Although no official announcement yet, the folks over at SamMobile say that inside sources they’re fairly confident in have revealed that Samsung plans to bring the vast majority of its apps to the iOS over the course of this year. In fact, it might even be possible that all of Samsung’s apps will be arriving on iPhones soon.

This comes right on the coat-tails of Samsung’s announcement that the Gear S2 will soon have iOS support. Although many Samsung apps are already available in the App Store, some key apps from the Samsung line are definitely missing. The company is looking to make even more of their stuff compatible with Apple products.



Right off the bat, it looks like the Gear Fit Manager is going to be one of the most important apps to land on iOS. This will add the Gear Fit to the list of potential fitness trackers available to iPhone users. Pairing nicely with this, Apple fans will also get access the S Health app, which is a pretty sleek all-around health monitoring tool.

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December 27, 2015

Although the Smart Camera app is currently available on iOS, it looks like Samsung will soon be taking the photo-snapping program a lot more seriously. The UI right now is pretty clumsy, by many accounts, but it looks like the app is slated for a full overhaul. Before long, controlling Samsung smart cameras from your iPhone will be a cinch.

Finally, iPhone users will be getting Galaxy View support via Remote Control and Family Squar apps for the iOS. This will give these users the ability to control the Galaxy View from their smartphones as easily as Android users currently can.

Although the company is clearly up to its elbows in the Android operating system, it’s important for Samsung to ensure that its non-smartphone devices interact smoothly with smartphones regardless of operating system. This initiative is part of their push for the ever-developing Internet of Things, which requires fluid interaction between a wide variety of devices, accessories, and wearables. 

What do you think of Samsung filling out their iOS app line? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Daggett Beaver

    Samsung already manufactures the iPhone SoC, and rumors have it that Samsung will be manufacturing the next iPhone display. Add to that the software, and pretty soon Apple will be selling iGalaxys.

    • Osakwe tochukwu

      Hahahahahaa…thats the new tech warfare going on these as apple is suing samsung for some dumb patent…samsung will collect the cash back thru supply of hardware and software it supplies to apple for its iphone production…the crazy cycle

      • Diego

        I believe they are suing the mobile division, not the chip division?

        • The-Sailor-Man

          And I’m answering now to your fingers, typing this iBS, not to your brain. LOL
          Or you say that not Apple is suing Samsung , but Apple’s ‘design division’, or ‘App devision’? ROTFL.
          You man made my day!!!!!!

    • STT

      In all fairness, TSMC seems to produce more SoCs for iPhones than Samsung. 2016 will probably see Samsung dropped from production of Apple’s SoCs. However, it does appear Samsung will be producing OLED screens for the iPhone 8.

  • Fartemis

    Oh garsh I hope they install s health and blurb checkout and all of the other random bloatware crap so iPhone users can see what thevye been missing out on all these years!

    • Diego

      You know that iOS and touchwiss android work differently, right?

      • Fartemis

        You do know it’s called touchwiz not touchwiss right smart guy?

        • s2weden2000

          yEah..touchswitch …