Samsung Galaxy Note Unboxing and First Review [Video]

by: Darcy LaCouveeNovember 1, 2011

In this video, we give you a quick run through on the hardware of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s hardware proved to be stunningly fast, and the display was an absolute marvel to behold. Check our hands on video below for an unboxing, our first impressions, and a quick run through of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note.

There will always be the argument about whether this device is too big or not – and we will have to leave that to you.

You’ve seen the video, now continue to the  hands on review of the Galaxy Note with tons of high res images!

  • Guest


    Do you mind telling me where did you get this phone from and how much?


    • Anonymous

      It’s for sale now at (germany)

    • This is a review set friend. Prize is depending on your country.

  • Alex

    From handling both the Note and the Nexus, is it worth buying the Gnote device if I have to buy it unlocked/SIM free from the UK so I can use it in Canada? Is the extra screen real estate worth the extra few hundred bucks it will cost me buying it unlocked, vs buying the Nexus on subsidy from my carrier? I love the idea of being able to better view docs and spreadsheets on a pocketable device, so I’m wondering if there is THAT much of a difference in screen sizes that it would justify the significantly higher price for the Gnote. Also, ICS is a big deal for me. Do you think the ROM will be available anytime soon, as I’ve read in other forums that ICS is destined for the Gnote, but not for a long while (Q2 2012 from what I’ve seen). Thanks in advance for any advice/help you can provide!

    • Hi Alex, I have had the Note for 3 days. I have no doubt that it is a great device. Once Ice Cream Sandwich hits this phone, it will get even better.
      Oh yes, the bigger screen made powerpoint, excel and document easier to read. And this helps when you want to get work done on the go.
      The battery lasted 16 hours for me on this device. it’s pretty amazing.

      • Alex

        Randy, I appreciate your feedback very much. The bind I’m in right now is choosing to go with the Nexus, which by now seems pretty much confirmed for end of November, or going with the Note – which Canada might not see for a long, long while. This means I’ll have to go through the process of buying the Note unlocked, overseas for a significantly higher price. All I need to know is…. is it really so much better for viewing docs on the go that it would justify the expense and tedious process of buying overseas?

  • Erik1up

    can i import and use on tmobile ?

    • the version that i reviews uses a standard SIM.
      Not sure how T-mobile runs.

  • Anonymous

    This is the only device… ONLY …. that I’ve seen and I knew I had to have it.

  • so basically, you like to say basically.. interesting ;) Nice review anyway

  • Stephen Raharja

    Are you Singaporean? Cuz I noticed the Singlish :D

    • Seems to be malaysian because the sim card that was used was digi?

  • Buddy1

    OMG… dude you make me miss Singapore with all its laksa and hot weather glory.. haahaa!

  • :) I thought the concept of smartphone-tablet would cast me out but looking closer at this babe, I realize I’d love to play around with it a little.

  • I really would love to have this phone, i love big phones, been trying to figure out what i can sell just to have the money to buy it, it is so expensive. My luck in winning anykind of giveaways has never been good lol..i failed every single one i ever entered, so all i can do is cross my finger and hope this time i might have a miracle to win lol.