Huawei and NTT DOCOMO reach 3.6 Gbps data speeds in first large-scale 5G trials

by: Edgar CervantesOctober 10, 2015

5G Huawei -2

4G speeds have changed everything for mobile users. LTE is often faster than your average home connection, something that continues to impress most people. The industry sure isn’t stopping there, though. We are moving fast and Japan aims to bring 5G speeds to its citizens soon. What does 5G exactly entail, though?

While we think we are happy enough with our 4G LTE blazing data, what 5G is set to offer is really something we can’t quite grasp yet. We may think – sure, higher data speeds… but those who have been keeping up with the development of 5G technology will know the improvement between 4G and 5G will be colossal.


Huawei and NTT DOCOMO have recently partnered to test 5G wireless data at a large scale, using sub-6GHz bands. It’s a very special occurrence, given that the whole test was done in a public place, unlike previous experiments, which are usually conducted in a lab.

After putting advanced 5G technology to work and running all the trials, Huawei and Japan’s largest carrier managed to reach peak speeds of 3.6 Gbps. To put that into perspective, Open Signal’s data shows that the fastest average 4G LTE speeds come from Spain at 18 Mbps. This would make these 5G speeds about 200 faster than current networks can handle!

Also worth noting is that currently one of the best options for home (not wireless) internet is Google Fiber, which offers 1 Gbps. And those are speeds we are already impressed by. Now multiply that by 3.6 and make it wireless – the future looks very promising!

Google Fiber

Huawei is really pushing 5G and aims start launching its first network pilots by 2018. Interoperability testing would continue in 2019, with a commercial launch coming in 2020. I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely waiting for my share of 5G.

The only question left is – what would we do with so much data availability? While services keep evolving, I doubt they can transform quick enough to really warrant a need for 3.6 Gbps on a smartphone. Maybe if you want to download 4K content in a jiffy. Hit the comments and let us know how a 3.6 Gbps would benefit you!

  • Aaqib Ismail

    I want to first see prices go down first
    Here in the US data is expensive vs other countries where it isn’t as expensive

  • Artūrs Pupausis

    I’m still using 3G even I have 4G router because carrier I use just isn’t building new cells in my area yet. But by the time of 5G there will be much more mobile internet users than today because price will drop and kids will grow up. At least here in Latvia I see that kind of picture, so the speed won’t get much faster for each user.

  • wwsalmon

    Cloud computing! In the future imagine only having a smartwatch and a flexible screen. Through cloud computing, all processing power would come from remote servers streamed through the smartwatch. There are many opportunities for such high speeds!

    • Oluwaseun

      Leave it to sci-fi to blow our minds and Japan to leave us mindless

      • Happy

        …and China. Last time I checked, Huawei was a Chinese company.

      • TV Monitor


        Actually the Japanese wireless equipment industry has gone bust, and foreign equipment makers are taking over Japan.

        Same goes for Japan’s smartphone industry. There are only two Japanese smartphone makers left, Sony and Sharp. Sony’s talking about quitting the smartphone market if they don’t turn a profit by the end of 2016, leaving Sharp as the sole smartphone vendor left, but for who knows how long.

    • Patsy Turner

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  • anvil

    the media industry could benefit.. tired of watching dead air during broadcasts because the guests don’t realize there’s lag.. lol

  • Andrew White

    Is it less damaging to living tissue? The risks need to be talked about.
    I trust my fibre connection and high end wifi router. Phone over wifi is now possible here also.

    • Kamalnath

      wifi & mobile data are all the same when radiation’s concerned….

  • Jehan Kateli

    But how fast will it be when 100,000 people use it simultaneously?

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      About 100 MB/s, about 2 minutes to download an hour of 4K/UHD, I want all my TV series and movies stored on my 256 GB internal flash, on go the reading glasses and Bluetooth headset, after all reception on the train is lousy, I want pleanty of options, in the middle of the countryside.

  • I think 5G is not for personal use. I mean what will I do with 3.6 Gbps? Too much is boring..

  • chillin2025

    Online virtual reality gaming / virtual reality market places

  • Say What??

    They also can’t wait to deploy this so they can make a TON of money on it. Think about how fast you can download a movie on a connection like that. If you don’t have unlimited data you can plan on paying steeply.

  • If there was one person on the whole network in a wide open space they might well get 3.6 Gbps but the real value will come when everyone’s connected and you get 100Mbps each. More than enough for a smartphone.

  • TheBigPotato

    It’s been 2 days I am enjoying my 20 mbps Fibre Optics connection.
    I love those days when I had 120kbps connection and download torrents of multiple GB’s. I use to resume the torrent and lock the computer for the time I was out for playing football.
    I think with the introduction of 4k content. 3.6GBPS will be needed. They are talking about the year 2020. I think next 5 years are enough for introduction ok 8k content.

    • Ezzy

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but for example, Netflix 4K requires only a 16-20Mbit connection…its bitrate is 15.6Mbps. And the lack of 4K content will continue for years. 3.6Gbps connection has no use for consumers.

      • Kamalnath

        well the service providers would get lots of money if someone did use it for long (say if you can use 3GB per second). imagine giving your phone to your kid or something like that….

        • Ezzy

          I’m guessing you don’t have unlimited data in your phone like I do, since that’s somehow weird to you…

          • Kamalnath

            ya we don’t have unlimited mobile data in our country. only europian & few other countries companies offer unlimited data for really lower costs….

      • TheBigPotato

        If you ask a guy who was using 600kbps connection before, 20mbps is way overpowered.
        Maybe, connection in your country is much faster than mine.

        • Ezzy

          Yeah…I’ve had a 50Mbit connection for like 7 years now, over 10Mbit for about 13. Even 4G is 100-300Mbit here :D

  • Alenym

    Yay! I’ll be able to bust my monthly data limit in a single second!

    • Kamalnath

      exactly, you won’t get to enjoy your high speed internet if they charge hefty (you would consume 2-3 GBs per second). Imagine the internet bill if you accidentally use it for while….

  • Hrushi Keshav

    That would be too much for a smartphone, i would get rid of the home wifi instead i would use 5G…That would make easier for future data usage..hopefully prices don’t touch “heights”.

    • radmada r


  • radmada r


  • ffuucckk

    5G will help me in keeping my Japanese porn collection in google drive

  • Kamalnath

    being fast is good but, unless the price of data get reduced, it’s not gonna help much….

  • aRvInD

    Where in We’re still longing to get True 3.6 Mbps on 3G In India….!