Nexus 9-34

November 3rd marks official launch date for Google‘s latest tablet, the Nexus 9. Well, that day has arrived for much of the globe, and you can now find the Nexus 9 available for sale through the Google Play Store, expected to leave their warehouse in one or two business days.

Not all versions are ready just yet, but you can grab the White or Black WiFi-only models now in 16GB or 32GB capacities.

The Nexus 9 also comes in a Tan color, which is still listed as “coming soon.” The same goes for the LTE versions of this 8.9-inch Android 5.0 Lollipop powered tablet, with no indication of release date, nor pricing.

Nexus 9-35

The Nexus 9 is a bit of an oddity in being one of only a few Android devices with a 4:3 display aspect ratio. Not that this is a detractor from the device, as the display is proving to be pleasant to look at. From there, the HTC built slate is about everything you would expect from a modern day high-end Android Tablet.

Rocking the NVIDIA Tegra K1 CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, backed by 2GB of RAM and a 6700mAh battery, the Nexus 9 offers no shortage of oomph and promises decent battery life. Not to mention, the Tegra K1 is a 64-bit SoC. Rounding out the package, that 8.9-inch IPS LCD display, as listing in the Play Store, measures at QXGA, 2048×1536 resolution. An 8MP camera graces the rear of the device, while the front brings dual HTC BoomSound speakers.

Nexus 9-19

Be sure to check out our hands on and first impression for more details, and stay tuned for our full review and more coming very soon.

If you’ve got $399 set aside for a new tablet, snap up the 16GB model from the Google Play Store now. For a few dollars more, the 32GB model, also in Black or White, will run you $479.

Who is placing an order for the Nexus 9 today?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t like this Apple type $80 for 16GB more, but really that’s my only major complainment

  • jocko

    32 GB is not large enough for gaming!

    • Mugen Power


    • Abhijeet Mishra

      It is when you have a microSD slot to offload all your media to, but alas, this is a Google device. :/ At least companies should stop selling those 16GB models when it’s not expandable.

  • Sam Nicko

    ME, I want Nexus 9 ^^ bigger screen than with MiPad

  • Ong Patinya Petcharit

    any news for Full Lollipop Factory Image for Nexus 5?

    • SusanneFrithibk

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  • Damiano Morosi

    I’m waiting for the LTE version…

  • flye

    So is it out of stock under 30 seconds ???

  • I want this on an 11″ screen with an attachable keyboard. Then we’d be talking. Oh, and more than just 32GB storage. Definitely an SD card slot.

  • DeusEx

    Agree .. 16 or 32 GB is not large enough for anything….. Nexus used to be good stuff….now that they gang up with htc they are garbage to me anyways… ! Nvidia shield is a way better option , gonna oder one right now !

  • Joker Jim

    Waiting for LTE.

  • quinn7

    Not to me. I’d rather spend $500 for the new Sony xperiaz3 compact tablet. It’s a lot more portable, lighter, and waterproof. Not interested in the new nexus line at all.

  • Alicemad

    Kind of disappointed by Nexus 9 this time. The price is TOO high for just 16 GB. I mean it’s a tablet it’s meant for games (many of them are of 1gb size) and movies and stuff. The internal storage is a joke. Yes I can get a 32gb version but its too expensive. N6 has 32 as minimum and 64 as max. Those should be the options for the tablet too. Also I noticed in many hands on video the screen has visible backlight bleed on the edges. In one of the videos it was pretty severe and visible even from far away. I expect something better with this price tag.

  • Sameer Rathore

    Wow, that’s what I was seeking for, what a information! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this website

  • KpomKwem

    Still waiting for the Nexus 6 to be in stock!

  • V-Phuc

    Not really impressed with this new tablet. For a few years now, I’ve been saying the absence of microSD on the Nexus line a deal breaker for me. I hate the way Google forces the use of cloud on people via these devices. Secondly, the 32 GB seems to be quite a bit but but for gaming, it’s barely enough. For many graphic-intensive games requiring about 1 or more GB, that amount of internal storage won’t suffice. Not counting your photos, music library, and other documents (in case you use your tablet for some kind of work). For the 16GB, I’d rather spend my bucks on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S 8.4 (I hope I get the name right, hate Samsung nomenclature!)