplane mode. Isn’t the radio the second largest drain on the battery?

  • Rik Santorum

    If sammie could just get her act together on the updates for this phone, that would make the GSIII the true iphone killler we all want to believe that it is.

    • e34v8

      Iphone is far behind since SGS2. Far, far behind.

      • Darktanone

        Only the iPhone can top the iPhone! After all the hype, it’s funny to watch these new, iPhone-killer, Android devices end up in the bargain bin after disappointing sales.  Meanwhile, the iPhone continues its unstoppable momentum. It must be frustrating for some of you!

        • gareth davies

          @ Darktone.. what utter rubbish! It must be frustrating for you to own a phone that breaks if you drop it, suffers from awfull backlight bleed and has ltd functionality

          • Darktanone

            Speaking of rubbish, I’m quite sure your SG2 as well as the SG3 will end up in the bargain bin very, very soon. I’d say around the release of the next iPhone.

          • gareth davies

            Really now? Bargain bin you say?
            Why isnt the s2 already in the bargain bin if what you say is true? Still costs roughly as much an iphone 4s and has been on the market longer.

          • Darktanone

            Android phones have short shelf lives. Carriers discount them to make room for the latest devices. Your SG2 is up against, not only the SG3, but other newer Android phones. Its biggest competitor, however, is the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Your SG2 will be at the bottom of the bargain bin. The SG3 will probably join the SG2 in that bin once the iPhone 5 hits.

          • gareth davies

            I dont have an s2! Shelf lives a pretty similar around at 12-14 months for both apple and samsung before the next model appears.why do you persist in spouting rubbish?

          • Darktanone

            You miss the point. There’s a new Android phone being released every other day. That kind of turnover devalues its allure and price. Part of the excitement surrounding any new Android phone release is whether it will be the one to dethrone the iPhone. After literally hundreds of devices, it hasn’t happened. Keep in mind all the G3 hype will soon die down in the wake of WWDC and the release of iPhone 5.

          • gareth davies

            You specifically mention the S2 and S3..anyways back to your point, its samsung that cause the biggest stir when releasing a new android phone, i didn’t see other android releases stealing many sales off the S2, which was by far the bestselling android phone last year and has remained so up until its replacement.

          • Ender Hassem
          • Darktanone

            Short lived and really have no clout because Apple isn’t present and I don’t say that to be controversial. With the biggest player in mobile absent, the event loses some of its appeal. However, the iPhone and iPad have won the title in absentia.

          • Bybarra28

            Well someone is hanging on apple’s nuts.

          • i-phonekiller

            Lo biggest name??? sam sold more mobiles than apple, s2 was voted the best mobile and gadget of last year even it came 6 months earlier than i-phone. it still does stuff i-phone wont do. but i can do all i-phone does on my android. lo i can even make my screen look like an i-phone screen if i want to. apples likes to give less and charge more policy works well for wannabes this days.

          • S3 Galaxy

            I have Galaxy S3 for 3 days now. Very disappointed with battery life. On factory default settings it wents from 100% to 46% in cca 8 hours, during my dayjob and I didn’t even looked at the phone. Slightly better with some apps and settings turned down, but still very disappointed. When I’m writing this post, battery sinked allready 7% with wifi on and everything else on low even display brightness to 0% … Thinking to sell it…

          • Mark

            You need to give it 1 – 2 months before you get proper battery charge. My S2 was dreadful at first and now I get almost 2 days without any battery apps running. Using Juice Defender extreme I can get up to 4 days with moderate usage.

          • ricy

            really? so it take months to get the full battery capacity? my average use with my s3 lasts me about 10 hours, and considering i wake up at 8 and sleep at 12, i was hoping it would last about 16 hours. i see all these people saying how awesome their battery life is, and i see posts about ppl saying give the phone a couple charges. so its possible the charges require months?

        • sn0wbaLL

          why do isheep come to Android sites and bitch.

    • Mark

      If you’re waiting for an iPhone killer, I’m not sure how you missed the GSII. As e34v8 said, the iPhone is far behind the GSII. I have one and I love it!

    • AppleFUD

      Delays in updates are NOT Samsung’s fault. It’s the carriers!!! This has been discussed to death. WiFi only devices got ICS very quickly. Why? NO carriers in the way.

      Now as for long term updates/upgrades that is another story and IMHO Android has not had good long term support (2+ years) however, much of that currently is due to the fast pace of increased hardware performance needs.

  • Tom

    I’m sorry, but the First screenshot is absolute bull, he did not ‘use’ the phone for 20 hours nor did he listen to music for 5 hours.
    Screen idle is second on the list and Music playback is at 2%, Also no radio connection, But as you said It’s unscientific.
    I also doubt the 10 Hours of Video playback, I know that the poor AMOLED Pentile Matrix uses less power than LCD except for in whites, but the proof will be when It’s released I suppose.

    • Karl

      I agree, you also have to show to on-screen time. Big difference if it’s 40 minutes or 4 hours.

    • AndroidBrian

      Yeah screen is bull. 2% battery drain after 5 hours is just redunk.

      10 he video playback is more likely then unlikely IMO. Gs2 video playback lasted me almost 7hrs.

    • sammy richard

      And check out… Itz in flight mode…
      My phone lives upto 4 days in flight mode (1500 mah)…. Hahaha….

    • wonshikee

      Actually the Media Server is part of the music play as well as the musc app itself.

  • Mitchel Errol Suarez

    Wow, iPhone 4s got third place on web browsing! Bravo with it’s 3.5 tiny winny screen! It even beat the SGSIII 4.8″ display with 1 hour!!!!

    • Gorynytj

      Come on, think a little. It’s because the small screen it lasts longer.. jeez.

      • Dave

        if you wouldve read the full comment, i believe that is what he is referring to.
        he was poking fun that the battery for the little 3.5 inch screen on the iphone only lasted an hour longer the the battery for the big 4.8 inch screen on the SGS3

  • AndroidBrian

    I still don’t understand why no phone matches the razor Maxx yet. Is there a reason no other phone has a equal or better battery yet? Cell phone tech moves insanely quick but battery just takes a back seat. All these next Gen quad core phones and not one phone has anything that’s even close to the Maxx.

    Our phones are fast enough! Give me more f*cling battery!

    • I think that manufactures focus on slim profiles and high performance because those are the aspects that users first see in a phone. Battery life is simply not that exciting for most consumers.

      On the other hand, it baffles me too why don’t more manufacturers apply the Razr Maxx recipe. I’d love to give up a few millimeters for an extra day of battery life. So, where’s the Samsung or the HTC “Maxx”?

    • AppleFUD

      They have released statements stating that their research shows that the average customer wants thinner lighter devices over larger batteries, thus they continue to offer accessories for hard core users. The reality is, techies will use and abuse their devices significantly more than the average user, ehere the average user will get several days out of their device — my gf just got her unlocked GSM GNexus. Her first charge last her nearly five days. She uses it mainly as a business phone, texting/gVoice, email, and GPS — very average user like. Not a heavy data or CPU intensive user like most techies reading AA.

      • SamsaraGuru

        It is understandable that the manufactuers want to focus on style and features that they feel will help sell their complex, incredibly expensive to bring to market devices – that’s the name of the game, if they want to continue to exist. I get that.

        However, when you let style trump commonsense to the point it compromises functionality, especially when you are building a kick ass, high powered, state of the art device like the HTC One X. and you choose to use in ot a NON-removable battery that will make the device need charging aplenty – at what you and I both know WILL prove to be inconvenient times, not to mention ultimately necessitate the biggest sort of hassle – sending off our phone that’s all set up the way we like it because the battery up and died – well that’s just seems more than a little dumb and, for me at least, makes it a total non-starter.

        Fine, if they want to build slim, svelte prettier than pretty phones – go for it; I like pretty as much as the next guy – but why not also make it so that those who don’t mind using a specialized back that adds 2 or 3 mm in girth can have the option to install a replaceable humongous battery using a special back?

        Not only could they eliminate completely the knee jerk reactions and built in reservation you see echoed in every review for the HTC One X, but have the best of both worlds.

        • razr

          Ferrari has 25 gallon tank while most of compact car has 13 gallon one. but if you drive your ferrari 100mph faster than legal limit, you get 3.5mpg. it means you cannot go further than 80 miles with one tank. then should Ferrari install 100 gallon tank to their car to ensure 300 miles range at any driving condition? i don’t think so. 25 gallon is fine for most people not 100 gallon tank with ugly designed one.

    • Guillermo Perez-Arguello

      HELLOOOO, THE MAXX HAS a 3000MHA BATTERY. 1K OVER THE GS3, think that doesn’t make a difference? COME ON!

    • Maun_don

      Razor Maxx has 3300mAh battery while s3 has 2100mAh!!

    • Ifciprian

      Man, razor maxx has a 3300 mAh battery ! and it has a smaller screen, a smaller resolution( less pixels that drain energy) and only a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor. It’s logic that it stands so much time.

      • SamsaraGuru

        Thank you for pointing out those specs Ifciprian.

        But still, a 3300 mAh battery would be rather nice to have I think you will agree – regardless of screen size, resolution and processor.

        Or, as I mentioned in my post below – why not just make it so that those who lust for more power can have it – offer a specialized back – charge for $50.00 for it when it costs you 50 cents to make it probably; sell a 5000 mAh battery that could power a battleship to go with it.

        We are becoming more and more dependent on using our phones(?) these days; I wonder which part of we need them to not run down during even the hardest days of use the manufacturers just don’t seem to be able to get?

    • Mikepg

      Have you tried an iGo green charger? Gives you an extra 1800 mAh in compact format

  • Usually i charge my S2 in 2 days.. But I’m interested to know how long it would last as a gps device in a car without a charger.

  • sammy richard

    Bad Review…

  • sammy richard

  • onesun

    Am I missing the One *X* on those charts? I see other One series phones, but not the X. The article references the X, but I think they are mistaking it for the S.

  • Gamblor77

    The phone is in airplane mode and wasn’t even used for 95% of the time. I think it would have been more useful to PhotoShop those stats onto a screenshot than to waste 20+ hours to generate useless battery stats. I’m sure the phone could last 17 days with the screen off and nothing running and in airplane mode too. Better yet why not turn it completely off? It would last REALLY long then!!! :P
    Other than that, the 10 hours of video and talk time are pretty impressive.

  • Brad168

    Can’t see it mention the brightness anywhere. DO we assume it’s as low as possible as their looking at battery life or are they keeping the brightness as high as possible to really test them?

  • blitz

    I’m happy that the phone screen shows the battery life as a percentage as well! Its the little things that count. Its irritating that the previous phones didn’t have this feature even with the updates as the visual display was completely inaccurate. I’m also happy with the battery life. Was hoping for it to be 2500mAh, but its still decent.

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  • Cellphone Fiend

    Two words regarding the Galaxy S3 …… BRUSHED PLASTIC

  • Well

    lol i already forgot to update my phones.. well phones are phones not so great at anything.. :P

  • who cares about battery life? order a couple spares from eBay and keep them fully charged and in the car, wallet, etc. non-issue as far as i’m concerned.

  • aden01

    hey, how many H i need to charge my new S3? i did it for 3 H yesterday (untill the battery was full) i played with it for 45 minutes. the battery level remains 95%. i turn it off. and then the next morning (today) my s3 battery already drain.

  • Grrrr

    Battery Life is bad! I have the same problem as Aden01. Charged my phone to full then went to sleep when I woke up it was below 20% full. I downloaded a battery saving app and turned of wifi and all other notifications and apps. 10 hours later and it has 33% life and thats with out using it for voice calls or anything else because I didnt bring my charger with me as I assumed I wouldnt need to charge it this soon.

    I would hate to see how long it would last if I used it like my old Balckberry.

    I doubt it would ever make 10 hours of video play back ever!

    other then that its a great phone but hey whats the use of having an awesome phone that chews battery

    • Grrrr

      sorry 10 hours is after I had recharged it to full

  • Yankee Doodle

    HTH did the poster get that much battery life?? I’m battling to keep it going for a full day and I have enabled all the power saving options, turned down the screen, turned bluetooth AND GPS off and it still loses 50%+ while at work, sitting on my desk at work. Not impressed.

  • Otilia

    My S3 battery doesn’t last the day, although the phone is one month old. I don’t use it to listen to the music, but I do get emails notifications. It is very frustrating…any tips or advice?

  • verizon

    I have the galaxy 3 s phone and it sucks there’s no battery life on it, I perfer the iphone’s battery, also in the sense of apps the droid razor is incomparable

  • trebor

    Due to the storm that hit our country, fearing of electricity being cut off, i quickly fully charged my s3 before the electricity was turned off. With no means of charging my phone for one whole day (used it for texting and calls) i was surprised to wake up the next day to see my s3’s battery from 100% to 35% after 24 hours. Really shocked because i have read that s3’s battery life was poor.