Samsung President Ko

Reporters interviewing the new head of Samsung Electronics. Notice the phones they are using: LG, Apple…


For those Samsung fans who have been following the company in the news recently, there is a recurring theme going on: performance and change. The OEM’s Q3 earnings were quite profitable though due to component sales and a favorable exchange rate, not smartphone sales. Last month the conglomerate’s CEO said “if we resist changes, then we won’t survive” and just this week J.K. Shin was replaced as the head of Samsung Electronics.

Dong-jin Ko, who replaces Mr. Shin, told reporters earlier today that, “Next year will be tough” and that he doesn’t anticipate the mobile segment to see a “huge upturn”.

Mr. Ko’s remarks came following a weekly meeting with key leaders of Samsung Group affiliates, and included commentary that he will be working closely with J.K. Shin, who was recently reassigned to mid-term strategies. Still, Mr. Ko sought to downplay any panic that might possibly ensue, stating that, “No major organizational overhaul is set” because the business is not in “deep trouble.”


Samsung is hoping that products like the newly announced, refreshed Galaxy A7 will be a hit.

Samsung has been facing keen competition in recent years from Chinese OEMs, and with it diminishing market share and profits. In a new report yesterday, insider sources claimed that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will forgo a major design refresh and instead focus on internal component upgrades such as the SoC, display, camera, and memory. Rumors have also been circulating that the S7 will see a return to microSD support after Samsung chose to remove it this year, much to the displeasure of some long-time customers.



  • saksham

    what will win the heart of all android users : near stock android , sd card , couple hundred dollars less than it currently is with all the features galaxies have right now

    • You can’t have all the features it has now with near stock Android. Many of those features are exactly what make it far from stock Android.

    • 5URV1V0R

      you are quite humble my friend. How about they throw in a motor bike too ;)

      For me, i don’t mind keeping TW as it is getting leaner, nicer, and more practical. I just wish there is an option to turn off TW when you want to go back to pure Android. IF TW becomes a software option that can be ticked on or off, i guess this will make most people happy.

      • Eric Klees

        That is a great idea. It could be embedded into the developer options. This way the average person that knows nothing about our cares about vanilla android would still use the TW software they want them to use but more savvy people would enable the dev options and could turn it off

    • Prasad

      haha… you should just buy Nexus6P (I think that is more than 200$ less)

      • saksham

        ‘all galaxy features ‘

  • mrochester

    When are we going to see them updating the software?! The hardware is already good enough, it’s the software that needs a major overhaul. I wish these companies would stop being so pig headed about this and just get on wit it.

    • Ichibanmugen

      Unfortunately since Samsung likes to Saturate things it will only get worse.. Release less devices give better support to these few devices and you’ll end up with happier people and In my opinion a better market.

    • Prasad

      They want you to buy a new phone (more money) than supporting existing phone(negative money). Its that simple they dont want to build trust they want more money to show investors. Of course the same story with Apple but they build trust a bit more comparatively…

  • Dusan

    This guy got badly photobombed.

    • Ichibanmugen

      Those are reporters trying to listen/recording what he’s saying..

      • Dusan

        Ya think?

        • Ichibanmugen

          I could be wrong and they’re trying to give their phones for a date?

          • Dusan

            I think they are trying to force feed him those phones.

          • Ichibanmugen

            Wish they did! and maybe Samsung would become less hated..

  • M42

    Samsung makes laggy phones and tablets with very poor battery life and all they do is copy Apple. Therein lies their problems.

    • saksham

      what year are u living ? 2012 ?

      • Prasad

        He may be talking about those side and bottom views of S6 and also following Apple to remove SD slot and battery slot. I think that happened in 2015. We have to decide now whether those slots are for making more money or for performance…come on Samsung..

    • Shamoy Rahman

      Then buy a Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. They make the best Android tablets on the market now.

  • Igy Tech

    Yes, I bought 1 Samsung device per year but with your support no more. So no money from me.

  • Claude L

    Well… At least they should stop announcing a phone every month, have a near stock product to get update ASAP… and they will make much more money.

  • systemupdate

    I feel like Samsung should have made A3, A5, and A7 two years ago. They are getting into premium build quality so late. Plus they continue to make a million different phones. It is no surprise they do not support their devices for long and most do not get updates on time or ever. Do they really need 100000 phone models? I don’t know how many would be enough, but I know they have too many now.

    • Sonya Matthews

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    • ffuucckk

      Samsung is following Nokia’s model. Nokia used to release a new phone every week.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    Can’t help but laugh at the revenue standing and overall profits of Htc, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, LG, and that crappy Nexus junk they are the dregs of the android platform. Samsung owns 67% of the entire android platform the ONLY manufacturer making money you can only laugh at the pathetic rest.

    • squiddy20

      1. Pretty sure your “67% of the entire android platform” metric is off. And even if it isn’t, you used to claim 70-75%, meaning that beloved Samsung market share you hold so dearly has dropped.
      2. As if “revenue” or “market share” are the only metrics that matter. Samsung has consistently sold less than expected on their Galaxy S and Note series for the past few years.
      3. If you read the article at all (you clearly didn’t), you’d find that the bulk of Samsung’s profits came from sources other than the smartphone market. Learn to read, ignorant fanboy.

      • Prasad

        Samsung’s revenue model…. “ship more lose more”
        I think they are giving away their phones for free with TVs and other appliances…just to boost market share and marketing… they cannot make loses by selling those many phones…

      • Cybertech

        He’s just a known troll, don’t bother.

  • aaloo

    I’m not sure why people buy Samsung phones and then whine about touch wiz and not having stock android. There are plenty of stock android phones to choose from. Lack of stock android isn’t the reason Samsung is selling less and less high end phones. Touch wiz is what makes a Samsung phone a Samsung phone. If they start shipping stock android, then what differentiates it from other stock phones?

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    Samsung launching of new phones is going no where.. it will soon curtail its product line.
    Apple is on the right path.. consumers wait for their products .. One single product is much much heavy than any of its competitor whole range.