(Update: download it now) Android multitasking just got good: Remix OS coming to a computer near you

by: Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 12, 2016
Jide Remix OS 6

Update, January 12: As promised, Remix OS for PC is now available for download. Head over here to download and install it. The package weighs 692MB and the download page makes it clear that it’s still alpha software intended for developers. You should expect a number of bugs and inconsistencies, especially in the ways apps work with a mouse and keyboard setup. Full Remix OS installation instructions are available on the download page.

Original post, January 7: Jide, makers of the super affordable Remix Mini PC and the Jide Ultra Remix tablet, are bringing its in-house Remix OS to a computer near you. Here at CES 2016, Jide has announced that starting Tuesday, January 12th, anyone who would like to try out an Alpha build of Remix OS on their own computer will be able to do so for free. You’ll need an Intel or AMD based computer to try it out, and installation is quite easy.

Remix OS is based on Android KitKat for now, and the folks at Jide say that it will soon be upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It has full access to the Google Play Store, so just about any Android app that’s available on Google Play can be downloaded on Remix OS. You can even login to your main Google account, allowing you to download applications you’ve previously purchased on your other Android devices. If you find an app that’s not properly optimized for Remix OS, you can let the company know and the Jide team says that they’ll optimize it as soon as they can. For developers to properly optimize their applications to work with the new OS, app makers will simply need to stick as closely to Google’s best practices as possible. In our short time testing the OS, a number of popular applications were available for use, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Clash of Clans, and many more.

Jide Remix OS 1

For right now the consumer-ready version of Remix OS is in an alpha stage, so not all features are available yet. For the most part, it’s a functioning system, though it’s probably not stable enough to use as your main operating system.

The big story here is that you’ll be able to use traditional Android applications with a windowed application interface, similar to how you’d move windows around on Windows, OS X or Linux. The OS doesn’t weigh that much either, so it can be loaded up on a flash drive or a similar device. Now that Jide makes it much easier to get work done on Android, this whole portable Remix OS idea is geared towards college students and emerging markets, where public, shared computers are everywhere.

Jide Remix OS 3

remix-mini-1See also: Remix Mini is an Android-powered desktop for just $2011

Jide is still pushing the Remix Mini, as well. The Remix Mini comes with Remix OS pre-installed. It packs a quad-core 1.2GHz A53 processor, 1 or 2GB of RAM, 8 or 16GB of on-board storage, two USB ports, as well as an HDMI, Ethernet and headphone port. It’s available now from Amazon for just $70.

There’s a lot of potential here, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. Any thoughts? What do you think about Remix OS coming to a computer near you?

  • Diego

    If done correctly, this could be the true linux GUI.
    With vulken support and x86, it mite even give microsoft a run for its money” and users.

    • Tonderai Chambwe

      dream on

    • Nathan J

      Android is based on Linux, but Linux users won’t want this. They can make a cheap HTPC and stick Ubuntu on it. Raise the DPI of desktop icons, and bam, Linux on the desktop. Not hard. I do think Android can be a “gateway drug” to Linux. Running rooted Android phones for 5 years, I feel I have a better understanding of how Linux does things. But it’s not nearly enough to put me beyond the novice category of Linux users, let alone guru level.

      It’s not going to compete with Microsoft. That’s funny. Though, Microsoft doesn’t have anything quite like a Remix Mini or Chromebox.

      • Renascienza

        I am an Ubuntu (as other Debian-like distros too) user and Linux enthusiast over 15 years.

        But I feel constantly annoyed to notice how much resources are spent by the system to do things that Android does effortlessly (Android graphics support humiliates X11, and the Wonderland project walks with baby steps). Develop to Android is less cumbersome too, and allow me to distribute on a range of another devices. Both are compatible at kernel level, you can even share device drivers, so yes:

        I am sincerely interested on an Android distribution for desktop machines.

        About Microsoft competition, things should be seen more carefully. Andy Rubin creation beats Microsoft on mobile scenario. Badly. Miserably. Currently, is the most popular OS on the world, with massive developers adoption. It’s not hard to imagine what will happen when this system invade the last niche where Windows still holds.

        And Remix OS will not be the only option. The Remix team is running so hard now, because have Android N behind it.

  • Vladimir Staykov

    Can’t wait for 12th of January!

  • Jonathan Precise

    Hold on. Doesn’t Jide start with Lollipop?

    • David Onter

      It does, the article is wrong. The current Remix OS 2.0 is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

      • Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard

        only issue i have with remix os is i can’t change the download folders location i haven’t found an app capable of changing it seems to be locked to the os partition

        • Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard

          but if someone can figure out how to fix that with the remix os terminal i’ll give you a dollar for a beer

        • David Onter

          Use another Browser which has the option then?

  • Starboy

    This is stupid… They buy them for thier brand name just to kill it. They should learn from Microsoft’s mistake.

  • John Doe

    So what happens to them if Google adds multiple sizedtasked windows to Chrome?

  • David Onter

    Check your facts, the current Remix OS 2.0 (which will be made available for PC) is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. It’s written everywhere on their website.

  • Nikato Muirhead

    This could never be the linux Gui. There is so much freedom that there are so many cooks that the broth gets spoiled. There is no unity of purpose. I think this android implementation will do very well, and many linux users will convert. They have done a fine job putting this together.

    • Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard

      i run remix os on a hp slimline with amd dualcore processor and amd graphics i have 16gb of ram plus i can view all partitions in file manager readable with ubuntu i can download movies and music with ubuntu and see it on remix os do some research people and for those who cant fix the resolution all you have to do is root the os i used kingo root and you can change the resolution with lcd density changer available on aptoide lite and i have windows 10 all working together

  • Nathan J

    This will be a lot of fun to play with. I already use Nox, but it doesn’t get much use. I mean, if you’re on a desktop computer, why would you use Android? Unless there is something on Android that is not on Windows, such as Fallout Shelter or some other game. Or if you use a forum app such as Tapatalk or XDA, that can be more efficient than just going to the site in Chrome, if you already have Nox/Remix open.

    The real treat here is the Remix machine. I would ignore the one with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, and get the one with 2GB of RAM. If you read AA, you should know better than to only give Android 1GB of RAM. Especially if it’s using 1080p (I don’t know what the target res is). And it’s clearly multitasking and they’re showing it running MS Office.

    I bought a Nexus Player, but even and especially with a Logitech K400 hooked up, it’s not that great. I mean it works great with the controller, but the amount of apps allowed through the Leanback app store are just too damn few. You can get a Sideload launcher on it and you can side load Nova Launcher (and Prime if you own it) for a more traditional Android experience, but it still feels limiting. With a keyboard+trackpad combo, I expect a UI that takes advantage, and Remix OS appears to do so. I hear the CPU has issues, but others say it’s fine. It isn’t a Snapdragon. They went with another chip maker. So maybe there’s some potential being missed.

  • Sumitro Bhaumik

    The site is down. It obviously generated a lot of hype

  • MK

    This release doesn’t come with Play Store?

    • Brad

      I’ve noticed that as well, where is it?

    • Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard

      google gms activator

  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    Remix OS is base on “Lollipop” not Kiat Kat as describe in the article.

  • Brad

    Where is the google play store?