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Remix Mini is an Android-powered desktop for just $20

The makers of the Remix tablet are back with a new project, this time bringing the productivity-oriented Remix OS to the desktop with the Remix Mini.

Published onJune 26, 2015


Back in January we first learned about the Jide Ultra Remix tablet, a new Android device designed with productivity in mind. Shortly after this, the startup launched a Kickstarter campaign pricing the Tegra 4-powered device at just $39. The catch was that early backers would get a significant discount over the final retail price in exchange for helping test out the new device and its custom Android OS.

Fast-forwarding to today, Jide is now preparing to take its Android-based Remix OS to a new product category, with the creation the Remix Mini. The Remix Mini is very similar in size (at 4.9 x 3.5 x 1-inches) and concept to Google’s Chromebox, though the box trades out Chrome OS in favor of Remix’s unique UI. What makes Remix OS stand out from a typical Android experience is the presence of desktop-class features like a dedicated taskbar, a built-in file manager, multiple window support, and more. In many ways, the end result is an OS that looks a lot like Chrome OS but has full Android app support and features baked right in.


As for the Remix Mini’s hardware? Jide is aiming for a much lower-end experience this time around, offering an unnamed quad-core 1.5GHz chip with 1GB RAM, 8GB eMMC storage, a H.265 FHD hardware decoder, Bluetooth 4.0, and HDMI 1.4. Jide hopes the Remix Mini will offer up an ultra-affordable basic desktop experience for families and students on a budget, with a starting price of just $20 for Kickstarter backers. Final retail units will also be aggressively priced, with an anticipated price tag of less than $30.

For those that have an aging desktop lying around, this could be a great way of modernizing your setup while utilizing your existing peripheral like your keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The Kickstarter campaign for the Remix Mini should be going live “soon”, so we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more.

June 23, 2015 (Beijing) – In the mid-2000’s an inspirational project wanted to place a laptop in every child’s
hands at the targeted price of $100 per unit. Now, Jide Technology, innovators of Remix OS based on
Android, is adopting the spirit of that movement and trying to get a Remix Mini – a fully functional Android
PC – into everyone’s hands. To realize this ambition, their first step is to run another Kickstarter campaign
where every backer receives a Remix Mini that will run Remix OS (based on Android 5.0). Their lowest
starting tier is $20.
If some of this sounds familiar, it’s because Jide ran a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year that
concluded at the end of April in which every backer was shipped a Remix ultra-tablet running Remix OS. By
mid-May, they had already shipped their hardware to their backers – a truly impressive feat for a Kickstarter
project. “Our first Kickstarter was about finding a community of users to help us make better products,”
explained Jeremy Chau, CEO of Jide Technology. “This time, we want to positively affect as many people as
possible with those products.”
What is Remix Mini?
The Remix Mini dimensions are 4.9in x 3.5in x 1in and is the most versatile and productive Android PC in
the world. It will connect to any screen, keyboard and mouse you have at home, in school or in the office. It
lets you browse the internet, write emails, watch movies, play Android games, create documents, and run
any Android app you want. The tiny PC fits perfectly at home, school or work.
The Remix Mini runs on Remix OS, a productivity-centric version of Android 5.0. Android is a mobile OS
that was developed predominantly for small screens like smartphones and is the dominant OS in the world.
But small screens have obvious limitations when it comes to data input and content creation. That’s why
people still return to their PCs. What if you could adapt Android to the PC environment by customizing it
with PC features we’re familiar with? That’s what Remix OS is.
By building upon the Android operating system and including common PC features, such as support for
physical keyboards, monitors, and multiple windows, the Remix Mini will be found easy to use by most
people in the world.
Jide Technology Co., Ltd.
An Android PC for Everyone
The Remix Mini carries with it the promise to radically change an individual or a group’s ability to access
modern technology. By bringing down the cost of a fully functional computer, those who couldn’t
previously afford the price of entry into the world of modern computing now have a viable option. After
their Kickstarter campaign, Jide aims to retail the Remix Mini starting at under $30.
Being an Android based PC, Remix Mini also brings down the user learning curve because most people in
the world have had some experience with Android before. Rather than asking laymen to learn how to
operate more technical versions of Linux, Remix OS keeps them within an operating system that children
and elderly alike find intuitive and easy to use. What’s more, while many traditional PC operating systems
are highly vulnerable to malware and viruses, Android isn’t. So, while your traditional PC’s have issues with
security and start to feel slow and bogged down with use, your Android devices generally keep their new
device feel.
“When we started asking ourselves how we could create a PC for everyone, there were two basic things we
knew we had to achieve: make it affordable for everyone who wants one, and make it as easy to use as
possible for people from all walks of life. We’ve been able to keep the cost for the user starting at less than
$30 when we retail after Kickstarter, and Remix OS is based on Android, the most widely used OS in the
world,” said Chau in a recent interview.
With the Remix Mini, Jide Technology believes it has built a game changing Android PC that will bring down
the cost of modern computing to those who want and need it, but couldn’t previously afford it. Its
Kickstarter campaign is set to launch in mid-July. Please check for more news and updates
about the Remix Mini, including the time and date of the Kickstarter campaign launch.


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