Developer MohammadAG gets Android Wear to work with iPhones, sort of

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 22, 2015

android wear ios muhammadag

Google has hinted that it could eventually make Android Wear work with iPhones, but as the wearables platform is getting close to its first birthday, we’re yet to see an official integration. The good news is, if you really want to use your Android Wear smartwatch with an iOS device, an unofficial solution may be coming.

Android developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, widely known on XDA as MohammadAG, found a way to push notifications from iOS to AW. MohammadAG, who is known for his work developing Xposed Framework modules, used a feature called Apple Notification Center Service (ANSC) that was first introduced on iOS7. This is the same feature that allows Pebble to receive notifications from iPhones via Bluetooth. Because it’s built into the operating system, making use of ANSC doesn’t require a special app – notifications from any app can be pushed automatically to a connected smartwatch.

To enable the feature, MohammadAG created an .apk that needs to run on the smartwatch, and the developer said he’s considering open-sourcing it. You will still need an Android device to set up the smartwatch and get apps on it, but the good news is you can use any iOS7 or higher Apple device, no jailbreak required.

Now, the Android Wear experience is more than just notifications and MohammadAG admits that this ANSC-based implementation is limited. But if you just want simple notifications, this could do. We’ll keep an eye on this little project and let you know when, if ever, becomes available.

  • Huzaifa

    This guy is great. I appreciate all of his work.

    • mobilemann

      can’t recommend this enough. I loved his google now API and used it religiously when i was on android. very exciting times; and i wonder if this applies to my gear with null rom.

  • I remember this guy from when I had Nokia N900, ruining Maemo 5 OS. He was THE GUY that made amazing things happen. I mean look at this! He is hardcore.

    • MasterMuffin

      It makes me glad to see people like him, never giving up on their hobby :)

    • crutchcorn

      I can’t see the link. :(

    • Thalass

      I knew I recognised the name from somewhere! N900 4 lyfe!

  • abazigal

    That is probably the extent of what he can do with Android Wear and iOS, I am afraid. iOS lacks the OS-level integration of Google Now that Android enjoys, and Apple is never going to open up Siri to developers, or let Google Now take over the entire phone.

    So any Android Wear device is likely going to be nothing more than a glorified Pebble Watch with a colour display and shorter battery life. You won’t even get interactive notifications; all these will be reserved for the Apple Watch, no doubt.

    • mobilemann

      yes, more information from another person who clearly doesn’t use iOS. No tying into siri is laughable, since that’s the basis of homekit.

      It would also help if you actually read any of the articles this sources too; as the dev specifically says he’s going for interactive notifications; which iOS has frameworks for too.

      Thanks for a paragraph of complete mis information!

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  • Deeco

    MohammadAG the King of Xposed Modules!!!

  • Guest

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  • Lindle

    Is this the same guy who developed switchr

  • Craig Trunzo

    This is awesome! That is until he gets bored of this 4 days from now and leave it for abandoned for others to try to maintain while he disappears forever from the conversation.

    You know, just like pretty much every other mod he’s released.

    He’s a talented and creative dev, just wished he had some follow-through