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Update, November 17: OnePlus has also confirmed to Android Authority that the OnePlus 3T will receive the Android Nougat update by the end of the year, alongside the OnePlus 3. Moving forward, both devices will share an update cycle.

Yesterday OnePlus announced a souped up version of its flagship, dubbed the OnePlus 3T. At the time of announcement, it was unclear if the original OnePlus 3 would co-exist with the new model or not. After reaching out to OnePlus directly, we can now confirm that the handset maker has officially discontinued sales of its OnePlus 3 smartphone in the US and Europe with no plans to bring it back.

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OnePlus 3T announced: Snapdragon 821, 3400mAh battery, 16MP rear and front cameras

November 15, 2016

The smartphone first launched in June, but this week the OnePlus 3 went out of stock at the company’s website. Despite other online reports that claimed it would be restocked soon, the company now says that it will not be selling the phone anymore in the US and Europe, in favor of the new OnePlus 3T.

That phone, which includes features like a faster processor, a 16MP front facing camera and a larger battery than the OnePlus 3, will officially go on sale on November 22. The Gunmetal color version will launch first, with pricing at USD $439 for the 64GB model and USD $479 for the 128GB version. A Soft Gold edition of the phone will go on sale in the near future.

Are you disappointed that OnePlus has made the decision to no longer sell the (cheaper) OnePlus 3 in favor of the OnePlus 3T? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Arman

    Not sure if the OP3 owners should feel better or worse now!

    • tdizzel

      neither. how their phone performs has nothing to do with this phone

      • Willian Macedo

        Well, the dev community might get upset with this. More costumers = more potential devs/maintainers for the device. Now that they ceased the sells in those countries, the support might not be as good as it would be without the introduction of the OP3T

  • bboyheat

    More proof this was a price increase disguised as an upgrade.

    (But still a great value).

    • Toa

      price creep incoming.


      it was nice while it lasted, oneplus.

      • Anon

        still over 200 bucks away

  • Alex

    bad facts, the OP3 will still be sold, they said that on their official sites, right after launch :S

    • Toa

      that is outdated news, this is the truth.

    • I just checked on it. The OP3 is no longer available for sale. Sadly, that kinda killed my interest in purchasing their device. Wife just got a HTC 10, I’m running an HTC One, maybe I should just stick with them…

  • JustMikey

    im actually disappointed that my new-ish OP3 is already obsolete. not surprised but i wont be ordering the new one and if this is how OP is going to honor its customers then i likely wont be investing in their hardware in the future.

    • tdizzel

      yes, how dare they release a new phone. they should’ve known that JustMikey recently bought one and should’ve waited 5 years

      • JustMikey

        i just love the wise a$$ comments. go troll somewhere else. you know what i mean fool. I understand a new device will come, for most companies thats usually 10-12 month cycle. not 5 months later. OP isnt Samsung with a huge product line where they are releasing products regularly but still update their flagship devices annually. I work in IT and for a LARGE consumer electronics company. I know the deal. no need to be salty. save your breath for someone who cares.

        • mark

          Back in the late 90s with PCs, there were continually better ones coming out throughout the year.

          The only concern is if they stop support for your old model. I don’t see why they shouldn’t update things continually. I’m looking to buy the OnePlus 3T – and I don’t really care that the 4 will come out in six months. It’ my choice to buy it, or wait.

          • JustMikey

            i agree mark. i guess thats my biggest concern. support.

          • JustMikey

            I’ve already had to replace my OP3 once for an issue the week after i got it.

          • Muhammad Umar

            Trust me, they won’t. There’s a lot of people whining about the 3t and from the looks of it it won’t sell as much as the original, thus making them disregard its support.

        • dizel123


        • tdizzel

          I’m sure you love wise a$$ comments because it’s the only time anything wise is associated with you, you know what I mean moron. You call someone a troll but you’re the idiot complaining about a new phone being released.Just because they’re not Samsung doesn’t mean they can’t try and grow their portfolio dumba$$. If they feel they can make more money releasing a new phone every week, guess what, they’re gonna do just that regardless of what some dimwit on the internet thinks. And unless OnePlus is the LARGE(oooh so impressive) company you work for in IT(probably as the guy who connect keyboards and monitors to people’s computers, and you probably struggle with that) than your opinion means no more than anyone else’s and you clearly have no clue what the deal is.
          And I get it, you don’t care what I say. You don’t care so much that you felt the need to reply and throw around your meaningless credentials.

    • judoka209

      Honor their consumers by not releasing refreshes at your discretion? Your phone is now obsolete? Geez you must be a glass half empty type of person. You got a good phone for way less than most people do. I’d say you’re smart and you got a good deal. Wipe those tears, some people are still rocking much older phones than you and are still paying off the balance. Lol

  • Slavo Jasenec

    I am disappointed, no better camera, no Android 7, higher price…. who need 16mpx selfie ?

    • mark

      Android 7 isn’t ready yet for their OS, and I’d rather they get it right than rush it. And anyhow, if the OnePlus 3T launched with 7 while OnePlus 3 owners were waiting for the upgrade, they’d moan about that.

      It does have a slightly better back camera, along with a slightly bigger battery and the 128GB option. Minor upgrades, for a minor price increase.

  • Slavo Jasenec

    I cancelled order of my OP3 because of rumours OP3T but now I will order Xiaomi Mi 5s

  • Kitty K

    i picked up my op3 today n im a very very happy bunny n tbf the price difference for the op3t is not worth for me so im happy.

    • linozoid

      agreed…for me,price in the main key for happiness….

  • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

    I wanted to get the $399 OP3 gold, a simple phone for people who don’t care for the latest which can last them 2 years or more if you flash it. Now I can’t.

    • The Focus

      You can still spend $40 extra and get the updated one.,$40 isn’t a big deal.

      • Raky_b

        yes, he can, but then it’s not best buy any more

        • The Focus

          Well. But still it’s a good value.

  • yo what? This company is the worst lmao. That phone is 6 months old……they aren’t fooling me with these small price increases with every phone

    • Michael Acosta

      Lol every year their flagship phone has increased in price. 3 years from now their phone are going to cost $600

      • The Focus

        Why not? Did you think they are a social service company? They are doing business. They increase the prices when they slowly build up their portfolio.

  • Luca

    Source ?

  • JustMikey

    my opinion obviously meant a great deal to you that you felt the need to comment on it. twice. or rather troll my comment. must be nice having free time on your hands. The author asked OP3 owners for their opinion and this is the comment section right? if what i said offends you move on. let it go. so childish.

  • David Dickerson

    why! (sad face)

    • TechTonic


  • Anthorama

    The sell value of my OP3 just dropped consequently. so no, I’m not happy with that. won’t order an Oneplus on the future.

    • SaRPeR

      You buy a phone to use it or sell it ?

      • Anthorama

        No I don’t buy a phone to sell it but I’ll sell it in few months to buy a new one.

        • SaRPeR

          I don’t sell my old phones. I just give them to my relatives that need them after i buy a new one.

          • Anthorama

            Nice move. But we’re all different.

      • Raky_b

        if you are keaping all your old phones in your garade, you have lose a lot of money.
        you see, people is sayin that f.e. iPhone is expencive, but…if you can sell a phone for a 400E, and you have payed 700E for it over year a go…then you can say that even iPhone is not expensive.

    • demoniclionfish

      Wouldn’t it temporarily go UP in value given that there are put

      • Anthorama

        Well I guess that in certain field it should, but not in the Smartphone market

      • TechTonic

        exactly what @Anthorama said! in the smartphone world, right when the new version is released, the previous generation’s value decreases.

    • Raky_b

      sell value of OP3!? who would buy uset OP3!?

      • Anthorama

        Who would buy used phone ? The same people that buys used cars

        • Raky_b

          Yes, but that kind of people are buying even 20 years old Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and in same time good cars, but without strong brand recognition like KIA, Fiat, Suzuki ends up crushed far more earlier.

          • Anthorama

            There is always somebody that would like an old Suzuki. I understand your point, it will not be easy, and it will be harder than selling a Samsung BUT it’s possible

  • Bill

    Is there any word on if they are going to fix the annoying timer issue where if you set a timer to go off in 8+ minutes and you do not touch for phone then the timer will not wake the phone to alert you when the time expires?

  • En Force

    I’m still rockin SGS2 almost year and more and planning to buy OP3 in about month. So Yea . But Op3T was a nice thing. 😊

  • demoniclionfish

    *plenty of people who were about to buy a 3 or would still like to regardless?

  • alex

    Well, the thing with OP phones is that their value is good at the moment of release. As time goes, however, their price roughly stays the same, while all the other phones are getting cheaper. And now this release – only marginally better than OP3, but with a higher price. Considering the falling price of SGS7, I am not sure what I would buy now, SGS7/edge or OP3T … SGS7 is still a bit more expensive, and does not have that 6 GB of RAM, but in other aspects it is a better phone, and support is way better, I imagine.

    • The Focus

      Yeah, if you have no problem in spending more, go for a s7 edge. But OP3, OP3T are great very valuable phones. But the s7 edge is more perfect. Hey, just saw that you’ve mentioned s7, not the edge. How ever still the S7 is overall better. If you can afford, then go for it.

      • Raky_b

        If you can afford!?
        well, price is same…in EU and US, you can find S7 under 500$/€

        • The Focus

          Then the best thing is buying an s7. It’s overall more perfect than the OP

  • The Focus

    Well this isn’t a bad thing. The update may seems like not worthy the extra 80 bucks but still lot cheaper.

  • Starting at $439? What happened to something close to the $350 or even $400 price point, close to something like the OnePlus One or OnePlus 2? It feels like they are slowly but surely jacking the price up on their phones, making them closer and closer to the price of a mainstream device with every new model generation.

  • The Pool Man

    It’s kind of shocking how many phones are moving the fingerprint reader to the back. I’m a convert from iPhone and OP3whatever seems to be one of the few putting it on the front.

    Front is great if you don’t want to have to pick up your phone all the time. Or it’s mounted in car.

  • patents_pending

    I registered for stock notification of Oneplus 3 only a week ago. I have not been notified that they were discontinuing. The 3T has reached the price I am not prepared to pay as a replacement for my daughters phone. The Oneplus one was a great phone which I still have. I bought two OPX’s that were a bit buggy for family and a OP3 for my wife which she thinks is great. Just need to find a good alternative for my daughter for christmas.

  • It makes no sense since the prices don’t match, unless if they are close to release a new X.