There has been an on-off trend by smartphone makers to release “mini” versions of their flagship handsets, in years gone by Samsung always had a “mini” version of its latest “S” device. However Samsung isn’t the only one playing the “mini” game. After the success of the OnePlus One, OnePlus decided to repackage the One’s internals into the OnePlus X, a smaller 5 inch device, down from 5.5 inches. This makes it the “mini” version of the OnePlus One and the Two. Sony likewise has mini (compact), normal and large (premium) versions of the Xperia Z5, and Motorola offers the Moto G (and to some extent the Moto E) as “mini” versions of its “X” range. But which is the best? To help you choose, here is my comparison of the OnePlus X versus the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact versus the Motorola Moto G.

But before we dive into the comparison, I just want to bring up the whole “5 inches is now a mini” thing. Over the last few years there has clearly been a trend towards larger screen phones. From the days of the 3.2 inch HTC Dream we have all become used to devices with screen sizes from 5.0 to 6 inches. With many of the flagship phones offering displays greater than 5 inches, it seems that now 5 inches is consider “mini.” So although I would have preferred to review phones smaller than 5 inches, it seems that the market has decided otherwise!


Before going on to look at these phones I think it is right to first look at the prices. Although these are all “mini” devices there is quite a big difference in how much they cost. At the top end is the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. It is available in the UK from a variety of places and costs around £429 without a contract. In Europe you can buy it off contract directly from Sony for €599. For those of you in the USA, there is no news about when or if the Z5 series will be officially available there, however you can find it starting at about $520, but some listings go as high as $700.

Next comes the OnePlus X at $250 with 16GB of internal storage, half the price of the Z5 Compact. Finally is the Moto G which in the US can be bought for $179.99 with 8GB of internal storage, while the 16GB model costs $219.99.


Z5C-vs-X-vs-G-photos-30As well as a big difference in price, these three devices also differ significantly in terms of design. The design of the Z5 Compact should be instantly familiar to anyone who is acquainted with Sony’s other Z devices, particularly the Z3 Compact. It looks like the Z5 and Z5 Premium but in a much smaller body. It includes the signature button layout including the dedicated camera shutter button and a new large power button, which also houses a fingerprint reader. Overall the the Z5 Compact feels nice in the hand and is easy to handle, mainly due to its size and symmetrical design.

Z5-Compact-05See also: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact review70

The OnePlus X has dual glass panels and a metal frame which gives the device a premium feel, way above its price point. The metal frame utilizes micro-cuts that contribute a lot to the handling experience without scraping the skin or feeling uncomfortable to the touch. While the Z5 Compact has a dedicated camera button, the OnePlus X has a dedicated Alert Slider which allows you to switch between “Do not disturb” mode, that silences the device completely; priority only interruptions; or normal “All notifications” mode.

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The Moto G is certainly the bulkiest of these three devices, mainly due to its curved back. But with the curved back (and the plastic mid-plate the comes down from the camera lens to the Motorola dimple) you also get access to Moto Maker, which means, along with swappable back plates, users can now bring customization to the next level. Through Motorola’s website, you’ll be able to choose your front, back and accent colors, as well as add personal engravings on the phone’s back. As well as this high level of customization the Moto G also has front facing speakers (as does the Z5 Compact) and IPX7 water resistance, which means that it can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

moto-gSee also: Motorola Moto G 2015 review53

So which has the best design? That depends on what you want. The ability to customize the Moto G with Moto Maker is very attractive for those who want to personally define their phone’s look and feel. Having said that, the Moto G is certainly bulkier than the Z5 Compact and the OnePlus X. Unfortunately Sony has managed to put the volume rocker in the worst possible place on the Z5 Compact, which I personally see as a major design flaw. What that means is this, if you want subtle, slim and elegant then the OnePlus X has the better design, if you want customization and bright colors then go with the Moto G.


Z5C-vs-X-vs-G-photos-12Two of our three phones have a 720p HD display, while the other features a full HD screen. You might think since the Z5 Compact is the most expensive of the three then that would be the device with the HD display, but you would unfortunately be wrong. The Z5 Compact comes with a 4.6-inch display with a 720p resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 323 ppi. Although it must be said that the resolution and pixel density work perfectly for such a small display, you are left feeling that for the price you should be getting something more. Having said that, the color reproduction is good, due to the Triluminos display with the X-REALITY Engine enhancements.

The OnePlus X features a 5-inch AMOLED display with a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution (441 ppi). Overall the display experience is excellent with everything you would expect from an AMOLED screen, including deep blacks and good levels of contrast. OnePlus has also taken advantage of the AMOLED display tech in its software by including an Ambient Display feature. It is triggered by waving your hand over the proximity sensor, which causes the screen to show a minimal version of the lockscreen for a quick glance at your notifications and the clock.

That leaves the Moto G, which features a 720p display. Unfortunately because the device uses a 5 inch display (up from 4.5 inches found in the original Moto G), the pixel density is the lowest in our group at just 294 pixels per inch. However the display is IPS, which gives good viewing angles and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Clearly the OnePlus X is the winner here, Full HD and AMOLED, there isn’t much more you can ask for.


Z5C-vs-X-vs-G-photos-13Although the Z5 Compact has a smaller screen, Sony has not compromised on the internals. The Z5 Compact uses an octa-core Snapdragon 810 backed by the Adreno 430 GPU and 2GB of RAM. There is 32GB of internal storage and the option to add more via a microSD card.

The Z5 Compact is IP65 and IP68 waterproof rated, which according to Sony means you don’t need to worry if you get caught in the rain or want to wash off dirt under a tap. As for sound, the Z5 Compact features dual front facing speakers meaning that the sound is always projected directly upwards and outwards. The speakers can get quite loud (for a 4.6 inch phone) however at the highest volumes the sound loses depth and can be a bit “squeaky”.

When it comes to the battery, the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact packs a 2,700 mAh unit, which is more than enough for a smaller phone like this. You should be able to get 5 hours of screen on time over a period of between 36 and 42 hours of standby. It also supports Quick Charge 2.0 and don’t forget the fingerprint reader.

Unlike the Z5 Compact and the Moto G, the OnePlus X uses a 32-bit processor rather than a 64-bit processor. This may seem like a real disadvantage for the OnePlus X, however the good news is that the company picked one of the best 32-bit processors available, the Snapdragon 801. In addition to the performance figures which I give below, you can find out more about how the Snapdragon 801 compares to its 64-bit rivals in my comparison of the Snapdragon 810 vs the Exynos 7420 vs the MediaTek Helio X10 vs the Kirin 935.

The X offers dual SIM support, however the secondary SIM slot also doubles as a microSD card slot, which will certainly be appreciated, since the 16 GB of on-board storage will not be enough for many people. On the battery front, the OnePlus X packs a 2,525 mAh unit, which is pretty standard for a phone of this size. With moderate usage, the device allows for around 3 hours of screen-on time, which is pretty average, however good when you consider the price point. The standby time is also quite impressive, with due credit being given to the AMOLED display and features like Ambient Display and Dark Mode. Unfortunately there is no fast charging functionality.

It is worth mentioning that the OnePlus X doesn’t fully support 4G LTE in the USA because it lacks a couple of key bands. Although the international coverage is much better, those in the US should think twice before getting this phone if 4G is a requirement.

As I mentioned previously, the Moto G packs a 64-bit processor, however it isn’t a high-end 64-bit processor. That doesn’t mean it is lacking in terms of every day usage, however it isn’t going to break any speed records. Accompanying the Snapdragon 410 processor is 1GB of RAM on the 8GB model and 2GB RAM on the 16GB model. If you are buying a Moto G I would really recommend going for the 16GB version for both the extra storage and the extra RAM.

Although Motorola has included a removable back cover, the 2470mAh battery is non-removable. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as the the Moto G delivers impressive battery life. You should be able to get around 5 hours of screen on time over a 16 to 18 hour day. If you do run out of charge, however, the lack of quick charging means it takes over two hours to charge from full, so you’ll want to plan your charging accordingly.

In terms of hardware the Z5 Compact is the clear winner here. You get a flagship processor, 2GB of RAM, NFC, a fingerprint reader, front facing speakers and a good battery. Of course, the Z5 Compact has that premium price, so we should expect flagship internals. When it comes to the other two, the processor is better in the OnePlus X, however consumers in the USA might be better off with the Moto G.


Z5C-vs-X-vs-G-Epic-CitadelIn terms of general performance the Snapdragon 810 in the Z5 Compact provides a snappy user experience. The UI is smooth and there aren’t any lags, you won’t find yourself wishing there was a different CPU in the phone. The gaming experience is also very good, in fact the Z5 Compact manages an impressive 58.5 fps for Epic Citadel in Ultra High Quality mode. As for AnTuTu, the device managed a top score of 62,130, while on Geekbench it managed 1306 (single-core) and 4295 (multi-core). For CPU Prime Benchmark the Z5 Compact scored 20771.

The Snapdragon 801 is still a great processor package, however don’t expect the same performance levels as the Snapdragon 810. For daily tasks, like writing emails, listening to music, watching the occasional video, and general web browsing, the OnePlus X doesn’t skip a beat. However Josh Vergara did notice the occasional little stutters during his review. These may be due to further refinements needed to Oxygen OS (OnePlus’ replacement for Cyanogen after the very public bust up between the two companies), as it isn’t something I experienced when I reviewed the Snapdragon 801 powered ZUK Z1.

In terms of benchmarks the OnePlus X scored 37956 on AnTuTu, 914 (single-core) and 2528 (multi-core) on Geekbench, and 12160 on CPU Prime Benchmark. When running Epic Citadel the X manages 39.1 fps in Ultra High Quality mode, however it does much better in High Quality mode with 52.3 fps.

The Moto G is the slowest of the devices scoring 23252 on AnTuTu, 528 (single-core) and 1574 (multi-core) on Geekbench, and 3217 on CPU Prime Benchmark. For Epic Citadel the Moto G manages 30.6 fps in Ultra High Quality mode and 56.4 fps in High Quality mode.

DeviceAnTuTuGeekbenchCPU Prime BenchmarkEpic Citadel
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact621301306 (single-core), 4295 (multi-core)2077158.5 fps (Ultra High Quality mode), 58.7 fps (High Quality mode)
OnePlus X37956914 (single-core), 2528 (multi-core)1216039.1 fps (Ultra High Quality mode), 52.3 fps (High Quality mode)
Motorola Moto G23252528 (single-core), 1574 (multi-core)321730.6 fps (Ultra High Quality mode), 56.4 fps (High Quality mode)

Looking at the performance results it is clear that you get what you pay for. The better the performance, the more the device costs. The Z5 Compact is the winner, however in terms of price/performance the OnePlus X has lots to offer.


On paper the camera in the Z5 Compact should be the best in our group. The Z5 Compact uses a 23 MP Sony Exmor RS sensor, a wide angle 24mm G Lens, and offers 4K video recording. Also the built-in app has lots of features way beyond just HDR and Panorama. In reality the results from the Z5 Compact have been disappointing when compared to other flag ship phones. In this lineup the Z5 Compact’s camera performs as well as the others, but not better.

The OnePlus X comes with a 13 MP rear camera that uses phase detection autofocus and leverages HDR. The camera application is the same as the one found in the OnePlus 2, which uses swipes on the viewfinder in order to switch between various modes, including slow motion video, time lapse, and panorama. There isn’t much manual control available, aside from basically just being able to trigger HDR.

The OnePlus X is guilty of some classic pitfalls. It’s great in good lighting conditions, but quality deteriorates drastically as conditions worsen, and taking a shot will always require a very steady hand. This actually becomes more of an issue with video capture, which gets a bit choppy more often than not. For a daily shooter, the OnePlus X requires a little more diligence to get good shots, but for its price point, we don’t fault the camera too much for that, unless your focus is video recording.

The Moto G features a 13 megapixel rear with an f/2.0 aperture and dual LED flash. The sensor is the same one that Motorola used in the Nexus 6 and it features a HDR mode plus it is capable of shooting 1080p video. In daylight, the camera produces colors that are vibrant and captures an impressive amount of detail. In particular, HDR mode makes a big difference to images and does a good job in lighting up shadows. Daylight performance is definitely impressive, but sadly, as the sun drops so does the camera performance.

Here are some comparison shots so you can see for yourself:

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

OnePlus X

Motorola Moto G


The Z5 Compact comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop by default and it will receive an upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow at some point in the future. Sony has added a light skin on top of stock Android and also included extra features and Sony related apps. As well as the software for managing the fingerprint reader there is a myriad of device connection options including the ability to wirelessly play content from your Xperia to other devices (i.e. Sony TVs), screen mirroring, connecting to Playstation controllers, and MirrorLink. There is also a theme library. Under Power management there are several different power saving modes available including STAMINA mode, Ultra STAMINA mode, and Low-battery mode.

sony marshmallow android 6.0 logoSee also: This is Sony’s Concept for Marshmallow, and it’s very promising88

The OnePlus X comes with OnePlus’ Oxygen OS, which brings a mostly stock-looking Android edition to the OnePlus X. Much of it is really familiar, since it is based on Android 5.1.1, and the Lollipop inspired interface includes a paginated app drawer and a Quick Settings menu. OnePlus have added a new feature called Shelf, where frequent apps, favorite contacts, and user-defined widgets can be stored. More input options are available, with users given the choice between capacitive keys or on screen navigation keys, and gestures like double tap to wake are to be found as well.

The Moto G features a near-pure Android experience (Android 5.1.1), meaning you’ll have access to the Google Now launcher, with just a couple Motorola-specific apps thrown into the mix. The first of those is Moto Display, which shows you waiting notifications or the time automatically when you pick the handset up or pull it out of your pocket. Moto Display is very useful when you consider how many people don’t carry a watch and check the time on their phone and it definitely helps improve the battery if you are one of them. There is also Quick Gestures, which let you accomplish simple things easily. A double flick of the wrist turns the flashlight on or off, while a double twist of the wrist launches the camera. However, this latter feature can be a little too responsive meaning you might activate the camera just by picking up the phone from a table.

If you want a stock Android experience then you will get that from the Moto G, if you are looking for a more customized version of Android then the Z5 Compact or the OnePlus X could give you what you are looking for. Overall, the three devices offer a good software experience and you won’t be disappointed with any of them.


 Sony Xperia Z5 CompactOnePlus XMotorola Moto G
Display4.6-inch IPS LCD display, 720p resolution, 323ppi5-inch display, 1920 x 1080 resolution, Gorilla Glass 35.0-inch IPS LCD display, 720 x 1280 resolution, Gorilla Glass 3
Processor64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810Qualcomm 2.3GHz Snapdragon 8011.4GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410
GPUAdreno 430Adreno 330Adreno 306
Storage32GB of on-board storage, microSD expansion up to 200GB16GB, microSD expansion up to 128GB8 or 16GB, microSD expansion up to 32GB
SoftwareAndroid 5.1 Lollipop, Sony's customized UIOxygen OS (based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop)Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
SIM cardNano SIMNano SIM, dual compatible (but uses microSD slot)Micro SIM
Dual SIMNoYesNo
Water resistanceIP65 / IP68 certification, capless USBNoneIPX7
Quick Charge 2.0YesNoNo
CamerasSony Exmor RS 23MP rear-facing camera, Sony Exmor R 5MP front-facing camera13MP ISOCELL 3M2 CMOS with f/2.2 rear-facing camera. 8MP front camera13MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing camera
BatteryNon-removable 2,700mAh batteryNon-removable 2,525 mAh LiPo batteryNon-removable 2470mAh
Dimensions127 x 65 x 8.9mm, 138g140 x 69 x 6.9 mm, 138g142.1 x 72.4 x 11.6mm, 155g


Final thoughts

When many OEMs produce a “mini” smartphone it is often a cut down version of an existing (and popular) model. Not so with Sony, the Z5 Compact is a true flag ship device but with a smaller screen. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its drawbacks, the price being one, however if you want the same performance as you would get from the Z5 or the Z5 Premium, but in a smaller form factor, then the Z5 Compact is a good choice.

However the price tag on the Z5 Compact isn’t for everyone’s pockets, and to some extent I am not sure that the extra money buys you all that much. You can actually buy a OnePlus X and a Moto G together for the same price as a Z5 Compact! The Moto G still stands out as the best budget smartphone around, however don’t expect break neck performance from the device. As for the OnePlus X, it has set a new standard for entry-level phones, it is a shame that it isn’t fully compatible with 4G LTE networks in the USA.

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If I had $550 to spend on a small phone, which one would I buy? Honestly I would probably get two OnePlus X handsets (since I live in Europe), or maybe a OnePlus X, a 16GB Moto G and use the change to treat my family to a nice day out.

  • shyam

    I think nexus 5x could also have been included since it is technically a mini…

    • Bashar Shehab

      So it’s like this :
      Camera : Z5c > Moto G > OnePlus X ( Based on DxOMark tests)
      Display : OnePlus X > Z5c > Moto G
      Performance : Z5c >>> and waay weaker is the OnePlus X > waay weaker too is the Moto G
      Storage : Z5c > OnePlus X & Moto G
      Screen-to-body ratio : Z5c > OnePlus X > Moto G

      So the price of these 3 phones is so identical, Z5c is way waaay waaaaat much better than both .

      Design is user preference not me, But I like Z5c & OnePlus X so much, still prefer Z5c .

  • Richard

    z5 compact for the win.

    • 404

      the 2GB of RAM bothers me tho

      • Mark

        Me too… I really love the size (had the z3 compact) and wish more flagship level phones would be available at sub 5 inch screen sizes.

  • Chuck Jones

    Why??? Why is the X even in this article??
    You can’t even buy it!!!

    What is the point of reviewing a phone that you can’t BUY!!!!!

    • Mark

      Actually, you can buy it. Although the invite system is only meant to last a month (but you never know do you) it is currently also being sold through an open sale. If you want to buy one all it currently takes is to navigate to the website and have appropriate funds available.

      • Lafayette

        I used to post comment like yours when One Plus One was first launched. Although I never bother to get the invite as I was broke as hell back then.

        But I was already saving up some money to buy a phone when the One Plus X was launched. I received an invite through my email within after 3 days of signing up for it. All I have to do was sign up my email, share a One Plus X link in my Facebook & twitter account. That’s it.

      • CKToxin

        Actually, Oneplus is having a Black Friday sale right now. It lasts for 3 more days and then it goes back to the invite system. I just ordered mine to replace my Moto G 4G, can’t wait :)

  • Karly Johnston

    Mi4c wins that battle.

  • This article is done by someone who is retarded.
    How much money OnePlus must be paying you guys, I don’t know.
    You being a tech site, the way you’ve written and done comparison is pure crap.
    First of all its not always the resolution when it comes to display, it’s the quality of panel.
    From YouTube videos I can tell that OnePlus X doesn’t have a quality panel when compared to Z5c.
    And what you’ve written about Z5c camera, seriously man, are you blind? I’ve Z5, you can not even compare the shots of this camera with both of them!
    What a joke this article is, if I come across more such biased content, I’m getting ride of your app.

    • Great way to engage with me, start by calling me a retard, nice one! OnePlus isn’t paying us a single penny for this content, neither is Sony or Motorola, this is an independent review. In fact we had to find an invite to buy the device I used in the review!

      I agree that resolution isn’t everything and 720p works well on the Z5 Compact, I say that in this article and in my full review. However since I have all three phones here and I have used all three side-by-side, I think the AMOLED display on the X is better. If you don’t agree, fine, but I wrote what I saw.

      Also, I must disagree about the camera. The photos shown in the article are the actual shots taken by me, one after the other with all three phones. Looking at the photos I don’t see that the Z5 Compact is any better than the other two. Of course it depends on the lighting etc, there are some where the Z5 Compact does and better job and some where it doesn’t.

      This article isn’t biased as I have nothing to win or lose either way, I just wrote it as I saw it.

      • Apologies for the strong language, but just the way you said it in you comment, that you wrote what you you saw and felt while reviewing. I did the same. The way you’ve written the article and judged the devices, not justified.
        You’ve not mentioned anything about sunlight visibility of any display and about the camera again there’s no comparison, even with your own samples. Night shots of z5c are the best when compared..

        • I don’t think the night shots of the Z5C are best at all… When compared to the OnePlus X shots, it isn’t clear cut at all. For example:

          When you look at the white leg/pillar thing on the left you can clearly see that the Z5C has done a better job, there is less noise than the X, so good job to the Z5C.

          But when you look at the car park lights on the right then you see that there is lots of noise on the Z5C and some flaring, while on the X there is less flaring and a little less noise.

          If you look at the first shop (under the leg/pillar thing) you will see on the X it looks warm and inviting, it also has some good details. On the Z5C it washed out and less detailed.

          So I don’t think it is as cut and dry as you make out.

          • A little collage I made to show what I mean…

          • Are we not seeing the same picture.. look at the color difference between two images, come on!!
            And you are comparing corner of the image just to prove your point that oneX and Z5C camera are equal… like everyone wants the corner most object of the frame to look sharp and not the center part of the frame.
            The little noise you are referring to is due to higher ISO that Z5c camera selected and it has capability to do so till 12800. You are not even testing the true power of Z5c camera, go to even darker place and take shot without flash with all phone and come back to me, then you’ll realize what it can do.
            And again the little noise will/can be fine tuned by software upgrade(though I hardly doubt there’s any). In recent years, I’ve seen Sony’s good track record with software upgrades and improving their own softwares. But when it comes to OP they’re the worst with supporting their hardware.

          • cam

            Obviously you aren’t a photographer like my self, I’ve gone to school for photography and I can honestly say that every part of the image counts. Google rule of thirds and maybe you’ll notice that the center of the image is the worst place to place a subject.

          • Who told you that I’m not?

          • cam

            Because you said that people look at the center of the image… And I’m not gonna fuel the fire so I’m not going to comment after this…

          • Tony Powell

            You sound like a Sony fanboy…garysims is totally correct. To be honest that Z5C is a pile of shit for the money you paid. The amount of complaints you read about the Z5C over heating = rubbish phone. The Oneplus X is much cheaper and takes a better picture than the Z5C…just live with it..ahahaha

          • Alex Norris

            OnePlus looks better

    • Wompus

      Hi Ankit,
      I want to start with telling you that i’ve bought the Oneplus X, while my older brother bought a Z5c not long ago. As a matter of fact, i have the two devices next to eachother right now.
      Resolution isn’t everything indeed, the Z5c’s screen is also .4 inches smaller. But I can clearly tell that the AMOLED OnePlus X display is better than sony’s one.

      • Apologies for the strong language, but just the way you said it in you comment, that you wrote what you you saw and felt while reviewing. I did the same. The way you’ve written the article and judged the devices, not justified.
        You’ve not mentioned anything about sunlight visibility of any display and about the camera again there’s no comparison, even with your own samples. Night shots of z5c are the best when compared.

      • That is good to hear Wompus, people are having a hard time believing me!

        • wabbies

          I’m having a hard time believing what you say in your conclusion. ‘if I would have the money I would buy 2 OnePlus X’s.’
          Why? That’s like saying if I would have the money I would buy two Renaults instead of one Mercedes.

          • That is a good analogy and absolutely right, I would never buy a Mercedes, two cars are way more useful than one luxury car, especially when you consider the standard of mid-range cars today. Why spend the extra for little benefit, unless you have money to burn… It is the same with these phones, the OnePlus X and the Moto G have lots to offer and seriously I wouldn’t spend the extra on a flagship, a waste of money for little gain. It is just sound economics.

          • wabbies

            Of course it depends on what you like. I don’t see the benefit of having two smartphones, so I would spend my money on the ‘best of the best’. I prefer having some more luxury and status (sounds retarded I know) so personally I would buy the merc. Of course other cars do the Job Just Fine, but who doesn’t want a phone to show off and make your friends jealous? Besides, I wonder how reliable OnePlus is as a company when my phone breaks. If you have to wait more than a week to get the phone when order It, how long do you have to wait for a replacement? Do you even get a replacement?

      • kaostheory

        Has the Z5c screen been calibrated? Sony’s calibration out of the box is crap. I’m so far from the stock rgb it’s not funny.

    • Ciprian Atreidex

      Chill, man! Take a break, take a Kit-Kat! :)

      Why so irritated? These guys got the chance to test all of those phones and KNOW what they’re talking about. You only saw some YouTube videos and you’re talking bullshit. Do you also vote for Trump in the upcoming elections? You certainly seem the type…

      I got an OnePlus X and I love it, more so than my Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s a high quality phone, with attention to small details, including the freaking box that has a nice design with plastic elements in it, a thing that I never saw in all my Samsung flagship phones.

      It scores better in Antutu than my S5, you can’t see a difference in the display, the battery lasts about 2 days for me… what more can you ask for $250? Honestly, I don’t think many companies can do what OnePlus has done in terms of quality and price.

      Go and spread your paranoia and negativity somewhere else.

      • You know what bro, The day your OP phone goes bad on you and you try to reach their support, come back to this thread then we will have a good chat.

        I’ll just quickly share my experience, I’d got OPO, one of the early buyers, After a few months people started complaining that they are not able to listen to me on calls properly. And it turned out that many OPO users were facing this issue, The issue is now open for more than a year, so many software upgrades but still not fixed, the issue is still open in CM’s Jira with people crying over there.. You are buying a smart phone, atleast the phone part of the smart phone should work right??

        Jira link:

  • Ahmad Muhsin

    too bad there are no Galaxy Alpha 2. it will be blow all of them, including the price.

    imagine, a 4.7″ 720p Super Amoled display, octa core Exynos 7420. Mali-T760MP8 gpu. 3 gigs of ram. 12 mp rear camera with Sony IMX240 sensor and f/1.9 aperture, 5mp front camera. 1860 mAh battery, 32gb storage. with fast charge of course. fingerprint sensor, designed beautiful like s6.

    the alpha is really identical to the S line, but only have to push 720p 4.7″ display. compared to 1440p 5.1″ in the s6, the alpha will have so much power. the only drawback maybe is the battery, it is a little bit too small. but enough for the day..

    • Bashar Shehab

      Well, IMX240 is actually 16MP sensor

      • Ahmad Muhsin

        it can be downscaled to 12mp. original galaxy alpha has the same isocell sensor just like s5, but samsung downscaled it to 12mp. even tough it is not as big, it is sharper.

  • WAusJackBauer

    I like the Moto G camera the most.

  • teomor

    5″ is a mini? These comparison articles seem to get more and more idiotic each day..

  • Siralf

    Sony made one of the very few true small flagships, we asked for it, we got it. It’s not gonna be cheap.

  • Why Won’t My People Grow Up

    5 inches is not a “Mini”!!!!! 4 inches is a Mini…

    • Ricky P

      The whole notion of a ‘mini’ phone is chaning. Gary and his review isn’t to blame for this, the consumers (through a propensity for larger phones via how they spend their dollars) and the manufactures are to blame for this. 5 inch phones these days, especially if the manufacturere makes a larger phone with better specs, is both many if size, capability and price. Stop nagging for the sake of nagging, lol.

  • terry feng

    Since when did 5 inch become mini? It is normal while larger than that is big….. 5.5+inch phones are not considered normal, otherwise they wouldn’t be called plus….

  • syman biswas

    Well just for comparison stakes also add z3compact in the current price tag, and “5inch” a mini, ask apple about it. Sony only doesn’t have the smallest screen size but also the best screen to body ratio and if you believe 0.4 inch doesn’t make much difference then y not add 0.2 more and also compare z3(infact its overall size pretty much resembles one plus x and moto g)
    and camera!!! really!!! z5 is the top phone on Dxo, have some dignity
    and just because its a amoled screen doesn’t mean its top notch, seriously have you even tested these devices on your own
    and comparing your choices to more than a year old models can show you where Sony has reached and where your loyalty lies

    Seriously grow some ethics..

    • Ethics? I don’t understand, I have all three phones here, I have used all three side-by-side and I agree the Z5 Compact has a good screen, better than the Moto G, but seriously the OnePlus X does a better job. In fact, I just paused while writing this reply and picked up both phones in my hands and compared them again to make sure that somehow I wasn’t mistaken, the display on the OnePlus X is better than the Z5 Compact. Of course you might not agree, but that is how I see it here, right now, with both phones in front of me.

      • syman biswas

        can you elaborate on the points i have noted above..
        point to point
        z5 compact is approx 20% smaller than one plus x and with comparison to z3, one plus x is approx 10% smaller, so you can see which combo is more comparable, if you want to see..

        the headline of the article clearly stated “mini” phones and if you are comparing phones who are much closer to proper flagships than i think stating them in the mini category is something to look upon..

        • Hmm… OK… I will try, but you rambled quite a bit… let me try:

          – Z3 Compact, good point, I could I added the Z3 Compact, I didn’t but a good suggestion.

          – There is a whole paragraph in the article (and a section in the video ) about 5 inch being a “mini”. I agree it is weird, but in this context mini implies a smaller version of another phone by the same OEM. Most flagship phones are now 5.2 to 5.5 inches and the “mini” versions are 5 inches or less. Don’t misread this as a comparsion of phones with small screens.

          – Z5 Compact has the best screen to body ratio, OK, but I don’t get the point?

          – The camera… I don’t know what to say, check out the pictures and tell me yourself if the Z5 Compact take top photos, also please look at our blind camera shootout which included the Z5:

          – As for the AMOLED display on the OnePlus X, I think I dealt with that in my last comment.

          – As for “and comparing your choices to more than a year old models can show you where Sony has reached and where your loyalty lies” I don’t actually understand what you are trying to say, could you please reword that point.

          • syman biswas

            again as i have clearly noted, your mentioned “5inch” phone is much closer to the “5.2 inch” phone than it is to “4.6 inch(proper mini/compact)”, so terming it as as mini is quite not upto mark
            and best body ratio point, really, the whole concept of mini/compact is user friendliness and the ease to use with single hand, i believe when a phone is operated it is used as a whole, no one pulls the screen out and use it, so the whole point is the total size not just the screen diagonal length
            and yes amoled is good not denying it but as it comes out its more of a personal choice without getting into detail that ips gives better sharpness even with same ppi or amoled gives better contrast ratio and all other

            and as the “a year old” point, i am comparing your stated phone to something that is already a year old, and when it comes to technology we know a year is a big duration and even then others are just trying to touch whats already in the market

            i agree one plus x is a great budget phone, but its definitely not a mini/compact..

          • So “mini” in this context is a phone which is a smaller version of a leading phone from the same OEM. So the the OnePlus 1 & 2 are 5.5 inch devices, so the “mini” version is the OnePlus X. As I wrote already, “Don’t misread this as a comparison of phones with small screens.” The market has moved on…

            I still don’t get the “a year old” point… I am not trying to be difficult, but I just don’t understand what you are trying to say.

          • syman biswas

            ok taking your point, but i believe if you are comparing to different companies then it should be a relative one, atleast for comparison take a physical factor to choose the contenders, and for phones the most used equality factor is their size, even you have started your article with that, so its better to pick the contenders on similar screen size rather than what their company has designated
            and please in no way a phablet is a normal phone and will never be, its going to be phablet..

          • Well, that is your opinion, great, I look forward to reading and/or watching *your* review based on *your* criteria, for me I chose a different set of criteria, I am sorry you don’t like it, but my criteria was “smaller versions of other leading phones by the same OEM.” I don’t know what else to say.

            As for large screen phones, I think you will find that the trend in the West is for 5.2 to 5.5 inch devices: The Galaxy S6 (plus all of its variants), the Note 5, the OnePlus 1 & 2, the normal Z5 (is 5.2 inches), the Z5 Premium, the Nexus 5X, the LG G4, and so on…

          • shyam

            @garysims:disqus I met Carl Pei recently…
            He saw my Z5C and told it is thick..and told me to change my mind to accept 5″ as mini and buy the X… Even he agrees 5″ is not mini…why are people debating over it..
            as for price when you dont have competition you can have absurd pricing..Thats why sony is costly…while 1+X has competition to some extent…

        • Could you please expand on this: “and yes “ethics”, by the look of your article you definitely missed a watermark of one plus on the background or “by the courtesy of One plus” at the credits…”

          All the photos and the video footage of the OnePlus X are by me or Josh Vergara. To get hold of the OnePlus X for this review we had to find an invite and buy the device ourselves. I don’t understand what you are saying?

          • syman biswas

            ok, as you are not willing to take the hint
            your article is in poor taste with a misleading headline and clearly shows a bias towards one plus, undoubtedly its a great budget phone but deffinetely not a mini, but then you should have not compared with the flagship ones

          • OK, that is your opinion and I am fine with that, I don’t think the phrase “poor taste” is appropriate, that would apply if I showed animals being tortured or something, this is a phone review, but I get what you are trying to say (I think). But even if you don’t like my article that has zero connection to my ethics.

            The BIG point that you are missing is that if I preferred the Z5 Compact over the OnePlus then your argument could be exactly the same, I am biased towards Sony. The moment I state a preference anyone can call me biased. I could call you biased towards Sony, especially since I actually have all three phones here and I am guess you don’t. So I have the actual objects in my hands and I am telling you what I see and what I have experienced, how is that biased? You on the other hand don’t have the devices but yet you are not biased. Odd.

            Please note that I am writing from experience with these devices, e.g. I have done a full review of the Z5 Compact here:

            The point of a tech site like Android Authority is for me to give my opinion, if you don’t like my opinion, OK, no problem, but that doesn’t make me biased.

          • syman biswas

            i am a user, you are a collective informative platform where user like us seek help and clear their doubts, even if taking by your argument, my budget doesn’t allow me to have three different phones which i believe you guys don’t need to worry about

            and as for my ethics argument is concerned, you are a platform which we users seek to get a unbiased info, if we just want to get the “best of” then these companies have their own respective sites..

          • I am not a “collective informative platform”, I am a user just like you. I happen to write for a website that has a large audience reach, however me and all the other reviewers are users as well, and we write what we see.

            The point is that because I am fortunate enough to have all three devices here then you should at least consider that my findings are genuine and based on what I see and experience with these phones.

            Again, I am not a platform, I am just a user like you and I review the devices and tell you what I found as a user, not a platform. Having an opinion doesn’t make you biased, it means you have a brain.

          • syman biswas

            yeah, and the last line just showed at what state it is in,

            again repeating my words, “One plus X is a great budget phone, no doubt in that but what you just did in the article is comparing apples and oranges, obviously orange has some sourness because it is supposed to, a 140mmX70mm phone is not a mini phone, its a normal phone, and someone who’s truly interested in a “mini” phone will not consider it, if he had to use both hands than y not just but a bigger phone ..”

          • OK, I am going to stop here for a couple reasons:

            1) You have started to insult me, for no perceptible reason. But you also questioned my ethics without proof, just slinging mud and when I have defended my integrity you have neither apologized or come back with proof of what you are saying. According to you if I have an opinion about something, if I prefer one device to another then I must be biased. Odd.

            2) I have stated three or four times that the context of “mini” in this article (and in the video) is a smaller version of another phone by the same OEM. Don’t misread this as a comparison of phones with small screens. Since I have stated this several times and you have completely ignored me then I don’t want to repeat myself again and again and again. Please go re-read the paragraph which starts, “But before we dive into the comparison, I just want to bring up the whole ‘5 inches is now a mini’ thing.”

  • Lim Ming Quan

    There’s no competition here, the Z5 Compact is the clear winner.

  • Ming

    It would have been more interesting to add a Nexus 5X in this review and add the prices in the spec sheets would be easier to compare the prices.

    Of course Sony is going to be more expensive, as it’s in a higher segment and not much comparable to the other 2 devices. In my opinion Nexus 5X would have been a better comparison choice.

    Overall I like this review and can’t wait for my OnePlus X to arrive! By the way you can order it from oneplus directly as they have a black friday deal on till 30th of November.

    • Bashar Shehab

      Sir, Nexus 5X isn’t a ” Compact / Mini ” Phones.

      Actually based on Stragery Analyst, a ” Compact / Mini ” Phone must be under 5″ size, so neither Nexus 5x, OnePlus X nor Moto G are ” Compact / Mini ” Phones .

    • Ming

      An update about OnePlus company, it’s a company that is good at marketing but the customer service is not very great.

      I waited to join the chat 50+ queuing, after I finished waiting it said I had to wait for a representative to chat with me. I sent a few messages and kept waiting then suddenly the chat was closed. I called the number provided but I could not talk with any customer representative. The only respond I could get was through OnePlus website Support request.

      As I already received an OnePlus as a gift, I wanted to get my money back but it’s quite ridiculously difficult.

      I could not cancel the order any more and had to wait for it to be delivered and I did gave OnePlus a noticed for them to cancel the order but they could not. Which is very strange because the DHL shipping company I called said only the sender could ask for the shipping to be shipped back. All I could do was refuse the order at the door and that is what I did. Now I am waiting for OnePlus to reply, but they have not yet.

      I hope they will give me back my refund back soon, or I might need to do this through PayPal.

      About the phone it self, as I do have it. The downsides are the battery and camera, I used the phone with GPS and the battery gets drained. I believe with my former phone Sony Z3c, the battery seems better there and the camera as well. It’s a shame they did not add the location where the picture was taken. Also drawing the letter “O” to get the camera instantly did not always worked for me (after re-enable this function it worked again). The letter “V” worked seemingly well to get the flashlight.

      All in all the phone is quick and nice to use, a screenprotector is already on it and I did not knew this. Also a case is provided so that’s nice but I was not aware of this when I ordered it.

      For a budget phone it’s worth it, but you can not really compare this phone with the top brands such as sony, samsung and apple. It’s a funny deal they are doing now, selling iphone cases and chances of getting a free phone. But it’s not really comparable, the charger looks nice, it’s a pity they did not include a headphone.

      A missed opportunity is that it is possible to insert two mobile phone simcards, but I did not managed to configure 2 time zones on the wake up screen or main screen unless I download another app for the main screen but not on the wipe screen.

      OnePlus radio only works with headset, that kinda sucks for me as no headphones were supplied either. Here in Europe we do pay more than US customers.

      I can’t wait for android 6 Marshmallow to come out, I hope it will improve battery life as I heard good things about it for the Nexus 5.

      The phone looks very nice for a budget phone and cover is nice to keep it nice. I have used the phone for just a couple days and I am okay with it. It does it jobs for me, if I do not use it for navigation with google maps my phone battery would not drain as much.

      I like the silence button on the left side, where there are 3 modes.
      1) Sound on when receiving message or call
      2) Second is in vibration mode
      3) Set on top is the silence mode

      Overall I give it a 7,5 out of 10 marks. I wonder how the phone will be after using it for a couple of months. It sure does give a premium feel, but I still feel my Sony Z3c is more premium only the silly thing of the Sony Z3c is that the charger side can get damage easily when used over half year to a year which needs to be replaced then or unless you use the magnetic charger side.

  • Ciprian Atreidex

    I recently got an OnePlus X and I love it. The performance is there when you need it, it scores better in Antutu than my Samsung Galaxy S5. I don’t need any more in terms of performance, everything runs smoothly.

    The design, although a subjective matter, is one of the best around – the phone looks awesome!

    For ~290 euros, handlign, shipping & taxes included, you can’t get a better deal than this, in my view.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Every part of this article is good but the Camera part is shit

    You man – as I think – didn’t knew how to use the camera. Well, it’s #1 in DxOMark tests, so I think you didn’t knew how to use it properly. Or maybe you didn’t install the latest update.

    Anyway, I would buy Xperia Z5 Compact, it’s a Flagship not a Mini phone ( another mistake in your article ).

    Also, based on Stragery Analyst, a ” Compact ” Phone must be under 5″ size, so neither OnePlus X nor Moto G is ” Compact / Mini ” Phones.

    Sorry for my bad English and Thanks for your helpful article ;)

  • Bashar Shehab

    So it’s like this :
    Camera : Z5c > Moto G > OnePlus X ( Based on DxOMark tests)
    Display : OnePlus X > Z5c > Moto G
    Performance : Z5c >>> and waay weaker is the OnePlus X > waay weaker too is the Moto G
    Storage : Z5c > OnePlus X & Moto G
    Screen-to-body ratio : Z5c > OnePlus X > Moto G

    So the price of these 3 phones is so identical, Z5c is way waaay waaaaat much better than both .

    Design is user preference not me, But I like Z5c & OnePlus X so much, still prefer Z5c ..

  • Mozukortick

    where is s6?! it’s just 3.4 millimeter (0.14 inch) taller than oneplus x!

  • Race Pace

    You mentioned tye moto G as a single sim phone in the comparison table….change it into a dual sim as it has one at least in the Indian version

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    2 out of 3 of those aren’t even mini phones, let alone “compact”

  • shyam

    I met Carl Pei recently…
    He saw my Z5C and told it is thick..and told me to change my mind to accept 5″ as mini and buy the X… Even he agrees 5″ is not mini…why are people debating over it..
    as for price when you dont have competition you can have absurd pricing(like apple)..Thats why sony is costly…while 1+X has competition to some extent…

  • 3223

    A great review of all 3, I must say. Great job Gary! But poor you for having to come under intense fire by some commenters. I had the pleasure of using the oneplus one back then, but I just felt like it was too big. In their lineup, the oneplus x is right to be considered a mini. And you’re right that the definition of ‘mini’ is no longer like the minis of old. I just wished instead of the moto g, that you’d have compared the other 2 with the xiaomi mi4i or mi4c. They are, I believe, about the same size as the oneplus x with comparable specs. The moto g seems DOA vs the other two on raw specs though!

  • Ricky P

    Gary..thanks to you and Andorid Authority for taking the time review and compare and contrast the best available ‘mini’ phones. I thought that your review was fair, unbiased and very thorough. It’s one of the best on the web..for those of us who may be in the market for smaller, cheaper phones. The comments here are very testy, lol. Take a chill pill guys, you’re able to have different opinions/perspectives without being combative, confrontational and you can definitely get your point across without name-calling. Grow-up!