OnePlus 2 is getting a permanent price cut in India

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 15, 2016

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Seven months after its debut in India, the OnePlus 2 is getting a price cut that makes it even more attractive.

The Rs. 2,000 discount follows the similar price reduction that OnePlus offered in international markets from February 8. Starting today, the Indian OnePlus 2 16GB will cost Rs. 20,999 (down from Rs. 22,999), while the 64GB version will go for Rs. 22,999 (down from Rs. 24,999).

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The brief post announcing the price cut does not specify whether customers benefit from any form of price protection – as a reminder, when OnePlus operated the price cut in its other markets, it gave refunds to users who bought the OnePlus 2 in the previous 15 days. It’s not clear if the same benefit applies to Indian customers.

As before, the OnePlus 2 can be bought through Amazon India, with free shipping and a one-unit per customer limitation.

Why is OnePlus cutting the price of its main product? According to founder Carl Pei, the company has found its “goldilocks zone” that allows it to manufacture the OnePlus 2 at a lower price thanks to economies of scale and the steady decline of component cost. Critics suggest, however, that low demand is actually to thank for this price cut, and indeed, when compared to its first device, the interest in the OnePlus 2 is definitely lower.

Besides price cuts, OnePlus is trying to drum up interest in the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X with services like extended warranties programs and an installment plan. However, OnePlus’ most customer-friendly move remains its decision to drop the infamous invite system.

Is this new price enough to make you want to buy the OnePlus 2? Let us know your thoughts.

  • Hanson Eze

    could be interesting

  • Adhitya Mohan

    With the snapdragon 820 being much cheaper, probably not.

  • Captain Jack

    With mi5 round the corner, a definite no for one plus 2

  • devilreaper

    They are trying to position it against the Mi 5. This is very bad as even my Redmi note 3 which costs around 170 dollars outperforms this. ( SD 650 > throttled SD 810 ) And the best part is that it doesn’t even heat up. Now imagine what SD 820 will do to the SD 810.

    • Charles

      Except … it doesn’t. Benchmark scores for the Note 3 lag noticeably behind the OP2 even with stock kernel. There’s no doubt that anything with an 820 will crush the both of them. But we’re past the point where any of this really matters, since poorly optimised software can reduce anything to a crawl.

    • prajwal nagabushan

      Well, how many custom roms and custom kernels does your redmi note 3 have? If you see like that oneplus one and oneplus two are way beyond what you pay for the money, while xiomi phones are stuck on older os’s the oneplus devices enjoy the developer love!

  • saksham

    lol the ‘price cut ‘ is down by just about 30 of ur american dollars