Image source: Addictive Tips

The CyanogenMod team recently discovered a new notification mode buried deep inside the Android open source code. Called Heads Up, the mode displays your notifications as cards floating on top of the app you are currently using. Instead of having to slide down the dropdown to see a new notification, you can dismiss or interact with a card without ever leaving the current app.

The CyanogenMod team has already enabled Heads Up mode in CM11 nightly releases, but what if you want it on your non-CM device? Luckily, there’s little that a good Xposed module can’t do.

XDA member and noted Xposed module developer MohammadAG came up with a simple module that lets you activate Heads Up on any Android 4.4 device. Of course, you will require root access to install Xposed Framework and Xposed modules, but, other than that, there should be no compatibility issues. Do note however, that this is an early release and that the module may cause crashes and errors on some devices – XDA commenters reported problems with force closings on some Samsung and Motorola devices.

Like CM’s implementation, MohammadAG’s Heads Up module lets you define a “black list” of apps that won’t have floating notifications shown on top, which is useful for watching video or playing games uninterrupted.

Head over here to download the Heads Up Xposed module, or visit the original XDA thread for user comments.