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This is the fourth bit of Instagram update news in the past eight days and it comes straight from Facebook’s F8 conference in San Jose, California. There, Instagram announced that it is launching an offline mode for the app to help improve the experience for those with limited internet access.

Offline users will be able to “Like” posts, leave comments, save media and unfollow people, reports TechCrunch, all of which will be processed once the user reconnects to the internet. They will also be able to view content previously loaded in their Instagram feed, profiles they’ve previously visited, older versions of their own profile and the Explore tab.

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Instagram says that it has already started testing offline experiences and much of the functionality is now in place in the Android app, but more is to follow in the coming months.

Though the offline mode would predominantly target developing nations, it would also benefit those travelling to other countries on holidays, and people who live in areas with low reception, making it a worthwhile overall addition to the app.

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Recent updates

Private collections

April 19: Instagram users can now save any posts to a private collection. These private collections, which are only visible to the account owner, can be found on the saved posts tab on your Instagram profile. Any post can be saved simply by tapping and holding the bookmark icon underneath that post.

You can create and name a new collection anytime you save one of those posts, or it can simply be saved and added to a collection that’s already been created. Any existing saved posts can also be grouped into a private collection by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner. You will then be asked to give your collection a name and then select the saved posts you want to add to it.

Selfie stickers

April 13: Instagram added a way to create stickers out of selfie pictures, with the ability to resize them and use different frame styles. It also added new geostickers for residents or travelers in Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo. Finally, it added a way to quickly access your recently used stickers just by tapping the smiley face and swiping right.

Introducing disappearing videos and photos

April 11: Instagram is introducing what they call disappearing videos and photos. These videos and photos will show up blue in DMs and can only be played twice. The sender will be notified if the receiver replays the video or takes a screenshot. Those who want to send a disappearing video or photo can swipe left to access Direct, tap the blue camera icon and tap on the arrow to send.

Watch stories direct from your home feed

March 30: Instagram has rolled out a new update to its app which lets you watch stories straight from your home feed. When you’re scrolling through it, you’ll now see a colored ring around the profile photos of those you follow if they have a new story for you to check out. Tap on one of these, and you’ll be taken directly to that story. When you’re done, you’ll simply be returned to your previous spot in the home feed. Note that you’ll still be able to tap on the person’s username if you just want to visit their profile, too.

Two-factor identification / sensitive content censoring

March 23: Instagram is rolling out two-factor identification to everyone, providing an extra layer of security to your Instagram account by requiring a code every time you log in. To turn it on, tap the gear icon in your profile and choose Two-Factor Authentication from the menu.

In addition, Instagram has added a feature to help protect you from sensitive content. When you scroll through your Instagram feed, you now might see some photos or videos blurred out. These are posts that have been flagged by someone in the community, but don’t necessarily violate Instagram’s guidelines. This means you’re less likely to stumble across unwanted experiences in the app. If you’d like to see a blurred out photo, just tap it.


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