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LG G2 software features explained: KnockON, Guest Mode, Slide Aside and others

LG G2 has a bunch of new software features built on top of Android, including KnockOn, Guest Mode, Slide Aside and others. Here's what they do!
August 7, 2013

LG on Wednesday unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the LG G2, which comes with a variety of interesting design elements and specs, and packs its own software features on top of Android.

From the start, we’ll tell you that the LG G2 will not run Google’s latest Jelly Bean version. Instead, the device comes with Android 4.2.2 pre-installed, but it will most likely be upgraded to Android 4.3 in due time.

LG says that it studied smartphone users and it knows what they want from their devices. Accordingly, the LG G2’s interface is apparently made to accommodate various needs.

Here are some of the LG G2’s software features and UI elements explained:

  • KnockON: lets you unlock the display by simply knocking on the display twice instead of using the on/off button on the back. By using the knocking gestures, the screen can be turned off as well.
  • Answer Me: automatically answer the phone by raising it to the ear, while lowering the volume of the ringtone. Pushing a button is not required.
  • Plug & Pop: automatically recommends options that are most likely to be used with a headset, when a headset or USB cable is detected.
  • Text Link: improves text management by letting users select text in an SMS and save it in a memo or calendar, or for Maps and/or Internet searches.
  • Guest Mode: offers customized access to the phone tailored to a specific kind of user (children for example) by simply using a different unlock pattern on the display. The feature seems to build on the existing multi-user support available on Jelly Bean tablets, bringing it to the smartphone.
  • Slide Aside: a new gesture available on the phone (three-finger swipe) that lets users move between apps (multitasking) by sliding
  • Quick Remote: the phone can be used to control home entertainment devices, and “learns” from other remotes around the house “to operate multiple devices with flexible layouts and keys.”

Just like with any other Android smartphone, not all the UI apps that come preloaded with the phone will be appealing to users, but the LG G2 has a few interesting propositions to make. Have you seen anything you like yet?