LG G2: 10 Tips and Tricks

by: Kevin NetherOctober 5, 2013

The LG G2 is one of the hottest sensations of the year. It has awesome features like KnockOn, Plug & Pop, Guest Mode, and much, much more. And we’re going to show you how to get the most out of the device!

Here are 10 tips and tricks for the LG G2!

#1 Smart Screen


Similar to the Galaxy S4’s Smart Stay, the G2 has a Smart Screen feature. It basically does the same thing — when it tries to go to sleep, it first attempts to detect your eyes, and if it’s successful, there’ll be an eye icon in your notification window.

#2 KnockOn

To get KnockOn to work 100% of the time, it has to be said with at this temp — Knock. On. Additionally, it appears that the top portion of the G2 seems to listen for KnockOn more than any other part.

#3 Show Desktop

Using the stock launcher, pinch out to hide all of the apps, showing only the wallpaper on your home screen. Keep in mind that this, like many other features, will not be worth using alternative launchers.

#4 Quick Actions

lg g2 vol down quick camera

With the screen off, hold down the volume button down for three seconds for quick camera access. You can press the same button to take a picture. Alternatively, and with the screen off, hold the volume button up for three seconds to open quick note.

#5 SMS Themes


To change your SMS theme, in the messages app, press Menu > Settings > Conversation Theme. From there, you can use your own wallpaper or a handful of preset themes to customize the SMS app. You can also set themes and different wallpapers per contact.

#6 Easy Screenshots

lg g2 quick memo

With the volume and power buttons being uniquely placed on the back of the phone, taking a screenshot is difficult. To make it easier, swipe from the bottom of the screen, and slide to the right to access quick memo. From there, you can save your screen or share it.

#7 Wireless Storage

To use Wireless Storage, make sure you’re on a wireless network, and then enable it from the notification drop down. After that, it allows you to access your device as a network share. Once you open the app on the device, it has instructions for the I.P. address and password. You can, of course, go into settings and change the password.

To take things a bit further, you can set a static I.P. address on your device. This will keep the login information the same so you can set up a shortcut to that wireless storage on your computer.

#8 Full Frame Images

Believe it or not, W10M (wide 10-megapixel) is the perfect size for viewing images on your device. The 13-megapixel size is a 4:3 aspect ratio. Since the LG G2 and most HD devices are 16:9 aspect ratio, shooting in 4:3 causes annoying black bars on the side of the image. Sure, the megapixel count may be higher, but the image just doesn’t view in full screen.

#9 Clipboard Manager


The LG G2 has a built-in clipboard manager. Anything you’ve copied, including images, stays in this clipboard. To access the clipboard, find an empty text box, press and hold, and finally, select clip tray. This’ll take you straigh to the clipboard.

#10 Gallery Delete/Share Mode

lg g2 gallery delete share mode

When the gallery app is open and you pinch on an image, you’re put in a mode where you can quickly delete or share images by sliding up or down. 

Did we miss a tip? Let us and others know in the comments below.

  • Balraj

    The lg g2 launched in India has touch screen problem…
    Tip no 8…was it a tip(g2 with w10m) or disadvantage?
    When are you going to drop test g2…want to know,

    • Allan

      10MP is an advantage because you don’t get black bars on the edges.

      Why would you care about the drop test? Obviously the think bezel is not going to be an advantage…G2 is so expensive in India that if you had enough rp to buy it you could probably afford a good case.

      • Balraj

        Me & my friend checked the device on the launch day but demo was not available…one of my friend’s friend is working at wipro.they got the device to work on Bluetooth stack..g2 started giving problems from the word go…
        Now I’m waiting for nexus 5..it’s costly but I really liked the g2 :-)

    • srikanth

      I don’t understand your concern, I own a G2 and it has no issues.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    About tip 8. I don’t really think w10m is an advantage. It’s fun and you can use it sometimes, but 4:3 is still the way to to.
    I’m not so sure how it works on the G2 (never used it), but most phones I’ve seen just cut out the top and the bottom of the full size 4:3 photo to make it 16:9. You get more content (I’m talking about content, not the pixel count) in your photo when you take it at the maximum pixel count and 4:3 ratio.

    I personally prefer to have more content in my photo. I can always zoom in when I view the photos if I want no black bar.

    • Josh Penner

      You are correct here. I have owned 28 smartphones now, and I have discovered that some phones actually crop to make it the ratio you want, but the G2 actually is better on 4:3 because you’re getting a larger overalll image.

  • Rishu Agrawal

    Tip no 3: …will not “be” worth using…
    You missed a “be” there :)

    • Michael Glenn

      Yeah that sentence didn’t make sense. Still doesn’t even with “be” in there. I think it should say “work” instead of “be worth”

  • cadhead

    In the manual it says tap the top to turn off, if screen is filled or an app is open. Then in another spot it says to tap in the center other times for best results.

    I would like to add the call quality is bad compared to Motorola Maxx HD.
    WHY is zero time spent on call quality, these things are….phones!

    • Because Voice calling is dying.

    • Senor Pickle

      Bro, what do you spend more time doing, using the phone for other things or making calls?

      Bro, if you own this phone, then you obviously spend more time doing other things, otherwise you would get a simple phone for much cheaper and harder to break if the majority of time was spent making calls.

  • Rob

    Hey Kevin, do you know how to get text messages to show up on the lock screen when they come through so you don’t have to fully open it up for quick view? Thanks!

    • kevin

      Hi Rob. I have the same question, did you come up with the answer??

      • Josh Penner

        There is no option for this. Unfortunately LG isn’t great at the software side of their phones :(

    • Michael Glenn

      I just started playing around with the free version of DynamicNotifications. Seems pretty good so far. When an SMS text comes in, it wakes your screen and displays an appropriate symbol. If you long-press the icon, all or at least part of the text msg appears. If it’s important, you can unlock and respond. Still under observation to see how stable/energy efficient it is.

  • Trey

    Hey kevin do you know if the g2 has the all share capability of the samsung s4?

    • srikanth

      All Share is Samsung proprietary adaptation of DLAN, LG has support for Mira cast which is open standard. I know it’s crazy.

  • crey

    Hey Kevin, help me please. I love this phone but people send me GiFs and they dont come through. They all come thru as jpegs with no animation. Is there a setting I need to change?

    Thanks for your tips!
    The “instagram mode” solved my other problem.
    Crey w/Verizon LG G2

    • Carm

      you can use hangouts to send texts and the gifs work on there. I’ve never seen gifs work on any phone’s stock messaging app

  • Michael Grantham

    What launcher are you running in this video???

  • Cindy Thomas

    Anyone having problems texting photos? Using Wifi. Also, when I attach the pics, they have a red X on them. Some pics go to the recipient, most do not.

    • Josh Penner

      That’s normal. Most phones (except for the iPhone to iPhone iMessage) use data to send picture messages so generally speaking it will only send when you have your data on, if you happen to have WiFi on as well it should still send through your network because it also has the option to send through data.

  • Susanna

    Love the tips! Thanks :)

  • Bill

    I just discovered that the LG 2 supports external USB storage. It even supports exFAT partitions. I am using a 64 Gig USB stick and playing movies from it using an OTG cable I got from amazon for 2 bucks. Nice feature! Most phones require root for this

    • Jeanine Hagan

      What does this mean?

      • Josh Penner

        It means you can plug a USB thumb drive into your phone without needing root access to use it. Basically you can store big files ie movies, and when you want them you can plug that into your micro USB port.

    • srikanth

      I got a LG thumb drive for free as a package, it has micro usb on one side, and normal USB on other, so that you can plugin to your PC or phone.


  • saeed gharedaghi

    my mobile phone not havent power button in Easy Screenshots and i’m very sad :-( ,
    how do i set add power button into Easy Screenshots ???
    please help me

  • Jeanine Hagan

    How can I save an image from a video I’ve taken?

    • Julia L

      It automatically saves the pic into a subfolder of your “gallery” folder called “video screenshots”. And they are great quality pics IMO

  • Josh Penner

    Fabulous phone. I have owned 28 smartphones so far. I would say it is better then the HTC One, Nexus 4, and quite possibly even the Galaxy S4. VERY snappy phone. My iPhone battery always dies around 4:30 after being off the charger since 7. THIS PHONE WILL NOT DIE!! I cannot kill the phone in a days usage, and I am on my phone non stop! Most people complain about the back buttons, but after a week or so of use, you forget that they are even in a different place and it just becomes second nature. The display is 100% the best display i’ve seen and competes with Apply Retina display and HTC’s super LCD 3 in the One.

    • Jessica

      I just got this phone a week ago and while I think I’m going to love it, I’m having major battery issues. I closed all apps in task mgr, cleared my history – shut off location and gps services (which is crazy to think I would have to do that to make my phone last through the day). I even turned off mobile dataand restricted the background data for each application! I went into the app icon and saw a ton of running apps, so I stopped them from running.. an hour later they’re all back??!!?? not sure what else to do, but this phone will become a puck shortly if I don’t figure it out, please help!!

      • Josh Penner

        Hey Jessica.
        I’ve owned tons of phones and to me it sounds like you may have a defective phone. I would take it back to the carrier store you bought it from. I work for wireless etc and our return policy is 15 days or 30 minutes of talk time. Although that’s not for DOA that’s buyers remorse. For DOA it’s 15 days and unlimited minutes. I would look into it as fast as you can! If they replace it and it doesn’t work still, tell me and I’ll try and resolve the issue.


    • ladyhasink65

      Hey Josh

  • Catherine Sherbenaut

    can you change the color of your keyboard for the phone numbers and the keyboard itself??

    • Berry Cherry

      Settings>Language & Input>LG Keyboard (little cog)>Additional Settings>Keyboard Theme :)

  • hutaiot1992

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    • Fuck Spam

      Does it come with a free virus?

      Go Fuck yourself.

  • Chess10

    can somebody explain to me why my phone heats up when i’m not even using it? it also heats up when i make a phone call and/or when its charging. It doesn’t happen all the time, but enough to concern me a bit. Please advise. Cheers

    • liviliv

      i think it has something to do with internal battery, my phone gets hot too. annoying but other than that it works .

  • lexy
  • new droid user

    Thanks for these tips. Can you help me change the font size of emails sent from my AT&t lg g2?

  • gunther

    What the hell does “swipe to outer circle” mean when the phone is ringing?

  • julia

    Is there a way to bring the drop down menu? I think I clicked something while carrying the phone in my hand and my beloved pull down menu disappeared. Help!

  • Penni Richter

    Can someone please tell me how to send a video that I have taken on my LG G2? Even if I try to send a 10 second video, me phone wants me to downsize the video. I am down to a 6 second video and that is too big. The whole reason I got this phone was because of the camera!!! Is there a way to make the video’s smaller in megapixels vs. making the time of the video smaller?

  • Livliv

    Thanks for tips. I recently sent photos from phone to my MIL email and selected size for sending I made a mistake by also selecting always in 70% or smaller size not original , does anyone know how I could change this?

  • Ron Ullery

    Kevin, I really appreciate your “tips & tricks” posting on the LG G2.. I am in the process of deciding between the LG G2 and the Samsung S4 (and need to finalize quickly). I think I like the G2 in many ways but one area that will be a game changer for me is how it handles the CONTACTS.. Let me try to explain by comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S” family…

    On my previous Samsung Galaxy S2 … when I would send anything to a GROUP in my contacts (TEXTS, EMAILS, ETC..), the phone would remember what I told it to do with them the 1st time and then do the same thing the following times. For instance, if I was sending a text to a group, it would remember default phone #’s and I didn’t have to reselect for it each time what I wanted it to do again.. If email.. the same thing.

    On my LG G2, I have to pick each and every time what I want to send something. If that is really the way this phone handles contacts, then that’s a deal breaker for me.. I do not have that kind of time when trying to get a message out..

    I hope that I am just not understanding something about the way it works.. Any personal insight on 3rd party Android contact managers would be helpful.. Any advice on settings to the native contact manager would be greatly appreciated as well. again, I need to make a decision quickly .. Call me at the number below, if that is quicker and easier for you. Thanks in advance.

    Ron Ullery

  • Eddy

    The miraculous endurance of the G2 paired with a high-level screen and processor, make it one of the most tempting smartphones I’ve seen in the last six months.

  • andrea

    Having trouble changing my wallpaper on my text theme when choosing a pic from my own gallery. Error message: upload file failed.
    Never did that before the lollipop system update. Halp!!
    }¡{ Andrea }¡{