-Moto Maker customization
-Beautiful design/build quality
-MicroSD expansion
-TurboPower charging
-Large vibrant display
-Clean software experience
-Much improved camera
-Very competitive price
-Supports LTE on all major US carriers
-Loud front-facing speakers


-Average battery life
-Some slight performance hiccups

Our Rating
Bottom Line

Even though it strays pretty far from the original Moto X's philosophy, you really can't go wrong with the Moto X Pure Edition. The winning combination of high-end specs, great build quality, useful software features and an impressive camera make up for the Moto X's few shortcomings. Battery life isn't the greatest and we've experienced a small amount of performance hiccups. But if you can get past that, the new Moto X is probably the phone for you.

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Editor's Choice Update 2015Starting with the original Moto X, Motorola’s strategy has been to focus less on the specs race and more on creating a unique, enjoyable user experience. With each generation of the Moto X, Motorola has further perfected this vision, while improving the quality of specs and enhancing the Moto Maker customization options available to its consumers. The Moto X Pure Edition is the latest iteration of the Moto X family, and with it comes a much larger display than past generations. It is also the first Moto X to be produced fully under the helm of Lenovo.

With the changes in both leadership and size, does the Moto X Pure Edition (aka Moto X Style) still retain the Motorola experience we’ve all come to know and love? We find out this and more in our comprehensive review of the Moto X Pure Edition!


Moto X Pure Edition-15

When it comes to the Moto X Pure Edition’s aesthetics, you’ll notice a very familiar design that’s incredibly similar to last year’s model. There are some minor design changes, but the overall look doesn’t stray too far away from what the company began implementing in its smartphones when it was owned by Google. Although the design cues aren’t all that different, there is a huge outlier here, and that’s the size.

Oddly enough, the first-generation Moto X began as a very compact and easy to hold smartphone, coming in with a 4.7-inch display. That’s changed now, with the Pure Edition sporting a massive 5.7-inch display that dwarfs previous Moto X models. Surprisingly, for a phone with a 5.7 inch screen, it doesn’t feel as large as you might initially think. It’s actually impressively manageable in one hand, thanks to the super slim bezels around the display. It’s not the thinnest phone in the world, but the familiar curved back makes it feel thinner than it actually is.

With that said, the Pure Edition is comparable in size to other big smartphones like the Galaxy Note 5 and OnePlus 2, so if you can handle those phones with ease, you’ll have no problem using the Pure Edition with one hand.

Moto X Pure Edition-10

This new Moto X device is still made of very high quality materials, featuring an all-metal frame that gives it a substantial look and feel. Of course, one of the biggest draws to the Moto X Pure Edition is the ability to customize just about every part of it. While we can’t comment on the quality of the wood or leather backs with the Pure Edition, we must say – the standard colored back plates are really nice. They’re made of a soft textured silicone material that not only makes the device extremely comfortable to hold, but also provides a lot of grip.

Moto X Pure Edition-11

Moto Maker is still one of the best parts about the Moto X line

If the default colored backs aren’t your style,  you can of course customize it through Moto Maker. This is truly one of the best parts about the Moto X line. There are a ton of options to choose from with a myriad of colored backs, wood backs, leather backs and accent colors. You can even add a custom engraving to truly make it your own.

A Moto X also wouldn’t be a Moto X without the signature Motorola dimple on the backside, which is now encased in a single metallic strip with the camera module and LED flash. The dimple is much smaller in size compared to last year’s model, which I personally find to be much more comfortable.

Taking a tour around the rest of the device, the buttons and ports are in pretty typical locations for a Motorola device. The power/standby key and volume buttons can be found on the right side, where they’re very easy to reach. The power button has a nice ridged texture that makes it really easy to find, which is a great touch. The bottom side houses the microUSB port, and up top sits the 3.5mm headphone jack in the center, with the Nano SIM card tray – which doubles as a microSD card slot – sitting slightly to the left.

On the front, there’s quite a bit of action going on. Aside from the typical ambient light and proximity sensors, you’ll find the IR sensors for triggering Moto Display without touching the phone, two front-facing speakers which flank the phone’s display, and a front camera (complete with selfie flash).


Moto X Pure Edition-4

Not only did this year’s Moto X receive a big bump in size, but also in resolution. It now sports a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, but unlike the last two Moto Xs, it’s not AMOLED. The Pure Edition features a TFT LCD display, and, I have to admit, I’m a little saddened by the swap in display technology. One of Motorola’s most innovative and interesting features is Moto Display, which definitely doesn’t look as good on an LCD panel. Other that this gripe, though, the display is quite good. It’s bright, beautiful, has great viewing angles, and is pretty easy to see in direct sunlight. Colors are plenty vibrant and saturated, too.

With a Quad HD resolution, it’s also extremely sharp. The large screen size makes it pretty great for browsing the web, playing some games and watching videos and movies.


Moto X Pure Edition-7

The Moto X Pure Edition performs just as well as other top-tier flagship smartphones

Motorola put a big emphasis on user experience with the first two Moto X devices, and didn’t worry so much about cramming in the latest and greatest specs. That’s pretty much the story here with the Moto X Pure Edition.

Instead of the Snapdragon 810, Motorola decided to use the perfectly-capable Snapdragon 808 processor in this device. It also comes with 3GB of RAM, which is great for multitasking, gaming and just about every other use case you’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis. The only hiccup I’ve ever noticed with the Pure Edition is that it sometimes lags on the lock screen when unlocking directly from Moto Display. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but often enough that you will probably notice it. This is an issue that can be resolved through a simple software update, so we’re really not too worried that it will be present for long.

Other than that, the Moto X Pure Edition performs just as well as other top-tier flagship smartphones.


Moto X Pure Edition-5

The Pure Edition comes with all of the usual connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and of course, LTE. One of the most convenient things about this phone is that it supports basically every LTE band for the four major carriers in the United States. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or Verizon (sort of), which is something most smartphones aren’t able to boast.

The Moto X comes in 16, 32 and 64GB storage variants, though you can expand the device’s memory via microSD if you’d like. It can support cards up to 128GB in size, which means you can more than double the storage of your device with a single card. And remember, the microSD card slot is located in the SIM card slot on the top of the phone.

Motorola has really tried to improve its speaker quality over the years, and the Pure Edition’s front-facing speakers are testament to that. They’re true front-facing stereo speakers this time around. On top of being extremely loud, they deliver a very clean and rich sound that really tops off the media experience. I’m not sure they’re as good as HTC BoomSound speakers, but they’re definitely a close second.


Moto X Pure Edition-28

This review has been mostly positive so far, but unfortunately we have to run into a negative aspect sooner or later. Battery life on the Moto X Pure Edition hasn’t been all that great, despite the phone having a hefty 3,000mAh unit. I’ve been able to get through an entire day on a single charge, but honestly, it’s really difficult to do. In my experience, the phone normally lasts around 12-13 hours before it needs to go back on the charger. If you like gaming, you can pretty much forget about this phone lasting anywhere near a full day on one charge.

When comparing it with other flagships on the market, I’d have to say it’s better than the Galaxy S6, but definitely nowhere near the battery life that’s found on the Galaxy Note 5.

It could be worse, though. Although there’s no wireless charging available on the Pure Edition, it does sport quick charging capabilities. Motorola says it’s the fastest charging smartphone in the world, which is definitely a bold claim. Of course, we haven’t tested that out for ourselves. In our time with the device, the Pure Edition has been able to achieve a completely full charge in about 75 minutes from 0% to 100%. The phone’s battery life could definitely be better, but at least you won’t have to wait long for a full charge if it dies in the middle of the day.


Moto X Pure Edition-17

Without a doubt, one of the biggest weaknesses of the Moto X line, or really any Motorola phone in recent years, has been the camera experience. Thankfully, Motorola is looking to change all of that this year. This time around, Motorola is packing a 21-megapixel sensor with f/2.0 aperture on the rear (though it does lack OIS), and a 5MP wide-angle lens on the front.

The rear cam is obviously the star of the show, but the front camera does stand out thanks to its inclusion of front-facing flash, which is really a nice touch, even if it honestly isn’t all that necessary. For the most part, the front cam does a decent job on its own and is perfectly capable of finding your face in most situations. Ultimately, the flash isn’t particularly all that useful unless you happen to take a lot of selfies in dark rooms, and even then the front flash can be blindingly bright and tends to flood the image with harsh lighting more than it does to illuminate it.

As for the rear shooter, picture quality has been surprisingly great and you can definitely tell Motorola put a very big focus on making the camera experience better on this year’s Moto X. In medium to good lighting photos are very sharp and detailed, and color reproduction is on point with just the right amount vibrancy and saturation. The HDR image processing on the Moto X has also been quite nice. It does a great job of bringing out a lot of the detail from the shadows, especially in high contrast or backlit scenarios, and adds just a little bit of extra saturation and warmth to the images, without causing them to look unnatural.

Moto X Pure Edition-18

Low light performance has also made some really huge strides this year. I would say the Moto X’s performance here still isn’t as good something like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5, but it is definitely leaps and bounds better than the 2014 Moto X. Specifically, images are much sharper and more detailed, which you can see pretty easily when zooming into text. The colors and white balance are also more accurate, it handles exposure a lot better especially in the highlights, and most importantly there’s a lot less digital noise.

One thing to note is that, with the exception of adjusting the focus point and exposure, Motorola’s camera interface still lacks a full suite of manual controls that other smartphone camera interfaces offer. That said, it is very easy to use. You can tap anywhere on the viewfinder to take a photo, swipe left to review any photos that you’ve taken, or swipe to the right to make adjustments to the camera settings. It’s pretty barebones, but you can do things like toggle through different modes like HDR, Night mode, panorama, 4K video recording, and other things of that nature.

Overall, the camera experience here is greatly improved over Motorola’s past offerings and so a big thumbs up to Motorola for finally producing a camera that is capable of taking photos that people won’t feel embarrassed to share to social media.


Moto X Pure Edition-25

When the original Moto X first hit the scene, one of the most compelling things about it wasn’t the specs or even the customization aspects, it was the software. A clean, stock-like approach meant that the Moto X was faster than many phones that offered technically superior specs. Even better, Motorola was able to push out updates to its lightly skinned Android UI at a quicker rate than its competitors.

The new Moto X Pure Edition seemingly continues this trend, offering a near stock build of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Even better, this phone is being sold completely free of carrier intervention and so there’s no carrier bloatware to get in the way. Motorola’s latest flagship is as pure of an Android experience you will get without buying a Nexus, with the only exception being Motorola’s baked-in custom features, which for most users will turn out to be more of a positive than a negative.

Moto Display is as good as ever, subtly pulsating anytime you receive a notification. As an added bonus, Motorola has even added the ability to control your music from it now.

Moto X Pure Edition-2

Another big part of the Motorola software experience is Moto Voice, which allows you to dictate voice commands and even lets you customize the experience a bit more with your own key-phrase. What I love most about Moto Voice, besides the always on listening, is using it for navigation. Being able to just tell your phone to navigate home or anywhere that you need to go, without having to wake up the phone or touch it at all, is extremely useful, especially if you have your phone sitting in a car dock like I do. It’s also a lot safer when you’re driving.

Speaking of safety, the Moto X also offers Moto Assist, which can read your text messages out loud and tell you who’s calling, or it can optionally keep your phone completely quiet to avoid interruptions anytime you’re in a business meeting or simply just need to get some shut eye.

Finally, you have Moto Actions which are all really nifty and intuitive features. You can wave your hand over the front of the phone to trigger Moto display, chop twice to trigger the led flash, and if you take a lot of pictures, you’ll find yourself using the double twist of the wrist to launch the camera pretty much on a daily basis.

Bottom-line, if you enjoy stock Android but wouldn’t mind a few extra perks outside of ‘true vanilla Android,’ you’re going to be more than satisfied with with what Motorola brings to the table.


Display5.7-inch display
Quad HD resolution, 515 ppi
Processor1.8 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor
Adreno 418 GPU
Storage16/32/64 GB
expandable via microSD up to 128 GB
Camera21 MP rear camera with dual LED flash
5 MP front-facing camera with wide angle lens and front-facing flash
ConnectivityWi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac
Universal LTE bands
Bluetooth 4.1
Battery3,000 mAh
SoftwareAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop
ColorsMoto Maker
Coated Silicon Rubber
Horween leather and natural wood
Metallic accents


Pricing and final thoughts

Motorola is taking a different approach with the sales of the Moto X this year. Instead of partnering with carriers, Motorola is selling the phone direct to consumers through Motorola’s website, Amazon, and Best Buy for a base price of $400 unlocked, which is an absolute bargain for a smartphone of this caliber. If you’re upgrading from a previous generation Moto X, the Pure Edition is a no-brainer.

Moto X Pure Edition-5

Editor's Choice Update 2015So, there you have it for this in-depth look at the Moto X Pure Edition. For $400 you really can’t go wrong with this one. Sure, the phone has a few downsides like battery life but you’re getting some very high-end specs, great build quality, a large, beautiful high-resolution display, a camera that won’t disappoint, and one of the cleanest and purest Android experiences around. Most importantly, you have MotoMaker, a customization tool that allows users to create a truly unique experience that’s yet to be rivaled by any of Motorola’s competitors.

What do you think of the new Moto X Pure Edition? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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  • Henry Cheung

    There is a typo in the battery part of this article. You said 3300 not 3000. Not reallly a big deal because I’m sure most ppl reading this article already know the specs quite well but just incase…

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  • Kazahani

    I still can’t decide. I like that the Nexus 5x is smaller, but I want to have Moto voice… I need to wait for them both to come out.

  • Frank

    Very competitive pricing?
    Not in Europe! You can get it in the UK, for $650! FFS Motorola!
    One of the biggest benefits of the Moto X is gone!
    I was so determined to get this phone, that I ignored potential upgrades the past months, waiting patiently for the Moto X, as a more “economical” performance option.
    Very disappointed!

    • Dan M

      Order from the Motorola site online. The prices are competitive.

  • DNagooyen

    Torn that it’s not an AMOLED display. I’m getting tired of the LCD display on my OnePlus One.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Amen. I can’t go back to LCD. Also, this phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, and that should be standard on all phones by now.

      • Svnjay

        But then the NSA would have my fingerprint.

        • Daggett Beaver

          The NSA can already get anything it needs about you.

    • erikiksaz

      The OnePlus One LCD is crap. My friend has one and I have never been one to complain about poor viewing angles, but that thing is atrocious.

      The new X’s LCD is better as a screen than the old AMOLED ever was, except ONLY if you really like the oversaturated colors of an AMOLED. Whites are just whiter, and they drain the battery less than whites on an AMOLED. Think about how much white there is on Lollipop and Marshmallow. The one big drawback is that blacks are no longer true blacks, but I still find that a benefit for Moto display as the 2014 X used to light up a whole dark room when it flashed its notification, whereas the new 2015 X ‘s notification is dimmer, which IMO is better.

      • Daggett Beaver

        Samsung’s latest AMOLED displays have been rated the best available, with the best color accuracy. I can’t testify to that, personally, since I don’t have the latest.

        I don’t think the latest AMOLED (latest I’ve seen) is over-saturated, but I like the colors on AMOLED. When I did color photography, I used Cibachrome specifically to get that kind of brightness and contrast in my prints. All LCD displays look flat and dull to me, including the LG G4, which supposedly has one of the best LCD displays.

        As for draining the battery, only time will tell. It’s too soon to know what battery life is going to be like. See comment above about how someone wishes the battery lasted longer. One data point.

        • Svnjay

          Samsung doesn’t sell their new AMOLEDs to other companies….

          Also, I prefer true to life colors than over saturation.

          • Daggett Beaver

            What part of “best color accuracy” was misleading to you?

          • jayesh m

            Please check. Samsung has incredible color accuracy, with a simple flick of a button aka changing it basic mode. I wish more people knew this fact, that samsung takes a LOT of pain to offer display different settings and they conform to the different gammuts (SRGB, Adobe) etc

  • Bobby Landers

    I’m really torn between this phone and the Note 5. I like the idea of the customization of the Moto X but I don’t want Leather or Wood for my backing, so the soft-grip options are kind of ho-hum.

    • erikiksaz

      Comes down to the $300 premium.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Pick the one you like best. Just remember that the latest Android on Moto X Pure isn’t going to give you a pen (with all the pen software features), fast wireless charging, MST pay ability and a fingerprint scanner. If you don’t care about those things, don’t mind adding your own wireless charging receiver (if the phone even allows it) and the LCD display looks good enough to you, I’d go for the cheaper phone.

  • Landry

    Let me first say I’ve never owned a android phone before. Im using a iphone5 now and a iphone b4 that. I don’t feel like paying monthly installment fees to at&t again. I’d just like to buy a phone and b done with it. If you were buying your 1st android, and not wanting to pay $700-$800, would this b the phone to get? Thanks.

    • erikiksaz

      Considering it’s between this and the Oneplus, I’d say yes. Or you could buy a LG G4 and or Note 5 used. For future notice, do yourself a favor and make sure you never buy a non-flagship android phone.

      • vangeodee

        My thoughts exactly. It’s an absolute bargain for its price, I’d say go for it!

        Though I’m an LG fan, I’m not really into the looks of the G4 though, plus, I really fancy Moto Maker.

        If this were available in my country, especially Moto Maker, I’d get it in a hearbeat.

      • Larry Baker

        “Never buy a non flagship phone”. BS! I’m running a Moto E 2, praised @$150-$175. Cost me $4.95, + $36 for a uhs-1 64 Gb sd card (Samsung). Out classes a Moto G, better specs, & runs faster! Has a smoothness to how it runs. Only 4.5″ though, 5.2″ would be perfect, w/ 2 Gb. Ram = near perfect phone. I run this phone like a pc, hard!! I love it?

        • erikiksaz

          You’re right, I forgot. Let me rephrase. Never buy a non flagship phone from anybody else BUT Moto.

    • wrkerr

      I’d say yes. This is the phone to get, *unless* you really like the idea of a fingerprint reader. If that’s the case, you should wait two weeks for the new Nexus phones to be announced, as they will both have fingerprint readers, and could also be good phones for someone new to Android.

    • Markay DeSaad

      I think for the money, this phone has a lot to offer. Maybe it’s not as stocked as an 800 flagship, but if your trying to stay in that 400-450 dollar range, this phone deserves serious consideration. As far as the fingerprint reader, I’m glad they left it out. It’s a feature I have absolutely no interest in, and it would only add to the cost. The phone is unlocked, so that’s a HUGE plus. No carrier bloatware. As far as making the jump to android, I agree with erikiksaz. Avoid the non-flagships. In my opinion, avoiding carrier exclusives would also be a good idea. I’ve owned a few android phones, and I absolutely plan on purchasing this one.

      • Dan M

        The Moto X is really worth considering because of it’s features that are up there with the flagships over $500. The camera,turbo charge, stereo front speakers,pure android make it worthwhile.

    • jayesh m

      Wait for the nexus devices. Their optics now days have improved quite a bit and their software experience, on the android front, is second to none. The new nexus 5x is looking good.

  • nebulaoperator

    I think reviewer you could take an extra step and take care of speaker comparison ” I’m not sure they’re as good as HTC BoomSound speakers, but they’re definitely a close second” It’s not so difficult at the end of the day. It’s also important because there are not many phone that have front facing speakers but stereo instead.
    Also battery is only 3000mah not 3300 as stated

    • Roy

      That right, there’s a people like that wanted to know wich device got better strere speakers sound, I’m sure the M9 more got best quaiuty but no the highest sound like the Nexus 6.
      So we like to know how those speakers standing compare to the M9 and Nexus 6, and in the future against LG’s Nexus 5X and Huawei’s Nexus 6P. Wich device will have the highest sound and wich will have better sound quaiuty. Who the second place and who after it. All that information it’s really important for me and I’m for others to.

      • Svnjay

        They’re the same as the Nexus 6.

    • Daniella

      Moto Phones are now on sale only below

    • Raisa

      Motorola phones are now on sale only below

    • Stefan

      Moto Phones are now on sale online only on

    • Myra

      Moto Phones are now on sale only at AndroidSmartphoneDeals:com

      • nebulaoperator

        Want to try threesome?

  • Rothschild G. Ambroise

    This one is going to be my Next phone. I Can’t wait to be able to buy it!

  • Olivier Weber

    Motorola have bumped the price of this by 50% in the UK. Screw that

    • slurrpitup

      what they are saying is help us increase US sales by asking someone to get it from there :)

    • Paul Ashby

      We always get mugged off in the UK :( but saying that at £399 I still think you get a lot of phone for the money and I am sooooo close to pressing that buy button :) I’m looking at the black glass black silicon and lime green ascent, funny because in the beginning I thought I was going for the white glass front LOL this is the only problem with Motorola and that’s ther’s too much choice :)

  • I’ve had mine for close to a week now and like it very much. I do wish the battery ran longer, but in the end the quick charging makes that a lot less painful. The worst problem was the issues with getting it completely set up with Verizon, but they now seem to be up to dealing with that.

  • Daggett Beaver

    I might have put no wireless charging and no fingerprint scanner in the Cons column. These are becoming standard features for flagships now, especially the fingerprint scanner. And people are going to want that fingerprint scanner when M comes out, since M supports it.

    • slurrpitup

      Yup, fingerprint scanner is really important…NOT! I don’t get the point of a fingerprint scanner…i mean you may need it, but many don’t. It’s something for the future and I am sure they decided that it’s ok to push it till 2016 or 2017. Not a biggie IMO, price is superb and will blow OP2 away because of it’s availability.

      • Mr. Mark

        you dont get the point of using biometrics to secure your phone?

        • slurrpitup

          Nope, i dont. A pin is enuff imo or.if it needs to get that drastic, how about a drop of blood? Anyway, it’s my opinion. That’s why different phones exist.for ppl at different price pts. I think this is a winner!

    • RichardReich

      Fingerprint scanner rules out this phone for me. Too bad. Otherwise it’s got everything I care about.

  • Eddie Harrington

    I will be home in 15 minutes and can’t wait to open the package that arrived today from China.

    • Voltaic Shock

      Hey I have seen your forum posts on Android Central lol

  • Kanoosh

    awe, look at the cry babies in here whining this should have every top of the line feature ever for the lowest price ever lol.. pathedic noobs no nothing about how phones and phone companies work.. but ya know, selfishness take over all.
    i actually HAVE the phone and can tell you it’s fully amazing in everyway that is mentioned in this review, other than, of course, the battery life which could be better, but hey can have it all and expect the price to be this low..smh

    • Markay DeSaad

      Totally agree. It amazes me how many people bitch about a 400 dollar phone not having the same specs and features of an 800 dollar phone. DuH!! I will be ordering this phone in a few days. I was waiting until my local best buy had one in stock, so I could get a quick hands on. Some people make an issue out of the size of the phone. I think it’s perfectly manageable. Not worried about the battery. All I need is to get through the day. I’m sure there’s plenty of battery for that.

      • Kanoosh

        well, as a power user myself and as much as i love this phone will not get you through a day’s use unless you barely use it.. that’s really the onyl ‘CON’ about the phone, but turbo charging makes up for it imo..for now.

        happy moto X’ing ;)

        • Infidel Gastro

          Define a “power user”.

          • Kanoosh

            around 200 installed apps (like, ones from the GPS) , 3-5 hours SoT ..but i guess the term “power user” is technically subjective depending on the apps, user, games etc etc.. i get half a day’s of use from my Moto X pure but some friends get even less.. so yea idk about that “whole day battery life” thing motorola claimed lol

          • Dan M


    • Josh

      Except the 1440p display and the 21 MP camera are just pointless. It’s very difficult to visually distinguish a 1440p vs. 1080p on a ~6″ phone, but easy to notice the extra battery drain since you’re pushing 2x the number of pixels. Likewise, hard to tell the difference between a 13 MP and 21 MP camera using a smartphone-sized lens. Both of these gimmicks are just spec hype and end up making the phone more expensive and battery hungry. Hence why I bought the new Moto G instead. Had to compromise for a 720p display, but the battery life is stellar, the camera is good enough, and it’s ~1/2 the price.

      • Kanoosh

        oh the second i read the last sentance ” hence i bought a moto G” all made sense to me.. of course you are gonna hate on higher end need to go any further with this then .lol.

        • Josh

          Would have gladly bought the X were it not for the 1440p battery destroyer. Motorola really nailed the software (no bloat) and price, but I shouldn’t have to charge a “high end phone” during the day. Apple understands that – any wonder why the iPhone 6+ is 1080p?

    • Dusan

      The thing is, that “800 dollar phone” was released a while ago, and now is 550 here in sweden, while Moto X Style/Pure is 500. 50 dollar difference. I don’t know. I better wait and see how Blackberry Venice turns out.

      • Kanoosh

        unless you absolutely have to have a physical KB for some miracle reason , then the BB venice is nothing but another slab.

        • Dusan

          It is a beautiful device with front speakers. Besides, not often you see someone using Blackberry.
          When it comes to Moto vs Samsung, I’d rather pay $50 extra and get S6 than Moto X Style.

          • Dan M

            You would be paying more and getting less. The Moto X has 21MP camera,15 min charging,no bloatware,stereo speakers.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    I’m still torn between this and the discounted Nexus 6. Bigger, better looking display, a little better battery life,camera not quite as good, older but still powerful

    • wrkerr

      …and on the 29th you’ll have two more good options. I think October will be the month to buy a new phone, with four great choices.

      • Noahbalboa5

        Unless you have Verizon then you’ll have 6. Droid turbo 2 and maxx 2!

        • wrkerr

          True. Though I suspect that the Droid line prices will be marked up by Verizon, they will come with some Verizon branded cruft, and potentially will not get the longevity and promptness of updates that the Moto X Pure Edition and the Nexus phones will enjoy.

          Not to say they won’t be good options—I’m certainly still excited about them, I just think there will be a few disadvantages.

          • Markay DeSaad

            Agreed. While I’m sure the Turbo 2 will be a performer, I’m actually jumping ship from the Droid line to grab the X Pure. Your point about promptness of updates is spot on. My Droid Maxx will probably never see any version of lollipop. I’m done with the carrier exclusive thing. For the price, I think the X Pure is a damn good deal.

          • Kimberly Burgess

            My Droid Maxx is in the same boat. Paid $700 for it brand new at release, and it’s been stuck on 4.4.4 FOREVER. Ordered my Moto X Pure a few days ago. Opted for white/light gold (champagne, as if!), light gold accents, and the Navy soft back. Wood and leather tempted me mightily, but a better feeling grip trumps that. If Android M lets the storage and SD card be unified, and I have no need of fingerprint unlocking, so the upcoming Nexus devices are non-starters.

          • Markay DeSaad

            Yeah, I think the Maxx is gonna be forever kitkat. I can’t complain about the performance, though. It’s been a good phone for me, but the X Pure is just too damn tempting. SO much to like. I strongly suspect the X Pure will get a lot more love from the developer community than the Maxx, as far as rooting and custom ROM’s. That’s definitely a plus for me. Had a chance to check one out at best buy. It had the “standard” back. I liked it. Phone felt plenty comfortable to handle, and not at all too big. Totally agree with you on the fingerprint unlocking. No need whatsoever. Glad it’s not there. Unified SD and internal storage is a HUGE plus. As far as the champagne, I’m more of a whiskey drinker, but that’s just me. Did you go with 16 or 32 gb on your X Pure?

          • Kimberly Burgess

            I went 64gb. My 64gb OnePlus One on T-Mobile is 96% full. Mostly due to my comic books on Comixology. If they had 128gb as an option, I’d have taken it.

            I bought the Project Tango tablet (which runs 4.4.2) mainly because it was effectively a Nexus 7 on steroids. 128gb storage plus 128gb SD card. I hope it gets upgraded to Android M. Battery life sucks due to processes, but it does 3D mapping and AR nicely.

            I’m still annoyed that Motorola couldn’t get us the promised Lollipop update before now. Likely can get Marshmellow on the Moto X Pure before the Maxx sees Lollipop. Carrier interference is why I will not buy an exclusive phone ever again. If I can’t unlock and root my own device, then it ain’t worth owning.

          • Markay DeSaad

            Totally hear ya on the carrier exclusive. The droids have been good to me, but it’s time to bail. 64gb internal with a potential 128 gb SD is an incredible amount of storage. I got my Maxx early, when the 32gb was available, but I’ve heard they’ve gone by the wayside for a 16gb version. 16gb with no SD?? Even by yesterdays standards that’s totally weak. As far as rooting, once again..agreed. Factory features aside, being able to flash custom ROM’s etc. is where the fun starts. I believe that the update to Android 6.0 is all but totally confirmed on the X Pure. I seriously doubt the Maxx will ever see lollipop. If Verizon were any slower to push updates, they’d be called Samsung…

          • Kimberly Burgess

            Ha! Totally true! I bought the Droid Charge, my first Samsung device, and it was the biggest POS. The Nexus 10 was made by Samsung but backed by Google, I’d have avoided it if Google wasn’t the backer.

            I bought my girlfriend the original Moto X for Valentines day and it really impressed me. I unlocked and rooted her device, installed Xposed and Gravity Box and a few other nice toys, and then unrooted it at her request. She still loves it.

            I have Anker external batteries, so I am not worried about a 3000mAh battery running out. I have 26,800mAh from my newest battery alone. I blame Ingress and flights.

            Ah, to finally have a phone devs love to play with! At last! This is my first non-Nexus tablet I can fully enjoy! Once it is perfect, I’ll then play with my OPO.

          • Markay DeSaad

            Yeah, it seems that Sammy is always the last one to the party as far as updates are concerned. The website is littered with complaints from angry users. Android 6.0 is here, and a lot of the Samsung stuff can’t even get off kitkat. I never owned a Samsung smartphone. Don’t see that ever changing.

            I just checked out those Anker battery packs you mentioned. Pretty impressive. Might have to grab me up one of them. As far as the 3000mAh in the X, that should easily get me through the day. I don’t spend an incredible amount of time on my phone during the work day because I’m, well….working. LoL

            Yes, I believe the developers are going to have a field day with this phone. My guess is there will be a rooting procedure within weeks, if not, maybe a month or so. I actually tried the kingroot thing on the Maxx, which did work. The super sume app was able to replace the kingroot SU with the much preferred super SU, but root access is lost immediately on reboot. Yeah, I’d say it’s time to retire the Maxx….

          • Kimberly Burgess

            I expect rooting procedure even sooner since Motorola has a bootloader unlock page up and is selling direct. :D I’ll likely unlock it first thing and then boot and install apps.

          • Markay DeSaad

            I just ordered mine. 32gb, Black and Dark Gray front with Black back. Metallic Royal Blue accent, with “Moto X Pure” as custom greeting. No engraving. Skipped the Accident protection…Used to buy that stuff, but realized I never, not once, needed it. I’m careful with my stuff. But yeah, **color me happy** I’m seeing Titanium Backup and Root Explorer in my future…

        • cdm283813

          Droid turbo 2 and Maxx 2 = Locked bootloader, no root, more expensive and tied to Verizon. So whatever they show will not impress me. Even if price was not a factor the X still wins. Waiting till the 29th to determine best phone.

      • Voltaic Shock

        I don’t know about that. I am not really impressed by what I have seen so far. I will reserve my final judgement for the 29th.

    • Noahbalboa5

      Moto x. Do it.

    • Svnjay

      Microsd and usb otg.

    • John

      Same here…I keep looking at it on Best Buy like seriously..$349? 32 bit vs 64 on the Moto and N6 camera gets no love? Anyone know if the Pure’s selfie flash can be turned off?

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        The 32/64 bit does have me a little concerned, but not terribly for a couple years yet.
        I read/watched that there is a settings toggle for the front flash, like the rear. Don’t know what the default is, and if it reverts every time it’s launched.

  • Noahbalboa5

    Honestly thought I was going to wait until September 29th to get another phone, but the nexus 5x seems like the screen will be small(er) and the hauwei nexus may be a good $200-$250 more than the moto. So the moto it is. I love this phone.

  • Sybil Hall

    We have the same design lol. That’s weird. Love these colors though and Motorola!

  • Bigj99

    It’s really too bad the distribution isn’t as good as the phone. The purchase process has been nothing short of dreadful. Still waiting.

    • nebulaoperator

      Tell me about it :) Still waiting for my my G 3 . It has been 9 days already…9 long days.

  • wubanger5

    Quite like the sound of the Moto X PureStyle, but one thing keeps bugging me about the camera. Since I’ve never used the previous Moto X’s, I’m not sure if it is the same, but if you can touch anywhere on the viewfinder to take a photo, how to you tap to focus? For instance if you want to focus on a spot on the top left of the screen, wouldn’t that just cause the phone to take a picture instead?
    There’s probably a setting somewhere, but I haven’t heart it mentioned yet.

    • HammDroid

      Probably tap and hold vs just a tap, like on several other devices, but not certain as I don’t have the device…, yet.

      • wubanger5

        Thanks – that makes sense now. It turns out that I haven’t played with nearly enough devices.

    • nebulaoperator

      There is option . You drag circle on desired place to focus on. That circle also has exposure adjustment function you just have to slide your finger clockwise or conter.

  • HammDroid

    One point of contention…
    It does not support VoLTE on band 12, out of the box. Because of this, it does not support band 12 out of the box, per T-Mo’s rules based on e911 support.
    It IS band 12 capable however, and Motorola has stated on their own fortune that this will be added in a future software update.
    Just something to pay attention to if you’re on our planning on using this on T-Mo’s network in one of their band 12 expanded areas, like myself, where you can’t really use T-Mo without it. Or one of the few ATT areas that has begun using band 12.
    At least it SHOULD be updated at some point down the road though.

  • Daggett Beaver

    I just read that it doesn’t have a notification LED. Is this true? Seriously? How much cash does Moto save by not including one? 5 cents?

    • Deonta Alexander

      it does but you need root

  • yesitsmario

    Wish I could afford this phone, but had to settle on an Alcatel Idol 3 that I got on Amazon for $199 a couple of months ago. The thing does ~90% of what I want without any problems.

  • tazmanian200

    I have one question, has it ever crossed Motorola’s mind to produce a phone with a great camera and a big battery and a top processor? I think people would be happy to pay an extra hundred dollars or so to get a total package in a phone. Damn, sometimes it’s embarrassing being a Android fan, not one Android phone make can simple do what apple does, and that is make a top notch phone that’s smooth and works and had a top notch camera! Yeah I know someone out there is going to say what about Samsung…Samsung could be the phone, but Samsung won’t part with touch wiz, and it kills the performance, yes it had a great camera, but overall performance suffers. It’s like we have to settle for a 400 dollar phone and if we don’t, then there only answer is why are u bitching, its only a 400 dollar phone. I don’t know about all the other damn Android owners, but I can afford a GD phone, so please quit producing this half bake stuff and quit pandering to a bunch of Piss ants that can’t afford a phone, and make something that’s a total package. I don’t care if it cost 5 or 6 hundred dollars!!

    • KiNG

      THANK YOU! I bought the Moto X and I’m already thinking about returning this B*tch. It’s a nice phone and all but coming from the One Plus, I just don’t see an improvement except for the screen. In most instances, I feel my One Plus runs a little smoother (to be fair, it’s rooted and running Custom ROM and Kernel) than the X.

      • Moxin JC


    • Moxin JC

      lol all that cry for nothing

  • tazmanian200

    maybe Motorola needs to change their concept on how they sell their phones. I recommend instead of offering you different colors, accents and covers, maybe they need to give you the option of which processor, camera, battery and which type screen you want!! that way you’re not tied to saying my POS phone is this color!! Allow the consumer to decide how much he wants to spend, if you want to spend 400.00 and get the POS Moto X or do you want to step up and spend 600.00 and get a real phone, with a real camera, a quality screen and a sufficient battery!! just a thought!! and just in case Motorola isn’t aware of it, there are millions upon millions of folks out there willing to spend more than 400.00 for a phone!! (Apple, Samsung and others) FYI!!

    • Dan M

      The thing is, the Moto X Pure Edition can do pretty much the phones costing more than $400 can do. As an example, the Moto X has a better camera (21MP) than the Galaxy s7 (12MP ) and also has turbo charging which charges near full capacity in 15 min. The battery is the same capacity at 3000mah.


    I would have considered buying this phone if it didn’t have the stupid curved back that Motorola keeps using. It is completely impractical and makes using/typing/swyping the phone on any flat surface absolutely impossible! One handed use on a table top while other hand in use: forget it! Nexus 6: this was your biggest flaw and made me comoletely dislike this phone, I should have stuck with nexus 5.
    Nexus 5 (2015) it will be for me. At least LG isn’t using those stupid curved backs on their devices. I can’t wait to get rid of this Nexus 6, I’ve been counting down the days.

  • tazmanian200

    here’s an interesting note, if Samsung and Apple can build a flagship device for 200.00 and sell it for 650.00, please tell me why Motorola can’t build a flagship phone for 400.00? why are you believing the reason we can’t get a great camera and fingerprint technology and a great screen is to keep the price down? The real truth is profits!! yes for all you moto fans who think Motorola is just scrapping every penny trying to put together a phone you can afford is a crock of horse crap!! if they can’t make the same 300% markup then they’ll just settle for this current moto X pure which is far from pure, if anything, it reeks of manure! Bottom line, the truth hurts, but its all about money in their pockets and out of yours, and for people to be foolish enough to buy a substandard phone is stupid!!

    • Dan M

      The Moto X is far from substandard. 1. Camera(21MP) 2. Turbo charging (10 hrs of battery life in a 15 min charge) 3. Front Stereo speakers. On those alone, it beats the Samsung s7.

  • Glenn Miller

    Have used Motorola phones in the past always had good build quality
    Very good reception for phone calls ( which is why you buy a smartphone)
    I use an IPhone for just that reason but really don’t like Apples restrictions and in my opinion Bland look
    Thinking very seriously about purchasing a Pure just to get away from all the contract BS
    But one thing seems to stop me
    I do like getting a new type of phone once a year
    If I purchase the Pure I want be able to do that unless I buy another in a year

    • Dan M

      Dude, get the Moto X Pure. It is THE phone to buy in 2016. Camera,Specs and Stereo front speakers.

  • jaykumar shinde

    the moto maker combination of your moto x style aka pure edition is awesome man..

  • Arun Muralidhar

    Wish reviews included testing the phone part of smartphones. Stuff like network reception, noise cancellation n both mic n earpiece performance.

    Or r they same for all phones ? Like due to similar chipsets. N OS ?

  • AD Ahmed

    i am going to buy the lg g4.

  • Bence Esztegár

    What is the colour of the phone in the pictures, is it the Royeal Blue option?

  • Mafer

    Can I activate it with metro pcs???

  • Pavo

    Visit to see some hand picked best quality goods hope you will like it

  • Fred

    Was that a critique or an advertisement?

  • Abhilash Ramachandran

    MotoX style is an awesome phone, I really loved it. Other than Battery life remaining all i was very much satisfied till my phones screen got shattered after it’s small fall from my bed. I wanted to get it repaired it as fast as i can, i brought it to the Moto care service center in jayanagar Bangalore, which is the biggest in India(As Motorola says).

    I give it there in the month of January and still i am waiting for a call from them. whenever i contact them only thing they have to say is the parts are not available in the market.Seriously?? For three months? This is march and give it on January, They are already charging huge amount for the screen replacement(10K) which i am not bothered, my only concern was to get my phone back as soon as possible.I have contacted motorola’s Hotline for customer care and filed a complaint also regarding this.

    They always make some or the other reason to make it extended, there were weird reasons like due to chennai floods their warehouse got damaged as well as all the parts which were stored there. If i am not wrong when chennai flood happened this Moto X Style was not even released. And most of the time they won’t pick your phone if we call from our registered phone number, and whenever the call is connected they will tell with in this time moto will get back to you, believe me it is not going to happen, they never call back. Only once they call back when I threatened them that i will take legal actions against your company and their service.

    Anyways i am seriously fed up Moto care and their service. it was just 1 month old phone, when it got damaged it is really heart breaking more over when it takes such a long time even to get it repaired as a customer anyone will lose hope in the brand. Seriously motorola you people are having a pathetic customer service, for all of them who are interested to buy this phone have a second thought, if it got any damage for your phone, moto care need minimum 3 month’s time to make it done. I am thinking of taking legal action against the company and their service centers as I don’t have any other options to go for. I pre ordered this phone from flipkart and I got it very next day of release in my hand. I had a trust on MOTOROLA , which is completely spoiled now. I will not take any other product from MOTOROLA here after, their products are good but customer satisfaction is also a very important stuff and in that you people are pathetic, I am sorry for using that word but it is the fact. So you people are forcing me to go for legal actions as I don’t have any other options and I need my phone back very soon.

    Thank you for responding at least here, yesterday was the last date your moto care (B2X MOTO FLAGSHIP BANGALORE) have said to me. I was trying their number for full day, nobody responded. feeling cheated..

    Name: Abhilash R

    Job number: AMSFLA012860

    Product: Moto X style

    Mobile number: 7026966871

    here is the details of the complaint i lodged in your motorola customer care.

    Complaint number: 160211017477

  • Fernie

    Can someone drop a link to the wallpaper used on the review phone?

  • Dan M

    It’s an awesome phone! I bought it a week ago from best buy on their mothers day sale at $299. Love the speed and the sound of the stereo front speakers. The selling point was the price, the camera and the sound.

  • Darshan N

    I am using moto x pure edition for past 1 month. Display, camera, sound, processor speed, handling feel is all so good… even can say one of the best… i am so satisfied…

    Things i dislike about this phone is… heats up so badly while playing games… battery life is tooo low when compared to other phones…
    Battery given is 3000mah… and drys out very quickly if i start playing games… i played to test batter life…

    Played mini militia with
    20% brightness
    95% battery charge
    I was NOT even the HOST
    After series of games my phone was burning up and charge left was only 52%… but my frnds’ charge were
    Iphone 6 72%
    Iphone 6s 76%
    Redmi note 3 75%
    Samsung S7 78% (HOST)
    Lenovo k4 note 68%… etc
    These people played with even higher brightness than me… still they had lots of charge left…

    Though everything else is first class in this phone… battery life dissapoints me a lot more than i can express… it actually irritates me

  • Marty

    Got my XT1575 on the recent Amazon Prime Day. Paid $209 for the 32GB version and installed a 32GB UHS-1 MicroSD as internal storage for 64GB of total Internal memory.

    Sweet phone. I’m surprised how well I like it. It’s smooth, fast and the display is gorgeous. The camera is excellent and the look and feel of the device is top notch. Worth more than what I paid for it. And it works on all carriers – GSM & CDMA.

    The only thing I don’t like about the UI is the grid, which is a simple 4 icons X 4 icons. It needs to be 5 X 4. I use Nova Launcher to get a better UI, but I have to sacrifice the Google Now weather icon and GN homepage access.

  • Ugh

    Very, very, very disappointed in this phone. I wasn’t looking for a premium build, but this thing is shockingly fragile. I had never broken a phone before, but three weeks into owning this one and the screen catastrophically failed after a very short fall. Chunks of the screen actually fell out and it looks like it got hit by a bat. I was already having problems with the bluetooth not working properly, and I was on the fence about returning it. That is now out of the question since the screen is completely destroyed. I called to see about a repair. It costs $200 through Motorola. The phone is currently selling on the Motorola site for $289. Ridiculous. I called around locally, and found a place that will fix it for $150, but I won’t even be able to sell it for that… It isn’t even worth the repair. This was my first Motorola phone and it will most definitely be my last.