Moto X Style Hands On-62

When Motorola first announced the Moto X Pure Edition (aka X Style) for the US market, we were both excited and intrigued at the idea of one SKU that would work with all US carriers. At the same time, we couldn’t help but feel a bit skeptical as well, especially with regards to CDMA based carriers like Verizon. After all, both the Nexus (2013) LTE and Nexus 6 had activation issues on Verizon, and so it was hard to believe that Big Red would make life easy for Motorola customers.

Now that the Moto X Pure Edition has arrived, it turns out we all had good reason to be a little wary. While popping in a nano-SIM card from an existing Verizon plan works flawlessly, those attempting to active a new plan/SIM with their Moto X Pure Edition are having trouble activating the phone to Verizon’s network. The good news is that this a temporary issue. In a statement issued to Droid Life, Verizon says the “Moto X Pure Edition is certified and supported for activation on Verizon’s network. We are working with Motorola to resolve the activation issue by Friday Sept. 18.”

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More than likely Verizon has yet to enter the necessary IMEIs into its database, but we can’t help but feel this issue could have been easily avoided. Then again, maybe Verizon just doesn’t care, but they should. For those with brand new phones sitting on their desks, having to wait a few days to activate to Verizon is a big annoyance, and one that could drive at least a few of these users to a new carrier.

Any of our readers running into issues getting the Moto X Pure Edition to play nicely with Verizon? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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