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(Update: Kickstarter now live, hurry!) Jide Ultra Remix Surface tablet could be yours for just $39

Those ex-Googlers with that Microsoft Surface looking tablet that runs the Android based Remix OS want you to have their Ultra Remix Surface tablet for $39. Come see why.

Published onMarch 25, 2015

Jide Ultra Remix Surface Tablet Zebra

Update 1: the Jide Remix Kickstarter campaign is now live here. According to the company’s Facebook group, only a few hundred units will be made available at each tier, so hurry up! The tiers are, as per founder David Ko:

  • $39 – 200 units
  • $199 – 200 units
  • $349 – 500 units
Update 2: predictably, all discounted $39 and $199 tablets have been reserved in just seven minutes. 500 units are still available for $349. The project already raked in $65,000 out of its $100,000 goal.

Original post, March 20:

Do you remember back in January when we told you about a new tablet in the works from a few ex-Googlers, that looked like a Microsoft Surface, but ran a custom Android ROM meant for Windows-like productivity? Some of you said you ‘actually really like this,’ others bashed it, but you know what, the Jide Ultra Remix Surface tablet could be yours for as little as $39!

Here’s the deal, Jide has a Kickstarter campaign rolling for their Android 4.4 based ROM powered tablet. The campaign starts March 25th and has an entry pledge reward level of $39. No word on what exactly that reward will be, but every pledge is said to receive a new tablet!

Jide Remix Ultra Surface tablet keyboard

What’s the catch? Well, if you can call this a catch, the Jide Ultra Remix Surface tablet is a short way from what you might call ‘complete.’ The device itself may be in good order, rocking a Tegra 4 SoC, with 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of internal storage and a massive 8100mAh battery – it is the software that is not quite complete.

The idea is you are to be their guinea pig, to help beta test the software for final release when it eventually goes on sale for $349 – $449. You’ll receive the Ultra Remix Surface tablet running their own Remix OS, based on Android 4.4.2. Your insights, feedback, gripes and praises will help mold the OS as it updates to a base of Android 5.0 Lollipop and beyond.

Jide Android Remix OS Ultra surface tablet

Stay tuned here on March 25, we’ll have the rest of the details for you, including the links to the Kickstarter so that you can pickup your own beta release Jide Ultra Remix Surface tablet for as low as $39.

What do you say, are you willing to help develop a new Android based OS, or do you prefer to avoid all the bugs and hassle, sticking with final release software?


Remix to Ship Every Kickstarter Backer a Tablet

March 17, 2015 (Beijing) – Crowdfunding is not a new idea. Nor is launching a piece of hardware to help you be more creative and connected to all things digital. But on March 25th, a new Kickstarter campaign from a Chinese technology company called Jide will introduce a new twist on the crowdsourcing concept.

Jason Zheng is the International Marketing Manager for this new idea. “We want to try something totally different, and test our product in a community of users while creating a new idea, a new brand, and a new way of connecting a product to the market. Remix will be the first community built and backed product where users will get to engage with us firsthand in building a mobile productivity tool for the 21st century”.

Jide Technology is set to run the campaign with a singular goal of finding passionate innovators and early adopters who want to become a part of their first community of users. To build this community from the ground up, they plan to give all their backers, no matter which tier they pledge, a Remix ultra-table. Retail price on the Android device will be $399. The lowest reward tier is set to start at $39. In essence, they are giving away hardware and asking for help in making the next version of their software fresh and inspired by their community.

Remix: A Laptop Experience on a Big Android Tablet
Remix is a big, full HD 11.6” tablet that comes with a full size keyboard. Its OS is based on Android 4.4.2 (and soon to be upgraded to Android 5.0) been optimized for its big touchscreen and attached keyboard. Thus what makes Remix unique to the market: it’s a laptop experience on a big Android tablet.

“Our vision is simple: we believe that the next generation of personal computing will take place on bigger tablets and that Android can be customized to run them seamlessly,” said Jeremy Chau, main cofounder of Jide, in a recent interview. “Remix is the first embodiment of this vision. We believe our role in this future is to have Remix OS running on the majority of bigger Android tablets in the market.”

On Kickstarter to Build Their Community
To emphasize the community building aspect of their Kickstarter campaign, Jide is making available the Remix ultra-tablet on every reward tier. In effect, they are not using the platform as a traditional funding vehicle, but as a community building vehicle. Their goal is to get Remix into as many curious and appreciative hands as possible.

“We believe Kickstarter is the perfect platform for Remix to launch on in the US,” Chau continued. “The Kickstarter community typically isn’t backing a product just for the rewards themselves, but because they believe in the projects and they want to be involved in making them better to use. This is exactly the type of community Remix is looking for; engaged, creative, connected people who want to push their own circles to try something different.

Not a Conventional Kickstarter Project
Remix has begun to sell a localized version of their tablet in the Chinese market. What they’re making available through Kickstarter is a localized version built as a productivity tool for the US market.

“Back us at any amount and we’ll ship you a Remix. We’re looking for users to give us feedback and help us make Remix a better product for the US user and people will find useful. Our ask isn’t to love us immediately, our ask is to join a community and let’s build something together,” stated David Ko, fellow cofounder and VP of software development. “For us, building towards our vision means building our community, one user at a time.


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