LG trolls Samsung for ditching removable batteries

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 28, 2016


In one of those lovely social media kerfuffles we all love so much, LG USA has trolled Samsung Mobile for ditching removable batteries in the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Samsung tweeted to advertise the fact that you can charge the S6 Edge+ battery from zero to full in just 90 minutes. LG replied with the clever rebuttal that the LG V10 can go from zero to full instantly with a removable battery.

This is great for several reasons. One, it keeps us giggling like schoolgirls. Two, it implies LG plans to stick with removable batteries for the near future. Three, LG kinda stole the idea of removable batteries and microSD cards from Samsung in the first place. Of course, rumors have it that the Galaxy S7 will get a microSD card slot back and Samsung’s battery improvements since the Galaxy S6 mean that removable batteries are kind of obsolete. But we still love a sick burn when we see one.

LG USA Mobile Twitter@SamsungMobile (Twitter)

Whether or not removable batteries are necessary anymore is a question up for constant debate. Fast charging has, for many flagships, replaced the need for a replaceable battery. While a user-switchable battery is definitely convenient for power users, it is a feature not made use of by many, and including it makes a device thicker than it would be with a non-removable battery. So whether LG is poking fun at the future or Samsung made a wrong move, it’s little scraps like this that keep the OEM game fun.

Are you a fan of removable batteries? Or do you prefer fast charging?

  • Rovin VS

    on the face…

  • Osakwe tochukwu

    Thats too harsh LG too harsh. U guys are brothers for pete’s sake

  • Izzie

    Or go from working to broken instantly with LG G4 bootloop.

    • jasonlowr

      You sir, to the top. :D

    • Nibbler

      I was going to say good burn LG, but then I saw this comment and was dam LG… ROASTED!!!

    • MiMo1986s

      V10 talking lol at least from s3 until s5 burning homes :D and burning ppl not to mention slow buggy battery life like zero :D wall hugger just like an iphone :D or not to mention the amazing :D UI from touchwiz that makes u use google launcher lol

    • smokebomb

      I had a G4 for 7 months and never experienced the issues others were having. I also bought it at launch. Not sure how I got so lucky.

  • ak47ftw

    butthurt lg cos samsung makes way more money than them.

    • Jc

      Butthurt fanboiii

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        But its true, samsung still the best android number 1 in the world

        • Sweet Note

          In exactly what? Only display from what i can see, because theyr software is trash… no updates aswell. Google Nexus is the best android in the world.

          • Jeremeel


          • jasonlowr

            Nexus can suck my arse. My nexus 7 slows down like crazy and even running on the latest software, it doesn’t even do much at all. My note 5 kills the nexus and pure android instantly.

          • Phillip

            Does your anus hurt from dick riding Samsung so much?

          • Nibbler

            if you want vanilla droid. or another rom where even when stable, a few things are still broken. if google put their Nexus 6p in carrier stores like att, verizon, sprint, tmobile with the pricing structure they use now, they still probably wouldn’t sell as great as a sg6/note 5/lg4 or htc m9

          • skyelm

            Great in everything, which android phone/company is better than samsung
            Battery life(same capacity)

            You are the hater

          • Sweet Note

            Sales/Profit = Samsungs 2015 sales were subpar with expectations, theyr mobile division president was replaced, and theyr products didnt get the attention they wanted. You live in Pluto or the new 9th planet?

            Display = The Edge/Edge + has the most beautiful display ever in a smartphone, simple. Yes, we agree at something.

            Processor = Again, its fantastic, its really good and packs great technologies (Lte Cat.9, Power efficient modem and gpu), being the only 14 nm “commercially available mobile” processor of 2015, for smartphones, other than the Apple A9/A9X.

            RAM = …… out of 3 gigabytes of ram you get 600 megabytes on the s6’s and out of 4 gigabytes you get 1,1 gygabites on the Note 5. Dude, even a Samsung fanboy would take the ram comment offensive.

            Storage = No microsd slot, UFS 2.0 isnt really that much different from what we can expect of Emmc 5.0/5.1 and even Apple has theyr own Non Volatile Memory Express standard, about 400 Mb/s against Samsungs 210, and the Note 4 with Emmc storage has about the same, surpassing it in some cases, and that is really odd but good for Note 4 users.

            Battery Life = Nope, the s6 and s6 edge had some of the worst battery life on the android world, even the OnePlus X has better battery life and they were par to the Iphone 6 with 1810mAh… QHD has its issues, and only the SuperAmoled technology is felt really.

            Samsung makes high end components, but theyr software is underpar in literally every aspect, and that includes updates, like 99% of the Android world, aside from Nexus family. What hater or non hater would deny such reality? I dont need your approval, the world does tough, from Samsung.

          • OlayTerry

            Google Nexus is among the most limited, least functional and overly overrated excuse for technology. Full of bugs, crashes, lacks essential features, etc

          • Sweet Note

            Yet, gets all security updates, system updates and plenty of other updates, Samsung and LG, to name those 2 out of every other manufacturers, make 900€ phones that will not get android 7.0! Unaceptable, and if its so, the nexus you were using had a defected software which can be set back with a factory reset or replaced and lacks essentials features, but the ones it has are much more accurate, than lets say “Samsungs Fingerprint Sensor” and Heart Rate Sensor, which is a total joke on itself. False results, every time.

        • ASYOUTHIA

          McDonald’s hamburgers are the best tasting hamburgers because they have the most stores and sell the most in the world

    • OlayTerry

      If LG keeps delivering features people want they’ll soon trade financial positions with Samsung.

  • Brøssøvítçh

    I’ll take fast charge with a removable battery, thanks.
    If a device doesn’t have an SDcard slot, that’s a HUGE deal breaker unless it’s a Nexus 5x.

    • nullified

      or a nexus 6p

    • skyelm

      That’s called fanboi… Missing a SD card is the same whoever the OEM is

      • Brøssøvítçh

        I guess I am a bit of a fanboy, I love all my Samsung devices with their sdcard slots and my LG device with all the same. I guess since I have only ever purchased Samsung devices besides a single LG because of the fact that they always had SD slots and great hardware along with real buttons, not to mention the best screens…. I suppose you’re right I love Samsung. Anyone who knows me can attest to this fact. ? LG is just winning now.

  • Necdet Ali Özdür

    Well… You have to charge those batteries too. Unless you are constantly buying new spare batteries.

    • PC_Tool

      Charging the spare, amazingly, doesn’t affect the phone’s battery level…

    • xdapao3

      you charge them in their separate charger whenever is most convenient to you all the while keeping your mobile phone MOBILE and ready to use…

      • Necdet Ali Özdür

        So you have to buy a separate charger too.

        • xdapao3

          Yes, and..?
          The (very) few euro it costs are worth it a million times.

          • Necdet Ali Özdür

            Fast charging costs zero. Unless LG includes a separate battery and a separate charger in the box, it won’t be a convenience.

          • xdapao3

            Utter nonsense on so many levels…
            1. NOTHING costs zero, its cost is included in what you pay for the phone.
            2. On some markets they do.
            3. Again: I paid something like 30 Euro for an original external battery + original separate battery charger kit. 30 Euro are PEANUTS for such a fundamental and increasingly unique capability.
            4. we are talking about flagships which cost many hundreds of Euro and you are arguing over a 15 Euro battery charger… LMAO!
            5. do you ever buy any accessories for your smartphones? if they are not included they are not a “convenience”…
            For my Note 3 I bought 2 of such kits (1 charger I keep at home and the other one I take with me when I travel), the original back cover which enables wireless charging, the original wireless charging pad and a new 128GB Samsung microSD which replaced the 64GB one I had in my Note 2. I did not have to buy new MHL (HDMI out) and USB OTG adapters because my old ones still work for the Note 3. Several smartphones (even flagships) do not have some of the capabilities enabled by those accessories and when they don’t it’s not “money saved” (like your “logic” implies…) but capabilities lost!!

          • Necdet Ali Özdür

            It must be nonsense just because you don’t agree I guess… It is a big hussle to buy and keep charged all those spare batteries, which I don’t want. In an emergency, I just pop my phone into a charger for 10 mins and get 25-30% battery, which will keep it running for several hours more. For the past two months I’ve never had a battery problem, even though I use my phone a lot. Conclusion: fast charging is more than enough.

          • xdapao3

            I didn’t say that nonsense is not wanting to use external batteries, I said that your arguments against it are nonsense.

            “It is a big hussle to buy and keep charged all those spare batteries”
            And to me having to constantly keep an eye on the battery level, having to “manage” battery life by adapting (i.e. LIMITING) my use of the smartphone (which to me is an invaluable 24/7 “personal assistant”) and having to tether my supposedly MOBILE device to a wall charger each and every day are INFINITELY GREATER HASSLES!!!!
            Since my first smartphone (a Sony Ericsson P800, 4 years before Jobs “invented” smartphones…) I have NEVER had “battery anxiety”, NEVER have had to limit the use of my smartphone and NEVER had to tether it to a wall. To each his own…

            “In an emergency, I just pop my phone into a charger” guess your “emergencies” always happen close to a wall socket… LMAO!
            (oh and that also means that you are always carrying around your charger and USB cable like I do my external battery/ies in its handy plastic carrying cover which came with it… and my Note 3’s battery is overall smaller, lighter and way slimmer than your charger + cable!)

            In an “emergency” I simply swap batteries and in less than 60 seconds I get a fully charged up smartphone ready for anything…

          • Necdet Ali Özdür

            Dude, relax. I just state the downsides of having separate batteries and battery chargers. I prefer not going into the hustle of keeping phone accesories charged, or owning any either. I just have a laptop (with a non-removable battery) and a phone that needs to be charged, and both have never let me down. That’s it. People say Android is all about choice; but I guess it is so, until someone else disagrees.

          • skyelm

            Powerbank… Read about it

          • xdapao3

            Thanks for the tip!
            …oh wait, I just read about it and it seems that powerbanks are MUCH heavier, MUCH bigger and MUCH bulkier than a simple additional battery (and you have to add a cable too!) and once the phone is tethered to it you get a nice NON-mobile device “combo” which you can’t put back in your pocket and/or otherwise use normally. It seems a pretty shitty “solution” to me.

            For the record, I own a powerbank, a 12.000mah Anker, and I find it very useful in several scenarios. Replacing my smartphone’s additional battery/ies is definitely NOT one of them…

            (And in this thread I also forgot to add that for 15 Euro I myself can replace in 60 seconds the battery in my phone with a fresh new one instead of paying 5-8 times that and having to leave my phone in some repair shop…
            The battery is the ONE component garanteed to fail, in a smartphone.)

          • SeanPR11

            I hope your “emergency” doesn’t include a power outage.

          • Necdet Ali Özdür

            In such case, charging the second battery is no guarantee either. By the way, how often do you encounter power outages?

          • SeanPR11

            The extra battery is always charged that’s the point.

          • skyelm


          • SeanPR11

            I have three, but they are not as convenient or pocketable as a skinny spare battery, and if my phone battery goes bad, I’m certainly not going to carry my phone around with the powerbank permanently attached.

          • SeanPR11

            Sweet fast charging costs “Zero”!
            Finally new tech that is FREE! Or I guess they “could” build it into the price of the phone.

          • Necdet Ali Özdür

            Zero extra.

          • SeanPR11

            The “Extra” was built into the price of the phone already, it wasn’t free.

          • Necdet Ali Özdür

            I do not remember going to a store and pay for fast charging. You do get what I mean with “zero extra” but you are playing with words so your statement can stay relevant. Not everybody wants to spend time to buy phone accessories.

        • Lamp

          Most spare batteries, OEM and third party come with a separate charger for you.

  • LastKings31

    I got the second battery for my G4 with the charging box to charge it by itself from lg and just leave it charging over night and I ain’t gotta worry about my phone dying at all! Literally 0 to a 100 real quick ?

  • Don Rambarran

    Is it just me or is the S6 lacking a SD the real thing to cry about?

    G4 for life!

    • Dominick Wheeler

      Pretty much this. I couldn’t care less about removable battery, as I can have it serviced by the manufacturer before my warrnanty expires, but nothing can be done about lack of removable storage.

      BB Priv for life!

      • smokebomb

        So they sold one? Damn I was worried for a minute.

    • Nibbler

      true i do miss my sd card slot. I just hated having a slow sd card, and being cheap for having to buy a faster one haha

    • OlayTerry

      SD is important but with 128gb of internal storage it’s not nearly as important as removable battery.

      • Kody

        The 128gb version was usually $150-200 more than the 32gb version, compare this to a 128gb memory card that cost $50-100. Removing a memory card slot is just a way to drive the prcie up. Plus it makes the transfer of data easier when replacing phones.

  • xdapao3

    A non-removable battery is the biggest instant deal breaker to me, period.
    Signed, a long time Note series “fan” for whom the Note 5 is a useless toy.

    • Nibbler

      it’s not useless. I have it and battery life is fine. If you use it that much you might have a problem. I get 5 and a quarter hours of SoT at 8% left without using the energy saving options. If you do more than that in a day….

      • xdapao3

        I don’t *regularly* have to resort to external batteries each and every day (and BTW I also have and use wireless charging, on my Note 3), the point is another: since my first smartphone (a Sony Ericsson P800, 4 years before Jobs “invented” smartphones…) I have NEVER had “battery anxiety”, NEVER have had to limit the use of my smartphone and NEVER had to tether it to a wall.

        To me having to constantly keep an eye on the battery level, having to “manage” battery life by adapting (i.e. LIMITING) my use of the smartphone (which to me is an invaluable 24/7 “personal assistant” and on my Note 3’s 32GB+128GB I keep practically all of the same files that I have on my PC, coupled with Android’s exclusive features it’s really like having a fully featured PC in my pocket) and having to tether my supposedly MOBILE device to a wall charger each and every day are what make non-removable battery smartphones useless toys!!!!

        • Sergei Castañeda

          i know what you mean because i did the most stupid thing which was switch to a galaxy s6 comming from a note 4, and i regret that every day, i already made my mind up that it’s the last samsung phone i’ll ever have, the next one i going to be either an lg phone, or a not so known decent one with removable battery and sd card slot.

        • xdapao3

          P.S. oh and even if all of that does not interest you, I also forgot to add that for 15 Euro I myself can replace in 60 seconds the battery in my phone with a fresh new one instead of paying 5-8 times that and having to leave my phone in some repair shop…
          the battery is the ONE component garanteed to fail, in a smartphone.

        • Nibbler

          point is you dont have to keep it plugged into a wall unless your on it 24/7. SoT of being on 5 1/4 hours and if you need more than that….idk who would need to be on their phone that much. if taking 3-5minutes to get you another 20% of battery is really that bad then god help us when ppls ps4 remotes die because of their pathetic 6 hour battery life. if you have that bad of anxiety about your phone battery and it drives you crazy, you might wanna consult a doctor.

          • Frank-o

            It’s not about SOT and charging. It’s about the fact that battery capacity deteriorates over time and they eventually become useless. What good then to charge a battery for 3-5 min for 20% when that will last you all of 5 minutes? And what if a battery starts swelling because of a defect? I’ve had that happen on a S3 and S5. Hopped down to Radio Shack for a new one. 10 minutes later I was back in action.

          • Nibbler

            i see your point. batteries degrade over time anyway. not being used, being charged fast, kept on a charger, etc etc. I can promise you within a year or two, we will see 95% phones with a sealed in battery. Doesn’t hurt apple or sammy. but lg on the other hand look at them…

          • smokebomb

            Smartphone features have advanced faster than battery technology. Our phones do SO much now that it’s starting to show how undeveloped battery tech is.

    • smokebomb

      I just got a note 4 for that very reason. The sales girl tried to sell me a 5 and I was like, “you can just stop. I’m not interested.” The fact that the HDD space maxed out at 64 on the note 5 was a bigger deal breaker than the sealed battery. I’m not sure how knowledgeable she really was. she said the note 4 was only available in 16 gig but when I looked after buying it, it said there was 32GB. I probably won’t go back to that particular T-Mobile. The only reason I did was because it was next door to my barber.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Regardless of whether Samsung’s battery technology SEEMS to make having a replaceable battery “obsolete” the fact is that that sealed battery will die right on schedule per the parameters of the battery technology and the planned obsolescence built into it thereby by the manufacturer.

    Also, from a security standpoint, if you can’t take the battery out you cannot ever have any real hope of privacy as long as you have a cell phone on you as the NSA and others have for a decade known that even when you have the damned things turned off – they can be listening.

    I will not even look at a phone that does not have a removable battery. I commend LG for keeping the feature. Samsung wonders why it is having such a hard time in the mobile market? Well, when you don’t have a clear goal in your mind about what you are and what you want to be – but instead mimic the competition and do a “We’re just as good as Apple” number – what do they expect?

    I also find the flippant tone of this article ignores and pooh poohs the very real and reasonable reasons why a removable battery is preferable – even if the majority of the “if it glitters it must be gold” crowd are too stupid to recognize the lack of value they are buying into.

    • Nibbler

      you can just take it to a shop and have it replaced with a genuine battery for like $50? not a big deal

      • T4rd

        I got a genuine HTC battery for my M8 off of Amazon for $15, swapped it out and it’s as good as new again. Got 4.5 hours SoT the other day on the dev/Sense Marshmallow ROM. It’s not as hard to replace as it may seem.

        • Nibbler

          note 5 is a little bit harder to replace lol.

      • SamsaraGuru

        And I should be happy about having to spend $50.00 to accomplish something that I should not have to be bothered doing, because?

        You are right – for me – it is not a big deal – because I won’t buy their phones or anyone’s phone without a replaceable battery – end of problem, end of story. LG will garner my business and support. They – unlike Samsung – have not forgotten that the customer is king and value is worth fighting for – even if it seems like most people haven’t got a clue about what constitutes it or quality.

        • Nibbler

          guess after a year or two you won’t buy a phone anymore since they’ll all be sealed in.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Not likely; not all manufacturers are bereft of common sense and impervious to reasoning as well as disinterested in supplying devices that may be stellar performers in the short term, but fall miserably short in the long term as respects their durability, functionality and providing us with devices that we replace when WE decide to replace them – instead of being forced to replace a perfectly serviceable device because the OEM has made it onerous to even be able to do minor repairs.

            More likely what will happen is that you will be forced to fork out close to a grand every two years buying another device that has very little actually to offer different from the one that died right on schedule, while I just pop in a new battery and keep on goin’ along – laughing all the way to the bank.

      • smokebomb

        It’s $50 because a tech has to do it for you. You save $15-20 when you can open the back and replace the battery yourself.

  • teomor

    I was a fan of replaceable batteries, when they were only good for a day (12 hours actually). They were really useful when I got home with 30% battery and I had to leave immediately for another ~12 hours.. I would switch the battery with a full one and I could leave home for 12 hours with no battery anxiety whatsoever :)
    But now, batteries are larger and phones don’t suck so much battery juice, and they easily last 2 days with light use..
    Of course, if you want to go to a 4 day music festival, in the middle of nowwhere, and camping.. an external battery will save you :)

  • Eddie Hicks

    I was originally concerned about the S6’s lack of expandable memory and removable battery. My last 3 smart phones, two HTC’s and the S4 all had those features. Truth is I never purchased extra batteries for any of them. I did purchase a battery for my HTC Rezound but that was a replacement because the original battery was getting weak. I had a 32gb SD card in my S4 and never even had it half full. I had a 16gb card in my HTC Rezound and never filled that either. I have a 64gb S6 and I know I will never come close to filling it. So the S6 suits me fine. I guess people who needs loads of memory store music and videos on their phones. I don’t. For music I use several different music streaming apps including a couple that I pay for to get ad free. I don’t spend hours on my phone everyday. I think a lot of people that comment on these issues are power users. I know a few people who have the S6. When I ask them what’s their opinion of it, not one complained about the SD card or battery issue. The majority of owners are probably more like me and are OK with the phone the way it is.

    • SeanPR11

      Good thing you were able to just replace the battery on your Rezound and not the whole phone.

      • EasyCare

        I’m pretty sure even if the sealed battery wears down you can have it replaced from an authorized repair/retail store.

        • SeanPR11

          Sounds quick and easy with no down time.

          • EasyCare

            Come on now. Even people nowadays switch phones faster than the battery degradation rate.

          • Thomas Kuan

            Now that’s an assumption if I see one haha.

          • skyelm

            Bull… You dont complain to sonny/google phones having no removable battery.

          • SeanPR11

            Where did SONY/Google come from? We were discussing an article about LG poking at Samsung. I wasn’t even complaining about that. I am saying LG has a point. My current phone (Idol 3) doesn’t have a removeable battery, it’s a compromise I made for price and MicroSD card, which is more important to me than the battery. I take an external battery with me if I’m going out for a long time, and it’s available in an emergency. I would rather have a smaller extra battery like I did with my Note 2.

    • Frequent flyers like to dump movies/shows/music on SD cards and NOT have to deal with streaming eating into their data plan.

      • Eddie Hicks

        Understood. There are people that the onboard memory is not adequate. But for many people it is. Only time I use data to stream music is in my car. I really don’t use much data. Most of my streaming is at home to bluetooth devices using wifi. My point is that there are probably more people that are OK with the lack of expandable memory and removable battery than not. These kind of discussions draw a lot more people that are disappointed than those that are satisfied. I have to admit though that the S6 has less battery life then my 3 previous smartphones. But I have yet to completely run out of juice. But I probably use my phone less than most here. I use my landline at home. Yes landlines still exist. :)

  • Fast charging has, for many flagships, replaced the need for a replaceable battery.
    Um, what about when your battery stops taking a charge 18 months down the line? Or do you get new phones every three months?

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      I still have a S2, and you mention 18-months?

    • Sherpa

      What if your display stops working 18 months down the line?
      What if your speaker stops working 18 months down the line?
      What if the motherboard goes out 18 months down the line?

      There are lots of possibilities for “ifs”.

      • OlayTerry

        Those components you mentioned are designed to work tirelessly for decades while a rechargeable battery begins to deteriorate in months so your argument is fatally flawed.

        A removable battery is an essential feature in a smart phone or else,it’s not that smart when the battery is dead.

        • Thomas Kuan

          OlayTerry’s right. And because of the non-removable battery, I have chosen to abandon Samsung until they bring the removable battery back.

          • Harry

            Which device do you use now?

    • Nibbler

      so we go from 18 months to 3 months? wtf? i was thinking ppl usually get a phone every 18-24 months anyways.

      • Thomas Kuan

        Well if possible I will want to use my phone as long as I could~ at least 3 years?

        • Nibbler

          dang. i can’t imagine holding on to a phone that long. 2 years tops. more power to ya.

          • Jack

            Nothing against you but that is why these companies make shit that don’t last like batteries as people ‘need’ a new phone. Really you don’t need one unless you pay the same on a plan that gives you one after 2 years. I still use a s2

      • smokebomb

        It’s been a long time since I kept a phone for the full 2 years.

        • I got 4 YEARS out of my iPhone 4s. It ran pretty snappy until the end because I didn’t upgrade iOS because I didn’t want/need any of those “intuitive” features that slowed the phone down.

  • EasyCare

    Only losing companies taunt. LG should bother their bootlooping G4 and V10’s poor battery life.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Let me laugh, Ha ha ha..

  • Mochammad Santaka

    Replaceable battery was never my requirement when purchasing a phone. I bought a Sony Xperia Z (which got a free power bank) and a G3 without purchasing an extra battery. When I bought the G4 though, it includes an extra battery and truthfully I’m having a problem imagining NOT having a removable battery phone now. Right now I always bring my 16 amp Xiaomi power bank and every time 1 battery is out, I pop a new one and the spent one I can charge it on the power bank. I never ever have to worry about my phone dying on me ever again. That’s a comfort that i just can’t imagine living without, now.

  • balcobomber25

    I haven’t replaced a phone battery in years, since the days when Android (around 2.3) would have bugs that required a battery pull to reset the device. Instead they should troll Samsung for the pathetically small batteries they use and TouchWhiz being a resource hog.

  • RiTCHiE

    No need for LG to do this because samsung is on the road to kill it self so just take a seat and relax and watch.

  • Anish B

    I prefer fast charging, since I use my phone all day

  • I liked Samsung but when they went with Nonremovable battery and no Micro SD card on the S6, that was a major DEAL breaker and I went to LG.

    • Harry


  • chico

    As it is batteries have a life span regardless of being internal or removable however life span of devices can be for several more years having a removable battery simply extends the life of your device by simply purchasing a new battery

  • JasonB

    In the rare case where Android itself locks up (my LG phone actually hasn’t done this yet), with a Galaxy S6/7 how do you reboot the phone? Or, do you have a completely unusable phone for some unknown number of hours until the phone drains the battery all the way dead? With an LG phone, you take the battery out, put it right back in, and reboot. So stop claiming that nobody ever needs a removable battery.

    • Harry

      Also having a phone, such as the S6, frozen for a few hours on one screen results in damaging the battery, and screen related components due to heat etc

    • Sijmen

      I have an OnePlus One (without removable battery) which hard resets if you hold the power button for like 8 seconds, even when completely locked up. It’s kind of like PCs, where you can shut the thing off by holding the power button for a few seconds. My Galaxy S2 and S3 both supported that as well.

      Battery life is a non-issue for me too, my phone lasts a day and I always carry an external battery pack.

      Oh, and I have opened up the thing once too out of curiosity, and it takes me a Philips head screwdriver and about 3 minutes to free the battery. Warranty will be void anyway before the battery has to be replaced, so planned obsolescence isn’t a problem for me either.

      What I do consider a problem is the lack of extendable storage on modern Samsung phones. Not because I need more than 64GB (my OPO doesn’t have extendable storage and 64GB is plenty) but because Samsung charges idiotic amounts to upgrade the storage. The 64GB S6 costs €150 more than the 32GB one, what the actual…

  • Always Texan

    I agree the batteries have gotten better as far as daily usage, at least when they are brand new. But 2 years down the road, when the battery life has faded to near zero, with the LG you can just buy a new battery but with the Samsung, well, it’s time to buy a new phone.

  • Sebastian Bartlett

    Would be so funny if G5 ditches removable and goes premium at last.

    • Android Developer

      isn’t the G4 (and previous G3,G2…) considered premium?

      • Harry

        Leather back on the G4 looks far better than the fingerprint-covered S6 in my opinion

  • Lim Ming Quan

    I only care if the battery will last me a day cuz i charge my phone overnight.

  • Diego

    Sammy fanboys are pissed.

  • Diego

    Sorry samsung, you just don’t care about your fans anymore.
    You just care about trying to be an iPhone.

  • Pamela

    Hard to say, I don’t personally carry extra batteries. However I see how having a removable battery would increase the lifespan of the device, im sure there are some people who want to keep their phones for 4 years, not one or two, these phones are expensive, and with constant use you’re battery will start to go after two years.

    • Jack

      Yes it isn’t about more battery time it is about the life of the battery. The companies are scum who do this for profit and profit alone.

  • Gern Blandersong

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S5 and removable batteries are awesome! Go for it LG!
    If the Galaxy S7 DOES NOT HAVE removeable batteries, then LG will definitely be my next phone upgrade that I’m due for this fall, 2016

  • My Galaxy Prime

    I haven’t carried a back up battery since the HTC Evo. It wasn’t bad carrying my 3 batteries around but after I upgraded to the GS3, carrying additional batteries wasn’t as important. I honestly don’t know what changed because I didn’t buy back up batteries for my S5 either. When I got my S6, of course u can’t buy extra batteries but the battery life is decent, if u never plan on picking up and using the phone. Unfortunately, I’m not that person so I picked up a back up battery charger w/ quick charge 2.0. 10,000 mAh and it charges quickly but because it has a USB port, I can charge my vape, someone else’s phone, or better yet, when I upgrade my device, I can still use the same battery pack. So, in conclusion, back up batteries and power banks r the same thing. The only thing that’s different is how they get your phone back to 100. A back up battery is convenient but a power bank is also convenient and serves a greater function beyond just charging ur phone. I thought not having a removable battery was a deal breaker until I bought the S6 in April. A removable battery is something I never think of.

  • surethom

    I have never removed a battery for another one & not have the 20 people I know, ever. What it needs is NOT ultra thin phones, if samsung made there phones 1mm thicker they could add a much bigger batter.

  • OlayTerry

    Good for LG. Samsung has in my opinion lost their way by eliminating removable batteries.
    For many like myself, that’s ine of the most important features.

  • eclectic

    Or how the Note 5’s fast charging stops working after a month.

  • HBKnight

    “Are you a fan of removable batteries? Or do you prefer fast charging?”

    ¿Porque no los dos? But seriously why must it be an ‘or’ question? Certainly we’ve reached the point where Android flagships can, and should, have both. My Note 4 does and I love it.

    • Harry

      Spanish eh?

  • Kody

    I still don’t really see the benefit of having a removable battery. I mourn more for the memory card than a battery.

  • nixon nixus

    I think LG G5 &V10 should have sold with more than just one battery to show us how serious they are

    • droidtomtom

      That would be a good strategy. I know they did have some specials that included an extra battery and 200GB microSD card. But making that the defacto would hook people on the idea. The one challenge has been phones with cases which the V10 fixed by not needing a case. The LG G5 will have a novel, removable battery design that many of us have begging for for years. It slides out the bottom of the phone like a cartridge or hand gun magazine. This makes it easy (if they executed correctly) to switch-out the battery without removing the case while having an all metal design.

  • smokebomb

    Removable battery with fast charging. It’s possible to get both. I can deal with a little bit of bulk if it means I don’t have to wait for my phone to charge.

  • 3165dwayne

    LG g2

  • Jack

    Removable batteries mean you can replace it when it dies in 2 years…. simple profiteering by the immoral bean counters more than anything else in bed with Apple. Gutter tactics.

  • Choda Boy

    I have a 15 month old Samsung flagship phone with a battery that dies at 30%. I just ordered a $20 replacement (Samsung). This would be impossible with an S6 (Plus, Note, Edge, etc.)

  • Diana

    Removable batteries can’t be challenged if you remember that there are places and times that t no plugs in site. How about up on a mountain or out on a lake.
    I have 4 batteries may get some more. They’ve served me well over last 2 years and love my no dependency on where the next plug -in is in my life. I’m truly free to use and use as long as I have a spare and don’t have to wait.

  • davejoson

    Question, if your battery dies in or out of warranty, would you rather send your Samsung S6, S7 phone into a repair center for days to be replaced by a technician, or reach into your pocket and replace it yourself in seconds on an LG G5, without any critical down time.

  • Muhammad Yuliantito Budiono

    I need removable battery and external charger with fast charging feature. So I can use my phone without put my phone into charger.

  • steve novak

    yes i love to just change my battery then to have to wait for my phone to charge fast charge or not

  • meohmymy

    I bet Samsung is wishing they could just send everyone a new battery right now that has the exploding Galaxy phone.. Would have saved them billions. I wonder if they will switch back because of this.