How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

by: Team AAOctober 13, 2016


With modern technology, access to music has become quicker, easier, and nearly instantaneous. Especially with music-capable portable devices such as phones, laptops, and media players, which allow people to carry around thousands of songs in just one small device.

Music organizing software such as Apple’s iTunes allows music lovers to sync their music with their various mobile devices. iTunes, in particular, makes it very easy for you to sync your media files to your other Apple devices. But the problem here is that transferring your songs from this service to Android devices isn’t always straightforward, while possible.

In this guide we will show you how to transfer music from iTunes to any Android phone.

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Copy the files manually


The basic way of transferring music is by manually copying your iTunes music files into a temporary folder on your PC (or just transferring them directly from your iTunes library folders. Then one can simply connect any Android phone to the computer using a USB cable and open the phone’s music folder. Simply transfer your music files from the computer to your phone’s music folder. You can copy-paste, drag-and-drop, or use any other equivalent method.

If you find the iTunes-folder-Android phone combo inconvenient, it’s also possible to use third-party software and apps to instantly transfer music from iTunes to Android.

Three words: Google Play Music

Gone are the days when you needed to go through complicated methods just to get your music on your phone. The cloud is one powerful tool, and Google Play Music harnesses its power to make music syncing convenient to all.

First, let’s talk about the caveats of using Play Music. You will need an internet connection, at least for the initial set-up (try to make it an unlimited one). Because Google Play Music is essentially a music streaming service/cloud storage, you will pretty much be using your data all the time… unless you pin all your albums. Pinning simply downloads the music to your phone’s storage.

google play music 1

There’s also a 50,000 song limit for free account users. Not like that’s an issue, but something to keep in mind for those of you with massive libraries.

If you don’t mind dealing with that, simply use Google Play Music. The computer tool will allow you to sync your music folders with Google, adding all your songs to the cloud, from which you can play them using any compatible device. Just set iTunes’ default file folders for upload and you will be good to go.

Syncing iTunes and Android with doubleTwist


Several third-party programs allow you to directly transfer your iTunes music to Android. One of our favorites happens to be the doubleTwist app for both Windows and Mac. This application lets you transfer your playlists, music, and videos from iTunes to your Android phone.


When syncing files using doubleTwist, take note that the copied music files will stored in the Music folder inside the internal SD card of the phone or tablet.

  1. Install and launch doubleTwist on your computer.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer. Make sure USB Mass Storage mode (or MTP) is enabled on your phone or tablet.
  3. Your device should be recognized automatically, which will trigger a syncing window.

From here, you can use doubleTwist to transfer all music files, playlists, or selected music files from iTunes to your Android phone.

Transferring your music and playlists to an Android phone


  1. On the Music tab in doubleTwist, place a check mark beside Sync music and select all the sections you want sent to your phone (playlists, albums, artists and genres).
  2. Tap the Sync now button at the lower-right corner to begin transferring your music to your Android phone.
  3. Done!

Wireless syncing for iTunes and Android

doubleTwist AirSync


You can also wirelessly transfer music with the help of a doubleTwist AirSync, available on the Google Play Store for US$4.99. Alternatively, you can pay for the Pro bundle (includes all features) through in-app purchases straight from the doubleTwist app. That will cost you $8.99 , though… at least as of the time when this post was published.

Those using the alternate AirSync app will still need the doubleTwist app on their Android phones, and the doubleTwist desktop client on their computers. Both devices must also be connected to the same local area network (LAN) for AirSync to work.

  1. Launch doubleTwist on your Android phone.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab and activate AirSync.
  3. Tap Set up AirSync to configure the AirSync connection
  4. The app will display a 5-digit passcode. Take note of the passcode.
  5. On your PC, launch doubleTwist.
  6. Your device name with the AirSync logo will appear under Devices. Click on the device name to open the passcode entry screen.
  7. Type in the 5-digit code to initiate the pairing process.
  8. Once pairing is successful, you can now begin transferring your iTunes music to your Android phone (as in the previous section).

Sync iTunes to Android – Pro


For less expensive wireless syncing you can try the free and ad-supported Sync iTunes to Android app. The free version lets you sync one playlist at a time with a maximum of 100 songs. Or buy the paid version, Sync iTunes to Android – Pro, for US $2.99 to remove the limitations and ads.


  1. Download and install Sync iTunes to Android on your Android phone and the Synctunes d esktop client for your Windows PC.
  2. Launch Sync iTunes to Android on your Android handset and take note of the IP address displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Launch Sync iTunes to Android on your computer and type the unique IP address shown on your phone.
  4. Select a category or a playlist from the list and click Start Sync. (NOTE: If you’re using the premium version, you can select multiple categories or playlists.)
  5. A window will appear, showing the media files to be synced on your phone. Click Yes to continue.
  6. A pop up dialog will appear, indicating successful transfer of music files.

Wrap up

iTunes has a very strong association with Apple and Apple products. Yet, it is not impossible to transfer music from iTunes to your Android phone. In fact, these tools make it quite easy! Don’t want to mess around with tools and transferring though? There’s another alternative that’s worth mentioning — switching to a streaming service. While not all your music might be available in the cloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music are just three options that cover a pretty wide breadth of musical genres.

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For those that would rather keep to physical music on their device, which of the methods worked for you? Are you using a method not described here? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment.

  • welshblood

    When I had an iPod Touch, I used iSyncr.
    Simple to use & great results.
    Nowadays I just drag & drop files from my laptop to a Micro SD card. Don’t miss iTunes.


    I am just saying, don’t hate. But I think this article over complicated the whole process. But then I thought about the audience this article was written for and it hit me, OHHHH iPhone users. duh?

    • liuyankai

      I agree with you. In fact, it can be much easier to transfer music from iTunes to Android, what we need to do is just export the music from iTunes backup files, and then transer them to Android. So, the keypoint of this issue is how to extract audio from iTunes.

      To do this, the data recovery here can perfectly fulfill the task:, give it a try

  • dgfjj honestly

    Have tried Doubletwist and iSyncr(WiFi sync) is much better. Can’t speak for the other program.

    • PhonecardMike

      Love iSyncr, though not their Rocket Player (sorry). If you have a lot of music and the phone can’t hold it all, they have a great tutorial on setting up smart playlists to ensure your music stays fresh. Mixzing Pro is a super player if you are still looking.

  • iDorian

    Or you can download Google Play Music’s Music Manager on your computer and it will upload and sync your music with your Google account. This is free and way more easier than using DoubleTwist.

    • tbro4033

      I love when people suggest this, but for someone without an unlimited data plan and/or wants to put their music on an SD card (not internal storage), what then? Google music doesn’t cut it.

      • bob

        With Google Music Manager you can download any of your music to your phone when you have a WiFi connection and you don’t have to use any data. It’s easy to move music on and off your phone. You don’t have to stream.

        • tbro4033

          Again, not everyone wants to download the music to internal storage. With Google Music, you currently CANNOT download to an SD, ONLY to internal. So, sure you can download to WiFi all you want. But there’s no convenient solution to download to an SD card.

  • tbro4033

    Question…I have been using the drag/drop to my SD card method (used doubletwist until my phone updated and no longer supported Mass Storage). Google Music, for some odd reason, won’t recognize ~90% of the music on my SD card. I’ve tried with different SD cards, same result. What’s the issue?

    • Stranger from a far coast

      Google is going the MTP route so the Mass Storage looks to be extinct. Everyone thinks this is bullcrap, it makes syncing that much harder.
      The only way is to root your smartphone and install apps like USB switcher to switch to Mass storage.

      • tbro4033

        Yup, won’t be rooting my phone. Don’t trust myself haha. Thanks though. DoubleTwist has said for months and months that they were going to improve the app to support MTP, but…like I said, “months and months.” We’ll see.

  • AirSync with DoubleTwist is a great solution for most people with a pretty quick internet connection. It worked well because the S3 would not connect with my MacBook Pro well through USB but had no issues with WiFi connect. Now I have an HTC One and the HTC Media Sync software works fantastic with a wired connection and is extremely fast.

    Also, DoubleTwist and AirSync tend to have some mishaps when it comes to syncing correctly without creating doubles and accidentally deleting songs, but not often enough to worry too much about it.

  • Yousef Abdul-Wahab

    Got a question for you guys. I uploaded all my iTunes music to Google play So I can listen to it online… Don’t have enough memory on my nexus. Anyways like 2000 of my songs go under unknown artist. They loss their artist name for some reason and it’s just so annoying. Any suggestions?

    • Yousef Abdul-Wahab

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  • Singhavi Vaibhav

    In a android every song as of same album has same cover while my last iPhone used to show up every cover can anyone help me this method will solve my problem.

    • MightDickMan

      I can smell poo, can anyone else? Serious, smell the bottom right of this page. It smells.

  • Morc

    I use TuneSync, you can keep using your iTunes library that took forever to organize, sync’s wirelessly and transfers covers/file info.

  • Nik

    the easiest way is to use google’s music manager to upload all of your itunes music to google play

  • David

    The best way I tried was to use Aovsoft Media Converter to remove DRM from iTunes movies, TV shows, music, and then convert to any formats without DRM protection, then sync to android.

  • Martinda

    hohoho, iTunes? forget it. Now you should try this iOS to Android transfer tool, easy, quick and safe.

  • Martinda

    hohoho, iTunes? forget it. Now you should try this iOS to Android transfer tool, easy, quick and safe.

  • Sonia1125

    Here is a helpful guide to transferring music from iTunes to Android

    It did work for me.

  • SweatyBalls

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  • chezza

    Hi, i copied my purchased songs off my itunes into a new folder (i made) in the music section in “my computer” an then copied the folder to the music folder on my galaxy s4 and they work fine any reason why when i searched to find out how no one had written up this simple way to do it? Does it not always work?

    • Letterman

      This will always work. Most people don’t realize that things are very simple if you just try to do it. The only reason this may not work depends on the music player you use. I currently use the Samsung music player that came with my Galaxy S4. I’m sure you are too.

    • MarktinLuther

      Maybe you can try this Mobile Transfer, which can transfer contacts, music, photos, and more from iTunes, iPhone, iPad, etc. to Android devices such as Galaxy S4, S5, Note 4, HTC, etc. For details, you can refer:

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      Hope that helps.

    • Gordon Marcus

      Also here is another way for that

  • person

    I dont have a computer are there any other ways to tansfer my music I only have 70 songs I got my new phone yesterday and am tring to figure out a different way

    • swaggy

      just redownload it somewhere and call it fair use,

  • Cherie

    Thanks so much for this helpful article. I did the sync of my iTunes to my new Droid MAXX (not Razr Maxx). Sync finished, but I can’t find it anywhere on my phone. How do I find my music??

    • Alexia Bessemer

      I often use M4V Converter Plus.

  • angelofrancis

    First of all, plug your phone into your computer using a USB cable.
    1. Open your documents
    2. Open your music library
    3. Under ‘My Music’ go to your iTunes folder
    4. Open the folder iTunes media
    5. Open the folder music
    6. In here, you will see folders of the artists from your iTunes library. Click on the desired one.
    7. This will bring you to folders of the albums written by the artist you chose in step 5, click the one you want.
    8. Here will be a list of songs with icons that look like white pieces of paper with a blue music note on them.
    9. From here, you’ll have to look to the left side of the window under ‘computer’. This will be a list of hard drives and other devices in/connected to your computer. One should be the name of your phone or something noticeably similar.
    10. Pick the desired song and drag it over the hard drive of your phone listed in step 9. From here the song will automatically sinc to your phone’s music library.

  • Gajendra Ambi

    can someone answer me these few things
    will it retain the ratings for the songs?
    will it retain the smart playlists?

  • jstompz411

    jesus christ android is a joke, you cant just drag and drop iTunes music onto the phone, for fucks sake that’s where most people keep there music anyways! i hope a developer from android is reading this shit.. go fuck yourselfs

    • Matt Brooks

      Not sure if ur trolling, but u should understand that is apple who setup iTunes and made it difficult to move the music to another device. The more difficult change is the less people will move from their platform.

      • jstompz411

        I always thought iTunes is basically a short cut into the actual file folders on your computer. im able to drag and drop music on an sd card or external hard-drive but not onto my android phone… so im guessing android was the one who made this incompatible?

        • Matt Brooks

          Fair enough. I have no problem transferring data from my itunes music to my sd card in my phone (S3). Music was imported not purchased from itunes. Download an audio file fron the net and give it go, easiest way to fibd the culprit

      • Andrew White

        I read recently that iTunes music for the most part is compressed and pre-levelled. Meaning it is a long way from ‘lossless’ audio.
        Basically you receive the equivalent of MP3 or ‘flossy’ sound which is very low end bit rate quality, great for those with a hearing impairment.
        Ignore the hype, Apple certainly are not doing android users any favours.

    • Shaftway

      The first paragraph describes that you can drag and drop. The rest of the article is different options for syncing.

    • bobbo2314

      Itunes are bitches money grabbers dont want android to have it easy….

  • Brock

    Was searching around for a better option… I just switched from iOS to Android.
    Easy Phone Tunes worked flawlessly.

  • r.

    I’ve found Tunesync to work extremely well for transferring. I’m not interested at all in constant manual updating. I set-up a couple playlists, sync those playlists in the tunesync app on my phone, and it automatically updates over wi-fi. Don’t even need to plug in.

    The one thing I wish could be done is shrinking the files. Like on itunes/ipod/iphone, there’s an option to automatically convert files to lower AAC when importing on the phone. I’ve started to get music in lossless formats, so it would be great to have lossless on iTunes, but have those files automatically convert to, say, 320 mp3 when transferred onto the phone. Ah well, don’t want to buy an iphone.

  • Blus Tina
  • bgifretg

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  • bebecca

    Hey, I copied my songs from iTunes onto my android phone so the music plays fine on my phone buuuut it won’t play on my PC, it says ” The song ___ could be used because the original file cannot be found. Would you like to locate it?”. So i said yes but then I couldn’t find it on any of my files. HELP PLEASEEE??

  • Huskerbunny

    Doubletwist worked like a charm on from my Mac Book Pro to my new HTC One. Thanks!

  • Sahib Brown

    I have followed the instructions however I am getting a message that says some of my music may not play; why is that and what can I do to get those songs to play?

  • Dave West

    You can also take a look at this guide about “how to transfer music from iPhone to android“.

  • royallauker

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  • Dave West

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  • Gordon Marcus

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  • FutureC

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  • Kidd Gugliotta

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  • royallauker

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  • jenney

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  • lanserhtj

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  • Amanda King

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  • Ethan Orin

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  • Robin

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  • Alexavier Miller

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  • Dave Howe

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  • kongsse

    iMoresoft TunesGo is the best way to transfer itunes music to android.

  • The Bilderbergers

    Google Play Music makes this so easy, it really shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

    • iPos3r

      I just tried the Music Manager app for Mac to Upload my Smart Playlists from iTunes to Google Play Music, and it is only recognizing my normal playlists(which I abandoned and started using Smart Playlists in iTunes a few years now)….Damn. I might have to drag and drop songs from my Smart Playlist into a New Normal Playlist to use this, which I might just do 2-3 Playlists.
      Problem is, maintaining different playlists can be a pain, especially doubled.

  • iPos3r

    DoubleTwist is the best. And you can setup the Android DoubleTwist App to sync to ExtSdCard instead. Doubletwist also have Airplay built in(in-app purchase or full)….Plus it is Mac and PC. I setup(Organize) all my Playlists in iTunes first, and then launch Doubletwist for Mac. Syncing wirelessly is awesome, because the phone could be anywhere in the home. I create Smart Playlists in iTunes, which is simply the best way to create playlists(Tip: I usually use comments to create my smart playlists, E.g; type “vibes” in the comments of songs, create a smart playlist and choose “comments” “contains” “vibes”…. and now you have a Vibes Playlist with songs that contain vibes in their comments). In iTunes you can display the comments tab(column). Edit song info in iTunes to see the comments section(or from the column of a song). Tip: you can edit multiple song comments at once, by selecting them and choose get info(try with 2 songs at first). iTunes is the best for Music Organization(Playlists), Dj’s even use it. I hate using Folders. I only use Folders(as playlists) to create a MP3 DvDCd(4GB) for the Car using Toast Titanium(mac).

    • Jessica Kane

      Have you had any issues with DoubleTwist NOT playing music purchased from iTunes? It seems that anything I’ve purchased in the last year won’t play.

  • Richard Peach

    I got excited for a minute, but – of course – the Free version of Google Play Music is available only in the U.S.A. :-(

  • Eason joy05

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  • Mike E

    Does this apply to DRM encoded music? Half of my library in iTunes is encoded with DRM, it would be nice to know if any or all of these methods allow for DRM content.

  • KRB

    Doesn’t Google Play Music only work with the Google Play Music player? I’ve recently been experimenting with using the Google Music Store, I normally use the Amazon Music Store but am enticed by using Google Survey’s and Rewards for the free credits that can then be used in Play Store for games, apps or music. However I don’t like the streaming aspect because of the potential data usage, so I’ve tried downloading to my device. My music player of choice, PlayerPro, doesn’t pick up songs downloaded from Google Play Music because they’re hidden files. I’ve done research into this and they’re hidden so that not even a file manager can see them with show hidden files abilities, you need root to see them. Your ultimately forced to download them via your PC or Mac and then manually put them from you comp to your device so they’ll be seen by your player. So if I upload my playlist or my entire collection to the Google cloud, does that mean I’ll have to use the Google Play Music player or my own?