OnePlus One is banned in India, Cyanogen-Micromax deal to blame

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 17, 2014

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Ready for your next episode of the high-tech soap opera that is the OnePlus-Cyanogen relationship?

Here’s the deal: yesterday, a New Delhi court banned OnePlus from selling its One smartphone in India, at the request of local manufacturer Micromax. The reason? Micromax has an exclusive deal with Cyanogen that prevents any other company from selling Cyanogen-powered devices in India, including OnePlus.

OnePlus, of course, has a global licensing deal with Cyanogen, but the Micromax agreement supersedes it.

The court allowed OnePlus to clear its existing stock of Cyanogen-running One’s. The phone is still available at the moment of this writing (invite required) on Amazon, OnePlus’ exclusive retail channel in India.

OnePlus is banned from shipping any devices running Cyanogen in India, but it can still ship the OnePlus One with different software onboard. However, there’s no official info on when could that happen. The company offered the following statement:

In accordance with a judgment passed by the Delhi High Court, we will no longer be producing the OnePlus One with CyanogenMod to be sold in India.

We are still fully committed to serving our users in the region and, in light of this decision, are working to find a solution that will allow us to continue operations as soon as possible.

We regret the inconvenience this causes to OnePlus fans in India who have patiently waited for the opportunity to purchase the One.

OnePlus is currently developing its own Android ROM, and has just launched a contest to pick its name. In the past, the Shenzhen-based company supported the development of various “community ROMs” for the OnePlus, in addition to the officially support Cyanogen. In China, the OnePlus One ships with Color OS, developed by sister company Oppo.

To recap, the OnePlus One launched in early December in India, but soon after it was revealed that Cyanogen had signed up Micromax as its exclusive partner in India. Following some confusing back and forth, it was announced that OnePlus One’s sold in India would not get any Cyanogen updates. OnePlus is accusing Cyanogen that it left it in the dark about its Micromax plans.

Micromax will launch its first Cyanogen smartphone, the Yu, tomorrow.

On a related note, another injunction against a high-profile Chinese company has been enforced last week, when a court banned Xiaomi from selling its phones in India, due to a patent spat with Ericsson. Xiaomi managed to obtain a partial lift of the injunction yesterday.

It remains to be seen if OnePlus will find a reprieve from its own legal problems.

  • Nabeel

    Did MicroMax sue OnePlus or what…..?..Taking an oath..I’ll never buy Micromax….as I didn’t before

    • Mohd Sultan

      Yes they sued them for selling products with cyanogenmod in India and I have taken oath, Form now I will not recommended anyone to buy Micromax products….
      This is sic

      • Koushik Sengupta

        Thanks buddy… Support OPO.
        Destroy MICROMAX.

        • Romeo

          Bro OnePlus is the company manufacturing One phones, not Oppo

          • JustSteve

            Oh God no….

          • Daniel Starikov

            OPO is the abbreviation/nickname for OnePlusOne.

          • Me

            hey BRO can you read? he did not say OPPO manufactures the One. he said OPO.

          • Hi Romeo, Just read it!!!

    • MasterMuffin

      It was Cyanogenmod’s fault, but they had every right to take it to court

      • Nabeel

        Let Me Tell Ya somethin
        1-MicroMax got inspired by CM11 powered oneplus
        2- at that point oneplus didn’t come to India
        3-Micromax planned to make similar device powering CM
        4-so it wickedly brought those Indian exclusive CM rights
        5-As Pre-Planned it sued Oneplus as soon as it came to India[Of course 2-3 weeks later]

        Conclusion =It of course have rights…but who the heck cares MicroMax

        • MasterMuffin

          Still, it is Cyanogenmod’s fault

          • Nabeel

            It maybe Cyanogen’s foolishness…or Cyanogen’s intention…
            I agree that Major fault is cyanogens…Advantage goes to Micromax

          • daffydkjones

            Cyanogen’s greediness. They went from a community Open Source project to a corporation driven by profits. What is the need for them to be signing exclusivity deals like they were a sports star

    • Anonymousfella

      Good decision. Consumers need to vote with their wallet.

    • Arko Bose

      Let’s boycott and kick the shit out of Micromax once and for all. Micromax only manufactures cheap copied phones, that too full of rubbish and bloatware. Samsung should have sued Micromax long ago for copying Galaxy S4 features into the Canvas 4. God is with us, and friends I am pretty hopeful that in the very near future you’ll hear that Micromax has gone bankrupt and been sued by some genuine competitor and thus it shall vanish from the world once and for all. All OnePlus One soldiers, let’s pray to god that Micromax faces an inevitable death for it’s mean moves and selfishness.

      • daffydkjones

        Boycott CM for signing exclusivity deals for the $$$. It’s not Micromax’s fault, they paid for an exclusive deal then CM wanted to go cheating on them with OPO

        • Paul

          This is definitively Cyanogenmod’s fault. How can somebody go from a community open source rom to signing exclusivity deals? I wonder how much money it’d take to get CM to pull all their community/free ROM’s? CM sold out and now their partner, OnePlus, is getting screwed because of it. I’m very much disgusted by CM and their actions. I hope no other manufacturer signs any deals with CM because they’re too afraid CM would screw them over as well.

    • Good Decision

  • Individual

    Micromax is the devil of mobile communications, right below comcast and AT&T.

    • Cole Raney

      You forgot the most evil of them all, Verizon!

    • Koushik Sengupta

      Thanks buddy… Support OPO.
      Destroy MICROMAX

  • Steven

    Micromax sucks. Oneplus One has universal rights for CM right, then how could CM engage in an exclusive deal with blood sucking Micromax.

    • Peter Andrews

      CM wants popularity in India. Most of the android users here are micromax fans (hate every single one of them), and OPO will be unable to do so since many people in India don’t even know that it exists. Unfair business deals dude. Plus the excessive protection to local companies by the Indian “government.” Xiaomi was forced to stop its sale when Ericsson sued it, while barely a word got out when micromax was also sued by it a couple years ago.

      • TheNewGuy

        Don’t think it has anything to do with “government protection”.. Micromax and ericsson had been trying for quite a long time to negotiate a deal but it failed and only then ericsson took micromax to court.. Whereas xiaomi had allegedly decided to ignore all the legal notices from ericsson.. So they got a hasty injunction in force..

        • Peter Andrews

          I don’t think you understand my point. Local companies are naturally protected by their country’s government. Even China protects Xiaomi from paying certain royalties. Yes, Xiaomi had been ignoring Ericsson’s communication request for three years. And no, Ericsson did a straight sue on micromax when it also denied Ericsson’s communications for three years. And then the courts come into play and even though Micromax was sued for INR 100 crores, the courts decided to let micromax pay a certain percentage of their sales to it. But when Xiaomi also responded after being sued, it was straight out “banned,” or more precisely stopped from selling its devices. And the HC has just let Xiaomi re-enable its sales in India until early January, by which time I believe the spat will be solved.

    • Koushik Sengupta

      Thanks buddy… Support OPO.

    • Anz

      Micromax sucks big time

    • TheNewGuy

      I think the contract between One Plus amd CM must not have anything about exclusivity (guess worldwide exclusivity would cost lots of $$).. Otherwise One Plus wouldn’t take this sh*t happening behind its back..

    • Paul

      Agreed, this is definitively Cyanogenmod’s fault. How can somebody go from a community open source rom to signing exclusivity deals? I wonder how much money it’d take to get CM to pull all their community/free ROM’s? CM sold out and now their partner, OnePlus, is getting screwed because of it. I’m very much disgusted by CM and their actions. I hope no other manufacturer signs any deals with CM.

  • Koushik Sengupta

    I am from India and I just got my ONEPLUS ONE.
    just one word it’s “AWESOME”.
    And for Cyanogenmod you greedy bustard backstabbing a new company just for the sake of money.
    OPO just fucking don’t give up FIGHT YOUR WAY BACK WE ALL ARE WITH YOU.


    • Peter Andrews

      You can not just make a company do that by your comments :P Anyways, your comment truly reflects my feelings towards MMX. I am a Xiaomi user and when I heard about the recent ban/stoppage on sales I had the same thoughts. MMX can never make a decent mobile that will last for more than a few months. The software sucks, it is a cheap imitation of the TouchWiz UI, if that wasn’t bad already. The device is just a rebranded Chinese device. The only thing MMX has got is the user base. And crap.

      • Koushik Sengupta

        I know I can’t make it but combining all forces we can.. :D.

      • Koushik Sengupta

        I am just supporting OPO, bro.
        They are trying hard to get to the top and Micromax realised the Power and striked back.

        • Peter Andrews

          And I’m with you. Supporting Xiaomi, OPO, Asus, Motorola and all the manufacturers which make great devices at low costs.

          • Koushik Sengupta

            Thanks for understanding my point bro.
            OPO and other smartphones which are having high end specs with minimum costs are great for those who need a budget phone with some serious specs.
            And OPO was just gaining some serious likings from every persons.
            OPO should and must find their way back.
            #RESPECT FOR opo.
            COME BACK WITH A BANG.

      • Tony

        You are wrong dude.. MMX produces nice durable phones.. I have been using mmx for the past 11 months. And tell you what, it’s a superb phone, hadn’t caused any trouble till date.

        • Peter Andrews

          Maybe you are lucky. Maybe you are a MMX fanboy. Which phone are you using. All the MMX phones I ever used (relatives and friends) were only because they were giving issues and they had asked me to fix it.

          • Prateek Bhandare

            I am not a MMX fanboy but i have a MMax canvas 2 which i am using since the past 17 months without any problem! even my friends who r using mmax havent faced any issue…….even i want an OPO but cynogen screwed every1 involved…..MMAX is not guilty to have a contract signed with them , rather its CM’s fault that they got greedy and screwed OPO.

  • wildcatz

    “…Cyanogen had signed up Micromax as its exclusive partner in China. ”

    Think you meant to say “…Cyanogen had signed up Micromax as its exclusive partner in India. ” ?

  • Rohan Shankar

    I write a long rant about Micromax here and to their customer service, and they come up with this?

    I severely judge any one who uses one of those huge-ass phones with a crappy screen resolution, and dual flash 8 MP cameras which shoot photos like my mother’s old Nokia 6020 1.3 MP camera.

    I don’t want to write the whole thing here again, but, as a summary

    1. Every device has a different design and a fork of Android in it, because it is a copy of some other device in the market (like adding a poor cousin of BlinkFeed on one device, and adding a Moto X notification type “Quicklook” Lockscreen which is shit)
    2. No updates. No MMX device has ever been updated, ever. (I don’t count 4.4 to 4.4.2 as updates)
    3. Shitty customer service, shitty build quality, all shit.
    4. Only people who use MMX are crap-asses who don’t know shit. When my 54 year old father said “I need a bigger smartphone”, he added “that isn’t something like MMX” in the same breath. (He got a Sony Xperia M2 Dual, and that is one beast of a phone).

    So, you’re the most pissing off company in the country, Micromax, and if not for stupid nationalist sentiments of buying “Indian” products among a section of the country’s population, you’d be swimming with the fishes by now.

  • Sujay Hegde

    ill will neva buy micromax

    • Koushik Sengupta


  • Cholerabob

    I don’t know where the problem is… Just ship it with Color OS like they do in China or on the Chinese version.

  • Areeb Alam

    Same here, I will never buy any micromax phone and will also advice the same to others.

    • Koushik Sengupta


  • Srikrishna Murthy Kundurthy

    Hate Micromax… Pity OPO for binding to poor future plans with such a company.
    Any have as a fan boy of my Oneplus one… I support OPO… Hate Micromax.

  • Srikrishna Murthy Kundurthy

    May God support my OPO.

  • Suraj

    micromax on the path of apple!

  • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

    So now, new customers will get early build of Oneplus One OS or Color OS. So sad. There are limits of being greedy (talking to you Cyanogen & MMX, yes Cyanogen you too.)

  • Marc Sch

    The obvious move would be for OPO to launch with vanilla Lollipop and a custom theme pack on top. Fast to achieve and it will please your users.

    However, it’s kind of weird that a court would block sale of a device because of a contract between two parties that are not including the device seller himself. It’s Cyanogenmod here who is to blame.

  • Ajay Mathew

    Shit that happens when you go commercial -_- Maybe Paranoid Android for Indian version? :O

  • Stani Jackal

    Clearly the fault of CM. With the move of give Micromax the exclusive rights in India they played a bad game on OnePlus. With their official statements it seems CM didn’t even know what their step has done to the community based on OnePlus owners and their cooperation with OnePlus. This is going to throw the software developer way back in time…

  • wwww

    Micromax is a joke. The Apple of India, yeah right… in law-suits, yes.

  • Ken

    Business Politics,..simple as that

  • Buddy

    I’m running CM 11 in my phone….Will Micromax go to court for that?? OOOH I’m scared!!!!!!……

    • Third_Eye

      No. The issue is MMX vs. OPO with the CM logo inscribed sold directly by OPO in India.
      Nothing prevents you from downloading a Cyanogen mod ROM from the website and installing on any phone. It is just the branding and official support.

      If MMX/CYNGI did that they are idiots and deserved to be sued….

  • rajesh

    I just feel like spliting on micromax phone, i used before. This is absolutely nonsense behaviour frim a company claiming to be a global brand. If oneplus fans will post cynogen is good. Mmx will get popularity by default. Shame on u mmx..for making others unhappy.

  • VN

    They can still sell with color os in India. Users can root and flash cyanogen if they want to.

  • Daksh Pathak

    Micromax you will pay the price for this!!

  • Third_Eye

    Dudes & Dudettes ! Cool down! Micromax will deserve what it is indeed worth. If Yu line is pathetic it will bring MMX as well as CYNGI down. IF MMX is really pathetic, it will die a slow death. It recently sold more phones than Samsung in Q2 2014 in India. It must be doing something right…

    With respect to Cyanogen Inc., either it basically screwed OPO or is it really amateurish on OPO’s part. MMX is just enforcing its legal right. MMX has paid Cyanogen Inc. to exclusively carry the branding and provide support its new line of phones in India. It might have put an exclusive contract for the region as it is well within its business rights to do. If I by a OPO in the US and then give it to my family in India, I will still continue to receive the OTA from CYNGI as that will fall under the contract terms between OPO and CYNGI. It is only the phones sold in India directly by OPO that have this problem,

    Maybe OPO never initially thought of coming to India with their (joke of) invite system. So the contract term with Cyanogen only covered Western markets that OPO was targeting. Maybe they had an exclusive license with Cyanogen Inc to use their logo in the US and Europe [so called International models]. That could be the reason why there are no other Cyanogen logo based smartphones besides OPO in those markets. Do you think OPO will encourage BLU to release a phone with a Cyanogen Inc Logo in the US??

    Ultimately there are a huge amount of frigging choices guys, in the Indian smartphone market with even some local competition from Karbon and Spice. MMX, KRBN & SPCE have already teamed up with Google for Android One which will get direct updates directly from Google.. For all crap that MMX has been “foisting all along”, I feel this change is for the better.

    OPO is now going to accelerate its own Lollipop based ROM (which is again Good news). So eventually it may be a good deal for all in the long term even though the short term looks like a blood bath…..

  • Will Maitner

    So wait, no one can root their phones and install Cyanogenmod on their phones in India either? Just release the OPO with whatever image they want and let their users install Cyanogenmod after the fact. Screw Micromax. And while you’re at it, screw Cyanogenmod for signing the exclusive contract in India when they already had a contract with OnePlus.

  • Bankanidhi Sahoo

    Well, I would blame Cyanogen. They have been becoming greedy lately seeing the explosion of the Android platform. I was a big supporter of Cyanogen, but no more. I will slowly shift towards google branded phones.

    Who cares mmx. They may make little fortune in short term but I long to, they will succumb.

  • Malik Khan

    CyanogenMod in the first place is a free to use OS. If they customized it for OPO then it seems there is a clear lack of oversight by OPO and Cyanogen. Crappy Micromax just used their cunning brains. Its sad for customers wanting quality hardware of OPO at affordable price..


    Cyanogenmod is to blame as they did not they did not tell oneplus i hope oneplus can be shipped to Singapore i think it maybe a hit and singapore telcos will allow it

  • Max

    Pussy MicroMax

  • Jitesh

    I support the fact that indian manufacturers should be supported in India but not this way. This is running away from competition. This is not cool. If you think you can beat OPO on quality then do so with fair fight and not on some cheap branding issue.

  • Me

    so what they can still ship the phone with the COLOR OS installed.

  • learitee

    Corporate Stupidity :(

  • Harry

    Micromax are crap anyway. Luckily I live in the UK.

  • Shreeyash Pawar

    guy there is a solution that if we stop demanding 4 micromax(mm) n start demanding for 1+1 then it might solve or problem becuze it markiting right n demand &desire work 2 fullfill our they have 2 bring 1+1 in indian n crush that bitch mm