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The design story behind LG G2

September 24, 2013
LG g2 bezel is insane1

LG has opted for the path of least resistance with their latest flagship, the LG G2. For the record, we’re smitten with its anorexic bezels, incredible performance, and much more. Of course, the button placement isn’t going to please everyone, but in our time with it so far, we think that LG has made a very intelligent decision here, and one that works well in practice.

LG’s let live a video that details their design philosophy, and it’s a good watch, so be sure to check it out below.

LG is arguably the leading purveyor of LCD displays in the world, and their expertise in this area can’t be more apparent than in their choice to include that big, brilliant, and amazingly thin bezelled LG G2. Check out our LG G2 review to see our thoughts on it!

For those that are paying attention — and chances are good that you are, if you’re visiting Android Authority — then you’ll know that LG is in the process of redefining themselves. And all signs are pointing towards a company that’s highly committed and receptive towards the notion of perpetual improvement.

If the LG G2 is any indication, than we fully expect LG to continue bringing us great quality technology at compelling price points, which, of course, is something excellent, and something that will translate into more companies adopting a quality-first, consumer-first, and value-first approach.

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